Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day 346: Greater than through love and support: Journey with the Cape Fear Heart Walk and Adam Freeman

Goals for 2011: Three Fold!
This whole journey actually stared over 21 years ago for a deeper understanding  of how to live a more spiritual, healthy life.  In those first years I understood that I was a three fold being, spiritual, mental and physical and in this past year so much of my physical being has changed, but it would not have happened if that understanding of the three fold being had not been in place:

A higher power to guide me and being in touch with Him and all the peace, love, understanding, joy, and strength that is not only unconditional but unfathomable sustains each day of this journey.

Having a mind set that allows for learning and openness to change, being ready for the positive and acting in a manner that is willing to move from the negative to positive has been a blessing and to accept things when they are what they are. But to also know that this thinking is a discipline, that it is something I CONTROL when my thinking has taken me to places that act in opposition to the health and well being of my own self and if I want to be miserable and negative, well, then that is what I can choose.  

And finally being able to see my physical self and be able to see the changes, appreciate the good and find that I am capable of things that I never dreamed of but also just enjoy being able to do simple things and be grateful for that.

So in setting my new goals (that surpass what I am already doing) for this year, I want to do them in the three facets that make me a complete being: Goals for my Spiritual Life; Goals for my Mental Life: Goals for my Physical Life.

Yoga at least once a week: hope to have daily practice of some sort integrated by the end of the year.
Read one book a month on some spiritual text or philosophical writing. 
Walk on the beach/airlie/or other park once a month
Daily devotional morning and evening
Find an outlet to sing.

Take a class
Read at least one fiction novel a month
Have a game night once a month
Learn more about painting and color combos/paint

Run a 10k (the bridge run in Charleston)
Do team in training with Neesha
Get the final 20 off.
Learn to kayak
Move from 5k Tuesday and Thursday to 10k
Break 11 minute mile

When my childhood hero, Meadowlark Lemon was here in the fall, I got to sit with him and talk for a while and he talked about what he and his family do in their home for “goals”. They call it the “vision board”. Whatever it is that they want they write on the board and they see it each day and they keep their mission or their focus in front of them at all times.

It is my intent to take this practice into these goals this year and make sure that I have these goals in front of me and keep them in front of me. I want for myself, my family life, and for what I do to be a part of the success of this coming year.

While I have learned over the years that changes, surprises and things are always around the corner, I know, and I have faith that I will be given everything that I need in each and everyday to handle whatever is placed in front of me by my higher power, whom I call God.  It is not only a comfort, it is a celebration because I can plan and enjoy thinking about things to come as the outcome is not in my hands.

So, here’s to 2011 and the days ahead! One day at a time!

God Bless us all!

Day 345: Greater than through love and support: Journey with the Cape Fear Heart Walk and Adam Freeman

it may be a week of vacation, but yes sir, I got my butt up out of the bed this morning and off to the gym. Yeah, sounds like I was really up and at em..but truth be told, as I got up I was thinking of everyway I could to call and get out of this morning! LOL! But, I knew that was the wrong thing to do. This week I really wanted to 'detox' from some holiday habits..

I have had some great treats and some "no regret" things that I have really enjoyed, but it is time to get back on the "a" game when it comes to eating and in the process I want to be on my regular track with my exercise.

Snacking is something that can sneak in so easily. So, that is the big one. At my mother-in-laws she had a ton of snacks, everywhere. It really is true that if you have it out of the house, life is easier. In alcoholics anonymous they teach to change "people, places, and things" and the same can be said for changing behaviors and actions with food in many ways. By not having "trigger foods" or unhealthy foods in the house, it is far less likely to sit down and eat them (because making a special trip for them gives more time to think about it) and having healthier alternatives around give things to reach for. Just like with the person who is changing drinking. No booze in the house..harder to drink.

I also did some prep this week with some of the veggies left from our party. I even made a couple of videos to share:

As you can see, these are about how to take time to be prepared and take care of me and us! By taking that time I am less likely to make bad choices and also I will have time to enjoy some really great food in the process.

I am really enjoying my time off this week. I have done some work around the house, taken myself out to lunch (michael is still with his mom for a couple of days), exercised, seen friends, run errands, and done some spiritual work that i have been needing to do. Nice.

So,  this week has been about getting out of the house those things from the holidays left over from the "treats" and getting back on track.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Day 342: Greater than through love and support: Journey with the Cape Fear Heart Walk and Adam Freeman

amazing that Christmas day has passed and we are sitting here enjoying breakfast looking at 5 inches of snow outside the garden room window! It is beautiful!

This morning, or really last night, i was humbled by an article in the newspaper that featured this journey:

I was blown away when they called me and asked me to do this, and frankly, as "out there" as I am, this was a little intimidating to say the least. But, I figured, if there was a chance that my story could inspire ANYONE else to join in this life change..then it was worth it. Not to mention that I got to talk about those causes and agencies (some of them) that drive me and inspire me each and everyday.

I said names of folks who were part and parcel responsible for this journey and wish they had been included, but you all, I hope have heard me say them so often..Adam Freeman, my brother and trainer who has so helped me transform and be the best i can be. Ashley Miller and Kristi Tomey who brought me this gift of life and intervened. My mom, Michael for supporting me through the change and being so honest with me...and then so often i have talked about friends who set the example for me: Andy was the first, then Woody, and Connie. Then those who joined in who are so close: Louise, Joanne, Ken, and so many others! Blessed, blessed, blessed!

Of course this story did not come without some of the detractors having to have their say in the forums, making my sexual orientation and politics the issue over the work and the life change. But, I really meant what I said, I can only give them up to God and move on. I can't say that it is not sad when this happens, nor does it not disappoint when I know that there is such discord in those folks, but what I have learned over the years is that by sticking to what I know His will is for me and by staying true to the course and not be distracted or taking off course by the sickness of others, there is really nothing that cannot be done..nothing that we cannot do for each other.

Again, don't take this to politics..but true to what i just said is a story that I just read about one of my heros (who I have to meet before he or I leave this world!) Jimmy Carter. In Huff post yesterday, there was a story about this horrible worm that infected so many through their water supply. Carter made it a mission of his foundation to eradicate this worm and the horrific effect it had on folks. They have almost succeeded. If he allowed the detractors, particularly the political ones, to keep his time, he never would have been able to focus on so much good in the world and take care of himself and his family. What a powerful power of example he is!

I am trying to keep up with exercise right now. Yesterday before the snow I went for a run...Salisbury has hills! LOL!

it was a lot of fun. My mother in law has a house full of snacks! :) so, I am trying to stay to true to diet...but we will see! So far,  I am doing well!

We are off to CAREFULLY go downtown and look at the snow on the historic area!

Love to all!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 332: Greater than through love and support: Journey with the Cape Fear Heart Walk and Adam Freeman

I know..I am a little blog happy this week..but this one is important. This morning I was having a kick butt workout with between each amazing set of strength reps he was having me do jumping jacks..the most amazing feeling came over me as i went up and down..I felt my body being almost know..that feeling of a body that is I knocked out 40 jumping jacks in between each set like it was nothing...and it hit me how amazing that was..that after a I am doing something I just could never have dreamed of..that this is where I am and wow!

and then...

I went over and stepped on the scale...

No..I have not lost anymore weight and I am still on the plateau..and my head...I was heavy...I was jiggly..I was all sorts of negative crap..and Adam..God bless him..saw it..he saw what came into my head and without missing a beat said, "nothing will change..and I mean nothing if you don't see the positive and stay focused on that.." "that tightness and out of breath you are feeling is the fat that is burning off your body and you are going ot burn through this. But if you are thinking negatively, you are going to hold on to this and it will never change"..

I thought...damn..this 32 year old is a wise little yoda! :) facilitating my higher power this morning as he does so foten...and reminding me of that lesson that "what you think in your heart, so shall you be"...What a blessing. And I am here to tell you, my brother/trainer could not be that conduit if he was not in touch with something much greater than himself as well. It is amazing.

From that point on.even the exercises that I dread..I focused on as a means to a positive..but as I looked at myself in the mirror towards the end adn remembered that less than a year ago I could not even face that mirror in the heart soared...

well..Merry Christmas all!
and thanks be to God!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 339: Greater than through love and support: Journey with the Cape Fear Heart Walk and Adam Freeman another advantage to doing these five K runs is that many of them register through get active! I love the tips and the information that come through them and it is little irony that today I got two great articles that I have to on making a treadmill better and the other on keeping warm on a run. I HATE a maybe this will help me..and of course, as my video the other night shows..I need to keep warm in the current state of things! :)

So, here they are with the links to the the site!

When we think of treadmill running, most of us instinctively look down on it as a second-class form of running. But there are times weather, travel or other circumstances will have even the strongest opponent to the treadmill line up and start pushing the buttons for a workout.

Regardless of where you fall on the treadmill love/hate spectrum, running indoors can be incredibly effective. First off, treadmills are safe: no uneven terrain, no scary dark streets, no icy patches or road running. Second, treadmills are convenient: they allow you to have all your food and nutrition, you can multitask with news and/or music, and they are located in almost every gym on the planet. Finally, treadmills are simply consistent: not only do you get the same run every time, but you get to run in a temperature-controlled environment with similar terrain and conditions.

Inside Marathon Nation, each marathon training schedule is built around quality workouts. Think intervals, repeats and specific paces. Once the winter hits and the snow starts to fall, our athletes are faced with the no-so-fun prospect of trying to hit specific zones in less than ideal conditions.

The treadmill is the default winter weapon of choice to make sure that we can incrementally increase the workload and ensure increased fitness regardless of the weather outside. Having treadmill access means you have zero excuses for missing that next run workou.

Let’s take it one step further and see how you can make your indoor running insanely effective instead of something you just do to kill time until the temperature comes around.

Be Prepared

Running indoors when it’s cold outside can be logistically challenging. To make sure you are 100 percent ready for a great treadmill workout, you’ll need to have all the right gear and equipment to handle the indoor temps.

Treadmill Clothes : Regardless of your pace, you’ll most likely get your sweat on. As such, we recommend a well-fit technical T-shirt and a quality pair of shorts. Wear your regular running shoes — just make sure they are clean. Additional items to consider could be a sweatband (old school but effective) or wristbands (also to catch excess sweat).

Treadmill Gear : Given the indoor nature, you’ll want to keep yourself well-hydrated and as dry as possible. An easy to use waterbottle that you can operate with one hand is critical, and keep the water as cold as possible. A hand towel is also a good idea (I use a face cloth from home), just to wipe your face, hands, and arms as needed. If entertainment is your thing, you’ll want earphones to plug into your fancy treadmill—or at least your own music source if you are on a regular treadmill.

