Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Annual Thanksgiving Tradition: Year 14: 1400 things, events, feelings I am grateful for this year.

Annual Thanksgiving Tradition: Year 14: 1400 things, events, feelings I am grateful for this year.

Annual thanksgiving tradition: 14th year=1400 things, people, places I am grateful for...

14 Years ago I started a list because a lot of folks I encountered were having a hard time or shared that they did not see a lot they could be grateful for in this area. I had learned about writing gratitude lists to generate for myself the good around me and keep it first in my heart and mind and sent out a “gratitude” list of 100 things I was grateful for in Wilmington that year. It was met with great success!

I decided, and have kept up that each year I would do the list but make it equivalent to the number of years I had been doing it!

This year I am at 1400, and I am so glad to be able to have this exercise.
I have included groups, things, organizations, service, and places. 

Names are only used in reference to gifts..don't go looking for your name! LOL! :)

I generate a NEW list each year. This is stream of consciousness, just like my blog.

Regardless of what someone might think of this list, regardless of what my circumstances might be, regardless of what events may occur in my life, it is a tradition I will continue, because, I/we am/are blessed and it is worth remembering, offering thanksgiving, and sharing with each other! I hope it will spark a list of your own and feel free to steal mine!

I am grateful (for)….

1.)  My higher power, whom I know as God.
2.)  For a life with purpose and a course lain but discovered each day
3.)  For 24 years and counting, one day at a time
4.)  For 17 years of marriage to the most amazing human being I could have ever been blessed with and the unbelievable revelations of love and understanding of self, togetherness,  and commitment that this has brought.
5.)  For my family of birth and all the renewal, healing and love that has come in so many ways and our continued growth
6.)  For Mother’s survival though the chemo and her diagnosis as cancer free!
7.)  For my stepdad’s continued cancer free year and his love and devotion to my mother as well as his guidance to me personally
8.)   my mother-law moving to Wilmington! Now we are all here (parent wise)
9.)  having time with her and enjoying our time!
10.)                 for the new adoption and companionship of the most amazing Dog ever and his gift of life that has come to us this year
11.)                 for the life of our dearly departed Circe after 17 years
12.)                 for the life of our dearly departed Valpone after almost 17 years
13.)                 For the life of my departed favorite cousin and role model Carl
14.)                 For time spent throwing a ball with my great nephews
15.)                 For time spent sharing stories with my great aunt and cousin
16.)                 for time made and available to listen and share with those I love and who love me
17.)                 for possibly the best friends a person could ever hope for,who constantly amaze me in ways I cannot fathom I deserve in such abundance.
18.)                 for being loved
19.)                 for being able to love
20.)                 for continued good health for Neesha
21.)                 for continued health and life for Scott
22.)                 for continued good health for Pam. B.
23.)                 for health and life for each of those people I met in the Chemo center while mother was there.
24.)                 for continued health and blessings for Woody
25.)                 For the life of Chick and the continued health and love for Marty
26.)                 For the life of Wilda (while we did not meet, I loved the stories)and the continued good health and love for Kathy
27.)                 For the continued good health for Addie
28.)                 For the continued good health of Moma Weller and more more nights of poker
29.)                 for the best female friend I could have ever hoped for and all the love she brings
30.)                 for late night calls to share what happened, to who and where! J
31.)                 for the best male friend and sharing his journey of discovery and growth
32.)                 for time spent throwing a baseball and just talking
33.)                 for seeing the possible in the impossible.
34.)                 for stopping to spend time with our elders..listening…and learning so much
35.)                 for those who serve our elders
36.)                 for elderhaus
37.)                 for Champion Davis
38.)                 for the Senior Center
39.)                 for the career and service of Linda Pearce
40.)                 for those who serve our veterans, particularly those in such need
41.)                 for the new va hospital and to ILM for making it happen
42.)                 for the ILM arrival lounge
43.)                 for the ILM staff and always being there when needed
44.)                 for the air Wilmington folks
45.)                 for those I mentor and the trust and love that is such a gift
46.)                 for those who mentor me and especially my yenta momala!
47.)                 for the fellowship and the sharing
48.)                 for a family of choice and bonds of strong steel forged by spiritual love.
49.)                 For the connections keep over the decades
50.)                 For living long enough to have the decades!
51.)                 For growth
52.)                 For understanding
53.)                 For compassion
54.)                 For sight
55.)                 For hearing
56.)                 For senses
57.)                 For being able to feel pain
58.)                 For being able to feel joy
59.)                 For being able to feel a range of emotions, not just depression and rage or the polars
60.)                 For being able to share those feelings more appropriately
61.)                 To connect with others positively
62.)                 To share
63.)                 To make mistakes
64.)                 To make progress, not perfection
65.)                 To be in the moment from time to time
66.)                 To live a day at a time
67.)                 To share experience, not advice
68.)                 To genuinely be happy for someone else’s fortune without envy
69.)                 To celebrate the success of others and not covet (as much)
70.)                 To be more and more self aware
71.)                 To be less hyper self critical
72.)                 To be comfortable in my own skin (more)
73.)                 To not only pray, but believe the serenity prayer
74.)                 for unconditional love and life seen through God in each of us
75.)                 for a roof over my head
76.)                 for food to eat
77.)                 for sanitary living conditions
78.)                 for plates, and forks and things to eat with
79.)                 for blankets and towels
80.)                 for electricity
81.)                 for heat when it is cold
82.)                 for air condition when it is hot
83.)                 for running water
84.)                 for a bath tub! And LOTS of soaking! J
85.)                 for a car to drive
86.)                 for clothes to wear
87.)                 for a computer to use
88.)                 for our internet
89.)                 for all the things that we have that can be so easily taken for granted, yet so many in our community go without each and every day.
