Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 5 of the new Journey: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness

it's sunday and the official day off.

I still felt like I needed to do something and with all the stuff that needed to get done in the house, it was a perfect opportunity to see how to use some of this cardio on getting the house in order. I was not able to get my heart rate up to the target, but it did get up and I got all our christmas put away and really feel good about the house in general! I have to admit I had more energy today and felt pretty good about it.

Saturday and Sundays in all my previous attempts to change my eating habits have always been hard for me. Today was no exception. If I am not busy..I am thnking about food or wanting to least during the week with work and voluntering my mind is distracted. But on the weekends I sit with me. Frankly, today, i thought maybe it was a good thing. I like feeling hunger. I like really enjoying the taste of something because it is not following somethign else so close behind. is mental and frankly, spiritual. Today I asked for help and recieved it. Seems silly to ask for that kind of help when there is so much greater need out there...but I cannot do this alone...I need help. I have known I am not alone for a long is time to start realizing that in all things, I am loved..I have to be willing. Today I was.....right now I am.

I got shoes..and when i say shoes....we will work on the mortgage later after buying these things! LOL!...but they are awesome! actually they are not that expensive..but after one day in them, I can see why folks take the time to get the right shoes. They are New  Balance from Dave Boseman's incredibly helpful staff got me into the right pair and Adam said I had to get something that would support me in the days ahead....

speaking of support...o2 fitness already has a new member..michael looked at me yesterday and said "bet this woudl be good on cardio days if we were together....would you like that"...I was overwhelmed. I said yes. He said, "where do I sign up..I want to be there to support you and get healthier too!". What a blessing. I guess this week sometime we will get that taken care of. But it just was another gift along the way.

as for food...I am writing about this for me to make sure I remember these things I have been cooking cause we LOVE THEM! I have the diet from Heidi....but recipies in the cook books are not always what I want. I know that I need to:
get more vegtebles in my diet, particularly broccoli and spinach
get less fat in my diet
get white bread out of my life
get rid or pasta, rice, and potatoes (white)...
and as busy as I stay, yet I need to cook (especially since we are committed to not going out to eat for the rest of the month)...I need recipes that are easy and that we both like.

So, I last week I made an awesome turkey chili with black beans, kidney beans, progresso tomotoes, and a spice mix that kicked butt!
I made a mistake when I went to costco and instead of buying chicken breasts in these seperated packs, I bought chicken tender strips...well, it turned out that it was no mistake, casue I dont have to cut them and I have made two dishes that are AWESOME!
one: I put the tenders in a nonstick skillet on a little higher than medium heat with salt and pepper, turned them and when they were cooked through, removed from pan..then took a package of frozen spinach, ran it under water to thaw...rang out the water...and put in the hot skillet with a jar of paul newman tomota basil marinara (I love paul newman cause it is so straight forward and no high fructose corn syrup). I cook to heat the sauce and spinach, re-enter the chicken..and walla..dinner.
We did not even need a salad and it was thick enough....we dot miss pasta or rice. So good and the spinach was so tasty in the sauce and the chicken was cooked with NO oil or butter!

the second I did tonight..I wanted sunday dinner type food. I steamed broccoli and sprayed it lightly with the I can't believe it is not buter and then sprinkled with lemon pepper.
I then did the chicken pieces like about..but season with rubbed sage, salt and paper and when I turned it deglazed the pan with a tiny bit of lemon juice. Then at the finish, I poured on a jar of Boston Market Chicken Grazy, that is low fat and low everythign. it gave the chicken a coating, but I served the chicken as pieces with hte broccoli and a salad so not swimming in the was soo good!

So I start the week, knowing that I can cook for us.

I start the week knowing that I can show up for my appointments to exercise.

I start the week knowing that I can meet my commitments.

But most importantly, I start the week, reminded how supported, loved, and how many friends I have. It is overwhelming. It is a blessing.
I am grateful.
Thanks be to God!


elteescat said...

Adam said to come over here and wish you luck!!! So, GOOOOOD LLLUCKKKKK!!!!!!! I wanted to tell you that if you have a really busy schedule and need to cook you should cook in LARGE batches! Buy some of those Glad Ware or Zip Lock bowls so you can separate serving sizes and then make very good friends with a chest deep-freezer!!! You can get one at a low cost with free delivery from Lowe's. Be sure to label things and be aware that you can freeze almost indefinately in a good deep-freezer if you wrap things up well so that way you can have plenty of variety in your diet. I like to set aside a cook day around once a week where I cook up several recipies or a bunch of chicken or something then take it straight to the freezer. Don't be afraid to dirty up every dish in the house on cook day because you only have to wash them once a week!!! It's also a good idea to get an extra hot plate or electric skillets and indoor grills so you can easily cook a lot at once to save time!! I hope this info helps!!!

Heather from Ontario Canada said...

Keep up the good work!! You rock!!