Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 6 of the new Journey: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness

could not believe it when I woke up at 6am! It felt good and I was so glad! Made tea and got a shower. had enough time to get my head on straight and say a little prayer and head out the door with a tea cup in my hand.

funny, it was 6:30 when i left the house and I was worried about being too early...would that be ok?
got there right at out of the car in the ice cold in my shorts and t-shirt and went inside and straight up to the leonardo dicapprio elipitical! (the one on the balcony..remember! LOL!) Love that felt right and I felt so good having just made it this mornign. I was so nevous last night about getting is so HALF the battle.

Put "I'm going to the meeting" on in on my Ipod. turned on the TV...turned on the machine..and off I went...oh and there was Lori from the lower cape fear hospice talking on the of my favorite people talking about one of my favorite places...I was jammming out and frankly...while I felt was not as bad as the first day and before I knew it, it was 10 minutes! I was psyched..saw adam come in...and did not stop..kept going and got a in 17:54! :) and still could walk and talk!

Today is a training day..and he asked me about my weekend and we got started. First on the half ball...a little better than before..ecspecially with these New Balance Shoes! tough though..still not quite there..but, it really is the first day of the first full felt good.

Then to a mat...ugh...tried to stay positive...but getting my big tail on the floor in front of people in the middle of gym was not my idea of a good time and I knew what was coming....Crunchy things!!!!
Because of my back issues, I cannot lift both legs of the ground at the same time. Adam had me raise one leg in the air and the opposite arm to come up and try (and I do mean try ) and touch it...with my head and stomach crunch as I did it...then the other side..doing that in rotation several times...OOOOOOO that feels feels! :)
Then he had me face down on my stomach and lift one leg and the opposite arm, then the opposite, then both legs and both arms.....not as bad..but damn you find out how weak..I persisted though and felt good about that..What was frustrating was how uncoordingated I felt, but he walked me through it..the point was to feel the core work, not to get it perfect each time...We did this for a while, then I was allowed up...

back in the stirrups...and OH NO, the orignal weight was not good enough...and OH NO..not I had to get at 90 with the sun coming up in my face...I push and did the sitting squats in that machine with more weight at a greater angle..and daggone if it did not happen! what a great feeling!

Then to the cable cross. with the extentisons up, across, and then down..all keeping the form right with a straight arm..not worrying about the number...he handles the count...i just worry about doing the form.

Then to the push....amd again...form more weight...ouch!..but not too bad! Just me being silly! It actually felt fine and I did it! : Same with the pull downs! Felt so good!

Came to work and had my egg and canadian bacon with english muffin and polaner all fruit, Harnery's Earl Grey and for a snack, Kate Brought in these amazing clementines! what a great morning!

walked home for lunch...NEW RULE...if no lunch appt..then I walk home for lunch...left over chicken and salad with low fat dressing. Had a diet coke (ok..that is something i have to get rid of...but it was in the fridge!)...relaxed a little..then walked back...tried not to run the world in my head on the know what I mean? I caught myself writing letters telling off the head of the HOA, correcting this and that and then it hit me..I am WALKING in all this BEAUTY on a brisk day and LOSING this by being in my I stopped and got it together and just paid attention to the moment!

busy the rest of the afternoon...
now off to an appointment...quick dinner with Michael
then to Ashley's for committee work for the Heart Associaiton and hopefully be by 11!
See ya'll tomorrow!

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Ashley B. said...

Keep up the great work Bo! You are doing an awesome job taking good care of yourself today!
See ya at the Gym.