Thursday, November 24, 2016

2016 Annual Thanksgiving Gratitude List

Annual Thanksgiving Tradition: Year 17: 1700 things, events, feelings I am grateful for this year....

17 Years ago I started a list because a lot of folks I encountered were having a hard time or shared that they did not see a lot they could be grateful for in this area.

I had learned about writing gratitude lists to generate for myself the good around me and keep gratitude first in my heart and mind. So, I sent out a “gratitude” list of 100 things I was grateful for in Wilmington that year. It was met with great success as it spurred on others to think about things they could be grateful for and draw attention to the positive and create perspective that might not always be in focus.

I decided, and have kept up, that each year I would do the list but make it equivalent to the number of years I had been doing it!

This year I am at 1700, and I am so glad to be able to have this exercise.
I include groups, things, organizations, service, and places. Names are only used in reference to gifts..don't go looking for your name! LOL! :)

I GENERATE A NEW LIST EACH YEAR.  This is stream of consciousness, and I try and write it at once, over several hours. I had to do it this year over three days, so it is not as smooth, but it was a wonderful and meaningful journey.

Regardless of what my circumstances might be, regardless of what events may occur in my life, it is a tradition I will continue, because, I/we am/are blessed and it is worth remembering, offering thanksgiving, and sharing with each other!

 I hope it will spark a list of your own and feel free to steal mine!

 I am grateful for:
1.)  My higher power, whom I know as God, who sustains, directs, and loves me.
2.)  For the breath of life
3.)  For 27 years and counting, one day at a time
4.)  For entering our 21st year of marriage to the most amazing human being I could have ever been blessed with and the unbelievable revelations of love and understanding of self, togetherness, and commitment that this has brought.
5.) for my amazing step father and our time together!
6.) my family of blood and birth and all the blessing so watching them grow and flourish
7.) for time with my sister to plant a tree in our mother’s honor and share love together
8.) for the ease of time and joy in family and being there.
9.) for having a family to go to and hear from
10.  For the connectedness of cousins near and far
11.  For seeing Aunt Jo Ann and sharing her joy this year
12.  For the life’s work of Jo Ann Norris
13.  For the hope for the teaching profession in North Carolina
14.  For North Carolina Public School forum
15.  For all the teachers/educators in my family
16.  For having this sense of understanding self and where I came from and those I descend from
17.  For all those memories
18.  For being able to share the pictures and the things that remain with other family members
19.  For being “that” cousin, brother, uncle, who gets to get some stories and share those things
20.  For being able to look at the past and enjoy it but live in the present
21.  For being able to be in the present without the past and not fear the future
22.  For the mourning and the loss of mother to be different..not better
23.  For the understanding of the loss and being able to share that with others who are not experiencing it and the comfort we can share and give each other
24.  For the feeling of the life of my mother and father to be so with me and a part of me and growing more and more each day
25.  For being able to be what they hoped for, but also, what I want too
26.  For seeing the things and values that came from all of them as so valuable and creating so much that I can share with and for others to do good, but also do differently that they did
27.  For not having to do what I thought I was supposed to do but do what moves me and is a part of what is in me to do and bring all of those people and experiences with me.
28.  For the pictures Lauren posts of the boys
29.  For the portraits on the landing and begin able to say good morning each day and send off with their faces
30.  For being “friends” with Morgan on Facebook and sharing in what she is doing
31.  For  wearing/ sharing daddy’s love of monograms and the smiles it brings to those who knew him
32.  For leanne’s monogram business and how much daddy would love it
33.  For sharing Daddy’s Kentucky colonel and how much he loved that
34.  For being friends with Arlene and having someone who truly loved him and appreciated him
35.  For starching my shirts and “getting it right” cause that’s how my daddy said to do it
36.  For my cousin susan’s sweet message of love and inclusion this year
37.  For my amazing cousin elaine and see her travel the world and be such an amazing person like my aunt helen
38.  For my cousin Brandon continuing to thrive after the heart issue
39.  For my cousin brandon’s amazing family
40.  For my cousin blair’s amazing daughter
41.  For my cousin Ashley being so happy and doing well
42.  For my cousin Jane
43.  For my little cousin Brook thriving!
44.  For my nieces, both married and so successful
45.  For the most amazing, spiritual and loving mother, my neice Lauren
46.  For my incredibly brave sister, in the public schools and making a difference as a leader
47.  For my brother in law and his service as a marshal
48.  For my Aunt Judy continuing to thrive
49.  For my cousin david and carol living and creating in this world
50.  For being connected to family event though we may not see each other in person as much
51.  For having a connectness to one another
52.  For being honest and speaking my truth because that is how my mother said to live it
53.  For being my authentic self because there has been enough love around me to show that is no other way to be.
54.  For letting go of some ‘things’ and embracing others in order to keep moving forward in our own lives
55.  For being less encumbered by the past and more and more empowered by it to have the present
56.  For all the silly drives to no where just to hold hands on a random evening after 20 years of marriage.
57.  For finally convincing him after all this time that I can sit in the car or out of the store while he shops and just being together is enough for me, so “go on” and take your time. I am content.
58.  For watching him walk our beloved Jax and seeing the absolute and unfettered love and joy that accompanies every step.
59.  For just sitting quietly in the same room, not saying a word and truly being ok just as long as we are at home.
60.  For walking out on the Crystal Pier together.
61.  For being able to still take 10 hour car trips together and not one harsh word ever spoken
62.  For all the forgiveness
63.  For all the support
64.  For all the acceptance
65.  For all the guidance
66.  For sharing the Ref every year
67.  For our rituals with never watching Christmas vacation until after thanksgiving
68.  For knowing that I am the one to conduct decorations of the tree
69.  For the sound of his laughter listening to MST3k
70.  For still being married after all this time even though he loves MST3k! ;)
71.  For his tolerating that I love ru paul’s drag race and big freddia
72.  For listening to his piano playing through the house
73.  For the piano being upstairs so it resonates through the house
74.  For the amazing way we are able to just share what is happening
75.  For being able to find a way to get through the day to day when the world just feels like it is falling apart
76.  For being able to have someone to be completely me with and have zero fear
77.  For being able to go and swing in mother’s swing at Carolina Beach together
78.  For mother’s swing on the Carolina Beach Boardwalk
79.  For Harold and I spending the anniversary of mom’s passing together down at the swing
80.  For the Carolina beach boardwalk
81.  For the commitment of Carolina beach to expand the board walk and keep in accessible
82.  For coming with me to the beach even when he did not want to come
83.  For going to I hop and seeing the joy over pancakes!
84.  For the library book sale
85.  For all the books we bring home from the book sale each time
86.  For knowing the booksale is something special michael enjoys
87.  For allowing me not to turn the heat on until it is absolutely an icebox so we can be under the covers!
88.  For allowing me to keep the air condition down in the summer to a place where we have to snuggle under blankets J
89.  For eating everything I cook and saying I love it.
90.  For all the things that I just cannot imagine how I deserve
91.  For the look when we both know it the “hot” sign is on and it’s going to happen
92.  For the millions of cokes we owe each other counting to 10
93.  For all the things that are just ours and no one else’s and to many to name
94.  For just being able to look at you and know that life is better because you are there
95.  For Jax
96.  For the insistence on a treat and the EXPECTATION!
97.  For the nudge behind my leg down the stairs to go faster
98.  For the jumping up and down when its time to go out
99.  For the sounds of absolute contentment between us in the bed
100.               For bringing us joy
101.               For the glee when and the wagging of his tail when he hears Michael come home
102.               For the “dino” like attack when I come to the door
103.               For “waggy tail”
104.               For the grunt noises that clearly say jax is not getting enough attention
105.               For the truly amazing compassion and empathy that jax has with both of us
106.               For watching jax and michael together on walks
107.               For michael taking jax on walks
108.               For the absolute joy jax abounds with when he hears michael is coming in the door
109.               For the absolute joy jax abounds with when he hears his halter and knows he is going for a walk
110.               For the amazingly caring way jax handles all of his commands and instructions
111.               For every single toy around the house
112.               For the memories of valpone and circe that are with us always
113.               For all the pictures that I have of the time we have had over the years together
114.               For all the pictures I have from the family that I have
115.               For being able to look through enjoy memories
116.               For the den upstairs and our ability to “get away” in the house
117.               For the few weekends when I can shut down and just binge watch the big tv
118.               For the time when I can just stay in the house and we can just do nothing but enjoy being at home and do nothing
119.               For the fact that we are as happy just being at home as we are doing anything else in the world
120.               for being able to just get away down to Brook green gardens for a day
121.               for all the amazing sculptures in Brook green
122.               for the trip this summer and finding the labyrinth on the low country walk
123.               for meeting the maker of the labyrinth and having an encounter with he and his family in brookgreen
124.               for the beauty of the low country walk in brook green that we have never had before because it has always been too wet
125.               for being able to walk and explore more because I was healthier and more able to walk and enjoy
126.               for the ability to ability to just to get away for a day
127.               to have someone to get away with
128.               the plant place
129.               the poinsettias at the plant place
130.               For a home that has embraced and embraces that love
131.               for being so close to work
132.               For having a home that is what we need
133.               For our tree out front
134.               For being able to walk so freely in our neighborhood
135.               For not being afraid at night
136.               For not hearing gunshots and violence around us while we try and sleep
137.               For not fearing having bullets pass us as we go to our cars
138.               For the beauty of the woods that surround us
139.               For the ability to have fire respond to us
140.               For the ability to have police respond to us and quickly
141.               for our home being dry and safe from flooding
142.               for our home still standing after major storms
143.               for a dry place in all wet weather
144.               for the heat at home when its cold
145.               for the air condition when its hot
146.               for being able to open our windows and not worry about someone coming in uninvited
147.               for our alarm and ability to have security
148.               for hooks alarm company
149.               for our washing machine and dryer in our home
150.               for our refrigerator to keep our food safe
151.               for having food in ready supply
152.               for having running water in our house
153.               for living in sanitary conditions
154.               for having hot water when we want it
155.               for having cool water when we want it
156.               for having water on demand
157.               for having safe (or relatively) safe drinking water
158.               for having plumbing in all areas of our home
159.               for having flooring in our home
160.               for having walls that are sealed and solid
161.               for having doors that are secure
162.               for having a garage
163.               for having storage space
164.               for having things beyond just our needs
165.               for having plates and cups
166.               for having cooking utensils and equipment
167.               for having glasses and china
168.               for having household goods
169.               for having sheets for our beds
170.               towels to dry with
171.               for bath needs
172.               medicines in our home
173.               cleaning supplies
174.               for having all these things that so many take for granted but there are so many people in our community have without
175.               for having new carpet
176.               for the painting skill of TJ Drecshel
177.               for the artistry of TJ Dreschel
178.               for the heating and air service of Lewis and Sons
179.               for Community Solutions Southeast
180.               for the community pool
181.               for my mother in law being so close by
182.               for Harold being still here and near by
183.               for my bicycle
184.               for having a relatively bug and rodent free neighborhood and homes
185.               for a stove to cook on
186.               for utensils, china, and other items to eat on and with
187.               for the food we have
188.               for healthy food we have
189.               for choices we can make in our food
190.               for the ability to eat in at home or go out
191.               For good the best neighbor ever
192.               For our home
193.               For having a home
194.               For having an hoa (and yes, having an hoa..even when..:)
195.               For having security in the neighborhood
196.               For having a new roof put on this year
197.               For being in the same home for going on 17 years now
198.               For the connectedness to the area around me
199.               To live so close to downtown
200.               To live so close to the beach
201.               To live, literally next door to work
202.               To live next to UNCW
203.               For being able to bike to the beach
204.               For being so close I can run to the beach
205.               For having a grocery store close enough to walk to
206.               For having a grocery store close enough with healthy options
207.               For being able to shop and having healthy options to choose from
208.               For not being in a food desert
209.               For being able to so easily go to different places to get things we want when we want it
210.               For being able to buy groceries and not worry about the cost as much
211.               For having more education on how to shop since I got more healthy
212.               For Costco having healthy options
213.               For having access to places to get our prescriptions
214.               For having insurance through my work
215.               The laymon group and all they do for so many
216.               The leadership and counsel of Chad Laymon with the laymon group
217.               For not having to worry about deniability of insurance because of a pre-existing condition
218.               For being almost prescription free because of my health changes