90.)                 for our neighborhood
91.)                 for the best neighbor
92.)                 for the best satyr ever!
93.)                 for the best food from the best neighbor
94.)                 for being uncle to all the dogs around! J
95.)                 for being uncle still to Louis
96.)                 for being uncle to Mya
97.)                 for my brother always
98.)                 for knowing now that our baby has an aunt next door that can look in if we need to go out for a while!
99.)                 for our management in our neighborhood
100.)             for the beautiful walk to take through the neighborhood
101.)             for the thoughtfulness of the amenities’ in our neighborhood and those who care so much from the HOA Board
102.)             for not being afraid to walk in our neighborhood
103.)             for being able to leave our home at night
104.)             for never taking for granted our home
105.)             for never taking for granted the relative peace we have
106.)             for never taking for granted the things we enjoy
107.)             to be able to grill out back
108.)             to be able to have security called
109.)             for our tree in the front providing shade
110.)             for the new installation in the front and the plantings it has for making us feel good about coming home
111.)             for our den and our get away
112.)             for the memories, as memories and not as wishes or regrets
113.)             for the pieces of the past that make for warmth, not hindrances
114.)             for the space to share with others
115.)             for our bed to feel safe and sleep soundly
116.)             for working at home
117.)             for my ability to have my office here
118.)             for the space to work out at home
119.)             for our amazing handyman and Skilled carpenter in the neighborhood!
120.)             For our little garden in the back
121.)             For the little fountain and the sound
122.)             For the chimes in the wind
123.)             For my whirly gig and the smile it brings to me
124.)             For the crepe myrtle from mothers that keeps growing
125.)             Fro the poda carpus that keeps thriving
126.)             For the holly’s that keep taking shape
127.)             For the new rose bushes that are doing so well
128.)             For the rocks that are from places we have visited and gathered here
129.)             For the art of karl saliter and the rock that adorns with his energy in our home
130.)             For the art of elin o’hara slavick that adorns our walls and the messages that keep us on track as we leave and enter our home each day
131.)             For the desk I sit at each day that was my great grandfathers. It is a reminder of the past that is steeped in doing the next right thing.
132.)             For the couch in the den that we now share with our jax..making for a place for the whole family to enjoy our movies and time together
133.)             Sunday’s after fellowship
134.)             Nights after dinner
135.)             Time in the glow of the tv, snoring softly, jax wrapped up
136.)             The whirl of the fan,the constant white noise I have to have
137.)             The glow in the daytime through the stainglass in the den
138.)             All the glass..the crystals breaking the colors in the house. Watched Pollyanna one time too many as a child
139.)             The feel of the wood of the floors under my feet
140.)             The connectedness to place
141.)             The ease of moving around this place
142.)             The sense of belonging
143.)             The Brooklyn art center
144.)             Kids making it
145.)             The woodworking at kids making it
146.)             The nametags created by kids making it
147.)             The cornhole games made by kids making it
148.)             The pens made with battleship wood from kids making it
149.)             The youth at kids making it
150.)             The annual breakfast at shell island for kids making it
151.)             Kids making it hippie ball
152.)             Judging the costumes at the hippie ball
153.)             The balcony overlooking the room at the hippie ball
154.)             My lessened fear of heights as I have gotten older
155.)             The junk fair at the Brooklyn arts center
156.)             For the books in our house to read
157.)             For the videos to watch
158.)             Watching clue over and over and over
159.)             Knowing the holidays are on us when we watch the Ref for the first time
161.)             Hulu
162.)             For the music to listen to
163.)             For the stove to cook with
164.)             For pots and pans to cook with
165.)             For dishes to eat from
166.)             From Things that have stories attached
167.)             For the memory to remember
168.)             For the moments made precious
169.)             For the new moments being made
170.)             For the art we embrace around us
171.)             For the light that flows through this place
172.)             For the space to pray
173.)             For the quiet that we can have so readily
174.)             For the shelter when it storms
175.)             The relative safety when all is not right “out there”.
176.)             For the refrigerator to keep food in
177.)             For Earl’s Wrecker service keeping us safe
178.)             For Community Solutions Southeast
179.)             for the path form the neighborhood through the wood
180.)             for the new path that connects through Autumn Hall
181.)             for the view around the pond at Autumn Hall
182.)             bike rides around the area
183.)             for my bike
184.)             for bike cycles of Wilmington
185.)             for the amazing staff at bike cycles
186.)             for the maintenance at bike cycles..four years and they still update it!
187.)             for my ability to run
188.)             for my running shoes
189.)             for zulu socks
190.)             for dry fit gear
191.)             for my running gear
192.)             for tri sports folks and the care they take
193.)             for Wilmington Road Runners
194.)             for my runs through the woods and back
195.)             the internal trail around UNCW (3miles)
196.)             the external trail around UNCW (4miles)
197.)              the UNCW track
198.)             the loop at Wrightsville Beach
199.)             the two parks on the loop at WB
200.)             the Harbor Island Garden Club
201.)             the butterfly wing seat
202.)             the view of the marsh
203.)             the kayak launch under the bridge at WB
204.)             Kayaking into the reeds
205.)             Birding in my kayak
206.)             The sound of the water slushing onto the oysters at low tide while sitting out in the march in boat
207.)             The fish jumping in front of the boat as I paddle.
208.)             The anticipation of possibly seeing something in the wild while out in the boat.
209.)             The egrets
210.)             Watching blue crabs cross under the boat when the water is clear and in the shallow
211.)             Watching the reeds turn in the seasons
212.)             For the wind when its at my back
213.)             For the waves when they are pushing me forward
214.)             For boats that mind their wake
215.)             For jet skis that have mechanical failures and die a slow death!