Warm Up Right

It’s all too easy to just jump on the treadmill and start cranking away at your set pace. This is forgetting that when you run outside your body naturally rolls into its optimal pace. Here’s a basic warm up to help make your workout as safe and effective as possible:

Walk for 3 minutes: Start easy and build it up to a brisk walk in the last minute.
Jog for 3 minutes: If you know your marathon pace, this effort is about 1 to 1.5 minutes slower per mile.
3 x 20/40s: This is 20 seconds fast, 40 seconds recovery. Goal here is to get the blood pumping and have you ready to hit your intervals / training session at 100 percent.
And let’s not forget about cooling down, too. Ideally you’ll be able to walk your run out. The basic golden rule here is one minute for every mile run; a five-miler will net you about five minutes of easy walking.
Focus On Your Cadence

The biggest difference between running outside and indoors is that on a treadmill the ground is moving while you stay in place. This is evident when we compare the two: an 8:00/mile effort on your regular run might net you a heart rate of 150bpms and a perceived exertion level of 7. But that same pace on a treadmill has your HR at 140bpms and feels more like a 5.5 than a 7. Don’t be bummed about the difference. Use it to your advantage by improving your form.

There are two ways to run faster: longer strides or more of the same length strides. Increased cadence is the easier part of the “running faster” equation, and a treadmill is the perfect place to get this done. You have a timer right in front of you and little else to occupy your attention. You can actually hear your foot strike and will be able to find the sweet spot for your foot placement (hint: it’s pretty quiet). And you can begin working on a cadence of about 180 foot strikes per minute (about 90 for just one foot).

Here’s How to Improve Your Cadence:

Establish a Baseline Number : Simply count one foot every time it hits the floor for about 15 seconds. Multiply by 4 and you have your current number. Remember the target is about 90, so do the math to see how big your gap is. For example, if my single foot cadence is 82, I have 8 steps to make up. A baseline goal is about 2 steps per week, assuming you are running four times weekly.

Week 1: Implement 5 x 1 minute focus intervals in at least three workouts. During each focus interval you are counting your strides to make sure they are at your baseline + 2 level. When not in a focus interval, run at your easy, self-selected pace.
Week 2: Implement 5 x 2 minute focus intervals as ODDS at baseline +2, EVENS at baseline +4.
Week 3: Implement 5 x 3 minute focus intervals. Within each 3 minute segment, move your cadence up from Baseline +2 to Baseline +4 and then to Baseline +6
Week 4: Implement 5 x 3 minutes again, only this time bump the cadence intervals up to Baseline +4 to Baseline +6 and finally Baseline +8.

Test Your Fitness

One of the biggest challenges to moving indoors is trying to reconcile the fitness you know you have on the open road with what you are doing for your workouts on the treadmill. There are fancy formulas and lots of tips out there to help you do the fuzzy math, but there’s a better way. If you see a good amount of treadmill running in your future, do a proper test to remove all doubt.

The Marathon Nation Treadmill Test: After a quality warm up (as listed above), run a 3-mile time trial effort. Start with the effort you know you could run a 5K outdoors. Evaluate how you feel every 1/2 mile starting at the 1 mile mark, adjusting the pace faster/slower as needed. At the end you’ll have your new "high-end" pace and heart rate and can now begin to dial in the remainder of your regular workouts accordingly. Note the treadmill should be at about 1.5%.

Use Incline to Your Advantage

Running on a flat treadmill is, by all accounts, similar to running down a slight decline on the open road. Combined with the treadmill’s inertia, you’d be tempted to over-stride a bit and lose your natural running form. Standard Treadmill Protocol (STP) is to set the incline at 1% as the baseline for all your runs.

As you begin to improve on the treadmill, the natural tendency is to increase the speed at which you are running via the magical up arrows…but remember this won’t really translate to the open road. Instead of just going faster, challenge yourself by increasing your base incline amount. Feel good at 8:00/mile and think 7:50s will be easier? Keep it at 8:00s but up the incline from 1% to 2%…and see how that feels. At the very least, try to alternate between incline and speed adjustments as you continue on your indoor regimen.

For those of you who’ll be running faster than 6:00/mile in your intervals, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a gym treadmill that can handle it. Challenge yourself by upping the incline first, pace second. A 6:00/mile at 4% is the equivalent of a 5:32 mile… see if you can hang on! For more treadmill pacing via incline guidance, check out this Treadmill Pace Conversion Chart.

Good luck this winter. Stay focused. With the right work and proper attention, you can emerge from the cold with improved form and great fitness.

IT's COLD! How to Stay Warmer!
Just because chilly winters bring lower temperatures and fewer daylight hours, doesn't mean your running routine has to suffer. After all, running through the cold weather can help you cope with the winter blues, improve your energy level, and get you into the better shape you've been all year. Here are some winter running tips to get you through the snow and avoid slippery situations.

Pay Attention to Weather Conditions

It is important to be aware of the wind chill and temperature outside before you go for a run. If winds are too strong, it can penetrate through your clothes and remove the insulating layer of warm air around you. Your body movement increases air movement past your body, creating a windchill. If the temperature is below minus 20 and the wind chill is below zero, the treadmill may be a better idea.

Dress in Layers

Dressing in layers is important, but you don't want to overdress either. Start with a thin layer of synthetic material such as polypropylene, which absorbs body sweat. Avoid cotton material because it holds in moisture and will keep you wet, ultimately making you feel more cold. An outer, breathable layer of nylon will help protect you against rain and wind. It also releases heat and moisture to prevent overheating and chilling. You should dress for the weather and from personal experience. If you haven't run in the winter before, go out for a test run in a couple layers around the block and add or take away layers if you feel the need to do so.

Cover Your Hands and Feet

Wear mittens or gloves and warm socks. This is important if you don't want to freeze or get sick. Your hands and feet get cold fast, and you should make sure to monitor the conditions of your fingers, toes, ears and nose for frost bite.

Many runners feel numb in various places of their bodies after a run at first, but they should warm up a few minutes into your run. If you notice a patch of hard, pale, cold skin, you may have frostbite. Get out of the cold immediately and slowly warm the affected area. If the numbness continues, seek immediate medical care.

Cover Your Head

Covering your head is very crucial. About 40 percent of your body heat is lost through your head. Wearing a hat will help prevent heat loss, while helping to distribute heat to the rest of the body. When it's really cold, wear a face mask or scarf over your mouth to warm the air you breathe while protecting your face.

Don't Think About the Cold

Instead of thinking about the cold temperatures, think about the beauty winter brings and how in shape you will be. You will feel great and accomplished after a run in the wintery snow, where many don't even think to walk, more less run anywhere near this season.

Exercising outdoors can be very fun and beneficial, but it isn't for everyone. Cold air and temperatures are known to trigger chest pain or asthma attacks in some people. Before heading out into the cold, it would be wise to consult your doctor about your winter running plans if you have any medical conditions or concerns about braving the winter elements.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 329: Greater than through love and support: Journey with the Cape Fear Heart Walk and Adam Freeman

Monday and the start of a new week! It seems to move so quickly..although I say that a lot..but it really does...It is astounding to think that I am fast coming up on a year since I started this part of my journey...what an amazing ride!

I have been running more lately and really feeling the effects of running on my body. I can feel myself not struggling as much and when I get to the end of the three miles, I could go for another lap. At this point..I am sticking to the 5k each time..I like that run and it feels good. I may want to increase it at some point, but for now, I am moving at a faster pace and making the most out fo that run.

I have been a little stressed and emotional lately (hey it is the holidays and both good and melancholy no worries) on some levels and FOOD is EVERYWHERE with the holiday season in full effect. Everywhere I turn there are snacks and treats and folks bringing things to us! It is very nice, but for me, those things just are not treats when they make me feel badly..or if, when I eat them, I become veracious and want more and more.

So, I am having to figure out ways to take care of myself to enjoy the holidays and still maybe have somethings that I don't normally.

When I go to parties I get a glass of water and carry that all night. That way I always have somethign in my hand that I can turn to in the face of chocolate covered whatever's and cheese filled whatchamacalits...

I go for whatever looks the healthiest being offered and really enjoy that and make sure that I at least have one of something fun and decadent..just not 15! :)

These help me feel a part of things, but keep me from doing more to myself than I would want.

I am working on our Christmas project right now. We are doing something very different than our usual Crystal that we always do each year:

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Day 324: Greater than through love and support: Journey with the Cape Fear Heart Walk and Adam Freeman

awesome day of celebrating and having some christmas cheer with my fellow santas at the "good friends" luncheon! 600 plus women who get together..give money, have a bag lunch and then use that money throughout the year to help those in need! What a way to celebrate! All we had to do was dress up like santa..say "merry christmas" sing..and then collect the money! I lOVED it! bringing christmas cheer is not a hard thing to do AT ALL! The best part is that I could not only fit into my santa costume I was a skinny santa this year. literally, last year, I could barely get the suit closed..and forget wearing a belt..and I had to have help getting on my boot covers cause if i bent down it would possible burst the suit! What a relief this year..What a relief! this blog is about charting the progress and sharing the story of this journey, so I gotta be honest. I needed that today, just like I need everyday a little reminder about my progress. But here lately I have been stuck on this platueau and as much as i say I am dealing with it and saying that I am being positive..I am worried more than I have been saying.

Partly because we are in the Holiday season and i am literally surrounded on all sides by treats and food and goodies and food and of course we are entertaining too and I am doing all these events. And partly because it is some pretty high stress right now and I am very tired. Ok..yep..I know HALT..hungry angry lonely tired..I am just having to move through it righ now.

It is VERY difficult to stay the course and VERY difficult to feel the kind of regularity I normally feel.

I know it sounds like some, as they used to say in something else I was involved in " high class problems" considering how far I have come..but I am feeling a bit off the beam as it were.

I am so grateful that I am showing up at least right now. I know that is half the battle. Having Michael's support and Adam helping me..that is HUGE! just doldrum's..ya know.

So, I had to share this...cause it just would not be honest if I didn't....
No worries though...I started my day at 5:30 headed to the gym..and no matter what..I know how many blessings are in my life. Thanks be to God for all of it and all of you!