219.               For being eligible for the preferred plus insurance at my work because of better and better results on my health risk assessment
220.               For new hanover county negotiating a health plan that allows more affordability of insurance when I am taking care of myself
221.               For NHC flex accounts allowing for holistic methods and applications in health and wellness
222.               For having onsite acupuncture
223.               For our wellness clinic at work
224.               For being able to go for healthcare without having to take time off from my job
225.               For the amazing care of Darlene in our wellness clinic
226.               For the amazing professional acumen of my colleague Amy and our wellness program she stewards for all of us
227.               For having life insurance that can set up legacies and take care of ‘Michael If needed
228.               For having dental insurance
229.               For having the most loving and responsive dental care from Sandra Miles
230.               From having my arm rubbed by Joannie when the shot goes in
231.               For having tracy at the front desk take me in when I am in pain
232.               For the view from the dental chair of st. pauls and the comfort the brings
233.               For still having teeth after all these years of issues
234.               For having dental care when so many go without
235.               For the mobile dental clinic that our NHC has for children in our area
236.               For Dr. Egg and seeing one of my youngin’s thrive and be so amazing
237.               For seeing Allison (Dr. Egg) be such an advocate for ALL children and pediatric dentistry
238.               For the dental clinic for those without insurance at the Cape Fear clinic
239.               For the dentists who give their time at the cape fear clinic
240.               For the cape fear clinic seeing people at no charge
241.               For the cape fear clinic seeing people regardless of citizenship
242.               For the cape fear clinic putting people and their health before any other measure
243.               For the non profit leadership of John Devaney
244.               For the integrity of the fundraising and stewardship of monies of the Cape Fear Clinic
245.               For those who see that care for those in need is more important than profit
246.               For the continued wellness of our Kyle
247.               For the physical therapy practice of Jai Isear
248.               For all who see wellness as a way of life to better the world
249.               For Wilmington plastic surgery
250.               For the work and care and practice of Ken White
251.               For the work and care and practice of Mark Morgan
252.               For the work and care and practice of Chuck Kays
253.               For the oncology practice of Dr. Schreiber
254.               For the Surgery practice of Dr. Tinsley
255.               For the care always that Ellis Tinsely gave my mother and I will never forget
256.               For the care of the nurses at NHRMC
257.               For the legacy, leadership and practice of NHRMC Jack Barto
258.               For the succession of John Gizdic succeeding Jack
259.               For the stained glass window in the chapel at NHRMC
260.               For the chapel at NHRMC
261.               For staying in our home and not being tempted to leave when we have all we need
262.               For the skylight and watching the clouds from the couch
263.               For the little back yard
264.               For the tree from Raleigh from Mom and Harold’s yard
265.               For the plants mother bought us when we moved in and how they flourish
266.               For the perennials that came from Mrs. Freeze that bring color ever year
267.               For the bird bath that was my surprise so long ago that still brings comfort
268.               For the grill that is my favorite cooking machine! J
269.               For the chimes mother gave us before she left that still being us a sound that connect us to her
270.               For the bell chime we got in the outer banks that still brings the sound of a bouy for almost 20 years
271.               For hideaway places
272.               For the birds coming to the back yard
273.               For our turtle doves
274.               For our cardinals
275.               For fire pit
276.               For the trees that have come so far
277.               For my new grill
278.               For being able to grill year round
279.               For learning this year how to really grill fish
280.               For that feeling of safety and sense of place
281.               For all the books and seeing Michael so content in his chair
282.               For the adjustable bed
283.               For having a bed that has helped to make our sleep better
284.               For having a bed at all
285.               For having a bed that had helped my back
286.               For the portraits and saying good morning to the family as I start the day
287.               For the prayer place
288.               For all the little things that bring back and invoke a connection to good
289.               To the Christmas closet and all the joy that springs out of it every year
290.               For our family tree and all the ornaments and memories that are amassed on it from over the years
291.               For Michael’s blue tree and the love that came from mother always looking out for him!
292.               For belkie now 20 years old and still as huggable as the first Christmas we were together
293.               For all the lights
294.               For Michael teaching me that colored lights are good!
295.               For the precious nativity scenes from around the world
296.               For having the nativity scene from Grandmother Lois’ as part of that group
297.               For katherine’s gifts of nativities, but especially the one that belonged to her mother
298.               For the nativities from the Galapagos from Kate
299.               For nativity mother bought me in my 20’s when I did not have one
300.               For having that Madonna figure I grew up with and always thought so beautiful
301.               For the annunciation print from Virginia Wright Frierson that reminds me that God’s commands, requests are not always heard with great joy…but produce great things…
302.               For the art in our house and the connection to those who we admire and love
303.               For the pieces of my family history that I can still touch in the house
304.               For having papa austin’s glasses
305.               For having the letter written in the 30s from Grandmother lois at Campbell college
306.               For having papa’s desk
307.               For having items from Michael’s dad from Okinawa
308.               From having Michael’s father’s veterans memorial flag
309.               For  having the image of the estate from Sharon Valley
310.               For having the phone number list passed around from the youth group in 1989
311.               For having my journals for a few years from 1989 to 1992 or so
312.               For the rocks from different places I/we have been over the years
313.               For the kissing bears and carved wolf from Alaska
314.               For my wedding ring
315.               For the rings we were originally wed in on the mountain side
316.               For the amethyst crystals that are our wedding stones
317.               For the gifts we still have from those who shared with us our love
318.               For our wedding always being connected to that sound of the owl and its blessing
319.               For our wedding always being about us and the union
320.               For letting go of things as well and passing on things to others more and more
321.               For our home being a place of life not being a place of preserving the past
322.               For this year feeling more connected at home to the now again
323.               for dinner’s at home made at home
324.               for each piece of art that we have telling stories to us in our home
325.               for our home being a collection of memories and not of things
326.               for our Owl from Dumay Gorham
327.               for our 100 ways to hold your lovers hand from elin Slavick greeting us each day as we leave our home
328.               for the Photography of Harold Hodges adorning our home
329.               for the pictures and writing of Harold that he has shared this year
330.               for the process by which Harold has shared his grieving and his growth through his writing and photography
331.               for the artistry of David Norris
332.               for the Artistry of Michael Van Hout
333.               for the artistry of Andy Cobb
334.               for the Ribbit the Exhibit display in Airlie this year
335.               for the whimsy of the Frog sculpture of Andy Cobb
336.               for the artistry of MJ Cunningham
337.               for always being able to look at MJ’s work and know that I am connected to mother through this work and her love of it
338.               for Acme Studios and the incubator of amazing art
339.               for the art of Margie Worthington
340.               the art of Clyde Edgerton
341.               the art of Philip Gerard
342.               the writing prowess of Sheri Malman
343.               the musical art of Susan Savia
344.               the musical art of mason peacock
345.               the music of midatlantic
346.               the music of Jason Andre
347.               the music of Eric Miller
348.               the Music of Laura McLean
349.               the Music of the broccoli Brothers
350.               seeing the symphony with Harold, Michael and Martha in Wilson hall
351.               the music of Reid Wallace
352.               the music of Steven Errante
353.               the Wilmington Symphony
354.               the Wilmington celebration Choir
355.               the music of Joey Gore
356.               the music of Will Maxwell
357.               the music of Alan Upham
358.               the music of Grenaldo Frazier
359.               the annual dinner for Coastal Horizons
360.               the amazing honor of offering the invocation for the annual dinner
361.               the magnificent music of Chastity Scott
362.               the Wilmington Peace Day Celebration
363.               Grandmother’s for peace
364.               The gift of seeing Randy Aldridge in the morning on the news
365.               The WWAY morning show
366.               for the artistry of Virginia Wright Frierson
367.               fro the Christmas Cards from Virginia Wright Fierson
368.               for the bottle house at Airlie
369.               for the mock bottle house in the back yard at Virigina’s house
370.               for the artistry of Jim Downey
371.               for the seaturle that mother gave me from Jim Downey
372.               for the seaturtle being restored that Mother gave me by Jim
373.               for the photography of Katherine McKenzie
374.               for the Art of Kyra Van Sickle
375.               for the artistry of Billy Cone
376.               for the leadership of the arts of Rhonda Bellamy
377.               the Cape Fear Arts Council
378.               for the artistry of Aaron Wilcox
379.               for the clay studio at UNCW
380.               for the artistry of the kids at Kids Making it
381.               for the pens made with Cape Fear River wood from the kids at kids making it
382.               for the entrepreneurial skills that empower the kids at kids making
383.               for the non profit leadership of Jimmy pierce
384.               for the fundraising prowess and integrity of Kimberly Boyce
385.               for the artistry of Harry Davis
386.               for the artistry Ned Irvine
387.               for the UNCW art Department
388.               for the UNCW theatre Department
389.               for the Wilmington Opera Society
390.               for the voice and artistry of Nancy King
391.               for the WHQR Gallery and the connection with the artists
392.               for the WHQR classical station
393.               for the non profit fundraising leadership of Mary Bradley
394.               for the non profit leadership of Cleve Callison
395.               for the Brooklyn art center
396.               the FLEA at Brooklyn art center
397.               the collection of art at the Cameron art Museum
398.               the Cameron Art Museum
399.               the classes that are offered to the public at the Cameron art museum
400.               for the amazing gifts that are given to children through Georgia Mastroeni at through Kids at Cam
401.               the partnership with the CAM and Miracle league making arts accessible to all
402.               the amazing non profit prowess and grant writing of Heather Wilson
403.               the whirly gig on the grounds of the Cameron Art museum
404.               the artistry of Hiroshi and always have something that master touched and being able to touch it without being told not too! J
405.               having one of mr. simpson’s whirlygigs in our home that was one of the dearest gifts I can think of
406.               the passion for art of Anne Brennan
407.               the artistry of Liz hosier
408.               the artistry of Arlene Pulley
409.               the small world that brought Arlene, Liz, and beth’s Mother together
410.               Carolina bay and a place where people can live and thrive
411.               For the chair in our bedroom where I can sit and enjoy
412.               For the quiet in our home
413.               For quiet
414.               For places to contemplate and not hear my own voice or any other
415.               For places to hear sounds, messages, and understandings of the spirit
416.               For the fireplace with the insert
417.               For the iron pour relief of the peace and infinity symbols
418.               For the artistry of Karl Saliter
419.               For being able to create art myself
420.               For the shell reliefs I made this year
421.               For the south end shelling adventures
422.               For finding treasure while focusing and slowing down
423.               For reusing the old to make the new
424.               For have the ability to see the beauty in all things
425.               For being opened to the gift of the clouds
426.               For being able to look above the world and see the sky on all days
427.               For being able to see and feel something greater than myself
428.               For never ever feeling alone (although, lonely at times)
429.               For knowing that every single NEED is taken care of
430.               For all my ties J
431.               for Michael’s rock garden
432.               for the feeling of absolute enveloped love and safety in “my chair”
433.               for my tub and whirlpool espom salt baths
434.               for hot and cold running water in the house
435.               for the security in our neighborhood
436.               for the dog stations in our neighborhood
437.               for the retention ponds with turtles and wild life
438.               for the fox that comes out and drinks from time to time
439.               for being connected to the University
440.               for being connected to the woods that lead to the Cross City trail
441.               for being able to run
442.               for being able to run the loop around UNCW
443.               for the trail going through UNCW
444.               for the thick woods on the trail
445.               for not having encountered a snake (yet) on the trail
446.               for the sunrays coming through the trees on the trail
447.               for sound of my breath and feet hitting the ground when the music is not playing
448.               for seeing others and having that sense of “athletic” unity while running
449.               for biking down eastwood and play dodge with the hashmarks on the road
450.               for the sunsets over autumn hall
451.               for the track at UNCW
452.               for watching all the teams using the track at UNCW learning and living a lifelong sport
453.               for being able to use the track at UNCW and pacing
454.               for the section of the trail in UNCW that snakes across the front of campus into the long leaf pines
455.               for the smell of cookout as I run incentivizing me to keep the hell running
456.               for knowing when I hit a part of my run exactly how far I have come and hearing the tracker tell me that I am doing it faster.