216.)             Taking pictures of the clouds out on the intracoastal
217.)             Taking pictures of clouds anywhere, anytime!
218.)             The amazing skies in this area
219.)             The sunsets
220.)             The sunrises
221.)             The sunrise on Easter morning at the great Easter vigil!
222.)             Collecting shells and then only keeping one or two
223.)             Finding smoothing stones and bringing them to the fountain at the house
224.)             Running in sand barefoot
225.)             Feeling the sun on my face when I run
226.)             Sweating when I run
227.)             Feeling the air rush on me when I bike
228.)             Running the marks on the path in and out on my bike
229.)             Going as fast as I can on my bike like a kid
230.)             Attaching my bike to the pay to park signs at the beach!
231.)             The doggie fountains at Wrightsville beach
232.)             Walking out on the northend and seeing  forever
233.)             Our walks out onto the beach after the season has ended
234.)             The run on the loop when the tourist are here and all the people milling about
235.)             K38! J
236.)             Johnnie Mercer’s Pier
237.)             Just getting in the car and driving
238.)             Going to target together
239.)             Just watching netflix at home
240.)             Sitting and being and doing nothing else
241.)             For cooking a meal and sharing it
242.)             Driving up to Surf City
243.)             The pier at Surf City
244.)             The bookstore on South Topsail
245.)             The absolute tranquility of North Topsail
246.)             The Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Hospital
247.)             Our Turtle!
248.)             The new Hospital in Surf City!
249.)             The turtle Release
250.)             Our mini weekend at Surf City and Topsail for my Birthday!
251.)             Swimming in the ocean
252.)             The Bali House in Wilmington
253.)             The gardens in the Bali House
254.)             The screen and movies in the Bali house
255.)             Reading the buddha bootcamp in the Bali House
256.)             Watching a torrential rainstorm on the porch of the bali house, thunder and lightening everywhere and enjoying every minute!
257.)             Daddy Macs in Surf City
258.)             Going to the Shrimp Festival
259.)             Laying on the beach and just relaxing
260.)             Discovering the new launch down by ft. Fisher and crossing over.
261.)             for the Gary Shell Cross City trail
262.)             For the life of Gary Shell
263.)             For the legacy of Bruce Shell and the Bruce Shell Govt Center
264.)             For the county wellness program
265.)             For the American Heart Association
266.)             For the Cape Fear Heart Walk
267.)             For the Cape Fear Heart Ball
268.)             For being able to work with the auction for the heart ball and learn
269.)             For being free and dancing at the heart ball
270.)             For dancing at the stargell event!
271.)             For dancing period! God, I love to feel free and dance!
272.)             For Port City Java Selling Hearts for the walk
273.)             Port City Java
274.)             For feeling so appreciated at our Port City Java on Racine
275.)             For my annual heart birthday party and all who came
276.)             For the life of Windell Daniels
277.)             For the marriage and new life for Euran Daniels
278.)             For the Windell Daniels Room at Cape Fear Community College
279.)             For the Windell Daniels Scholarship at UNCW for children from public housing attending UNCW
280.)             For the Wilma Daniels Lecture Series at UNCW
281.)             For 97.3 and Sandra and Big B being at the Walk!
282.)             For WECT and Frances being at the Walk
283.)             For the life change awards!
284.)             For the sponsors of the mile markers
285.)             For the hospital sponsoring and being such a large part of this event each year
286.)             For the heart survivors!
287.)             For the Commercials and the message from Jean Cherry and her story of Survival
288.)             for the AED from New Hanover Regional Medical Center
289.)             for the life Saving skills taught by David Glendenning all over the community for CPR and AED training
290.)             for the leadership of the hospital  
291.)             for the Award won by David from the Health Care heros award!
292.)             For the Health Care Heros awards
293.)             For the health care heros nomination for Dan Johnson
294.)             For New Hanover regional medical center
295.)             For the care NHRMC gave my mother
296.)             For the nurses at NHRMC
297.)             For the rehabilitation nurses and staff at NHRMC
298.)             For the Medical Practice of Ellis Tinsley, Jr.
299.)             For the medical Practice of Dr. Agnost
300.)             For the counseling practice of Joe Kertez
301.)             For the counseling practice of Carrie Clements
302.)             For the medical practice of Lenard Edralin
303.)             For the medical practice of Ken White
304.)             For the medical practice of David Hill
305.)             For the medical practice of Christi Scott Hill
306.)             For the dental practice of Sandra Miles
307.)             For the dental practive of Coleman Burgess
308.)             For Infinity Acupuncture and Massage
309.)             For Massage Envy Mayfaire and Samuel
310.)             Protocol, Elements for Fine living
311.)             The Protocol annual sale!
312.)             For the medical practice of Wrightsville Family Practice (Will and Bart)
313.)             For the medical practice of the Chemo center on Medical Center Drive
314.)             For the staff and nurses at the Chemo Center
315.)             For the amazing work of the patient relations advocate at the surgical pavilion at NHRMC
316.)             For the practice and advocacy of Dr. McCabe
317.)             For the nurses at the dialysis unit
318.)             For the practice of Ortho Wilmington
319.)             For the practice of Wilmington Health
320.)             For the Pink Ribbon luncheon for women with breast cancer
321.)             For the red dress luncheon for women with heart disease
322.)             For the NHRMC Foundation
323.)             For the Willie Stargell Dialysis Unit at NHRMC
324.)             For the Willie Stargell Foundation
325.)             For the Willie Stargell Tournament (11!)
326.)             Driving the celebrities during the tournament
327.)             Working with an amazing group of volunteers for transportation
328.)             Listening to the stories of athletes who remember segregation and the dignity and strength they had and have..true celebrities!