Friday, December 03, 2010

Adendum: Day 320: Greater than through love and support: Journey with the Cape Fear Heart Walk and Adam Freeman

See..this is why I am "learning"...and grateful to have someone who knows what he is talking about (and of course you all know I am listening in the morning while I am having my butt kicked! lol..OK..not really..but it is 6 in the morning..give me a little credit for what I do retain correctly! LOL!)
From Adam:

"It's an Adductor muscle on the inside of your thigh that you pulled. Abductor muscles are on the outside of your thigh. Adduction and Abduction are movements such as flexion and extension. Adduction is a movement that draws in closer to the medial part of your body. Abduction is the opposite, away from the medial part of your body. So there is no muscle called the adductor/abductor, but a group of muscles or exercise machines that perform those movements.

Just so you know...and knowing is half the battle! L.S. Bo...the Exercise Hero!!"

Gotta love him!

Day 320: Greater than through love and support: Journey with the Cape Fear Heart Walk and Adam Freeman

you would think I would not get my butt kicked this morning since I got hurt last night..but noooooo! LOL! actually, it was good for me last evening to have a little pull, cause it reminds me to really pay attention and it helped us realize today an area I gotta focus some strength building on.

Adam wants me to get rid of the worry about speed on my running and focus on my heart rate. So I am strapped to the monitor again. It is dark when I run so I have to stop when there is a street light to check my rate and when I checked it the first time it was 160 and i was happy..cause i was bookin..the second time it dropped to 148..and he wants it over I stepped it up...the third time it was 160 again and then the fourth time it was 147..that's when I felt what I now know as the "abductor" give a little yelp...When I pushed off to get my speed up I must have done it too hard and the inside of my thigh lit up like a Christmas tree. This area has been being sensitive...but this was BAD! So, all my plans for the rest of the evening went out the window and I ended up soaking in my epsom salt blend for the rest of the night and taking it easy.

This morning, I felt it, but I was better..and Adam went to town on the work out..he had me on the other side of the bozo ball..not the hard surface but the squishy part..oh what fun that is to try and do squat presses on! I was off balance this morning...but with encouragement and Adam's patience, I got going. He was in a mood to keep my heart rate i was zipping through. I did not throw up..but that would have been nice! LOL!

all in all it was a great work out and I even got a text (equilvilent to a gold star) saying I did good! that actually made my morning!

Ya know..I don't care how long I do this or how much I change...the fact that I show up, one day at a time, the gift of being with someone that shows me what I can accomplish, and the feeling that comes from this never ceases to amaze me and show me what blessings are in my life.

thanks be!

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Day 319: Greater than through love and support: Journey with the Cape Fear Heart Walk and Adam Freeman

It is a great day..but I qualify it becuase yesterday was a little bit of a blip and one that I want to share as I would imagine that it is important for everyone on this journey. Seems I have hit a plateau. I was not expecting it and it happened. I have not lost any weight in a few weeks and have maintained...but funny thing is that my body conintues to change.
Regardless, when I weighed in yesterday and saw that, you can imagine that I flipped out. I thought I had truly done something wrong. Especially becuase the scale at the gym was off and at first I thought I had actuall gained two pounds. Turns out I had not after Adam got me back on it and talked me down (of course I freaked him out too!)..but it took mnost of the rest of our work out to get my mind straight again.

I did some research last night on the internet and from the Mayo Clinic I found this:

"You've diligently worked to improve your diet and exercise habits, and you've been rewarded by seeing the number on the scale continue to drop. But then for no reason you can see, the scale doesn't budge — even though you're still eating a healthy, low-calorie diet and exercising regularly. You've hit a weight-loss plateau.

Before you get too discouraged, you should know that it's normal for weight loss to slow and even stall. By understanding what causes a weight-loss plateau, you can decide how to respond and avoid backsliding on your healthy-eating and exercise habits.

What is a weight-loss plateau?
A weight-loss plateau occurs when you no longer lose weight despite continuing with your exercise and healthy-eating habits. Being stuck at a weight-loss plateau eventually happens to everyone who is trying to lose weight. At that point, losing additional weight becomes more difficult. Although hitting a plateau is common, most people are surprised when it happens to them, believing that if they just maintain a reduced-calorie diet, they should continue to lose weight. The frustrating reality is that even well-planned weight-loss efforts can become stalled.

What causes a weight-loss plateau?
The progression from initial weight loss to a weight-loss plateau follows a typical pattern. During the first few weeks of losing weight, a rapid drop in pounds is normal. When calories from food are reduced, the body gets needed energy by releasing its stores of glycogen, a type of carbohydrate found in the muscles and liver. Glycogen holds onto water, so when glycogen is burned for energy, it also releases the water — about 4 grams of water for every gram of glycogen — resulting in substantial weight loss that's mostly water.

A plateau occurs because your metabolism — the process of burning calories for energy — slows as you lose lean tissue (muscle). When you lose weight, you lose both fat and lean tissue. (The notion that overweight people have a slower metabolism is a myth. In general, the higher a person's weight, the higher the body's metabolic rate.) Your weight-loss efforts result in a new equilibrium with your now slower metabolism. This means that in order to lose more weight, you need to increase activity or decrease the calories you eat. Using the same approach that worked initially will maintain your weight loss, but it won't lead to more weight loss."

I was thrilled to find this and as soon as i get to see Heidi we will go over what I am doing and see about any adjustments from here. But I don't feel as freaked out as I did yesterday. Hell, just monday I got into a pair of 38 slacks! That has not happened since 1998! I feel awesome and I know that I have been doing so well.

The Mayo Clinic did make its own reccomendations about how to break a plateau and I gotta say I saw some areas that I could improve by reading over them:

Reassess your habits. Look back at your food and activity records. Make sure you haven't loosened the rules, letting yourself get by with larger portions or less exercise.
Cut more calories. Reduce your daily calorie intake by 200 calories —

Well, you all have read about the "loosening of the rules" on a couple of occassions over the last few weeks. Not so much as to get me completely off track, and no regrets here, but it soes bode well that I should resume my focus if I am to contiune and break through this.

provided this doesn't put you below 1,200 calories. Fewer than 1,200 calories a day may not be enough to keep you from feeling hungry all of the time, which increases your risk of overeating.

This is a big one. I have learned over the years: Starve myself and end up not only failing but binging. If anything has been successful this year it has been eating three meals a day and being healthy about it. I can adjust my diet and intake, but never to an extreme. Extreme's equal failure!

Rev up your workout. Increase the amount of time you exercise by an additional 15 to 30 minutes. You might also try increasing the intensity of your exercise, if you feel that's possible. Additional exercise will cause you to burn more calories. Pack more activity into your day. Think outside the gym. Increase your general physical activity throughout the day by walking more and using your car less, or try doing more yardwork or vigorous spring cleaning.

We do pretty well with our work outs and my general activity. I am not feeling like I need to add to this nor do I want to. I am up to a total of about 15 miles of running a week and then the work outs included.

But of all the suggestions, just staying to course is the best one and being true to the way in which I treat the things that are working and not getting freaked out!

This is part of the journey and I know that this too shall will pass me by as I run and move along the way!

Thanks be!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 316: Greater than through love and support: Journey with the Cape Fear Heart Walk and Adam Freeman

well, i made it to the gym this morning. Have not heard me open up that way in a while huh? well, it is still awesome to show up and it is still amazing somedays to make it. It is cold now in the morning and frankly a little success can make it seem like I don't have to go sometimes. But, I know that that success comes from the work that I have been doing and I also know that I feel better when I it is motivation! I had a great work out with Adam and shared some great time with him too. What a great friend and person he is. I admire him so as he also grows.

So..I go..and I am glad I did.

The cold air hit me this morning and it woke me up on my run to warm up. I am doing a mile and a half each morning before we work out and it feels good. I know that I am getting stronger and faster. But not matter how good I feel it never fails that in the first 3-6 minutes of any run, I want to body and my mind try and tell me to walk..turn around, is so weird...but I push through and get to that point where it feels so good...and I get in this stride that feels free and clear. I never dreamed of feeling that way. But I have to push through those 6 minutes..ya know? that is the hardest part. Those are the 6 minutes that have kept me back most of my life. Those are the minutes and thoughts that kept me frm succeeeding most of the time. No more.

I was reading this morning in one of my mediation books a quote by oliver wendell homes that boiled down to not living life in the momement but always waiting to live when we have gotten to this point of done this thing or taken care of this thing..always putting off life or something we want to take care of something in the way...those 3-6 minutes that always stopped me from running free and making it to my goals. It was really powerful seeing that together this morning. Seeing all that I have heard and believed about a day at a time and living in the moment and understanding it...but also seeing how to try and live it more actualized.
Michael, by the way, gave me that meditation book back in 2003. I am truly blessed to be loved enough to have someone so thoughful to give me something so valuable...I never forget that. Ever.

Thanksgiving was as special if not more so than it ever has been. Not only dwas a i present and really there spiritually and mentally, I was there phsyically...becuase I did not over do...yes I enjoyed the meal and got to eat things i don't normally eat..but one plate..not two..and one mother's AMAZING apple cake..and my aunt Judy's amazing Turkey and Dressing..but I left full and not bloated! What a great feeling! Talk about a change! A blessing!

There can be thanksgiving without regret!

Thanks be!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 311: Greater than through love and support: Journey with the Cape Fear Heart Walk and Adam Freeman

been a few since I posted, but no fear, I have been at it and moving forward! I took an entire week off to volunteer for two amazing events and it has been a blessing like none other!

The last three years I have volunteered for the Willie Stargell Golf tournament to benefit kidney disease. It is pretty amazing to work this becuase some of the original legends that played with Mr. Stargell come to this tournment along with other sports celebreties. I am in awe at their talent, but also the heart and way in which they give back and are so available to charity and to doing events like this! this are truly gentlemen and players that I wish the current day players were more like. Don't get me wrong, we get a few current day players like Chad Billingsly who are learning to be just like them, but these legends and hall of famers are amazing!

This year was my fourth year and it was great becuase the minute I picked them up from the airport they saw the big change in me and we had a connection we had not had before in working out and athletism. They opened up to me and shared tips and encouragement and it felt so amazing to learn and hear from these men! Adam volunteered on my transportation team and did and amazing job and it was so heart filling to see him, a former minir league baseball player, meeting some of his own idols! He deserves to much good, and it looked like this was something he really enjoyed. Diana joined us too and with our friend Louise leading the way and th committee that included Ashley, it was a weekend to end all weekends!

Now, I did really well with eating and working fact I ran and worked out even with our around the clock work schedule..until Golf day..