457.               for being able to run in the woods
458.               for the absolute and utter peace of being in the woods running
459.               for the trail through Autumn Hall
460.               for the amazing views of the pond in Autumn Hall
461.               for the sunsets over the pond in Autumn Hall
462.               for the downhill in Autumn Hall coming back from a long run
463.               for the trail along Eastwood road
464.               for the trail along Eastwood now going all the way to the Wrightsville beach
465.               for the four mile loop that goes through the neighborhood, around the east wood trail and back through the woods
466.               for the ability to run sprints
467.               for the increase in my time and pace to enjoy my runs more
468.               for my increase in length of runs to be out and enjoying more
469.               for the morning runs as the sun comes up
470.               for the new runs and GPS showing me shapes to give them names
471.               for the Golf Flag Run
472.               for the Fireman’s Ax Run
473.               for the Witches Broom Run
474.               for the Snoopy Run
475.               for the Guru Run
476.               for the “Make the Loop Smile” run
477.               for the Snoopy with a pony tail run
478.               for the amazing pictures I get on my run
479.               for the encounters with animals on my runs
480.               for the ability to see nature on my runs
481.               for the time to process on my runs
482.               for honks from friends who see me running
483.               for the Trails end trial
484.               for Community Fitness Solutions
485.               for Brandon Knox’s personal Training
486.               for the “you got this” when I show in my face that I think I can’t
487.               for the making that time at 6 in the morning no matter the schedule
488.               for the expertise that helps me make those differences and gains
489.               for the remarkable changes that continue to improve my life and health
490.               for the gift from six years ago from Adam Freeman Personal Training
491.               for the gift of being able to get back on track when I had a bump in the road after mother’s death
492.               for the help to get back on track from Jai Dobias Shaw
493.               for every sunrise that reminded me of the promise of a new day
494.               for the embrace of the sun to help me move through the grief and let go of false comfort
495.               for the time earlier this year beginning to run again
496.               for the ability to run at all after having gotten away from in  for a while
497.               for understanding that it is not perfection, but progress
498.               for the encouragement of Carey Disney Ricks who was so honest with me and shared concern about my weight gain when I needed it so badly
499.               for the gift that continues with me of the life and inspiration of Kayleigh Anne Freeman
500.               for the gift and inspiration with me of the life and inspiration of Windell Daniels
501.               for the Cape Fear Heart Walk
502.               for the Executive Leadership Team of the Cape Fear Heart Walk
503.               for the amazing weather at the Heart Walk
504.               for having the heart walk at the College of Health and Human Services
505.               for the having the chair of the Heart Walk be the Dean of the College of Health and Human Services
506.               for Bo’s 50th Birthday Sock Hop at the Miracle Field that partially went to the Heart Association
507.               for being onstage with Big B and Sandra and Frances and Jackie to cheer the crowd on for the Heart walk
508.               for the life changing work of trainer and health coach Chris McAbee
509.               for the Life Change work of trainer and health coach Matt Skelly
510.               for the healthy food of Epic
511.               for the care and dedication of health and wellness shoe store and advocate Michelle Fogle at Fleet feet
512.               for the Acupuncture of India Sanders
513.               for the acupuncture of Infinity Acupuncture and Gretchen Rivas
514.               for Crest Fitness
515.               for my gym at Gold’s and how convenient it is to my house
516.               for the ability to have a gym membership
517.               for the ability to use gym equipment and be able bodied to do so
518.               for being up to 200lbs in the chest press
519.               for never being above correction
520.               for continuing to grow and improve physically and learn new things
521.               to see so much difference in my abilities
522.               for having the equipment, I need to really enjoy the workouts that I do
523.               for having the clothes that I need to really enjoy the workouts that I have
524.               for having the shoes that I need to really run and have the best experience that I can have
525.               for the climate in this area so that I can run almost year round outside
526.               for the geography of this area so my runs are pretty flat and can be enjoyed as well in that way
527.               for all the music that I have embraced and learned about to run with
528.               for the listening to my breathing from time to time and hearing it and being able to breath with little or no effort when I run
529.               for being able to get my heart rate up and then bring it back down without issue
530.               for not having so much soreness or pain from work out
531.               for learning to listen to my body work out so that I don’t over due, but still grow and stretch
532.               for taking risks and growing physically
533.               for working out stress and letting go through exercise and not means that can hurt or add more issues
534.               those who are respectful of runners
535.               those who are respectful of bikers
536.               for the massage therapy of Samuel Edwards
537.               for the gifts of health food from Whole foods
538.               for the gifts of healthy foods and clean foods from Atlanta Bread
539.               for the gifts of healthy foods of Pine Valley Market
540.               for the gifts of healthy options from
541.               for the loop at Wrightsville beach
542.               for the little public access along Lumina avenue where I get the best sunset pics
543.               for the amazing and dazzling sunsets over the intracoastal when I cross the bridges
544.               for the feeling of pure freedom crossing the draw bridge on foot
545.               for the south end and shelling
546.               for the time to see and find shells
547.               for the bird sanctuary on the south end
548.               for the flocks of oyster catchers that came this year
549.               for the Audubon society and all those who volunteered to rope off the sanctuary for the birds to nest
550.               for all the visitors and the locals who respected the ropes and let the birds enjoy their summer too!
551.               For the freedom of running pier to pier in the mornings to get back to running
552.               For the encounter with the conch this summer and the beauty of the animal living inside
553.               For the paddling out on the kayak
554.               For the time in the reeds
555.               The quiet of the water
556.               The drift of the kayak in the tide
557.               The freedom of being on the water without anything mechanical
558.               Getting out on the little islands and walking around
559.               The sun and being out in it
560.               Seeing the sealife under the water moving around
561.               Just for the peace
562.               For the launch at Fort Fisher
563.               For the launch at Trails end
564.               For Hook line and Paddle and all they do for so many!
565.               For the launch under the bridge at Wrightsville Beach
566.               for sarah underwood gilbert giving me instruction and courage to take my first kayak trip several years ago and open up this path for me
567.               to be able to fit in a kayak as I was unable to just six years ago
568.               for the crystal pier
569.               for the watson’s allowing all to use the crystal pier whether we eat at Oceanic or not
570.               for every Friday night was have dinner on the pier at Oceanic
571.               for the exercising at the crack of dawn on that pier to get me back on track
572.               for the life guard stands that gave me a place to run up and down to help me back to wellness
573.               for the abundance of sand dollars that appeared to me this year
574.               for creating some neat art out of my shells
575.               for time well spent doing yoga poses in the sun on the south end
576.               for the adult jungle gym workout station at Wrightsville Beach Park.
577.               For being able to still park at the park for the first two hours for free so I can run
578.               For all those people who acknowledge me and each other on the loop
579.               For all the honks from folks who see me running and send me some love
580.               From all the folks who Facebook or message and give me encouragement who see me running
581.               For Wilmington roadrunners
582.               For the work of Colin Hackman and Michelle with Go Time
583.               For the Races that Go Time put on
584.               For the means for Non profits to raise funds through races that Go Time Puts on
585.               For chairing Miracles in Motion, the areas first and only fully inclusive 5k!
586.               For the joy of witnessing runners of all abilities compete in a race that has no obstructions
587.               For access of Wilmington the miracle league
588.               For the board of access of Wilmington the miracle league
589.               For the recognition of Dr. Dan Johnson by Health Care Heros
590.               For the recognition of Chad Porter by UNCW
591.               For watching Chad’s speaking career blossom and grow
592.               For writing and leadership  of David Morrison
593.               For the cape fear disability commission
594.               For the cape fear disability resource center
595.               For the annual cape fear disability resource breakfast celebrating the anniversary of the ADA
596.               For being asked to do the invocation for the CFDR breakfast
597.               For each and every Saturday that they Miracle League plays
598.               For ACCESS of Wilmington
599.               For the new ACCESS of Wilmington LOGO
600.               For the Hansley Family Foundation
601.               For Kenzie Hanlsey being Miss North Carolina Teen
602.               for the Justin Verzal Fund for ACCESS
603.               for the Coach Joe Miller Memorial at the field
604.               for always having the story of Coach Miller putting up the lights on that field
605.               for the life and work of Sheila Boles
606.               for the life and work and legacy of George and Sylvia Rountree through the Kyle Anderson Fieldhouse
607.               for the life long memories of working side by side with Allan Gregory and the expertise of his work in building
608.               for the life long memories of working with so many dedicated people to make something special happen
609.               for the amazing gift of Gary Shipman
610.               for Shipman and Associates
611.               for the Shipman Planned Giving Society at the Miracle Field of Wilmigton
612.               for the Miracle Makers Baeball wall of Honor
613.               for the Intracoastal Information Kiosk
614.               for new teams coming on board each season as players grow and grow.
615.               For being a witness to each player taking the field
616.               For being able to see the parents and guardians in the stands watching and cheering the players, taking pictures, and cheering.
617.               For kbt realty, keller williams making snacks available for the players and families that are healthy and good for them every game!
618.               For Holly and David Grange always stepping up every season with Osprey Global solutions to sponsor a team
619.               For the staff at landfall for sponsoring a team
620.               For the pilot club of Wilmington sponsoring a team
621.               For the STAFF of the Rehab hospital at NHRMC raising their own money every season and showing up and making a difference and sponsoring a team
622.               For the Wilmington Rotary Club sponsoring a team
623.               For the 828 church sponsoring and team and bringing folks out every week
624.               For the UNCW baseball team coming out and being buddies and giving their time with the players
625.               For the UNCW seabells singing the national anthem before every game.
626.               For ot solutions sponsoring a team
627.               For J. Michael sponsoring a team from J Michael’s Philly Deli
628.               For the passion of UNCW College of Health and Human Sciences Students coming out at the field
629.               For the amazing leadership of Jennifer Bell as executive Director of Access
630.               For the work of Chelsea Hall moving programs forward for Access
631.               For Haley Sink doing unbelievably as Interim ED
632.               For Access’s first baby Anna Grace!
633.               For the Coach’s of the Miracle League
634.               For the service of Volunteer coordination of Amber Laines
635.               For the unreal advocacy and day to day involvement of Rocky Campagna and the entire Camapgna Family
636.               For the continued health of Dot Campagna
637.               For the continued health of Beth Quinn
638.               For the solar panels and only installation of its kind in the county at the miracle field
639.               For the work of Rick Campagna
640.               For the Gregory Memorial Flag
641.               For the light on the flag
642.               For the new flag at the field
643.               For the players so lovingly honoring the national anthem
644.               For the seacoast realty announcer’s booth
645.               For the Robert McKenzie Picnic Shelter and all the birthday’s celebrations and health and wellness activities that are taking place there
646.               For the weyerhauser dugout
647.               For the campagna dugout
648.               For the PPD field
649.               For the BRAX stadium
650.               For the Kiwanis Playground
651.               For setting the standard for accessible and inclusive playgrounds in the region
652.               For the trillium playground in McCrae Park
653.               For the accessible playground in the aquarium
654.               For the accessible playground wrightsville beach park
655.               For the beeper ball
656.               For “swing” and every time sincere and Isiah hit that ball and seeing the joy on their faces
657.               For every time Courtney comes up to to bat and looks at me and says “you know what to do” (meaning play her song)
658.               For every time Ally dances with such joy and freedom to her favorite songs
659.               For every time Samantha gives me the thumbs up because her song comes on
660.               For every tear that rolls down behind my sunglasses because of the privilege of seeing a player take that next step, that next moment, that move ahead or sometimes, just showing up