329.)             Bearing witness to so much generosity and giving
330.)             Sharing in joy while celebrating the life of Willie
331.)             The leadership of Margaret and watching it continue…
332.)             Coastal Horizons Inc
333.)             The miracle of survival of for provider of Mental Health and Substance abuse services in this environment..and doing so with strength and vigor!
334.)             The Rape Crisis Center
335.)             The Youth Shelter
336.)             Sharing the holidays with the youth
337.)             Sharing dinner and time with the youth
338.)             Watching a board make a decision to seek to be the best, not to succumb to money pressures
339.)             The annual dinner
340.)             The extraordinary staff at Coastal!
341.)             Bearing witness to the longevity of work each year at the dinner
342.)             Being allowed to do the invocation at the dinner
343.)             The Carousel Center
344.)             The fierce work for children who have been abused
345.)             The work to enliven and created hope and lives for these children!
346.)             The Carousel Center Gala Show!
347.)             Doing whatever I am asked to in the show and having a ball at it! J
348.)             Having so much fun and family backstage
349.)             Creating something that the whole community can enjoy
350.)             The best team ever for the show: Randy and Brian
351.)             Knox fitness
352.)             Randy to the rescue!
353.)             Livin’ Outloud Magazine
354.)             Nancy Hall Publicaitons
355.)             The continuation of my training with Brian Knox and knox fitness
356.)             Finding the YMCA after all this time and joining
357.)             Swimming again!
358.)             Doing the invocation for the YWCA and the women of achievement event! What an honor and an event!
359.)             The Y’s capital campaign and growth for this amazing org!
360.)             The Miracle League of Wilmington
361.)             The AED given to the Miracle League by NHRMC
362.)             Gregory Construction
363.)             Camp Construction
364.)             The best interns I could ever have prayed for: Amanda, Erin, Susie! Most will never know what it is like to be a staff of one, and these women of such giving and heart filled disposition were amazing in everyway!
365.)             Listening to Allan and Rocky go at it during the build and listening to a lifetime of work and experience! It was and is a family!
366.)             Shoveling a little rock and learning from the best at how to do these things
367.)             Watching the field literally come out of the ground
368.)             Learning to project manage…even if by the seat of my..well, you know
369.)             Going from place to place and sharing the vision of inclusivity
370.)             Being about something that opens up access for all persons
371.)             Learning, stretching, and growing in ways I never would have imagined
372.)             Seeing the lights on for the first time
373.)             Seeing the electricity work for the first time
374.)             Standing on the rubber field for the first time
375.)             Watching Beau hit that first ball that envoked the beginning of wat was to come
376.)             Meeting the wrights and learning about “it starts with a voice”
377.)             Sharing the invocation for the donor appreciation
378.)             Sharing the invocation for the opening
379.)             Watching Pete do his magic
380.)             Watching the Brax arch being raised
381.)             Helping put the statue in its place
382.)             Being there with Alan when the flag was raised
383.)             Working side by side with Rocky..a truly great human being
384.)             Watching Dan fufill his dreams and then some
385.)             Seeing David roll to the top of that playground structure
386.)             Watching David hit that first ball
387.)             Listening to David share the joy of this come together
388.)             Being witness to so many sharing in making something positive happen
389.)             Buying uniforms and being excited and proud to know they would be worn each week by so many who had never had the chance before
390.)             Seeing a youngin collect equipment for the field as a senior and it pour in..thanks Sander
391.)             Mentoring seniors who wanted to make this their senior projects.
392.)             Being humbled by the power of the homerun derby by Trent Hansley
393.)             Being Humbled by the power of the Fashion show with persons with different abilities as models by the special ed group and in particular the wonder of Sarah Sniff
394.)             Being humbled by the power of Laquisha and her life and love for her sister and wanting to do a great project
395.)             Being humbled by Sammy Proloux and all she has gone through, but still focused on her project
396.)             Being witness to opening day and the teams getting to play!
397.)             For the UNCW Baseball team coming out and being buddies and yes, a couple of teared up eyes at the end of the first day…and a huge desire to keep coming back
398.)             To bear witness to watching a player fall and then the crowd rally to help him with their sheer love to get up and keep moving and by the end of the season watch him RUN to the bases
399.)             To receive the best hugs in the world from EMMA each week she came
400.)             To hear the desire to come each week from EMMIE and how she made it
401.)             To see the joy of each players face
402.)             To see the parents and the gaurdians enjoying themselves in the stands and cheering!
403.)             To mobility 101 for making those bleachers accessible
404.)             For Carolina Parks and Play for making them covered when it was too hot and a little easier to sit in when it was rainy.
405.)             For LSI and the amazing equipment that is so sound and amazing
406.)             Celebrating the road bring laid.
407.)             Being able to celebrate and announce each game each week
408.)             For the UNCW Seabelles to come each week and sing the national anthem
409.)             For the flag pole that was dedicated to Mr. Gregory and his world war   II service
410.)             For the picnic shelter that gave a place for us to do Buddy training.
411.)             For the life of Mr. McKenzie and the history that brings to the field form is days playing in the original leagues in Wilmington in the 40’s.
412.)             To the Katherine McKenzie Foundation and my kindred spirit and joy in life and getting into trouble and fun!
413.)             For Roya and Henry coming out and my favorite moment of watching Roya on the playground! Their Dugout is an amazing refuge during the game!

414.)             To Sylvia and George honoring their grandson Kyle with the field house…what a joy
415.)             For the change that mysteriously got left around the playground for children to find! J
416.)             For Unlce Louie’s Pizza lounge
417.)             For pink trash!
418.)             For the hundreds of skilled folks who donated all or portions of their skills and labors and materials to the field…and did so out of love!
419.)             For those who are responding to the debt that is left to pay.