On Golf day, I was anxious and very uptight, but also very tired by then after all the event adn all the stress of the weekend up to that point. When we got to the 19th hole, they had breakfast for the players and after they got to their shot gun start, I went in and everyone was raving about the sausage biscuits. I thought I would try one...( the alcoholic that is going to have "one" shot...and that is no joke). I had the one..then two...then three..and i was off. I ate a couple of muffin tops and then not that much longer after we took the spouses to a brunch and they had a tent set up with treats and the hosts were making more biscuits and goodies. I had two of those, fried pickles, and a taste of this and that. Then that evening had some pasta and salad and went to bed after it was all over. All told I ate more in that one day than I had in weeks adn while it was a lot, it was not as bad as it was before I started this change..but it was a real reminder to me about my "triggers"...biscuits and fatty pork sausage being two..but also, being over tired and stressed! 
No, I did not gain any weight (and did not loose any either) and yes, I got right back to running the next day and have been on track since, but this is a day at a time and I have to be vigiliant. HALT is the word that I learned years ago that has saved my life in other it is the word that saves me for this process "Hungry, Angry, Loney, Tired" Whenever i am to hungry, angry, loney, or tired, i have to stop and really assess where I am and take care to feed the emotion not fill it up with food or something else. 

All in all it was an amazing weekend and frankly I am grateful for the little blip with the just reminds me of how good life is now and how I don't have to do that to myself..but moreover, that if somethign like that happens, I just get back to it..and not let myself get swallowed up by it...

So we did an update after the next volunteer week was over:

I volunteered for the entire week for the USS Gravely Commisioning. It was powerful week of events for the sailors and thier families for the launch of a ship named for Admiral Samuel Gravely, the first African Amercian Naval Officer and Admiral! It was so very special, particularly being with his widow and the ships sponsor Mrs. Alma Gravely and having gotten to know the Captain and his Lt. over the weeks and months before this time.

During this week, I ran and worked out as well and actually did really well with my diet.

It may seem funny to some that I am so involved in this as I was in the subamarine commissioning since I am a die hard pacifist. I have an inordinate amount of respect for the military and for all they do for us, not only in protecting our nation, but in the humanitarian efforst they can and do deploy regularly. Until the Bush Doctrine took effect where we became more openly aggressors, our military was the best at defense and keeping us strong, not as predators. Getting to know these Captains and the sailors, I have yet to meet a gun ho killer out to harm..I have only met the capable, skilled and trained at the ready men and women who are prepared to defend. They are truly amazing and very capable!

Commisionings are about the sailors and their families and it was very moving to see how much they were enjoying themselves. WIth the average age of the sailors being 22, there are profound moments when it hits you that they will be deployed soon. I wish for no war. I pray only for peace. However, I am proud of these men and women and I am grateful that we had this event in Wilmington, proud of all involved, and proud to have been involved.

Last but not least, during this mad cap week of events, we also had the Wilmington Interfaith Hospitality Network Gala. It was a huge success and one that was very impactful. One of the best moments was when our main speaker and my friend Clyde Edgerton ended with a sing along. I forgot some of the words...but it makes me very happy!

God Bless all!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Annual Thanksgiving Tradition 2010

11 Years ago I started a list because a lot of folks I encountered were having a hard time or shared that they did not see a lot they could be grateful for in this area. I had learned about writing gratitude lists to generate for myself the good around me and keep it first in my heart and mind and sent out a “gratitude” list of 100 things I was grateful for in Wilmington that year. It was met with great success!

I decided, and have kept up that each year, I would do the list but make it equivalent to the number of years I had been doing it!

This year, I am at 1100, and I am so glad to be able to have this exercise.

I have stopped including names in my list (singling people out that is) as I don’t want people to focus on the number, but instead have included groups, things, organizations, and places.

I have also brought it back to some of the things these lists started with; remembering to be grateful for some of the very basic things in my life…lest I never take it for granted the blessings in my life.

Regardless of what someone might think of this list, regardless of what my circumstances might be, regardless of what events may occur in my life, it is a tradition I will continue, because, I/we am/are blessed and it is worth remembering, offering thanksgiving, and sharing with each other! I hope it will spark a list of your own and feel free to steal mine!

I am grateful for….

1.) God

2.) A daily reprieve that is unfathomable

3.) The most amazing husband and an unconditional love I can only pray to earn

4.) Having my mother, step father, father still alive and with me…

5.) My family, both blood and chosen

6.) Having the unconditional love and support of a mother always

7.) The most amazing friends I could have ever dreamed of…and In fact, could never have imagined

8.) Having a home that we truly love and feel safe in

9.) Our amazing and nurturing cats

10.) Having a job and being employed, particularly today

11.) Having heat in the winter

12.) Food to eat and access to that food

13.) Fresh vegetables

14.) Fresh fruit

15.) Meat and poultry that is sanitary and ready for me to eat

16.) Dairy that I can just pick up and use

17.) Eggs that I can just eat

18.) Electricity always on

19.) Gas for our cars

20.) Having a vehicle

21.) Having air condition in the summer

22.) A bed to sleep in

23.) A dry place to be when it rains and stay dry

24.) Clothes to wear in all weather

25.) A car to drive

26.) Eyes to see

27.) Ears to hear

28.) Legs that can walk

29.) Arms that can hug

30.) Hands that can hold

31.) Mind that can process and think

32.) Soul that is in tact

33.) Spirit that still believes

34.) Spirit that is

35.) Lungs that can breathe

36.) Having health insurance

37.) Having some dental insurance

38.) Having glass to read with

39.) All of our books to read

40.) Meadowlark Lemon and the all stars coming to play this year for CFCC

41.) Hanging out with Mr. Lemon and enjoying stories with him

42.) Money for CFCC from McColl and Associates being raised from Meadowlark’s visit

43.) The new book by medowlark

44.) Learning about the vision board from meadowlark

45.) Learning about growing up in Wilmington from meadowlark and the “carnation milk can” that he used as his first basketball

46.) Seeing the gravely crew play the Harlem All Stars

47.) Taking pictures at the event

48.) My little girl cat curling up on my back when I sleep

49.) My little boy cat kissing my face

50.) The light through the stained glass in the den

51.) the cool breeze of the ceiling fans in the summer

52.) the sway of the hammock in the back yard

53.) the magnolia blossoms on my tree in the back yard

54.) my bird bath in the back yard

55.) turltle doves that come to visit us

56.) the cardinals that visit and spend time with us

57.) the egret that posed for me at Orton Plantation this summer so beautifully and majestically!

58.) A general health that is good and getting better every day

59.) The Gift of training this year

60.) The Gift of a new brother and friend through a life changing experience

61.) Adam Freeman Personal training

62.) The American Heart Association

63.) The intervention of two amazing friends I love so very much for loving me enough to bring me to opportunities that have transformed my life.

64.) The gift of the life of Kayleigh Anne Freeman….her spirit is in all I do today

65.) The balloon release at O2 for Kayleigh

66.) Bless Your Heart Productions

67.) The loss of over 100 pounds

68.) The logo “greater through love and support” by Donnie Wrights


70.) Keeping a history of the changes and what has transpired along the journey so far

71.) Being able to climb stairs AND breathe at the same time

72.) Being stretched at the end of the workout

73.) Learning to stretch to not hurt my back and grow my muscles

74.) Seeing loose skin reattach as I do more cardio!

75.) Learning to trust what I am told and be patient! (kind of)

76.) Being able to share my journey into new health

77.) The gift of a nutritionist like Heidi Kaufman

78.) Having food I can eat and enjoy without killing myself

79.) Learning to cook without butter and oil

80.) Getting rid of fast food and pizza

81.) Getting rid of diet coke (for the most part)

82.) Changing the way I eat out

83.) Seeing the weight come off in a healthy way

84.) Being able to come off of my diabetes medicine

85.) Being able to come off my high blood pressure medicine

86.) Being able to come off my cholesterol medicine

87.) Epsom salt baths

88.) Tidal Creek!

89.) Emails form those sharing my journey and being inspired

90.) The little bird we rescued outside of the gym one morning and released

91.) Seeing the hawk fly by us at Orton Plantation

92.) Being able to tour orton before it closed

93.) The beauty of orton plantation

94.) Meeting and spending time with mr. Williamson and hearing his stories

95.) The stories of Nan graham

96.) The teaching of Nan graham

97.) The radio voice of Jemila Erickson and mid day café at WHQR

98.) The commentaries by Shane Fernando

99.) The commentaries by Nan graham

100.) The examples Andy set to inspire me on the journey

101.) The example Woody set to inspire me on the journey

102.) The example of Todd set to inspire me on the journey

103.) The example Sherman set for running that helped me set my running pace.

104.) The encouragement of my facebook family and friends!

105.) The love from so many, particularly strangers for my journey

106.) The life of Windell Daniels and his passing that opened my eyes to my own needs

107.) O2 fitness center in Mayfaire

108.) The infectious laugh of another trainer in the gym that helped me go on when I wanted to give up

109.) The support of others in the gym who would never let me give up

110.) The best next door neighbor in the world

111.) WECT for featuring the gifts of this training and the inspiration that is gave

112.) WECT in general for being the best most credible news in Wilmington

113.) New Balance of Wilmington

114.) Boseman Sporting Goods

115.) Bike Cycles in Mayfaire

116.) All the support and encouragement from the crew at Bike Cycles in Mayfaire

117.) Fixing my bike so quickly as I progressed to keep me on the road at Bike Cycles

118.) The Ann Street Bikeway

119.) The Cross City trail

120.) City Council naming the Cross City Trail the Shell Trail after the life and work of my friend Gary Shell.

121.) Riding the Shell trail to the beach

122.) Making that first ride to the beach and feeling that sense of accomplishment and freedom

123.) Riding to the loop at Wrightsville

124.) Riding downtown down the Ann Street Bikeway

125.) Riding from the River to the sea

126.) Feeling my speed increase on that bike and enjoying it!

127.) Having my first sports injury

128.) Recovering from my first sports injury and getting right back to it

129.) Not giving up

130.) Learning to push through…not to pain..but to my potential

131.) Wearing my first 2x shirt

132.) Wearing my first xl shirt

133.) Being able to wear xl t-shirts again

134.) Being able to wear the shirts daddy had done for me 13 years ago

135.) Going from a 54 waist to a 39 (and counting!)

136.) Not having my back hurt all the time

137.) Not having my knees hurt all the time

138.) Seeing the fat turn to some muscle

139.) Seeing my face come back out

140.) Being able to see myself for the first time in a long time!

141.) Running down the sidewalk at Mayfaire

142.) Running the loop the first time

143.) Running my first 5k

144.) For Colin Hackman posting that I was going to run my first 5k in the Historic Wilmington 5k..which, by outing me, got me to actually do it!

145.) Having my family and my husband at the 5 k there cheering me on.