661.               For watching charlotte’s smile
662.               For the joy of watching Allison in her up right and walking
663.               For the amazing original players and our twin goddesses!
664.               For erin wanting to be in every game
665.               For craig giving me the thumbs up!
666.               For every player and what they bring to each game
667.               For the sunshine of Allison hitting the field coming through her
668.               For the Trot and Kathryn Nixon Foundation
669.               For the CJB Foundation
670.               For the amazing gift of the new veterans service SOAR and the new possible
671.               For GAMES and all the new health and improvements
672.               For Peggy Olsen and Olsen Farms
673.               For Caliapri Foundation
674.               For the Legacy of and life of  Justin Verzall
675.               For Hotwheels Wheelchair Hockey
676.               for the lovely Miracle Makers Luncheon
677.               for those who attended at my tables
678.               for Abbey McCormick, Elizabeth Dibiasi, and Players Craig and John for taking the stage and really make the event special
679.               for the Huckabees and Carolina Parks and Play
680.               for Pine Valley United Methodist Church being such a great host venue for great events
681.               for our group homes
682.               for the joy of seeing those who take the field for the very first time and the embrace that they get and take so quickly to it
683.               for QENO giving ACCESS a strategic planning session to keep up moving forward and support Jennifer and staff
684.               for UNCW continuing to look for ways to support QENO
685.               for ACCESS being one of the 5 strategic partners of UNCW engagement
686.               for UNCW putting together an office of engagement
687.               for partnering with the office of engagement for professional development programs
688.               for the professional guidance and work with Diane Badaskh
689.               for the professional guidance and work with Laura Lunsford
690.               for the professional guidance from Barb Biehner
691.               for the professional guidance from Beth Schrader
692.               for the professional guidance from Tom Barth
693.               for the professional Guidance from Rick Titicomb
694.               for the professional guidance from Katherine McKenzie
695.               for the professional guidance from Janice Cannon
696.               for having a chief like Mark Francolini who has empowered me to grow and develop and truly be in continuous emprovement
697.               for being in an environment at work where we can laugh
698.               for the stress medicine ball
699.               for all of Shakyia’s return emails to say “your welcome”
700.               for every class I step in front of and the connection to the possible
701.               for ever nod of a head and or acknowledgement that something clicks in a seminar
702.               for continually learning how to connect resources to make efforts better
703.               for truly being involved in a service mentality and service environement
704.               for my pig with wings lamp
705.               for the finding a chair to sit in at my desk
706.               for my standing desk
707.               for my white board painted wall
708.               for seeing visually how to do better and helping others to do this as well
709.               for the little shelf I can turn to in my office with treasures of love
710.               for st. france’s prayer on my computer
711.               for the four way test on my computer
712.               for the memorial card from Tracy Brown on my computer that reminds me of the presence and love of my God each day.
713.               for the fan under my desk that keeps the air morning and me moving
714.               fro my colleagues not minding my oil vaporiers
715.               for the associations I belong to and all the knowledge I am gleaning
716.               for the amazing IT folks we have here who are so ready to help and be of service
717.               for the roof at 320 chestnut and being able to see across the city
718.               for having training rooms to create change and work on acumen
719.               for NHC opening up our rooms to partners to make a difference in the community
720.               have our congressional office in the building and resoruces therein
721.               for our register of deeds and the services they work to provide every day
722.               for the focus on service from all levels of the organization
723.               fpr the deparment of social services overall
724.               for being allowed to do custom training for DSS and see how powerful and committed they are to truly serving the needs of all
725.               for the fatherhood program
726.               for the fatherhood program getting more money to the children for support
727.               for the fatherhood program creating more dignity for fathers who have had issue in the past
728.               for social worker intense work to hold those who abuse children accountable
729.               for social workers intense work to hold those who abuse elders accountable
730.               for those in the integrity department who truly work to ensure that those who are served deserve to be served
731.               for our DSS being willing to speak to groups to open eyes about who is being served and how much they are served (and the misconceptions)
732.               for our DSS leadership being willing to do the Rotary Vocational Day and share what they do with these professionals.
733.               For a new relationship to have blossomed between UNCW and DSS as a result of Vocational day
734.               For the Know NHC Courses
735.               For DSS doing a know NHC course
736.               For Fire Services doing a know NHC course
737.               For Parks and Library doing a Know NHC course
738.               For 911 and Emergency Management doing a know NHC course
739.               For Trillium being willing to do our Mental Health Safety course
740.               For Barb Biehner to do our Change Management 101 course
741.               For Dr. Edel Segovia to do our Cultural Competency Course: Latin Culture
742.               For the amazing property management staff
743.               For the fish tank in the building
744.               For the rocking chairs by the fish tank in the building
745.               For being able to walk over to Racine for lunch
746.               For the best Cuban ever at Blue Surf
747.               For the best fried rice ever at Nikki’s
748.               For cheap burrito’s at islands
749.               For my glasses from My Eye doctor
750.               For having an eye care plan that pays for some of my glasses and maintenance
751.               For being able to walk across the street to my eye doc
752.               For being able to read more and see more now that I have the right glasses (finally)
753.               For being able to get used to the blended lenses
754.               For looking pretty daggone good in these glasses at 50!
755.               For the Dumay Gorham Sculptures we are awarding as the top Staff honor
756.               For the pens we award from Kids Making it as the service award
757.               For the UNCW hand made mugs we award as a service award
758.               For creating meaningful ways to recognize employees
759.               For being able to read the nominations each month for the service awards
760.               For being able to read all the high fives and informal recognition that is sent and all the love and care that staff put into caring about each other and for each other.
761.               For the professional gifts and guidance of Drew Rosen
762.               For the professional development academy with UNCW
763.               For the project management academy with UNCW
764.               For serving on the SWAIN advisory board
765.               For the best hire we could ever have made as director, Dr. Laura Lunsford
766.               For the Econmic Scorecard that SWAIN produces
767.               For the professional guidance and work of Dr. Laura Lunsford
768.               for the professional guidance from my best work colleague ever Tracy and Cheryl
769.               for having a new team member and the connection with butterflies with Jean
770.               for the amazing work family and how deeply they mean to me
771.               for always being in debt to the lasting love and growth given to me by the mentoring and development of Kate Bruce and Bill Atwill and John Myers
772.               for always being in debt to the life saving chance that Mark Shearer gave to me so many years ago and I am still here and benefiting from it.
773.               for being able to work with people who truly are public servants
774.               for working with a purpose dedicated to a commitment to public service
775.               for working with a strategic plan that has a tie to goals and objectives
776.               for working with people who come to work and care about what they do and hold others to that standard
777.               for being trusted enough to come and experience the work of those delivering the service to our citizens
778.               for the experience with Deputy Hook and the ride along
779.               for “getting out of the car” and seeing first hand what an incredible difference law
780.               enforcement makes from the smallest intervention to something that was truly horrific
781.               for being able to see areas in the southern part of the county that changed my perspective forever and truly opened me up to want to serve more and do more for others
782.               for being able to go to the “ghost” house and see the most extraordinary property in masonboro
783.               for the Sheriff’s citizen’s academy
784.               for the amazing group at animal services
785.               for the wonderful job that is done for to protect and prevent rabies
786.               for the adoptions and stewarding of animals in the county
787.               for the leadership and integrity of our sheriff, Ed McMahon
788.               for seeing in person where the integrity at the sheriff’s department happens form beginning of shift (inspection) to the end
789.               for those who serve in and begin their career in detention
790.               for those who patrol such expansive areas of our county and keep so many safe 24.7
791.               for the training and the retraining that each member of this amazing law enforcement team takes and is prepared for regularly. F
792.               for the Child Safety protocol and the first priority for our children and holding those who do not take care of children completely responsible
793.               for the willingness to work with other agencies and being about safety and protection first before territory
794.               for being so active in trying to combat the opiod issues
795.               for the undercover detectives and those who are working so tirelessly to combat these issues
796.               for the intense work on gang prevention and intervention form the jail to the streets
797.               for the eight fire houses in the New Hanover County
798.               for the experience and professional staffing and acumen of those who serve
799.               for the services above and beyond that fire services members provide everyday, car seats and more
800.               for the experience at two fire stations and the power of “first responding”
801.               for experiencing the 75 pounds of the turn out gear
802.               for experiencing being woken up and moving out in 30 seconds
803.               for the 10 calls in one night and being a “light” night
804.               for our our Kraig Knotts being NC Fire Fighter of the Year
805.               for Bobzien leading the MDA fill the boot campaign
806.               for each firefighter who stands in the middle of the road and collects money for fill the boot!
807.               For FF Chambliss organizing and effort for fire sevices to adopt the miracle league
808.               For Murrayville Fire station for coming out to the miracle field
809.               For the professional fire fighters association
810.               For the “Fired Up Challenge” with NHC wellness to incorporate wellness with fire safety and prevention
811.               For the NHC Fire Honor Guard
812.               For the NHC Fire Honor Guard being there for Justin Verzall’s funeral
813.               For the NHC Fire Honor Guard presenting the colors at the annual RFTS banquet
814.               For the NHC Fire Honor Guard traveling on their own money to serve at the funerals of fellow firefighters
815.               For the NHC fire services being deployed west after hurricane Matthew
816.               For NHC Health being deployed west after hurricane Matthew
817.               For NHC Fires services being deployed to fight fire in the western wild fires
818.               For those who serve in our 911 center 24.7 265 in 12 hour shifts with only two 10 minute breaks!
819.               For the work we did together this year for the 911 center and the facilitation that yielded so many good results
820.                For having a ride along with 911 and being there to work side by side with telecommuniticators and learning up close what they do.
821.               For learning more and more about the care and true lifesaving ability and SKILL of telecommunicators delivering babies as well as helping folks through heart attacks and being safe while in life threatening situations etc. It is amazing
822.               For the friendships I have from 911
823.               For the gift of dinner that Charles  at Saw Mill Catering made this past year for thanksgiving dinner for both shifts in the 911 center
824.               For Saw Mill Restaurant and Catering coming back this year to make dinner available for the 911 center again
825.               For the generous donation of chicken for the employee recognition through the salozky’s and how much that makes a difference
826.               for being able to conduct orientation
827.               for helping to bring the message of what we do and what we CAN do to new employees
828.               for the awesome prospect of inspiriting new folks into being new and hopefully desirous public servants
829.               for the gifts of colleagues who are willing to give of their time for orientation
830.               for NHCTV
831.               for knowing that you really can trust folks
832.               for knowing that you can be aware of others
833.               for learning
834.               for growing
835.               for being provided with the wisdom to know the difference
836.               for actually acting on the wisdom and paying attention to it! J
837.               for never losing the believe that folks are innately good
838.               for holding fast that folks are in my life to bless me or teach me…no other reason
839.               for people embracing “have a nice day, unless you’ve made other plans”
840.               for the teaching and mentoring skills of Molly Nece
841.               for the true desire of Molly to see me and others succeed
842.               for Molly’s gift of speaking to our employees
843.               for Molly being at my old employer, UNCW and making such a difference
844.               for the teaching and mentoring skills of Teresa Smith
845.               for the teaching and mentoring skills of Pam Howell
846.               for the teaching and mentoring skills of Matt Langley
847.               for the teaching and mentoring skills of Andy Atkinson
848.               for the teaching and mentoring skills of the DSS training team