420.)             For those who have given so generously because it changed lives!
421.)             All the employees at Brax
422.)             All the spirit cups I am drinking from now!
423.)             The time with Meg, Angie, and Ed on the field and all at PPD
424.)             The morning of the grand opening, alone on the field, and the time to just listen to what could happen
425.)             The morning of the first game play, alone on the field and time to just listen
426.)             The view from the field out into the woods and the amazing skies
427.)             The constant breezes coming over the field
428.)             The sounds of laughter on the playground
429.)             The joy on the faces as they rounded the bases
430.)             The astonishment on the faces of the volunteers
431.)             The change from awkwardness to ease with the players from the volunteers
432.)             The joy of the youth group coming out for the mid season fun under the lights!
433.)             The amazing gifts Coldwell banker
434.)             For members of city staff and county staff who went above and beyond
435.)             Shipman and Wright and all the amazing work they do and all the good they bring to the world around us!
436.)             Shipman designs!
437.)             Danny Dahl investments and financials! Talk about a UNCW success with heart
438.)             Solar Hair and all the good and support they bring and do!
439.)             Head to Toe Day spa!
440.)             For the volunteers each week
441.)             For the NHRMC rehabilitation hospital bake sale
442.)             For the UNCW Softball team
443.)             For the Hoggard EC Buddies
444.)             For the Ashley volunteers
445.)             For Delta Zeta
446.)             For the leadership group and their amazing love
447.)             For the Delta Zeta fundraiser
448.)             For the amazing pitchers
449.)             For the official umpires who donated their time!
450.)             For the city who let us have a pa system
451.)             the doggie stations form Karma
452.)             the sculpture from the Enrichment Center in Winston
453.)             The enrichment center itself..what a vision for ALL communities of inclusion and purpose!
454.)             The love of Joanne and the info kiosk that Jim did from Intracoastal
455.)             The Nixons and the heart of pure gold that is Kathryn
456.)             Legends of Tennis at Landfall
457.)             The Legends committee
458.)             The entire staff at the sport center at Landfall
459.)             Getting to meet the amazing new friend who played at wimbledon
460.)             The awesome staff at Landfall period
461.)             Getting to meet monica celles
462.)             Getting to watch that amazing tennis
463.)             The leadership of Williams Mullens
464.)             The leadership of BB&T
465.)             Getting to play some tennis with Barb
466.)             Printworks and the amazing staff there!
467.)             Coming in and being loved by two dogs that are the best!
468.)             Digital Print Imaging, DPI!
469.)             The Wilmington Business Journal
470.)             Going to the Wilmington Biz Expo
471.)             The Wilma Expo
472.)             Having acupuncture done on Homer at the Expo! J
473.)             Focus on the Coast
474.)             WB Magazine
475.)             Wilmington Magazine
476.)             Edge of the Carolinas
477.)             Encore
478.)             Men Ink
479.)             Star News
480.)             Randy on WWAY
481.)             The Weather from Colin
482.)             Frans Fans
483.)             Frances and all the MCing she does throughout the year! (and all the gowns!)
484.)             WECT news
485.)             Port city daily news!
486.)             Portcity radio with Aimme and Jt. Mckvicker
487.)             Being given a voice on the radio to interview and share others’ ideas and solutions for Hometown Solutions!
488.)             The best producer ever, JT!
489.)             Sharing the show with Ashley!
490.)             Sharing events and what is going on in the region
491.)             Learning so much about others by doing the show!
492.)             Healing from this station and the past
493.)             FOZ!!!
494.)             WILM’s community outreach
495.)             Beau Gunn’s Concerts at Greenfield Lake
496.)             The Penguin
497.)             The Bone
498.)             Bach Radio
499.)             The voice of Jemilla Erickson!
500.)             Midday café
501.)             WHQR
502.)             Prairie home companion
503.)             SALT Magazine
504.)             Wilmington Faith and Values
505.)             The writing of Amanda Greene Irwin
506.)             The writing of Celia Rivenbark
507.)             Celia’s gift…..
508.)             Lunch with an author
509.)             McColl and Associates/Flash promotions
510.)             The writing of Clyde Edgerton
511.)             The writing of Daniel Nathan Terry
512.)             The writing of Kathy Bundy
513.)             Books on Old Front Street
514.)             The advocacy and outreach of Books on Old Front
515.)             The Art features at Books on Old Front
516.)             The new bar at Books on Old Front
517.)             The Full Belly Project
518.)             The new soap factories and self sustaining system developed by the Full Belly
519.)             The new PBS show launching nationwide with Jock Brandis and the full Belly!
520.)             The art and photography of Adam Alphin
521.)             New Hanover County Public Health Department
522.)             The Cape Fear Health Net
523.)             The Cape Fear Clinic
524.)             The board of the Cape Fear Clinic
525.)             The breakfast at the city club for the cape fear clinic with Theater Now!
526.)             The dinner with friends for the cape fear clinic
527.)             The work to serve all people regardless of the ability to pay at the cape fear clinic
528.)             The expanded dental services at the Cape Fear clinic
529.)             Wilmington Health being the areas ACO
530.)             The Eshleman foundation
531.)             The Cape Fear Memorial Foundation
532.)             New Hanover Community Foundation
533.)             Landfall Foundation
534.)             Landfall Holiday Market Place
535.)             Adopt and Angel
536.)             Paws for People
537.)             Carolina Canines
538.)             The Fur Ball
539.)             Brunswick County Animal Control
540.)             New Hanover County Animal Control
541.)             The NHC Sherriff’s Department
542.)             The NHC Sherriff
543.)             Wilmington Police Department
544.)             The response to gang violence, now, in the police department
545.)             The staff at WHA and the response to the violence to protect and serve the residents
546.)             More people being aware of the issues and being responsive
547.)             The leadership over special education in the schools in NHC
548.)             Special education teachers in NHC
549.)             Teachers in NHC
550.)             For the service to our country of Mark Mazzone
551.)             For the service to our country of Doug Long
552.)             For the service to our country of Michael Ankrum
553.)             For all who serve and have served
554.)             Wilmington Health Access for teens
555.)             The board of Wilmington Health Access for teens
556.)             The staff and leadership of Wilmington Health Access for Teens
557.)             The site based health centers in the high schools for our youth.