146.) Having my brother/trainer run that race with me

147.) Making it up that hill in that race without stopping running

148.) Running the whole thing and never stopping and finishing in 41 minutes

149.) Wanting to do more after the 5k was over

150.) Running the flotilla 5 and shaving almost 10 minutes off my time

151.) the elliptical machine and how much it prepared me for other things

152.) applying principles that I learned in other areas to this change

153.) becoming excited about work out clothing

154.) becoming excited about sports equipment

155.) learning about the right shoes

156.) new balance of Wilmington

157.) new balance running shoes

158.) brooks running shoes

159.) RPI online athletic wear

160.) Under armour

161.) Russell athletics

162.) My IPOD!

163.) Learning how to download music from the app store

164.) All the apps on my iphone!

165.) All the amazing music that has helped motivate me when I have worked out!

166.) The map my run app and help with training

167.) The map my by ride app and help with my bike riding

168.) My IPHONE and being able to video Chronicle and share so much with others!

169.) Housing and Economic Development Corporation

170.) Heart Ball 2010!

171.) The amazing art that I got from the heart Ball

172.) The heart ball committee

173.) Frances MCing the Heart ball!

174.) The heart ball happening even with the snow!

175.) Ashley’s first heart ball

176.) Being on the 2011 heart ball committee

177.) Carole’s sugar free bread!

178.) Taking the students to Casey’s for a cultural dinner

179.) Collards at casey’s

180.) Yes…Casey’s fried chicken (everything in moderation!)

181.) Nan going with us to Casey’s for dinner

182.) Catlin getting a job in Wake county schools

183.) Caitlin’s Grandmother being able to come to her graduation before pasing

184.) Sarah getting her fellowship in Australia

185.) Russell getting married!

186.) Kim becoming a PA and having a wonderful boyfriend!

187.) Mike getting married to Mr. Finstrom!

188.) Kathleen getting into graduate school

189.) Tom getting a job at UNCW with admissions

190.) Donn Ansell’s Byline Wilmington featuring our story and the Heart Walk to hopefully inspire others

191.) Claire Simms and WECT featuring the story and sharing so much of this with others to inspire and promote good health and living.

192.) The librarians and their encouragement each day when I walked in to work.

193.) The amazing support on facebook!

194.) Discovering Martha Holmes Vegetables in the can!

195.) Sugar free polaner all fruit

196.) Arnold whole wheat bread at Costco

197.) Having Costco to cut expenses

198.) My yoqurt at Costco

199.) The free samples at Costco that are not cheating! LOL!

200.) Hummus!

201.) Eating more and more veggies all the time!

202.) Finding can fruit with no sugar added

203.) Eating apples!

204.) Fresh blueberries at Lewis Farms! LOVE BLUEBERRIES!

205.) Sugar free pops!

206.) Finding out the pit falls of sugar in energy drinks and flavored water

207.) Getting rid of diet coke and soft drinks in my life

208.) Brita filter for us!

209.) Fresh pears this fall

210.) Sugar free jelly beans

211.) Spinach and lots of it!

212.) Fat free feta cheese

213.) Fat free sharp cheddar cheese slices

214.) Sugar free no fat pudding

215.) Salsa

216.) Lower fat corn chips with yellow corn

217.) Turkey bacon sandwiches at starbucks

218.) Spinach and egg white wraps at starbucks

219.) My now famous grilled chicken with lemon, garlic, lemon pepper, and dill rub

220.) No fat chicken with spinach and tomato sauce

221.) Bag salad and low fat ranch!

222.) Using crackers instead of croutons!

223.) Drinking unsweetened ice tea instead of diet coke

224.) Learning what my triggers are and NOT doing them!

225.) Not eating pizza!

226.) Not eating fast food! At all!

227.) Not eating French fries

228.) Not eating breakfast biscuits from bojangles and hardees

229.) Not eating croissanwiches from burger king

230.) Not eating candy

231.) Subway subs

232.) Eating whole wheat bread! Love it!

233.) looking forward to working out

234.) enjoying food more because I am eating more now when I am actually hungry and not just out of habit

235.) making space in our home for yoga and stretching

236.) our new layout at home

237.) Drechel professional painting

238.) Our wood flooring at home

239.) The monastery story

240.) Our prayer cushions

241.) The sound of the piano when Michael plays

242.) Having time to sing with Michael when he plays

243.) Michael playing one of his recorders at home

244.) Our game area

245.) Playing games together

246.) Enjoying the cozy den together

247.) Being surrounded by family with portraits at home

248.) The art of Liz Hosier

249.) The art of Ivy Hayes

250.) The art of Karl Saliter

251.) The art of elino’haraslavick

252.) The sculpture of Dumay Gorham

253.) The art of John Sakel

254.) The art of Harold Hodges

255.) The art of Fritz Kapraun

256.) The art of Virginia Wright Frierson

257.) The art of aaron Wilcox

258.) The gift of pottery giveaway from Aaron Wilcox

259.) The art of Ann Boseman

260.) The art of Nancy Hodges

261.) The art of MJ Cunningham

262.) The art of Andrea Dingledein

263.) The art of Donnie Wrights

264.) The art of David Norris

265.) the loop for running in our neighborhood

266.) Good Student neighbors in our neighborhood

267.) the loop for running around UNCW and it being 3 miles!

268.) The amazing UNCW campus and the care that is taken there

269.) The last piece of the cross city trail being dedicated through UNCW

270.) Beauty of autumn hall and riding through there to the trail

271.) Discovering so much of our area on foot and bicycle

272.) the spot on the trail on eastwood that makes me feel like I am back in chapel hill

273.) being able to enjoy outside for the first time since we lived here

274.) city county weight loss challenge

275.) the trail ride with the Mayor

276.) doing this work out with friends

277.) McColl and Associates

278.) Buddy!

279.) The life of Silas!

280.) The life of Yoda!

281.) The pet food collection of Melissa Gallison and adoption efforts

282.) The meals on wheels out of the senior center on college road

283.) The senior center on college road

284.) The programs at the senior center on college road

285.) The Hannah Block center downtown

286.) The life of Hannah Block

287.) Sammy the SeaHawk

288.) The SeaDawgs

289.) SeaDawg Atheletics

290.) SeaDawg Basketball

291.) The Sharks Baseball

292.) The Hammerheads coming back to wilmington

293.) Boseman field

294.) Brooks field

295.) The track at UNCW

296.) The best athletic director ever at UNCW

297.) The life the Coach Brooks

298.) The life of Coach Murphy

299.) Intracoastal Realty

300.) SeaCoast Realty

301.) The 2010 Heart Walk

302.) The 2010 Heart Walk Leadership Committee

303.) The 2010 Heart Walk Chair

304.) Having the Heart Walk at UNCW

305.) The lives of all who have survived with heart disease

306.) New Hanover Regional

307.) Coastal Cardiology

308.) Coastal Cardiology’s Fundraiser for the Hearth Walk

309.) All the fundraisers for the Heart Walk

310.) Janet Gaino’s Birthday Fundraiser for the Heartwalk

311.) My Birthday Fundraiser for the heartwalk

312.) Having my birthday at Julia and Chrystal’s house!

313.) The best birthday ever because it was a new life celebration!

314.) The best birthday present, outside of the donations, having the picture taken of all of us together! More than anything that means the world!

315.) Surf’s restaurant fundraiser for the heartwalk

316.) The Shark’s fundraiser for the heartwalk

317.) Intracoastal’s Scoop Off for the Heart Walk

318.) Pita Delite’s Day of Sales for the Heart Walk

319.) The customer service and friends at Pita Delite

320.) The quality of the business at Pita Delite

321.) Pita Delite and healthy food

322.) Hibachi Grille on college road and healthy food

323.) Selling my clothes and donating the money for the sponsorship for the heartwalk

324.) Zoe’s fundraiser for the Heartwalk

325.) Zoe’s Kitchen and good healthy food! And healthy food choices

326.) Central Rotary of Wilmington

327.) Being at McCallister’s for Rotary

328.) Our Rotary Raffle and fundraiser

329.) Giving away money to charity from Rotary

330.) All the Rotary’s in Wilmington

331.) The Paul Harris Fellow’s honor surprise this year

332.) Being treasurer in rotary and learning about that responsibility

333.) Our Rotary leadership

334.) Singing in Rotary

335.) The Fellowship of Rotary

336.) New members coming in to our rotary

337.) The rotary member minute!

338.) The Rotary Wheel at Greenfield lake

339.) Greenfield lake

340.) The paddleboats at Greenfield lake

341.) The Cyprus knees at Greenfield lake

342.) The walking trails at Greenfield lake

343.) Halyburton park

344.) The wild birds of Prey show at Halyburton

345.) The walking trails at Halyburton

346.) Wade park

347.) The dedication and opening of Olson Park!

348.) The first softball game played at Olson Park

349.) Empie being almost competed

350.) The tennis complex being named for Althea Gibson

351.) Cameo 1900

352.) The wedding of Kristy and Christian

353.) The artistry of Jimmy Hopkins

354.) The wedding of Aaron and Jessica

355.) St. Thomas Preservation Hall

356.) Pine Valley Market

357.) Pine Valley Market Catering

358.) Hooks alarm company

359.) The safety I feel with our alarm

360.) The laugh I still get from being trapped in the house when I forgot my alarm pass code! 

361.) Going to work just around the corner from home

362.) Being able to flex my schedule to train in the morning mwf

363.) Being able to get up in the morning to train!

364.) Showing up for training on days when Adam is out!

365.) Showing up for cardio on non-training days!

366.) taking this weight loss journey one day at a time

367.) having the support even at work for this!

368.) Honors Students

369.) Honors Student Alumni!

370.) Honors Student accomplishments

371.) UNCW honors students service to the community

372.) Honors Student Annual Beach sweep at Kure Beach

373.) Honor Students fundraiser for Partners’ in Health

374.) Honors student ambassadors

375.) Honors Student mentors

376.) Honors student leadership

377.) Honors student faculty teas

378.) Honors student recruitment volunteers

379.) UNCW move-in day

380.) Our chancellor and provost

381.) LGBTQIA office

382.) The LGBTQIA office response to Gay teen suicide

383.) LGBTQIA awards

384.) LGBTQIA programming

385.) Multicultural office

386.) Marketing and communications

387.) Campus Catering

388.) Winning some catering at the catering open house!