849.               for the teaching and mentoring skills of LaWana Mays
850.               for the teaching and mentoring skills of Greg
851.               For the teaching and mentoring skills of Judy Yankey
852.               For the entire LEAN team at NHRMC
853.               For my books and training materials
854.               For 911 rocks
855.               For having the abilty and trust to customize, explore and create the best outcomes for those we serve
856.               For seeing the possible in all things and working towards ways to achieve that
857.               For not letting my light be diminished by those who are afraid for others to shine
858.               For seeking ways to help empower the light of others using my gifts and lights
859.               For knowing when to sit and step back
860.               For being distracted when on message
861.               For seeing that there is a way to helping and creating when there is chaos
862.               For hearing after all these years that wise voice in the story “let them whirl”
863.               For being able to love without getting involved
864.               For being able to love without taking on
865.               For being able to step back and or let go without ignoring or just not doing what I can
866.               For learning more and more to listen and hear
867.               For learning more and more to understand what I can or what I should
868.               For not “shoulding” on others
869.               For finding the right measures for means to address issues
870.               For the silly ways I allow for myself to decompress
871.               For the less noise in my head
872.               For knowing the tapes and not playing them
873.               For hearing good things being said about me BY ME
874.               For the kind and loving things being said about me and it comes from me
875.               For the first reaction to a negative to be a positive
876.               For the first reaction to stress to be a pause
877.               For the first to be a response not a reaction
878.               For there to be more peace
879.               For there to be more at ease and less chaos
880.               For there to be more forgiveness or my self
881.               For there to be more forgiveness of others
882.               For life to be.
883.               Every commissioners meeting and creating recognition for our staff
884.               For the red brick courthouse
885.               For being able to climb in the bell tower
886.               For taking folks up in the bell tower
887.               For feeling the history in the courthouse and how well it is preserved
888.               For the little stained glass windows behind the dias of the commissioners that are so perfect and beautiful
889.               For the arboretum
890.               For the NHC extension office
891.               For the wedding lawn at the arboretum
892.               For the ability garden
893.               For the arboretum plant sale every year
894.               For the advocacy of the ability garden for wellness through activity and engagement
895.               For the new veterans memorial at the arboretum
896.               For the flower sculptures at the arboretum
897.               For the meditating frog of andy cobb’s at the arboretum
898.               For the lily pond
899.               For the tea house
900.               For the japenese garden at the arboretum
901.               For doing our annual employee luau at the arboretum
902.               For the fun in the sun with families and games
903.               for the rose garden
904.               for the variety of native plants and opportunity to learn in arboretum
905.               for the passion and care of master Gardner and director of the arboretum Al Hight
906.               for the 4 H program
907.               for the amazing staff at the arboretum
908.               for the fundraising acumen and integrity of Kitty Yerkes
909.               for the fundraising acumen and integrity of Janine Powell
910.               for the fundraising acumen and integrity of Ashley Miller
911.               for the fundraising acumen and integrit of Vann Pearsall
912.               for the Rehder Flytrap preserve and the legacy of Mr. Rehder
913.               for the Coastal Federation
914.               for the Coastal Land Trust
915.               for the non profit leadership of Camilla Herlavich
916.               for the non profit leadership and advocacy of Kemp Berdette
917.               for the Cape Fear Riverwatch
918.               for the advocacy and education of the Cape Fear Riverwatch
919.               for Wilmington water tours
920.               for the black river tour
921.               for the information and truth and education shared on the Wilmington Water tours and dedication for the best for our river
922.               for water being piped out to 421 for development
923.               for the Sutton plant being imploded
924.               for a clean up coming for the coal ash
925.               for the cape Fear river
926.               for the boats on the river
927.               for the boats in the intracoastal
928.               for running across the drawbridge
929.               for being caught by the drawbridge while running and stopping and looking out over the water
930.               fro the view from summer’s rest
931.               for the paddle out the diminishing repbublic
932.               for siting in the water in the diminishing republic
933.               for walking on the barrier islands and being away from everything
934.               for being able to paddle into the reids away from power boats
935.               for being in the absolute still and quite of the water away from everything
936.               paddling out this year farther than I have ever before
937.               for seeing my first school of dolphins fairly close up
938.               for seeing blue crabs under the water
939.               for the amazing array of mushrooms this year that stopped me in my tracks
940.               for the wild flowers that were everywhere on my runs
941.               for the beauty of the wildflower pics that Harold sent out this year
942.               for the amazing growth in the grasses that came up around the Carolina beach boardwalk to really hunker it down
943.               for the Carolina beach folks to untether the swings and allow them to just swing
944.               for the refresher on the swings and making them look nice
945.               for the wake and bake treat ONCE
946.               for best tradition of having at least one or two britts every year
947.               for having old fashioned calabash seafood still left in Carolina beach
948.               for good flounder at
949.               for the best gyros ever at Sahara
950.               for the best dry cleaners in the world at Four Seasons
951.               for just being good people at Four seasons
952.               for knowing my grandmother’s chicken pastry is close by at Casey’s bufett
953.               for the continued good health of Casey!
954.               For the great work of Tidal Creek
955.               For opening a grocery on front street and it being Carolina Farmin
956.               For their being a PCJ on market on my way downtown!!!
957.               For coffee always being available in a drivethrough!
958.               for the river walk
959.               for walking on the river walk during summer concerts and listening to bands playing
960.               for the view from the riverwalk of sunsets
961.               for the pedestrian art on the southern end of the walk
962.               for finding the park in Castle Hayne this year and access to the river
963.               for the Community Foundation of Southeastern North Carolina
964.               For the ride along with environmental health
965.               For the service to all the community for health inspection and safety
966.               For the amazing gift of wellness that is ensured not just with restaurants but seeing it in facilities, tattoo parlors and salons
967.               For the care and relationships of the inspector(april) and those I saw her with
968.               For the gift of the The Wilmington Treatment Center
969.               For the coming expansion of the Wilmington treatment center
970.               For some recovery houses that care for those they serve
971.               For Wayne Ray and those who operate places of healing and not profit
972.               For Coastal Carriers
973.               For all employers who give and seek to give a second chance to people in need of one
974.               For eliminating the box on applications to allow for an opportunity for employment
975.               For the staff of the cafeteria at the Wilmington Treatment Center
976.               For the manager and leaders and WTC and seeing how the food and nutrition really makes a difference for those trying to get sober and really helping the patients and how seriously they take what they do
977.               For the staff and managers and all the food service staff at New Hanover Regional medical center and seeing what lengths they go to to help and serve those in the hospital but those who come to it and how seriously they take what they do.
978.               For the staff the NHC health clinic and allowing me to ride along with them
979.               For the services provided for healthy babies and mothers
980.               For the care, dignity and respect of all mothers and families comes for WIC
981.               For the Kelly House for Women and Infants
982.               For the non profit leadership and management of Linda Baum
983.               For the second annual Cape Fear’s Got talent benefitting the Kelly House
984.               For the money raised to help women and infants to get on footing to move forward, sober, clean and living their lives whole and independent
985.               For the amazing performers at Cape Fear’s Got talent
986.               For the winners of Cape Fear’s got talent, the High C’s..amazing young men who cared and showed up and brought down the house
987.               For the comedic and artistic gifts of Blaire Postman
988.               For the joy and generosity of the judges for the event
989.               For Pine Valley Market making the event so special
990.               For the Pine Valley United Methodist Church making the venue possible (again)
991.               For being privileged to mc the event and looking out at the smiles and laughter
992.               For being able to see from the vantage point of the stage the good that is happening all around
993.               For, in all the occasions I get to speak, see faces turned towards seeking and wanting something good and feeling that energy and that connection and knowing it is NOT me, it is going through me!
994.               For being able to be there and see folks about to perform who are so nervous, many who are doing without the aid of a substance for the first time and see them SOAR
995.               For seeing many of the “graduates” from the house in the audience there to cheer others on
996.               For experiencing an event with no alcohol and no big fan fare, just good food, good entertainment, and good people, make good money that all does directly to those in need without overhead.
997.               For the health department getting a new leader and the new energy that presents.
998.               For the discussions and opportunities to live the best lives for the children who are seen in the health clinic
999.               For the creation of dignity and treatment for issues that arise from behaviors that effect lives
1000.            For the staff who are on point and on their feet wanting to serve
1001.            to the lab testing for led and making sure that people are not effected by things that will inhibit their ability to thrive
1002.            for the amazing clerical staff who juggle not only internally what is happening but work with providers all over the county and connect patients to the resources they need to be healthy and well and they are persistent in getting them what they need
1003.            for how the clinic works to make sure it is a safe and welcoming environment for those who come for services
1004.            for all the immunizations and vaccinations that are made available that keep our community safer and more productive and vibrant
1005.            for being allowed to be a judge in the holiday door contest
1006.            for all the bribes..I mean hospitality of cookies and cider along the way
1007.            for the fiscal team on the second floor singing carols to us as we judged with such joy
1008.            for Carla Tuner’s desk of joy and jer Carolina Igloo to boot

1009.            for the hallway of reindeer  
10.  and the most amazing Grinch I won’t forget who sang
11.  for a group of health professionals who bring joy and love to the work they do
12.  for the knowing that we are better and stronger because we have each other
13.  for always hearing something in them that reminds me of my mother and the world I was reared in
14.  for the ride along with the school nurses
15.  for the amazing journey with the nurses in each of the schools I was in
16.  for seeing how many of the kids in the schools see the nurses as their source of comfort
17.  for having my eyes opened to how many elementary kids are on medications and how much these nurses care and ensure that each child is taking these meds and is cared for
18.  for seeing how, with nutritional issues being very varied from one child to another seeing these nurses being on top of what is happening with the kids to make them successful
19.  to seeing there is no variation in care from one school to another but there is needs that are beyond imagining from the children from one to another and these nurses don’t miss a beat
20.  for how much, like the teachers, these nurses take on for their own to make sure the kids are taken care of
21.  for seeing what a difference at the middles school the nurse makes for the kids going through so many changes and how open and adept she is to all of their differences and needs
22.  for witnessing their interactions with parents and how much respect and care they gave even when it was not given
23.  for their professionalism and knowledge
24.  for just being nurses, period.
25.  For our schools having nurses and valuing them
26.  For the nurses being with the health department and not the schools (not a judgement on the schools, but they are in direct line with the profession that steers them with the best resources
27.  For seeing first hand the special needs resources at other schools
28.  For the SRO’s and all the relationships they build with the students
29.  For the safety of our students because of the SRO’s
30.  for the 25 years of service of Novella
31.  for the lifesaving CPR from one of our SRO’s
32.  for the amazing gift of security that our SRO’s give to our parents everyday
33.  for seeing how much services like Nourish North Carolina really make a difference in the lives of our children
34.  for hearing from all I visited with how the food that is provided for kids to take home that Nourish NC provides is essential but changes everything for the child when they are at school
35.  for the priviledge of watching Steve McCrossan flourish in his first year with Nourish
36.  the fundraising and professional non profit acumen of Nourish NC and Steve McCrossan
37.  for the tour of the facility and seeing how much growth has occurred to serve more children
38.  for seeing that fresh fruits are now being sent home with the kids
39.  for seeing refrigeration was added to their equipment
40.  for hearing about their expos and going out in the community and showing how to work with healthier foods
41.  for being asked to MC the Nourish NC Gala
42.  for the on point evening for Nourish that was mission focused 100%
43.  for the amazing speakers who were about the service and what they organization does
44.  for the joy of being able to share and engage others with what Nourish does
45.  for the Affordable Housing Coalition
46.  the Affordable Housing Coalition putting together a list of affordable housing options and resources for agencies and providers to be able to use
47.  for those I work with to get this resource and feel so empowered by it for those they serve
48.  for the leadership of Paul D’Angelo with the Affordable housing coalition
49.  for the presentation by the Affordable housing coalition of NHC to the Disability Resource Center breakfast and the connection to why affordable housing is so needed
50.  for the speaker who was at the DRC breakfast and how he went from homelessness to self-sufficiency because of the DRC and the Affordable Housing folks
51.  for those who are still serving the citizens and residents at the Wilmington Housing authority
52.  for the legacy of Windell Daniels of the building that housing the WHA offices
53.  for the legacy of Windell Daniels and Taylor Homes
54.  for the having contract that is still in place with the WPD and working with the communities in WHA
55.  for Hillcrest, always
56.  for the Windell Daniels WHA UNCW Scholarship
57.  for the Windell Daniels WHA CFCC Scholarship
58.  for the Hooper Apartments
59.  for the work and growth and leadership of Wilma Daniels
60.  for those who see value in all persons no matter what neighborhood they live in
61.  for those who understand that a neighborhood is a place, not a being
62.  those who see no borders between neighborhoods
63.  those who see one city, one county, one community
64.  those who understand it is always US not THEM
65.  those who understand 17th century donne “every man’s death diminishes me”
66.  for the leadership of Rep Susie Hamilton, the ONLY elected leader who showed up with community after another child was gunned down
67.  grateful for the response from my friends when I posted that such acts had been sent to the recessed of other sections of the paper and not the front page, people spoke out.