558.)             The picnic with a purpose
559.)             The lovely “gratitude” plaque I cherish
560.)             The patient emergency fund that was established that kept a family in a home.
561.)             The responsiveness of WHAT to all youth at all times.
562.)             Accessible recreation day at UNCW
563.)             Seeing ability in all
564.)             Learning to help each person reach what ability he or she has (hmmmm..sounds familiar)
565.)             Finding an advocacy for life
566.)             Not knowing..but being available for…the future
567.)             Learning how to hit a ball from a wheelchair
568.)             a little empathy and then empathy
569.)             Playing cornhole
570.)              Hitting in the homerun derby and hitting 10 for 10…no homeruns, but I hit the ball! J
571.)             just sitting back and witnessing all of this
572.)             being able to share the good regularly
573.)             being able to share the positive when there is so much contrary to it
574.)             being able to find perspective, not avoidance
575.)             being able to see more and more when it is about me and when it is not
576.)             learning to just do what I can
577.)             watching the homerun derby play all day even through the rain
578.)             watching the entire hansley family pitch in, even with cousins to help with the senior project, but moreover to raise money for the miracle league
579.)             watching the community come out and support this amazing event for the homerun derby!
580.)             The hospice festival of trees
581.)             The lovely tree for Miracle League sponsored by Schaeffer BMW
582.)             The beautiful installation of the watercolor doves outside the door to the entrance of the festival of trees
583.)             Meeting the spiritual friends for the tree next to us and dedicating butterflies to heaven for those we lost
584.)             Spending time with my spirtual sister and friend heather decorating my tree….love this woman!
585.)             Spending time with my former neighbor and love, Meredith the same day!
586.)             Sharing our jax with her and listening intently to her advice!
587.)             Just enjoying our time together
588.)             Embracing the truth that we may come and go, but we are all connected. That warmth is there when we close our eyes and receive it.
589.)             Time to go through some pictures and make some gifts for the holidays
590.)             For the silent auctions at events for gift giving! J
591.)             What income I do have (as I get a little freaked out some times)
592.)             For the new smile I received this year
593.)             For being able to get back on track when I get off it!
594.)             Drexchel painting
595.)             TJ Drexchel Photography
596.)             Chili potatoes from Jason’s Deli
597.)             The heart walk kick off at Hops Supply company
598.)             The heart walk top walker awards
599.)             Polo fundido at Lacosta
600.)             Steak fajitas at el cerro
601.)             Starnewsonline app
602.)             Wect online app
603.)             Wect online weater app
604.)             Our weather radio warning system
605.)             The wind before a storm
606.)             The smell of rain in the summer
607.)             Light rain during a run
608.)             Costco buffett J
609.)             The sam’s employee appreciation for disability awareness month
610.)             For the I spy and all who have started to become more aware to recognize others
611.)             Mother and harolds garden
612.)             Harolds pictures
613.)             Mom’s circle of friends
614.)             Mom’s facebook advocacy
615.)             Mom’s fierce postings
616.)             Harold being on facebook and his postings
617.)             Leanne and I being friends on facebook
618.)             Me being friends will so many of my family on facebook and staying in contact
619.)             Touring dorothy b Johnson pre k
620.)             The amazing facility for all children for head start
621.)             Head start being preserved for now
622.)             The advocacy parenting group for children with special needs
623.)             the osprey rangers
624.)             the dye creek capital d-backs
625.)             the NHRMC Rehab As
626.)             the Knox Clinic league sponsors
627.)             the First Federal Concession stand
628.)             the Hwy 55/Andy’s On Deck Circle
629.)             HWY 55 on Gordon Road
630.)             Ruth Arnold Graphic Signs
631.)             Every Brick that means so much to so many
632.)             Laying those bricks to precisely with Alan and with such care and love
633.)             Sealing that building with Michael and Dan and J. Ross
634.)             Carrying those bags on concrete mix
635.)             Swininging on those swings for the first time
636.)             Swaying on the sway machine for the first time
637.)             Seeing Maggie and bonnie step onto the field and toss out the ball
638.)             Sharing a hug with each of them
639.)             So many tears of joy
640.)             The fort fisher aquarium
641.)             The eel room and the peace there
642.)             The big tanks
643.)             The new turtle in the big tank!