389.) Saving some silver at surplus for the Honors teas

390.) The ponds on campus commons with the turtles

391.) The fountains in the ponds

392.) The view from the seminar room

393.) Having an office

394.) Office of campus diversity

395.) Boseman Gallery

396.) Public Sociology students

397.) Public Sociology faculty

398.) Psychology faculty

399.) Psychology students

400.) Undergraduate research

401.) UNCW/WHA community campus in its third year

402.) The coordinator for the Community campus

403.) The student volunteers at the community campus

404.) The faculty oversight and interest at the community campus

405.) The obesity prevention program at Rankin Terrace

406.) Healthy Carolinans

407.) The Parks and Recreation Board for the City of Wilmington

408.) Judging the Christmas Parade for the City

409.) The Christmas Parade for the City of Wilmington

410.) The rescue greyhounds all decorated in the Christmas Parade!

411.) Santa on the big fire truck at the end of the Christmas parade!

412.) All the entries in the Christmas parade that decorate and are brightly lit and festive and about the holidays!

413.) The Chef’s cooking classes at the community campus

414.) Basic skills classes at the community campus

415.) Folks getting their GED”s at the community campus

416.) Job training and preparation at the community campus

417.) Human resources office at the Wilmington Housing Authority

418.) Partnership with DREAMS of Wilmington

419.) Partnership with Communities in Schools

420.) Partnership withKids Making it

421.) Partnership with Cape Fear Community College

422.) The Community Gardens Programming through the community campus

423.) The community outreach and development of the Wilmington Housing Authority Staff

424.) The children of our public Housing properties

425.) The elderly of our public housing properties

426.) The families of our public housing properties

427.) The Wilmington Housing Authority Staff

428.) The Wilmington Housing Authority Leadership

429.) The National award for the UNCW/WHA Campus from NAHRO

430.) The dedication of the second phase of Taylor homes and more affordable housing

431.) The Youth Build Grant

432.) The graduation of the Youth Build Students

433.) The fiscal oversight and correction for our residents and our community at the housing authority

434.) The integrity and heart of our section eight program

435.) The new appointees the Mayor made to our board at WHA

436.) Resident organizations up and running at WHA

437.) Resident involvement at WHA

438.) Wilmington Interfaith Hospitality Network

439.) The 13 churches that house homeless families and use the house of God for the purpose of service to His people

440.) The 26 support churches that make way to aid those families

441.) St. Mark Church for being the first to in the Mission Mortgage campaign to provide supportive housing

442.) The transitional housing units at Willow pond

443.) The dedication of the transitional housing units at Willow pong

444.) The Wilmington Celebration Choir

445.) The families who are housed at Willow pond to sustainable housing

446.) The city of Wilmington and the Home Funds that helped with the renovations for the units at Willow pond

447.) The Leadership of WIHN

448.) The Board of WIHN

449.) The life and cancer free recovery of Scott Whisnant of WIHN

450.) The life and cancer free of Mama Weller (again!)

451.) The life and cancer free for Mary Barto

452.) Gary surving his cancer one day at a time!

453.) Surviving his cancer one day at a time, My daddy!

454.) The zimmer cancer center at NHRMC

455.) The WIHN gala

456.) The money from the WIHN gala going to provide more service to the families in need in our community

457.) The sponsors of the WIHN gala

458.) Lease motors giving a CAR for the live auction

459.) So many for giving so much to help those homeless families in need

460.) The gifts of Clyde Edgerton being given so freely as the speaker for this year’s gala

461.) The gifts of the magician at that gala wowing the audience and making it a magical evening!

462.) The WIHN gala committee..what heart and soul!

463.) All those who stay up at night in the churches and stay with the families in the churches when they are housed there

464.) All those who make and prepare meals for the families when they are in the churches

465.) All those who help with transportation for the families when they are in the churches

466.) All those who see to it that those in need have what they need to get back to a sustainable life.

467.) The unconditional love and service that is given through WIHN…regardless of any status

468.) Coastal Horizons

469.) The leadership of Coastal Horizons

470.) The youth shelter at coastal horizons

471.) The secretary coming for Coastal’s annual dinner

472.) The 40th anniversary for Coastal Horizon’s

473.) The methadone dispensary and the relief for the addicts that it provides

474.) The way into sobriety for so so many

475.) The Crisis Hotline and the voice of comfort at the end of the line

476.) The dinners the board is making for the youth in the shelter

477.) The gifts at the holidays in the shelter

478.) The needs that are met and the love that is dispenses all time

479.) Tasc treatment center at Coastal Horizons

480.) Meeting the state requirements to become CAHBA certified to be a primary provider at coastal AND be NON-PROFIT

481.) to work so closely with the judicial

482.) system and help so many addicts in recovery

483.) HIV/AIDS testing in the region

484.) HIV/AIDS support groups

485.) Substance abuse support groups at Coastal horizons

486.) Being an integral part of the Cape fear Health net

487.) The Cape Fear Health Net

488.) The board of coastal horizons

489.) The Rape Crisis Center

490.) Walk a Mile in her shoes for Rape Crisis

491.) Rock against rape

492.) All the volunteers who are trained to be rape crisis responders

493.) All those who meet victims 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

494.) The new Brunswick county rape crisis outreach through coastal

495.) The new Brunswick facility for mental health and substance abuse treatment

496.) The Pender county treatment facility for coastal

497.) The first annual Coastal Horizon’s breakfast!

498.) The sponsors for the coastal Horizons’ breakfast

499.) UNCW women’s resource office and minor being our sponsor

500.) ARA catering for the breakfast

501.) The amazing staff of ARA

502.) 25 years of service from our Executive Director

503.) the best marketing director ever (and go to for all things good!)!

504.) The district Attorney for speaking at the Coastal Horizon’s breakfast

505.) The witness of a former Rape Crisis services recipient and youth shelter ward, both doing so well now!

506.) Prevention services and outreach from Coastal

507.) New Hanover County Health Department

508.) The annual Golf Tournament for the Public Health Foundation

509.) The micro/mini grants to organizations from the Public Health Foundation

510.) PPD and the foundation there for all their support for the Public Health Foundation and its good works

511.) The board of the public health foundation

512.) The help from First Citizen’s Bank to The Public Health Foundation for fundraising

513.) The help from First Citizen’s bank to Coastal Horizons for fundraising

514.) First Citizen’s bank in general

515.) The Men’s Health Initiative at the Public health Department of NHC

516.) The Mobile Dental Clinic from the Public Health Department of NHC

517.) Rabies Clinics and treatment from the Public Health Department of NHC

518.) HIV/AIDS Screening in low income areas through collaborations and the mini grants in the public health department foundation

519.) The Tileston Clinic

520.) The leadership of the Tileston Clinic

521.) The at home fundraiser for the tileston clinic

522.) The service to ALL people through tileson clinic

523.) The HIV Consortium in New Hanover County and the region

524.) New Hanover Regional Medical Center

525.) The leadership of NHRMC

526.) The quality of care at NHRMC

527.) The ceo and leadership of NHRMC

528.) The cape fear memorial foundation

529.) The landfall foundation

530.) The hospital foundation

531.) The North Carolina Community Foundation

532.) Phi Theta Kappa at CFCC

533.) The boat building classes at CFCC

534.) IKA

535.) The cobalt bowl they gave me at the breakfast for coastal

536.) The cobalt bowl they gave me for AFP

537.) My God Jar!

538.) The bubbles that the new librarian gave me when she got hired!

539.) New friends joining the city club!

540.) The new Stargell clinic upfit for patients receiving kidney dialysis

541.) The Willie Stargell Annual Golf Tournament for Kidney Disease

542.) The amazing committee that puts on the tournament

543.) The celebrities and sports legends that come each year for the tournament

544.) The Leadership of the tournament and all the good it does.

545.) The warmth and love of the committee

546.) The special year being Mr. Stargell’s number 8!

547.) The talents and tricks of Dave Mobley on the golf course

548.) Having Adam and Diana driving and volunteering with me

549.) The Wellership being fully endowed this year at CFCC

550.) WECT on facebook

551.) The best anchors in the business at WECT

552.) The best news director;

553.) The best reporters on TV!

554.) The Star News (most days! LOL)

555.) The Wilmington Business Journal

556.) Wilma Magazine

557.) Wima Nights

558.) Being sold at Wilma nights for Girls Inc (and making more than a dollar!)

559.) The camaraderie of all of us in the show for Wilma nights. VERY SPECIAL!

560.) Girl’s Inc. of Wilmington

561.) Jake Hunt’s amazing outreach to at risk youth, Junior Golf Academy

562.) Being in the Carousel Center Show

563.) Living out Loud magazine

564.) Nancy hall publications

565.) The publisher of Nancy hall getting involved and stepping up when so many others do not!

566.) The launch of Living out loud on the Battleship North Carolina

567.) The Battle Ship North Carolina

568.) The fireworks from battleship park at fourth of July

569.) Time with family on the pier at CFCC watching the fireworks

570.) The Captain Moffitt Research Vessell getting its funding in the NC State budget

571.) The research for the care of our water and coast from the marine tech program at CFCC

572.) CFCC Foundation

573.) The board of the CFCC Foundation

574.) The Gift of Education Luncheon at the Schwartz Center

575.) The youth who went to the CFCC early college, was born to immigrant parents who picked blueberries and is now off to Harvard!

576.) Louise being made a Board of trustee of CFCC

577.) CFCC Foundation Leadership

578.) CFCC Merit Scholars

579.) The CFCC Merit Scholar reception

580.) The CFCC Alumni Association

581.) The SeaDawgs to SeaHawks at UNCW group

582.) The Donor Appreciation part at the North Campus

583.) The Lunch with an Author fundraiser for CFCC

584.) The cultivation dinner at our place

585.) The pineapple guild

586.) The amazing group at the culinary program at CFCC

587.) The wood turners group and silent auction at the dinner

588.) The amazing programs for getting folks back to work at CFCC

589.) Cosmetology program building now open on north campus at Cfcc

590.) My table from UNCW at the cultivation dinner

591.) the Carousel Center and all they do for Children!

592.) The Parenting Place and all they do for abused children

593.) The leadership and board of the CAPP

594.) The convention center being open

595.) The first event at the convention center going perfectly

596.) More events going on at the convention center

597.) The chamber helping to ensure the best for our superintendent pick

598.) Our Chamber of Commerce

599.) Our Chamber of Commerce Leadership

600.) Wilmington Business Journal Power Breakfasts’

601.) Wilmington Business Journal Entrepreneur Awards

602.) The leadership of the Wilmington Business Journal

603.) Conscience Online

604.) Celia Rivenbark’s Columns!

605.) The heart and soul of celia and standing up for so many good things with her talents

606.) Clyde edgerton writing in the paper about education and speaking out for all children

607.) Having so many authors in our community!