68.  The first responders
69.  For WPD
70.  For the leadership of Chief Evangleous
71.  For the leadership of Chief Martinette
72.  For the leadership of Chief Hall
73.  For the Leadership of Judge Corpening
74.  For the life’s work and leadership of Brother Cobb
75.  For the leadership of Judge Luther
76.  For the leadership of Judge Ray
77.  For the leadership of Judge Crouch
78.  For the leadership of Judge Knoeker
79.  For the leadership of Judge Ola Lewis
80.  For the Leadership of Ben David
81.  For the leadership of Kathy Stoute
82.  For the ADA’s who care so deeply and work 24/7
83.  For the amazing team at Community Justice Services
84.  For the CJS adult team for letting me come along to court
85.  For watching jail diversion in action
86.  For seeing how jail diversion for civil contempt allows for those not taking care of their children to work instead of being in jail
87.  For seeing judges use the power of the system to help those in need of help and hold those who don’t want it accountable
88.  For seeing how the CJS team and the those advocating for child support really are focused on the children and getting them what they need
89.  For seeing how this program works to aid in making our communities stronger
90.  For seeing the afternoon courts the power of the clerk and how much she is having to take care of as the judge moves through the docket and ensure the integrity of the process
91.  For seeing how offenders are not just sent back to jail but can make a contribution if they can show they can be responsible
92.  For really getting to know the advocates for the CJS team and seeing how much they are a part of our public safety
93.  Fro having so many of my preconceived notions eliminated regarding child support
94.  For feeling like there really are advocates our there for our kids and families when one parent is not willing to be responsible for the welfare of their child and no one has to suffer because there is a system of accountability.
95.  For understanding it is not about fathers only, there are both men and women in these courts needing to be held responsible
96.  For seeing that life circumstances can and does really make a big difference in the lives of those who end up in court and how good this system is at working through those issues
97.  For seeing that our CJS folks work 24.7 and are on call with monitoring devices
98.  For being able to experience Drug treatment court
99.  For the leadership, faith, and judgment of Judge James Faison
100.               For the compassion and accountability of Judge Faison
101.               For being in the pretrial meeting with judge Faison and the team and hearing how much work and care goes into setting up offenders fro success
102.               For looking into the eyes of a young man that had to sit in the box the whole trial day because of his lack of compliance and to see the defiance and attitude and how much he was removed from his own ability to help himself
103.               To see this young man go to jail and know in my heart “but for the grace of God”
104.               To be witness to one success story after another coming to court and sharing their way back and living well and sober and being compliant with their terms and conditions of the program and setting example for the others awaiting their hearing
105.               For being witness to the judge, the families and the lawyers all hug and applaud and be there for those who were successful and making their way and see they are not alone
106.               For those who came before the judge for the first time, afraid, not sure, and desperate and be given hope, not jail. The option to recover not just a punishment
107.               For the true belief that while there has to be restitution and amends for wrongs, there is an illness and its treatment is more than just locking someone up
108.               For the CJS staff and the advocates making this happen
109.               For the NHC county commission seeing that recidivism was not only down by the measures they set, but more so and responding by putting more boots on the ground to keep making an impact
110.               For the courage to ask for what is needed when success is being made
111.               For believing in continuous improvement and not allowing those who are opposed stand in the way
112.               For seeing people not just their crimes
113.               For knowing safety is our need but that is a community issue not just a person issue
114.               For the true belief in looking at all the issues that feed into the larger picture and working on those factors to create a success
115.               For the ability to see how we can use our resources to effect the best for the largest numbers of people with the highest returns over time
116.               for the fire services awards
117.               for being allowed to serve on the fire services award committee
118.               for listening to the connected stories of service between 911/EMS/and fire
119.               for being able to see the fire services families recognize their own
120.               for recognition of employees with stellar awards and steward the program
121.               for joy of seeing an employee post of their facebook their headshot that is given as part of the recognition from the Stellar awards
122.               for being able to read the nominations each month of the stellar awards and hear the stories of what employees are doing and creating in change and better outcomes all the time
123.               for getting the emails back from them of humility and surprise when they get an award and sincere thanks
124.               for being able to plan and be a part of events for employees to recognize them
125.               for all those who want to be a part of these events
126.               for Hook line and paddle and all they do to engage those who serve the public
127.               for Buffalo Wild Wings and their service mentality
128.               for Port City Java and all they are about as a local company and provider of so much good
129.               for Beach Bagels at Wrightsville Beach
130.               for Pine Valley Market making our banquet happen
131.               for the Daniels Room at Cape Fear Community College
132.               for the service of Amanda Lee at Cape Fear Community College
133.               for the amazing history and connection to our present of historian Jan Davidson from our Museum
134.               for the cape Fear Museum educating our youth when so many programs are cut in our schools
135.               for the Museum Education team who so inspire
136.               for the Cape Fear Museum Exhibitions this year that so powerfully told stories regarding race, conflict, healing, and just life in general and allowed all to come and experience in a meaningful way
137.               for the Williston room and all the work that is being done to preserve the legacy
138.               for being in the archive area when the artifacts from Lethia Hankins came in to be catalogued and just seeing her legacy in that box and knowing she will be a powerful part of the story forever
139.               for ever having lethia’s guidance in my life
140.               for the gift of all the guidance I have been given in this community
141.               for the treaser of stories I have from Ty Rowell
142.               from the having met and spent time with Meadowlark Lemon and his amazing life story and inspiration
143.               for having spent time with Mrs. Weller and mama’s stories of growing up and understanding more about this community, race and love
144.               for spending a lunch with Dixon Baldrige and always knowing from where goodness comes and understanding more and more that folks don’t always honor where good comes from but its about going good that matters
145.               for having known Reverend Barksdale and always being changed because of him
146.               for Gregory United Church of Christ
147.               for the knowing the story of the Wilmington 10 and telling that history
148.               for knowing the story of 1898 and telling that story
149.               for knowing that history is not something to be afraid of
150.               for knowing that embracing our history helps our present and propels our future
151.               for seeing how our history shapes what is happening in the present
152.               for not seeing histry as a prescription for what happens now
153.               for more and more the voices who wish to recast our history being overtaken by those who see that the fact and knowing that there is not harm in it
154.               for the NHC comprehensive land use plan
155.               for being able to work to update our codes that have not be rewritten since school where integrated
156.               for the city and county both looking at land use
157.               for knowing that development is a good thing and can be done responsibly
158.               for having sustainability in our mission in the county
159.               for seeing that we are the keepers of our future and we are responsible for ensuring what comes next
160.               for knowing the impermanence of all that I have
161.               for knowing that I am but a gate keeper, a transient in this life
162.               for knowing that it is not what I have but what I do that matters
163.               for knowing and finally understanding that we must always be looking for ways to create and share for others
164.               for my state
165.               for my country
166.               for my community
167.               for those who work so tirelessly to serve those in the deepest and darkest of circumstances
168.               for those who don’t coddle me
169.               for m Haynes when she told me to put on my big boy pants and I still remember that to this day and understand it
170.               for the love and care of president barrack Hussein Obama
171.               for seeing someone I went to high school with become attorney general!
172.               For being sensitive
173.               For owning what I do
174.               For truly loving seeing others succeed and do well
175.               For not wanting to take credit for the success of others
176.               For yelling over the fence at my neighbor and having a conversation
177.               For the armory building that museum is in
178.               For the maintenance staff that keeps that old building going
179.               For the museum building being accessible and downtown to all
180.               For all the school children that get to go through the museum and touch their history
181.               For the deep connection tonye grey has made with her family history and how much that has brought to the museum
182.               For the installation and recognition of Dr. Gray at NHRMC of all he did and contributed.
183.               for walking through all the artifacts and seeing how much care goes into all of them and how fortunate we are to have this as a living place to tell the story
184.               for the Movie Exhibit this year
185.               for the mobile planetarium from the museum
186.               for the ride along at the museum and being taught so well with games and activities that did not have one beeping sound or electronic device but got the kids completely engaged with pretty complex ideas using their own physicality, imagination and a few props
187.               for the amazing collection of items that tell the story of the cape fear and the integrity for which is it maintained.
188.               For the amazing programming and skill for which the public is brought again to this resource
189.               For the park space that allows for people to explore and experience more about who we are and where we are
190.               For the
191.               for the extraordinary work of all of those who serve in the county
192.               for the service of Tammy Beasley and her re-election
193.               for the service and now retirement of our clerk, Teresa Elmore
194.               for the service of Wanda Copley as our attorney
195.               for the service of our county commissioners
196.               for the annual turkey fry demonstration before thanksgiving
197.               for the amazing safety committee I have the honor to serve with
198.               for the risk management team that just amaze me with what they keep us aware of and away from
199.               for the emergency management team that I was a witness to during the hurricane
200.               the intense activation of all county staff during the storm
201.               the service attitude and the willingness to serve during the storm
202.               for the laughter while we were on shift to keep us all focused
203.               for the professionals around us who kept us making sure we knew we were Albright
204.               for my amazing colleagues who got all the staffing together to make sure that not one position was not filled and all were at their posts
205.               for the emergency responders who were active in the field and taking care of every call during the storm
206.               for Saw Mill restaurant who stayed open with generators to feed every single line worker who was with the power company
207.               for the best Jenga Game I have ever witness from the most incredible library folks ever
208.               for the communications prowess of Charles smith keeping everyone up to date
209.               for Steven still taking helm for his first storm and doing and amazing job
210.               for the life of service of Warren lee and his last storm
211.               for all the 911 staff who came in and rode out the storm in the center
212.               for the donuts that the chairman brought us and kept us going throughout the night
213.               for being spared the brunt of the storm, but understanding that others got it and thankful to be able to send things and prayers their way
214.               for our family to be safe and not hurt during this storm
215.               for the pet shelter being opened for folks to come to
216.               for the amazing response that was harnessed for the Lumberton and that area
217.               for the quickness for which this area responded
218.               for the CFPUA and how well they handled the water break without us loosing water all together
219.               for the facebook group that popped up that gave such onetime notice to help others and still remains out there for everyone to give notice
220.               for colin going back live and staying on air during the storm
221.               for the memory of granddaddy wade and mother and the stories of grandmother lois hiding in the storms as I sat outside and felt the wind with jacks and Michael calling me inside
222.               for being able to stay with my mother in law and all of us safe together
223.               for Harold being hunkered down and ok
224.               for not losing power for too long
225.               for taking down the room downstairs and being able to rearrange afterwards
226.               for seeing some things I had not seen in a while and making decisions to let go as a result
227.               for coming home after the storm and finding it still there
228.               for coming home after the storm and finding it dry
229.               for coming home after the storm and seeing that one shutter in the driveway and thinking how very blessed we were
230.               for coming home after the storm and it being so quiet and peaceful after all the stress and drama that led up to the storm
231.               for being able to get on the beach and let go after the storm
232.               for being able to walk out on the crystal pier before the storm and watch the waves coming in
233.               for the piers still being up after the storm was over
234.               for each year being a judge in the Wilmington Holiday Parade
235.               for being a judge in the Wilmington Holiday parade this year
236.               for being Santa each year in the City of Wilmington Tree Lighting at Greenfield lake
237.               for the children taking “santa” by the hand and walking “santa” to his chair
238.               for santa’s chair being the chair I bought for michael so long ago and it being a tradition now
239.               for those hundreds of children and all their joy and wonder
240.               for all the tears and screams until they see a coloring book or a peppermint
241.               for all the parents “santa” bonds with and we work to make sure the child will get the right toy or gift
242.               for the marines who come out each year to pass out the coloring books from cape fear literacy
243.               fro the movie in the amphitheater after santa for the WFD taking “santa” in on the fire truck
244.               for the amazing feeling of being blessed enough to play such a sacred role for these children each year
245.               for getting ready to do this this year for Special Olympics
246.               for getting ready this to do this for the Miracle League
247.               for being a santa for Good Friends
248.               for the good Friends Luncheon
249.               for the over 700 women who come out each year to give back to the community
250.               for all the good friends money going to fill gaps DSS does not serve
251.               for leading the singing among the santas for the women as they arrive
252.               for collecting the money after the testimonials at the good friends luncheon
253.               for the luncheon just being a brown bag lunch and the money going to the charity
254.               for the dessert being cookies the women make
255.               for the convention center hosting this luncheon
256.               for our gorgeous convention center
257.               for the amazing dumay Gorham sculpture at the convention center
258.               for the park in front of the convention center
259.               for the hotel to finally be built at the convention center
260.               for the Coastline convention center
261.               for the rustic nature of the coastline and what a wonderful facility it is
262.               for every entry in the holiday parade
263.               for my favorite entry of the retired greyhounds
264.               for the wonderful float the cubs scouts do every year
265.               for the wonderful, family feeling that the parade brings every year
266.               for Wilmington Parks and Recreation allowing me to continue to be a part of things going into my second decade of involvement
267.               for Halyburton park
268.               for the nature trail at Halyburton
269.               for learning about long leaf pine regeneration in Halyburton
270.               for the preservation of some forest that area now that so much development is overtaking the area
271.               for the amazing naturalness of the park
272.               for my ride along in New Hanover County Parks
273.               for me learning that a leaf blower is actual work and after three miles, I was beat!