644.)             The gardens surrounding the aquarium
645.)             The WARM event at the aquarium
646.)             The new playground, accessible, at the aquarium
647.)             The outdoor art at the aquarium at fort fisher
648.)             The new park at Kure beach
649.)             The pier at kure beach
650.)             No longer being afraid to walk out on the pier…any pier
651.)             Kure beach
652.)             Not paying to park at kure beach
653.)             Not paying to park at fort fisher
654.)             The beach at fort fisher
655.)             The northern end of Wrightsville beach
656.)             Greenfield lake
657.)             The paddle boats on Greenfield lake
658.)             The cypress knees on Greenfield lake
659.)             The little shooter desserts at Brassiere
660.)             Boca bay brunch
661.)             The events for the good of our community and the world of Steve and Louise
662.)             The amazing awareness raising for carousel at Kathy’s
663.)             The marriage of trip and Amanda
664.)             Being able to speak to the uni classes on volunteering
665.)             Being able to speak to the civitan club
666.)             Being able to speak to the Wilmington rotary
667.)             Being able to speak to the Wilmington rotary west
668.)             Being able to speak to the Wilmington rotary east
669.)             Being able to speak to the lion’s club
670.)             Being able to speak before the Power breakfast
671.)             The power breakfast series
672.)             Being invited to sit with sponsors for the power breakfast series
673.)             The amazing speakers at the power breakfast
674.)             The relationship with so many in the business community
675.)             The opportunities to make a difference
676.)             The creation of partnerships for new ways to help people
677.)             To be a witness to new relationships and means to grow opportunities
678.)             To see so much change
679.)             To see this community grow
680.)             To see physical spaces created
681.)             To see trees and landscapes become more vibrant
682.)             To see buildings erected and be more prominent
683.)             To see constant improvements being made
684.)             To see people investing in helping others when deterioration is occurring
685.)             To see some infrastructure coming in where none had exsisted
686.)             Seeing a park come to the 1998 annexation area
687.)             To see the sunset as I come up eastwood road
688.)             To have a means to capture events as they happen and share them
689.)             To have facetime with friends who are far away
690.)             To be able to share where they are and what is going on with facetime
691.)             To be able bodied for the most part on most days! J
692.)             For a heated mattress pad!
693.)             For biofreeze
694.)             For my blue crystal
695.)             For places to store some things so we are not overwhelmed
696.)             For knowing when enough is enough
697.)             For learning more and more to stop and not go to far
698.)             For seeing the beauty in what is and not what was or will be
699.)             For a simple touch
700.)             For never trading or giving in
701.)             For realizing that what I have is more blessed than any temptation could ever bring
702.)             For knowing that I am more blessed than I deserve, but deserving blessings just like anyone else
703.)             For knowing that it is a verb and require action each and every day
704.)             For realizing that I am on borrowed time
705.)             For knowing that it is NOT about me
706.)             For knowing that, and understading that I cannot do it alone
707.)             To do the footwork and leave the rest to God of my understanding
708.)             For knowing that each person either blesses or teaches me.
709.)             Lower Cape Fear Hospice and Life Care Center
710.)             The labyrinth at Lower Cape Fear Hospice
711.)             Liberty Homecare and Hospice
712.)             The help when I needed it for my family from Liberty
713.)             The promise that Carolina farmin is just relocating! J
714.)             The Veterinary practice of Dr.Resnick
715.)             The wonderful way our valpone and circe where handled at the end
716.)             The love and care they received
717.)             Southern metals and recycling and all they do for the community!
718.)             The Parks, Gardens and Seniors Department with County
719.)             The Media Services with the county
720.)             The Human Resources Department with the county
721.)             The riverwalk
722.)             Sunset over the battleship
723.)             The Cape Fear River
724.)             The kayak launch on the river by the memorial bridge
725.)             The shops on the riverwalk
726.)             The city club rooms at the de rossett house
727.)             The view from the cupola at the top of house at de rossett
728.)             The stained glass windows at first pres
729.)             The temple downtown
730.)             The inside of the temple on 23rd
731.)             The basement and tree of life in the temple downtown
732.)             The Masonic ceiling in the children’s museum
733.)             The history of the buildings in the children’s museum
734.)             The Hannah block arts center
735.)             The beautiful room in the Hannah block center
736.)             Thalian hall back stage
737.)             The city hall chambers in thalian
738.)             The chambers in the county building
739.)             The 1898 memorial
740.)             The renovated new Brooklyn homes
741.)             The convention center
742.)             The view of the river from the convention center
743.)             The main expo hall
744.)             The ball room at the convention center
745.)             The park space at the convention center
746.)             The ped. Art around downtown
747.)             The fly trap at the foot of market
748.)             Sundown concerts in front of the federal building
749.)             The view from level five
750.)             City stage
751.)             The basics
752.)             Chops deli
753.)             The new design to third street
754.)             View down third of thaliana, the county buidlings and the steeples
755.)             The little gardens around downtown
756.)             Jester’s java on castle
757.)             The castle antique district
758.)             Michael moore antiques
759.)             The firehouse on fifth and castle and all the good that comes out of there
760.)             Dram tree park
761.)             Halyburton park
762.)             The circular run through Halyburton
763.)             The bird of prey exhibition Halyburton
764.)             Perry’s emporium
765.)             Breakfast at K and W!
766.)             Shell island resort guest bartending nights for non profits
767.)             Association of fundraising professionals
768.)             AFP monthly meetings
769.)             National Philanthropy Day Breakfast and Awards
770.)             The board of AFP
771.)             Chad Porter financial
772.)             Chad Porter Motivational Speaking
773.)             Having Chad as the keynote at NPD this year
774.)             A Boxed event
775.)             A Boxed event’s flowers given for the NPD event this year! Lovely!
776.)             For Vanessa Martinnens marketing firm Marketuer
777.)             For Jenna Curry’s marketing firm “little wing marketing”
778.)             For Clove Marketing
779.)              Wilmington West Rotary
780.)             the Shade structure sponsored by Wilmington West Rotary
781.)             Wilmington Central Rotary
782.)             The sign at the Miracle Field from the Wilmington Central rotary
783.)             The checks to local non profits from the Central Rotary
784.)             The central rotary golf tournament
785.)             the central rotary bell ringing
786.)             the central rotary bbq fundraiser
787.)             Wilmington rotary!
788.)             The tree lighting at the World’s Largest Rotary wheel
789.)             Riding on the back of the fire truck as santa! J
790.)             Being escorted to my chair by the children and listening to what they want for Christmas!
791.)             The beautiful tree at the park and its lighting
792.)             Being a judge for the annual Christmas Parade for the City of Wilmington each year!