608.) The work and writing of Dana Sachs

609.) Clove Marketing

610.) The law offices of Shipman and Associates

611.) The organizing efforts of Lynn Shoemaker and the day in the park for Candidates

612.) Sunny 104

613.) Foz in the morning on 107

614.) Fox basically doing a “it gets better” with Amy and me

615.) Foz and I having a spiritual moment! 

616.) WHQR

617.) WHQR new leadership

618.) WHQR gallery

619.) WHQR

620.) The greek festival

621.) The inside of the greek church on college road

622.) Church of the Servant Episcopal

623.) The great Easter Vigil with COS on Wrightsville beach

624.) Christmas a COS

625.) The Lobster fest at COS

626.) The outreach of COS

627.) The clergy of COS

628.) The family of COS

629.) The Labyrinth at COS

630.) Having COS just down the street from our house

631.) The Episcoal Campus Ministry still going strong!

632.) The Library sale at New Hanover County Library

633.) Michael’s delight at the library sale! 

634.) Seeing Michael Smile

635.) Hearing Michael Laugh

636.) Seeing so many people hungry for books!

637.) Jimmy Pierce getting the Schweitzer award for 2010

638.) Kid’s Making it

639.) All the volunteer craftmen at Kid’s Making it

640.) The successful graduates of the kid’s making it program

641.) Cape Fear Association of Fundraising Professionals Chapter

642.) The AFP breakfast and awards

643.) Philanthropist of the year going to Louise Coggins

644.) Ashley Miller being nominated for professional fundraiser of the year

645.) The leadership of AFP and their amazing hearts!

646.) The new firm of Leigh Muscle Events

647.) Lower Cape Fear Hospice

648.) The amazing new facilty that the Lower Cape Fear Hospice has opened

649.) Lower Cape Fear Hospice remaining non-profit

650.) Wilmington Health Access for Teens

651.) The Leadership of WHAT

652.) The WHAT Picnic

653.) The new providers in all the area high schools from WHAT to all Teenagers for good health and wellness!

654.) Cucalorus being as successful as ever!

655.) The Film Commission doing more this year than ever!

656.) The film studio being at 80 percent capacity

657.) Screen Gems working and doing more than ever!

658.) For the leadership of Screen Gems

659.) One of my honors student workers getting a job with screen gems

660.) All that screen gems does for so many in the area!

661.) Acme Art studios

662.) Projecte

663.) The art community in Wilmington

664.) Thalian Hall

665.) Thalian Hall’s remodel

666.) Level 5, City Stage

667.) The Red Barn Theater

668.) Opera House

669.) Big Dawg Productions

670.) The New theater on Castle Street

671.) The Castle Street Antique District

672.) Jester’s Java

673.) The talent and service of Joe Gallison to not only theater but also agencies in the area that need him!

674.) The amazing production of Fiddler on the roof!

675.) Chris’ Cosmic Kitchen

676.) Sweet and Savory

677.) The greekomlet at Chri’s Kitchen!

678.) The starbucks on College Road

679.) The best manager of any starbucks anywhere on college road

680.) India Mahal

681.) Tandori Bites

682.) Boca Bay

683.) Brasserie

684.) Mother’s day at brasserie

685.) Time on the north end of Carolina beach roasting sausages and marsh mellows with friends

686.) Lunch at Judy’s

687.) Looking out over the intracoastal at dockside

688.) The cucumber and tomato salad at dockside

689.) The cottage at airlie and special meetings

690.) My airlie chair

691.) my little space in the garage for creating and working

692.) the ivy cottage selling some excess stuff

693.) the ivy cottage

694.) my cousin jane and her daughter and my favorite aunt nell coming to visit UNCW

695.) the pedestrian art that became permanent downtown on the riverwalk

696.) my wonderful cousin elaine coming to visit wilmington and spend time with me!

697.) Sitting on the river at elijahs

698.) The pilot house river seating

699.) The christening of Lucas Boseman-Medlin at first Presbyterian on a Sunday!

700.) The birth and life of Lucas Boseman-Medlin

701.) The leadership fo the NHC County Commissioners

702.) The City Council of Wilmington

703.) The service of Senator Boseman

704.) The win for now Representative Susie Hamilton

705.) The win for Rick Catlin for County Commissioners

706.) The win for Mike McIntyre against Pantano

707.) The win for Becky Blackmore

708.) The win for Jan for Clerk of Court

709.) The win for the Sheriff

710.) The well run race for Julia for Judge

711.) The well run race of Sid Causey

712.) The well run race of Jim Leutze

713.) Cape Fear Center for Inquiry

714.) Being 5 minutes from the beach and 7 minutes from downtown

715.) 40 right around the corner and ready to run up the road to RDU!

716.) The plant place

717.) The poinsettias we do for the elderly at Christmas

718.) The geraniums for the elderly in the Spring

719.) The stone garden

720.) CM’s Catering and that spinach and strawberry salad

721.) CM’s Pork Chops ( I said..moderation! LOL!)

722.) Seeing my other friends happy and LaMaine’d! LOL!

723.) The leadership team for Jim Leutze for Senate and their integrity

724.) Leadership of Phoenix Ministries

725.) The hard decisions to stop the greek wedding this year, but one of great integrity

726.) The work of Phoenix ministries to bring people back to a place of employment

727.) The Harrelson Center

728.) The WIHN day center

729.) Communities in Schools

730.) Dreams of Wilmington

731.) Dreams having their facility on the northside

732.) Leading into new Communities (LINC)

733.) Opening of the new facility for LINC

734.) The ambassador program for WDI

735.) WDI luncheon

736.) Wilmington Downtown Inc

737.) The riverwalk

738.) The sunsets downtown

739.) The brick streets downtown

740.) The beauty of downtown

741.) The azaleas in the area in full bloom

742.) The azalea featival

743.) The garden party

744.) The azalea festival parade

745.) The amazing hats at the garden party

746.) The trees along market street

747.) The history of the escape of slaves at the foot of Dock street

748.) Tom’s drugs being bought and turned into a market

749.) The City Club at De Rossett

750.) The amazing food at the city club

751.) The amazing staff at the city club

752.) Great dinners with friends at the city club

753.) The beauty of the house of the club

754.) The gardens at the city club

755.) The art of Chappy Valente on the walls of the City Club

756.) The Art of Robert West

757.) The music of Paco Strickland

758.) The music of Renaldo Frasier

759.) The photography of Jaime Moncrief

760.) The photography of Logan Wallace

761.) The photography of Mr. Davis

762.) Intracoastal New Homes

763.) Wilmington Yoga Center

764.) Sammy stickers

765.) Seahawk Saturdays

766.) Cameron Executive Network

767.) The Razor Walker Awards

768.) Masonoboro island

769.) Masonboro preservation group

770.) Bald head island

771.) Bald Head conservation center

772.) Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Hospital ( is up the road..but it is a special daggone place!)

773.) The little baby turtle at the aquarium at fort fisher

774.) The expansion that is coming the aquarium at fort fisher

775.) Not having to pay to park at Kure beach! (we already pay taxes..right?)

776.) UNCW beach sweeps

777.) Costello’s

778.) the music of Donna Merritt

779.) having had a youngin’ with us for a while! So proud of him!

780.) The blockade runner

781.) The blockade runner giving so much for events to the community

782.) The gardens at the blockade runner

783.) The pier at the oceanic

784.) Hands across the sands protest against off shore drilling!

785.) ECO at UNCW

786.) Amnesty International at UNCW

787.) The Bellamy Mansion Fundraiser for the Heart Walk by Port City Young Professionals.

788.) Port City Young Professionals

789.) Press 102

790.) The village market

791.) The view of the smith creek from MLK parkway

792.) The new kayak launch at dram tree park

793.) The new kayak and boat launch at the end of trails end

794.) The new kayak and boat launch on the north side of Wilmington to get to smith creek

795.) Cape Fear Literacy Council

796.) All the philanthropy at UNCW

797.) All the service of UNCW Athletes

798.) All the service of CFCC athletes

799.) All the service of CFCC students

800.) The UNCW Ambassadors

801.) The CFCC ambassadors

802.) The UNCW Scholarship appreciation dinner

803.) The music of Dr. Hickman

804.) The choir at Church of the Servant

805.) The musical direction of Jennifer Sugerik at COS

806.) The Musical direction of Jennifer Sugerik at Ashley

807.) The amazing performance at pentacost

808.) Weller’s Wheels

809.) Frans Fans

810.) The Holiday Helper’s Campaign at CFCC

811.) The Good Friend’s Luncheon!

812.) Flash Promotions

813.) Action Printing

814.) Always Printing

815.) Schaeffer BMW and the Schaeffer family

816.) our grocery store

817.) our amazing pharmacists who take such good care of us at Mayfaire Harris teeter

818.) the best doctors anywhere at Wrightsville Family practice

819.) our amazing dentist, Sandra Miles DDS and her whole staff!

820.) The big shot being able to go in my mouth without drugs at Miles Dentistry!

821.) The best dry cleaners at Hangers on college road and Ms. Gloria who always takes such good care of us!

822.) Community Solutions Southeast, our HOA managers…talk about a blessing!

823.) State employees Credit Union

824.) BB@T

825.) Our back yard and the little fountain in the Spring

826.) Our crepe myrtle from Raleigh that keeps thriving

827.) The crepe myrtles on College Road

828.) The crepe myrtle in front of our house and the amazing canopy it provides in the summer

829.) The azaleas and lush gardens all throughout our neighborhood in the spring

830.) The palm sale at Church of the servant

831.) The palms on palm Sunday

832.) The processional with the palms at palm Sunday and the tied crosses made of palm fronds

833.) Christmas eve mass

834.) Christmas Cantata’s anywhere in town!

835.) The pond on the municipal golf course

836.) The nesting duck this year at the course and her eggs

837.) The turtles at the pond all sunning

838.) The municipal golf course and its professional look and play!

839.) The chickens in the back yard of someone’s house off the back 9 of the municipal golf course! Love it!

840.) The firehouse at 5th and Castle

841.) The Kenan Fountain

842.) The sanitary fountain at the foot of Market

843.) The woman on cardinal drive that year after year takes such good care of her yard.

844.) The Christmas Dolphins on the entry to Wrigthsville Beach during the season

845.) The little water feature for dogs by Bryant real estate on lumina avenue

846.) The trail on Summer’ rest for bike/hike

847.) Airlie Gardens

848.) The Save Airlie Gardens Facebook Group

849.) The passing of the sales tax that helped to keep us solvent in this county for the common good!