274.               For the leadership and care of Ryan Kondor and putting me to work
275.               For letting me operate heavy machinery and living to tell the tale!
276.               For seeing how much care and detail goes into our parks and fields
277.               For the athletic fields I did not even know about behind Hoggard High School
278.               For the stories I remember Moma Weller telling me about her mother’s farm back there and that amazing history
279.               For the new additions of walking trails out at ogden park
280.               For the amazing work that is done in McCrae every day
281.               For the Optimist Clubs and all they do
282.               For the
283.               for being woken up by the spirit in the middle of the night and the stove exploding at that very minute
284.               for the presence of mind and the grace of God for being able to put out the fire
285.               for being able to replace the stove
286.               for the angel at Best Buy who restored my bad ju ju with Best buy who directed us to the stove we got
287.               for being able to share that powerful story of being woken up and how many folks “got it” and understood the power of that story
288.               for my phone going out of power four times with 77% charge while I watched a sunrise and each time reminding me to be present not just to take a picture but remember to be there and feel the grace and power of being in that moment to receive that blessing
289.               for all those who are connected by something greater than themselves and understand that connection
290.               for the ability to see color
291.               to smell something nice
292.               for the fact that others like my cologne (cause I am going to wear something! J)
293.               to be able to differentiate between sounds
294.               for the presence of mind
295.               to be able to focus on a task
296.               to have all my limbs functioning
297.               for my mental health today
298.               for the ability to be converstant
299.               for the gift of my verbal skills
300.               for the reflexiveness of my mind
301.               for the ability to be creative
302.               for the ability to resolve problems that are presented to me
303.               to start my day over
304.               to understand my accountability
305.               to be more accepting of what I can and cannot do
306.               to know more of what my excellence is
307.               to truly appreciate others for who they are in whole and not just the parts I choose to see
308.               to cherish time more and more
309.               to feel music
310.               to hear music
311.               to be able to sing
312.               to not be afraid to get in front of a crowd
313.               to know that I have a purpose even if it is not clearly defined
314.               to know to get out of my own way
315.               to no longer fear that I am jude and that I won’t be obscure
316.               to know that I cannot please everyone
317.               to know that my perception is based sometimes on my insides and to be careful
318.               to walk away from those who are toxic
319.               tor seeing the fight and knowing when it is mine (more often)
320.               for the connection with partners like atlanta bread company
321.               for the connection with partners like Pine Valley Market
322.               for the connection with partners like Luna Ad
323.               for the connection with Partners like Perry’s Emporium
324.               for the connection with partners like Fleet Feet
325.               for the connection with partners like Smoothie King
326.               for the connection with partners like Port City Java (they make my gratitude list like 10 times every year! )
327.               for the connection with partners like Tama Tea
328.               for seeing the small business and those behind them and how they care about the place they live in
329.               for the connection with partners like the Gentlemen’s Corner
330.               the absolute, amazing feeling of getting suits from GC for my 50th and feeling like a million with the weight loss, but it is about service, and care and truly dealing with good people
331.               for the connection with Mary Margaret and all she does for the community from her heart and Parkway Volvo
332.               for our amazing cars
333.               to have a freakin’ car
334.               for the amazing service at Parkway
335.               for the care and trust at Parkway, cause I don’t know nothing about a car….
336.               For the connection with Susan and clayton and the care at Cruisers
337.               The entire staff at Cruiser and the feeling when I leave there of being taken care of
338.               The love we get on our Fridays on the pier at the oceanic
339.               For blackened salmon on the pier
340.               For all of ash’s restaurants
341.               For michael’s face lighting up when he gets banna’s foster at boca
342.               For Hops Supply and feeling good about all Lou’s places
343.               for the pizza at slice of life
344.               the amazing and giving heart of all at slice of life
345.               for being able to eat and be satisfied and not crave
346.               for knowing my triggers and not feed them
347.               for the amazing staff at Chrysallis
348.               for the wonderful acumen and care of dietician Terry
349.               for having some support when I need it
350.               for recognizing my grief came in comfort with food
351.               for being able to get through seasonal depression
352.               for being able to feel good
353.               for being able to feel period
354.               for being able to laugh authentically
355.               for being able to feel things that are pleasant
356.               for being able to sense
357.               for being able to have experience un altered or enabled by substances of things
358.               for enjoying things, but not always having to have them new
359.               for my fun with ebay
360.               for Landfall Yardsales
361.               for Friend me down
362.               for the Ivy Cottage
363.               for the Chinese at Szheuan
364.               for Wilmington Rotary Club
365.               for the hug each week of pat watts and her amazing generous spirit
366.               for the gift of being able to be a part of the invocation committee
367.               for the four way test
368.               for seeing the four way test actually being followed
369.               for being able to share the four way test with the students at Williston
370.               to be able to read the award nominations each month for the students who are exemplifying the four way test at Williston
371.               for the teachers and staff at Williston
372.               for all the Rotarians who made Williston our legacy project and see that connection and impact
373.               for the fried shrimp week at rotary
374.               for the squash casserole week at rotary
375.               for the baked salmon week at rotary
376.               for the diversity of thought and life experience in rotary
377.               for the lymrics of a 93 year old world war II pilot and the honor to know our jake
378.               for the deeper connection to our community and our ability to serve the world through our rotary
379.               for the ridiculously bad jokes in health and happiness
380.               for the truly outstandingly amazingly fun health and happiness of brett Patterson
381.               for just having a place every week to go where there is a sense of being a part of something good to do good
382.               for the Guyana water project
383.               for our rotary baby this year with Addison being born
384.               for the amazing wine fundraiser
385.               for the amazing giving that goes into making all the giving our club does into the community
386.               for the foundation of the event for the fundraiser that came from Stacy Ankrum
387.               for the Rotary Club of Wilmington Foundation
388.               for having clear goals and means to give and make a difference with our money
389.               for Tryon being our partner to make our event so successful
390.               for Milner’s catering
391.               for the floral and decorating prowess of Gary Fishcer
392.               for the Committee for the wine Fundraiser
393.               for all the silent auction givers
394.               for all the volunteers who made the event spectacular
395.               for the trip to Airlie Enchanted with the boys from the boys Home
396.               for sharing dinner and the magic of Christmas with the boys
397.               for all those who gave so that each boy would have something to be able to to buy for themselves or others for Christmas.
398.               for the life of Bernie Malman
399.               for the legacy of Bernie and keeping up with my attendance
400.               for the gift of sharing, weekly time with people I genuinely care about and want to see
401.               for the gift of going monthly to Williston and seeing the best and brightest be recognized
402.               for the inspiration of seeing giving back and do more
403.               for seeing service above self in action
404.               for the amazing yearly program recognizing law enforcement in a meaningful way
405.               for being able to sponsor a new member and it being someone I really and truly respect
406.               for the Watson College of Education
407.               for the most amazing new dean in Watson
408.               for the leadership and vision of Dean Van Dempsey
409.               for the leadership and vision of Dean Charlie Hardy
410.               for the leadership and vision of Rob Burrus
411.               the Cameron School of Business
412.               Depaolo hall and remembering always what she did for me and so many
413.               Leutze Hall and remember forever what he established in his tenure for UNCW
414.               Boseman field and knowing Ann’s stories of her husband and the family and what they did over the years for all
415.               Knowing when I see a name I now know more about how that is connected and how I become responsible to not let others forget
416.               For Daniels Hall
417.               For the Wilma Daniels Art Gallery at CFCC
418.               For Wilma being made chair of the UNCW board of Trustrees
419.               For passing by Dumay’s giant seahawk when I run and knowing the little secret behind it’s eye
420.               For the many ways I can see our life in all the changes just here around college road
421.               For the fisher’s and the opening of the student union and mr fisher making hot dogs and hamburgers
422.               For the memorial benches at the honors house that we created for two deaths in one year
423.               For the shinn plaza
424.               For the legacy of Dr. Gerald Shinn
425.               For giving me “youngin’s” forever
426.               For wearing my tie in my pocket every now and again
427.               For knowing every detail of the Shinn plaza and its meaning
428.               For the Honors Scholars College
429.               For the Center for Undergraduate Reasearch
430.               For the work and Leadership of Dr. Kate Bruce
431.               For the Honors Scholars Office
432.               For the connectedness still to all those youngin’s all over the world
433.               For being able to see those “youngin’s” now with families, doctors, researchers, etc.
434.               For the marriage and doctoral completion for one of my dearest this year
435.               For the upcoming marriage of Kyle and Sara
436.               For Andrew’s completed journey with the peace core
437.               For Adam and Koral’s continued blessed marriage
438.               For the marriages I have been a part of, still seeing them shine
439.               For having had and have Kayleigh’s spirit in my life
440.               For the treasure a life filled with experiences from watching them grow
441.               the college of Health and Applied Human Sciences
442.               for the Watson college making a difference in our region with our local schools
443.               for the Watson college not falling behind in enrollment for teacher education
444.               for the Watson College being a part of the heart walk
445.               for the Watson College being on the cutting edge of online education and reaching those who wish to advance their careers
446.               for the philanthropy of Monica Watson
447.               for the Watson Scholars
448.               for UNCW as a whole
449.               for the Math department
450.               for Michael’s colleagues
451.               for watching Michael be so embraced and successful in their international conference this year
452.               for being able to take vacation and go to the conference with Michael
453.               for being able to share time with dear friends and his colleagues from the conference
454.               for being able to have a vacation for the first time in a very long time
455.               for being able to relax and give myself permission to just let go for a little while
456.               for the view from our room and watching the fireworks in all the Disney parks every night
457.               for being able to finally visit the harry potter park
458.               for being able to share the experience of the harry potter park with michael
459.               for knowing for sure that after all these years, it is just about being together more than any fancy park or hotel (although the hotel was pretty great).
460.               for watching Michael really be in his element at the conference and so admired by students and others
461.               for the time I took to go to pay respects that Pulse night club
462.               for making the connection at the LGBT center in Orlando
463.               for the amazing two volunteers that I shared time with at the LGBT center and just that wonderful time of us being one
464.               for the remarkable diversity and outpouring of people at Pulse when I was there
465.               for taking time to explore some museums and parks in Orlando
466.               for finding a chihuly in one of the museums
467.               for being reared by a mother who fed by wondering spirit so that wherever I go, I explore and see and seek and in my life I have seen so much
468.               for the safe travel we had down and back from Orlando
469.               for the pet sitting services of Cory Chambers while we were gone
470.               for the daily pictures and snap chats from Cory of how Jax was and was dong while we were away.
471.               For the entire Chambers family making sure we knew that our baby would be ok while we were gone.
472.               For Cory taking care of our home while we were gone and going above and beyond when the ac went out and did not miss a bit to take care of it for us.
473.               For the hotel in Orlando seeing I was on Instagram and constantly commenting on my pictures and telling me where I could go in the hotel to get more.
