Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 26 of the new Journey: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness

we had a great night last night going out to dinner to celebrate the birthday of a friend who turns 85 today! She is awesome and her daughter is awesome as well! We had a great time. What was really nice was being able to really enjoy going to a restaurant and not over doing it! We went to a Japanese Steak House and had the Hibachi chef show...I had never noticed that on top of the oil they use on the grill they use alot of  butter..several of us committed that Paul Deen must be decided from Japan! LOL! But I had the wonderful onion soup to clear my palate...the salad with the dressing on the side....only used a minute amount, and then when he began serving us, I enjoyed the veggies, the chicken and shrimp and let others enjoy my rice. He did serve me noodles...and I tasted them..but guess what...I did not have to finish them just because they were on my plate..and did not! LOL...and I had a wonderful..filling dinner and a tremendously enjoyable evening! It was so nice!!!

Now, all that said, this is the first weekend I have been back out and about and i have seen some pics of me...and I have to say..I am a bit impatient with my self in my pics! I have caught myself more than a couple of times going "is that all you have lost" when I have seen them from the weekend..Thank God in heaven there is that other voice that says "what the frick! you have been doing great BO! You are 24 days (actually today is 26) into this and you have already dropped 15 pounds (lets hope tomorrow it is more!) and reduced your waste at least 6 4-5 inches, and you are feeling better than you have felt in years...I love you, but SHUT THE HELL UP and get with it!"...

I do love my inner bitch...I mean...positive, corrective voice! LOL!
But it does go to show how thinking can still sneak around!

Today is sunday and it is THE day off! Still snowy in Fuquay, so still no visit that way..icy this morning, so no church..just a day of rest.

Looking forward to this week and the days to come...if I am granted day at a time!

Cape Fear Heart Walk

It's all about Adam Freeman and his amazng training!

Please join and support the amazing folks at O2 fitness! Grateful, does not begin to describe!

Aimmee are doing a team for the March of Dimes to honor Kayleigh..the spirtit that really inspired all of this! I really hope that all of you will support that in some way this year!

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