850.) The Foundation at Airlie Gardens

851.) The Annual Airlie Oyster Roast

852.) The Oyster roast committee

853.) The Airlie Foundation board

854.) The easement that has been placed on Airlie for the future!

855.) The Butterfly house at Airlie

856.) The educational programs at Airlie

857.) The leadership and caretakers at Airlie

858.) Enchanted Airlie

859.) The bottlehouse at Airlie

860.) The concerts at Airlie

861.) Time with mom and Harold at airlie concerts

862.) Time with Michael and friends and airlie concerts

863.) Watching the children explore and play at airlie

864.) Seeing families enjoy time at airlie.

865.) The pier at airlie

866.) The airlie oak

867.) The amazing flowers in the spring at Airlie

868.) The chapel at airlie

869.) The butterfly art at airlie

870.) The boat ride and “rafting” for the CFCC foundation

871.) The boat ride and meeting for WIHN board on the intracoastal

872.) The intracoastal waterway

873.) Spending time on the water

874.) Being so close to the ocean

875.) Being so close to the river

876.) Old books of front street finding a new home

877.) The full belly project being here in Wilmington

878.) United National Tours

879.) Daniels Management

880.) The William Hooper Apartments

881.) Elderhaus

882.) The new amphitheater at Greenfield lake being in full swing this year!

883.) The BRAC property now being in the hands of non-profits

884.) Eating fresh fish for the first time and really enjoying it!

885.) Motts seafood

886.) Lunch at Judy’s down in calabash

887.) North Carolina Flotilla

888.) Watching the boats with Michael and friends all decorated!

889.) The flotilla party

890.) The flotilla 5k

891.) The best t-shirt ever from the flotilla five 5k!

892.) Making my first run on the beach

893.) Lying on the beach with Michael

894.) Enjoying time together anytime

895.) UNCW Pride

896.) UNCW College Democrats

897.) Honors Scholars Association

898.) SGA proclamation regarding the suicide of gay teen

899.) Association of Nursing Students

900.) Alpha Phi’s and their service to the heart walk

901.) The Honors Student volunteering with the Heart Walk

902.) The SeaHawk Club

903.) The Athletic Department

904.) Health and Applied Human Sciences

905.) UNCW Advancement

906.) EL White Society

907.) Chancellor’s Club

908.) Bruce Levy Scholarship

909.) The Ada Dean Nursing Scholarship

910.) The BosemanTenHuisen Scholarship

911.) The Dankel Scholarship

912.) The Louise McColl Scholarship

913.) The Stargell Nursing Scholarship

914.) The Dean Scholarship

915.) The Myers Scholarship

916.) The Betsy Ervin Scholarship

917.) Randall Library’s new Learning Commons

918.) The Sherman Hayes Gallery

919.) The Annual Showcase of Undergraduate Research

920.) The annual dinner of honors Office workers at our house

921.) The honors office workers

922.) New leadership in randall library this year

923.) The opening of the new Nursing building this year

924.) Pride Participating in the ENC Conference again

925.) The SGA “breaking down the hate” efforts

926.) Center for Leadership , Education and Services

927.) ODK

928.) Phi Kappa Phi

929.) the BOG visit to UNCW and the student presentations

930.) Wilmington Police Department

931.) The leadership in WPD

932.) The service in our neighborhood of WPD

933.) The Public Information Office at WPD

934.) The Sherriff’s office in New Hanover County

935.) The District Attorney’s office in New Hanover and Pender County

936.) The law office of Julia Boseman

937.) The men who take care of our lawn and neighborhood maintenance

938.) The workers who maintain our sewer and water, particularly in storms

939.) 911 operators

940.) New Hanover County 911 Center

941.) Ambulance Drivers and EMTS (particularly those who helped my family this year)

942.) Those who inspect out restaurants and keep them clean and sanitary for us

943.) Those who serve us in our restaurants

944.) The housekeepers at UNCW

945.) The fire folks in town who are the first responders

946.) Our mail person and service

947.) Our news paper deliverer

948.) The garbage collectors

949.) The collection of our recyclables

950.) The cable in our house

951.) The power in our house

952.) The water we get, not so much the authority

953.) The holiday decoration on the streets of Wilmington

954.) The Christmas tree on the water front downtown

955.) The hanging of the greens at Church of the Servant

956.) Christmas music at different churches in the area

957.) Christmas Lights in the neighborhood

958.) Decorating our house for Christmas

959.) Having a full compliment of decorations to decorate our home

960.) Our annual Christmas gathering

961.) Our annual Christmas CD

962.) Our annual Christmas Crystal

963.) Christmas Cards! (love them!!)

964.) Good Sheppard Ministries

965.) Good Sheppard Shelter

966.) Good Sheppard Soup Kitchen

967.) Wilmington Area Rebuilding Ministries (WARM)

968.) WARM leadership

969.) WSFX Fox

970.) Habitat for humanity turkey trot

971.) All of the projects helping people stay in their homes that WARM does

972.) Habitat for Humanity

973.) All the new homes from Habitat

974.) The Golden Hammer Breakfast

975.) All the groups doing builds for Habitat

976.) The Pink Build

977.) The Bargain box of Wilmington

978.) All of the voucher for those in need of clothing from the bargain box

979.) The proceeds from the bargain box going to area charities

980.) Vintage values

981.) The Domestic Violence center of Wilmington

982.) Tuesday morning

983.) Belks

984.) All the new clothes that I have gotten

985.) The sales on all the new clothes! 

986.) Steinmart

987.) Being able to shop in places where there are not big and tall clothes

988.) Being able to wear clothes that are “off the rack”.

989.) Not having to pay more for my clothing because of my size

990.) Not having to buy clothes anticipating being bigger

991.) Scaling back my closet because I no longer have the “I wanna get in those some day” clothes

992.) Being able to sit in my chair or on my sofa and feel at ease and breathe easily

993.) Not feel so overwieghted or that someone is standing on my chest all the time

994.) No more acid reflux AT ALL!

995.) No more heartburn AT ALL!

996.) No more sense of not being able to swallow!

997.) Taking pictures of others

998.) Sharing pictures with others

999.) Enjoying events and not feeling so self conscience

1000.) The letters from the students each semester

1001.) Every thank you from a student

1002.) Every moment of trust that is imparted to me by a student

1003.) Every time I get to be of help to a student

1004.) Every time I get to witness growth in a student

1005.) Each victory and success that the students around me make!

1006.) Each hurdle or difficulty these students overcome or uncover and make sense of for themselves.

1007.) The obstacles I overcome

1008.) The knowledge that I am never alone in overcoming obstacles

1009.) That each day I am given exactly what I can handle, no more, no less

1010.) That acceptance is the key

1011.) Wilmington Symphony

1012.) Seeing Jessye Norman with Mother in Wilmington

1013.) Ogden Optical

1014.) Holt Oil

1015.) Michael Moore Antiques

1016.) Working Films

1017.) Beuna Space

1018.) The Property Shop

1019.) Adams on Castle

1020.) Kingoff’s Jewelry

1021.) Perry’s Emporium

1022.) Pawn USA

1023.) Just for Buyers Real Estate

1024.) ILM Airport

1025.) The Airport Authority

1026.) Air Wilmington

1027.) Verizon

1028.) Verizon’s team at the heartwalk

1029.) Progress Energy

1030.) Corning

1031.) GE

1032.) Horton Metals

1033.) Wilmington in Black and White

1034.) The journalism of Catherine Welch before she left

1035.) The city manager’s office

1036.) The city planning office

1037.) Kure Beach Pier

1038.) Kure beach boardwalk

1039.) Bowman’s seafood

1040.) The life of Mr. McDuffie

1041.) Naming the community Garden at Hillcrest for Mr. McDuffie

1042.) The Life of Herb McKim

1043.) McKim and Creed

1044.) The life of Beverly Devonne

1045.) The three on the school board who work to ensure the best for all students

1046.) The campaign for Nick Rhodes, may its legacy resonate!

1047.) The service to ALL students by Nick Rhodes

1048.) The campaign for school board of Phil Stine for ALL students

1049.) The campaign for school board of Clancy and Joyce

1050.) The NAACP of New Hanover County

1051.) Greater Diversity

1052.) The Wilmington Black Chamber of Commerce

1053.) WDI

1054.) Cape Fear Homebuilders

1055.) Cape Fear Future

1056.) Sponsorships and community support of Carolina cement

1057.) Coastal Carolina tomorrow

1058.) JS Clark

1059.) Lumina Station

1060.) The aquariums in my office

1061.) The aquarium in the new Hanover county govt. complex

1062.) The aquarium in Randall library

1063.) The NC Aquarium at fort fisher

1064.) The eel room

1065.) The large tank at the aquarium

1066.) The bird area that aquarium

1067.) The public art and graphics at the aquarium

1068.) The Surfhouse restaurant in Carolina Beach!

1069.) The quiet space that arboretum with the Japanese bridge and pond

1070.) Andy’s sculptures of the Buddhist frog at the arboretum

1071.) The arboretum annual plant sale

1072.) The arboretum ability gardens and classes with the extension program

1073.) The azalea festival garden tours

1074.) The candlelight downtown holiday tours

1075.) The windows in first Presbyterian

1076.) The spires on the temple downtown

1077.) The windows of the Lutheran church on market street

1078.) Sister Isaacs’ outreach at St. mary’s

1079.) The back to school bookbag giveaway at creekwood

1080.) The lodge’s support of the bookbag giveway

1081.) New Bridge Bank

1082.) Carolina First and their successful merge

1083.) The loan closing from RBC for Taylor Homes

1084.) The savannah salad at McCallisters

1085.) 19 years of perfect attendance at rotary for Colonel Anderson!

1086.) Being able to give the prayers at Rotary

1087.) Being asked to officiate at a wedding in the spring for two former students

1088.) The Outdoor adventure programs at UNCW

1089.) The guidance for health and wellness from my associate director

1090.) The confidence of my director and my promotion this year

1091.) The relationships we share in my office

1092.) Being happy to go to work every daggone day!

1093.) Knowing that it is about what I do, not what I have

1094.) Knowing I still have more to learn

1095.) Knowing it is one day at a time!

1096.) Just to be alive

1097.) For the very ability to love and be loved.

1098.) To be know that NOTHING can be taken for granted. It is all a blessing.

1099.) The peace of my God that comes to me when I allow it each day and the opportunities that are available if I show up.

1100.) For anyone who made it to the end of this list and will make your is, well, powerful, overwhelming, and all that….thanks be!