474.               For the waterfall area of the pool
475.               For getting over my issue with elevators and just enjoying being up high in our suite
476.               For being good to myself on vacation and not beating up on myself when I went off diet
477.               For the amazing runs in Orlando in that heat!
478.               For SAGE Wilmington
479.               For St. Jude’s Parish
480.               For Church of the Servant Episcopal
481.               For the Labyrinth at COS
482.               For the spiritual leadership of Catherine Powell (miss you!)
483.               For the spiritual leadership of Cheryl Walker
484.               For the spiritual leadership of John McLaughlin
485.               For the spiritual leadership of Rob Skirving
486.               For the spiritual connection with Mike Rhyne
487.               For the spiritual connection with Robert Laws
488.               For the spiritual leadership of Terry Henry
489.               For the spiritual leadership of Pastor Wayne
490.               For the spiritual leadership of Reverend Barber
491.               For the spiritual leadership of Dr. George Gates
492.               For the cape fear memorial foundation
493.               For the non profit integrity and acumen of
494.               For the spiritual leadership and non profit educational leadership of Susan Harrell
495.               For the educational leadership of Dr. Tim Markley
496.               For all who teach
497.               For watching and continuing to watch pete grow
498.               For pete’s engagement
499.               For Matt’s engagement
500.               For Brandon’s engagement
501.               For Julia’s engagement and upcoming wedding
502.               For all the love that is around us
503.               For Mark’s wedding this year
504.               For Mark’s continued health
505.               For beth’s continued health
506.               For the amazing and transformative efforts of She Rocks
507.               For Beth being a speaker for the WIlmignton Biz Breakfast (what took them so long)
508.               For the life of thanksgiving card we get each year from Kathleen
509.               For Just for Buyers real estate
510.               For those who sell homes and not investments
511.               For the educational leadership of Brenda Ecsh
512.               For the Friends School being available for our kids
513.               For the opening of the GLOW academy for girls
514.               For the processional of the girls into the opening
515.               For the commitment from each of the girls to their education
516.               To the visionary founder of the leadership academy’s nationwide
517.               For the amazing work of the GLOW board f
518.               For the work of Todd Godbey in the GLOW work
519.               For the gift of an interventive effort for equity for our youth
520.               For the visionary leadership in education of Judy Girard
521.               For the building leadership of Montieth
522.               For the building leadership of Ken Dull
523.               For the integrity in real estate of Coldwell Banker Seacoast
524.               For the leadership of the Wilmington Biz Journal
525.               For the Cape Fear Literacy Council
526.               For the cape fear literacy council spelling b
527.               For the integrity of the leadership of the literacy council of Yasmin Tompkins
528.               For the integrity of the leadership of Coastal Horizons Inc of Margaret Weller Stargell
529.               For the rape crisis center
530.               For substance abuse out patient treatment programs of coastal
531.               For the ongoing intervention of the youth open house shelter
532.               For their to always be a place for our youth to be ok and sheltered when in crisis through coastal
533.               For the enormity of the outreach of coastal’s service and delivery in the state
534.               For the efficacy of the programming for adjudicated folks who are dual diagnosed
535.               For the willie Stargell office park
536.               For the Willie Stargell Foundation
537.               For the Legacy of an amazing man, Willie Stargell being carried on at NHRMC in the treatment of patients for kidney disease
538.               For the new machines purchased this year by the Stargell foundation
539.               For the amazing testimonial at the Stargell dinner of the friends who gave a kidney to one another and the testament to God’s will and grace
540.               For being asked to bring the invocation to the Stargell dinner and coming home to something I care deeply about
541.               For andrew givens thoughtful and caring welcome home
542.               For the amazing love at the dinner
543.               For the life and health of Monique Moses and continued moving through treatment
544.               For the first award from the Stargell event going to dr. McCabe
545.               For the life’s work of Dr. McCabe and his humility and grace
546.               For the children of Willie Stargell and honoring their father’s legacy
547.               For feeling a spirit of love like none other to make good happen
548.               For Frans Fans
549.               For Weller’s Wheels
550.               For the integrity of speaking for all in news of Frances Weller
551.               For the LGBTQIA center at UNCW
552.               For the Centro Hispano at UNCW
553.               For the Faculty at UNCW speaking up for the students and the ethics of what is right
554.               For the Respect Compact
555.               For the beauty of the UNCW Campus
556.               For Michael’s new office this year and being settled again
557.               For oak trees on the front of campus
558.               For the long leaf pines on the front of campus
559.               For the new trees along the cross city trail through campus flourishing and doing so well.
560.               For the work and delivery of Kimberly McLaughlin Smith in Diveristy Training
561.               For the Ann Flack Boseman Gallery at UNCW
562.               For the AIDS remembrance Quilt in the union that was hand created by those of us in the community
563.               For the AIDS remembrance Quilt that was hand quilted by my own mother, Nancy Hodges
564.               For the Kate Bruce/Diane Levy Honors Scholars Scholarship
565.               For the John Myers Art Scholarship
566.               For the LS Bo Dean Jr. Honors Scholarship
567.               For the Ada Zola King Dean Nursing Scholarship
568.               For the Boseman-Tenhuisen Scholarship
569.               For the Thad Dankel Scholarship
570.               For the Nancy Phelps Hodges/Martha Stein Freeze Women’s Empowerment Scholarship at CFCC
571.               For all who give to scholarships
572.               For all who understand that scholarships make such a difference for students
573.               For the perpetual legacy that scholarships provide
574.               For being Gay and knowing that it is about being a three fold person: Mind, Body, and Spirit and I am never defined by someone else’s views
575.               For knowing I am loved, accepted and created as I was intended.
576.               Grateful for my gut and instinct
577.               For listening to that instinct and gut
578.               For learning more about being discerning
579.               For understanding that I am nice and it is ok to be that way but that does not make me not able to hold others accountable
580.               For understanding more and more those who are just not kind
581.               For being less inclined to being used
582.               For being able to say no and it being ok
583.               For not saying “yes’ so often out of fear
584.               For truly living in something that I care about
585.               For the ability to truly feel pain through love and care
586.               For the ability to feel concern and fear when it is appropriate
587.               For the ability to feel disgust and disapproval as there are things that are not acceptable
588.               For the moral compass that is within me
589.               For being able to better define what is and is not acceptable for me personally
590.               For not feeling the need or desire to judge others who may or may not agree with me on certain issues.
591.               For the ability to hold information and not share it and marinating integrity around being trustworthy
592.               For knowing the past is not the present and it informs but does not predict the now.
593.               For being a Dean, a Phelps, an Austin, a King, a Holt, and all that these forebearers gave to me and to us to be where we are at this place and time
594.               For being
595.               for living one day at the time
596.               for the revelation of the miracles that come each and every day in the world
597.               for living a life now where I am more likely to expect good and believe that things will be as they should be
598.               for living a life where there is absolutely no doubt that I am NEVER alone
599.               for living each and everyday in the certainty that there is grace when we accept and receive it in abundance
600.               for having opportunities
601.               for being present
602.               for showing up
603.               for knowing I have clay feet and working each day to become
604.               for self awareness
605.               for love
606.                for acceptance
607.               For the connection with those who are open to our differences and embrace our humanity and see our common connection as human beings with love and openness of heart
608.               For the connection with those who do not take credit and see the workings of a higher power in each of us
609.               For the connection with those who see that it is what we do that is important, not what we have or accumulate.
610.               For the connection with those who are open to extending themselves to the risk of hurt
611.               For the connection with this who are open to extending themselves to the risk of being loved
612.               For the connection with those who are vulnerable
613.               For the connection with those who trust they can be strong
614.               For the connection with those who see that loyalty and integrity manner
615.               For the connection with those who are forgiving as we are all human
616.               For the connection with those are not absolutist
617.               For being in a growth mindset
618.               For helping others to see a way to a growth mindset
619.                 For the most amazing supportive friends ever
620.                 For the connections with friends old that we keep in touch for 20, 30 and 40 years over facebook and other means
621.               For the connections and times with friends now in the present
622.               For the ability to have friends
623.               For the ability to be loyal and loving
624.               For the loyalty and love I have from others
625.               For the power of sharing our grief and healing in times of trial
626.               For the power of sharing our joy and growing
627.               For the amazing ways God is revealed in each person in my life
628.               For the ability to discern more
629.               For new friends this year who have shown me so much about loyalty, honor, service and respect.
630.               For knowing more about humility
631.               For the powers of example who help me be a better man
For the truth tellers who will share with me what they feel
632.               For those who care enough to tell me when I am not on the right path
633.               For the Rowan LeCompte Cartoon in Church of the Servant
634.               For the Bargain box of Wilmington
635.               For the comfort and love I got when I had my meltdown when I took mother’s clothes in the bargain box
636.               For the bargain box being about serving all people and not about overhead
637.               For the bargain box making vouchers and clothes for the homeless
638.               For the advocacy and service of Good Shepherd Center
639.               For the non profit leadership of Katrina Knight at Good Shepherd
640.               For the great Easter vigil on the beach
641.               For the Christmas Eve service at COS
642.               For the concerts in the amphitheater
643.               For encore magazine
644.               For the Wilmington biz breakfasts
645.               For the Wilmington biz updates
646.               For the Swain Economic Forecast Breakfast
647.               For the Wilmington Downtown Concerts
648.               For the sounds of summer concerts at Wrightsville Beach
649.               For the Thursday night fireworks and concerts at Carolina beach
650.               For the Kure Beach Board walk
651.               For the Kite Festival at Fort Fisher
652.               For the Kayak Launch at Fort Fisher
653.               For the trails at Fort fisher
654.               For the islands and paddle out at Fort fisher
655.               For the Fort Fisher Aquarium
656.               For the sea turtle at Fort Fisher Aquarium
657.               For the natural walk area around the aquarium
658.               For the non profit leadership of Peggy Sloan
659.               For the butterfly house at the Aquarium
660.               For the butterfly house at Airlie
661.               For the education program at Airlie
662.               For the education programs at the Aquarium
663.               For the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Hospital in Topsail
664.               For the life and work and love and spiritual mentoring and love of Jean Beasley
665.               For watching the release of rescued turtles
666.               For the nest watches in Wrightsville beach this year
667.               For the pictures and video Janine and Tanya posted of the baby turtles making their way to the ocean this summer
668.               For the oyster catcher flocks this summer
669.               For the oyster catchers flying all around me and making my day
670.               For doing yoga poses on the southend in the sunset
671.               For the joy of seeing the sailboats setting out to the ocean from the intracoastal
672.               For the joy of watching the boats and not having to pay for them or their storage
673.               Fro discovering the sunrise at the end of the street by the boathouse across from the airlie bridge
674.               For being there one morning before I spoke to DSS and being able to share that
675.               For being asked to speak to DSS each of their staff meeting (what an amazing honor)
676.               For this last training seminar with the finance staff and how amazingly spiritual and connected they are and how much they care
677.               For the way in which I have been allowed to do what I do
678.               For the music I am listening to right now (Dinah Washington) and remembering 28 years ago being introduced to it by Mark at the estate
679.               For being allowed to have the memory I have and no one can take that from me
680.               For being able to share those memories
681.               For the comfort of those memories
682.               For the warning and lessons of those memories
683.               For the deep and abiding gifts of those memories
684.               For Earl’s Towing
685.               For doggie stations in our neighborhood
686.               For being able to take jax to the field with me on game days
687.               For being able to take jax to the beach from time to time
688.               For setting the table for the first time since mom got sick for thanksgiving
689.               For the tears I shed last night when I was getting things out that I had not seen in years that we have had for thanksgiving for literally over 50 years.
690.               For missing Leanne and the girls and family but knowing that this year it was good to just relax and do things this way
691.               For being able to mix some old and new together
692.               For the texts I have gotten so far today from folks I love
693.               For knowing I will share a lot of love to day
694.               For knowing that food is on its way to 911
695.               For being so grateful today and it being here!
696.               For Michael talking to me and letting me tell stories of what things meant and what they were about
697.               For me being able to share the story of the hands on facebook and how amazing it is to still have those praying hands
698.               For the the smell of the turkey in the house today
699.               For the cooking that I am doing to be a mixture of what I learned growing up and what I learned from Chef Michael in Ct. 28 years ago
700.               For Michael reading and Jax laying on the floor as I type these last few bits of gratitude and the Macy’s day parade being and we begin a new tradition
701.               For the most amazing life I could have every dreamed of, I am living one day at a time