793.)             The llamas in the parade!
794.)             The awesome rescue hounds in the parade each year
795.)             The beautiful floats done by community groups!
796.)             The boys and girls club step club
797.)             Sitting and enjoy hot chocolate and watching it all go by
798.)             Seeing all the families and friends enjoying the holiday tradition each year
799.)             The amazing job the city does each year to make the parade special
800.)             The City of Wilmington Parks and Recreation Dept.
801.)             Special Olympics
802.)             Civitans of Wilmington
803.)             The polar plunge
804.)             Plunging with Craig and Tammy!
805.)             The spring games at UNCW and the amazing numbers at the track!
806.)             The MLK center
807.)             Pickleball
808.)             Cape Fear Soccer
809.)             Cape Fear Soccer Top Soccer
810.)             Hotwheels Hockey
811.)             Hotwheels Hockey playing at the miracle field
812.)             The Maides Center
813.)             Fit for fun
814.)             The fields at Olsen Park
815.)             The development of the park at inland greens!
816.)             The installation of trail along randall parkway
817.)             The new widening of Randall parkway
818.)             The sidewalks and bikepath along randall parkway
819.)             Four seasons trophy shop
820.)             The photography of Tim Smith
821.)             The gift of medals and inscribed plates to the miracle field from Four seasons
822.)             The installation of cameras to catch fly trap thieves
823.)             The flytrap frolic
824.)             The Rehder preserve behind alderman
825.)             The amazing flytraps in that area
826.)             Coastal Landtrust
827.)             The preservation of so much land through the landtrust
828.)             The preservation of the alderman property
829.)             The amazing infrastructure along the walks in the preserve
830.)             The paths in the woods around UNCW
831.)             Sun shaded in the woods on runs in the woods around UNCW
832.)             The the trail along rose avenue and the wooden bridges
833.)             The little hills on the trail through Autumn hall
834.)             The interchange on eastwood and military cutoff
835.)             The new interchange going in on market and randall
836.)             The smiles and hellos from other runners and bikers
837.)             The families out on their walks together
838.)             The folks going to and from work on the trail
839.)             Having jax to go with me on walks to these places now
840.)             The walks with jax
841.)             The playtime with jax
842.)             Running the bases at the field with jax
843.)             Seeing jax at the beach for the first time
844.)             Seeing how different we are as “parents” with jax and how great that is…I am definitely the one that is gonna get the kid in trouble! J
845.)             Playing tug of way with jax and his rainbow rope
846.)             Airlie Gardens
847.)             The Garden Party for the azalea festival
848.)             Enchanted airlie
849.)             The airlie oyster roast
850.)             The pier out onto the marsh
851.)             The new places to sit along the pond in the garden
852.)             The spring garden in full bloom
853.)             The camelias in the winter
854.)             The swanns on the pond
855.)             The walking trails around the garden
856.)             The accessible buses for those who cannot walk long distances
857.)             The Minnie evans bottle house
858.)             The sculptures in the Minnie evans garden
859.)             The azalea festival sculpture on the marsh
860.)             The airlie oak
861.)             The moss from the trees
862.)             The arboretum
863.)             The tea house at the arboretum
864.)             Meeting as AFP at the arboretum each month
865.)             The master gardening classes at the Arboretum
866.)             The ability garden at the Arboretum
867.)             The ability garden vehicle and outreach
868.)             Art in the arboretum
869.)             The arboretum plant sale each year
870.)             The art of Virginia Wright Frierson
871.)             The art of Andy Cobb
872.)             The Art of Sully Anlyan
873.)             The art of Fritzi Huber
874.)             The art of Evalyn Boyd
875.)             The art of Liz Hosier
876.)             The art of Ben Billingsley
877.)             The Art of Joel Berquist
878.)             The art of Fritz Kapraun
879.)             The photography of John Sakel
880.)             The art of Bates Toone
881.)             The landfall foundation art show
882.)             The art of Margie Worthington
883.)             The teaching of art of Margie Worthington
884.)             The art of Michael Van Hout
885.)             Dreams Art Center
886.)             The dreams art and education center gala
887.)             The gallery at the arts council on front street
888.)             The art of photography of Kenny Barnes
889.)             The Men of the Cape Fear inaugural group
890.)             Women of hope
891.)             Peyton being the angel for the calendar for the Women of Hope calendar!
892.)             My portrait done by Kenny Barnes
893.)             The art of Kira Van Sickle
894.)             The art  and life of
895.)             The art of David Norris
896.)             Cousin David’s Show at the WHQR Gallery!
897.)             The McErny Gallery at WHQR
898.)             The art of Harry Davis
899.)             The art of Wexler
900.)             The art of Ivey Hayes and his legacy
901.)             The art of Ned Irvine
902.)             The art of MJ Cunningham
903.)             The art of Hiroshi
904.)             The art of Jim Downey
905.)             The Art of Bruchetta Glass
906.)             The photography of Jeff Janowski
907.)             The photography of Lori Harris
908.)             The Photography of Dana Fisher
909.)             Moreover, the pictures that Dana takes and shares
910.)             The Photography of John Davis
911.)             The Photography of Stacey Adkins
912.)             The Photography of Biasi
913.)             Facebook!
914.)             The photography of Harold Hodges
915.)             The Photography of Mark Steelman
916.)             The photography of alan cradick
917.)             The photography of Jaime Moncreif and all that he did for so many!
918.)             The photography of Brownie Harris
919.)             Blue Moon Art Gallery
920.)             The boseman gallery at UNCW
921.)             The art of anne boseman
922.)             The AIDS quilt at UNCW that we created and mother quilted
923.)             Boseman field at UNCW
924.)             Boseman’s sporting goods
925.)             Acme Art Center
926.)             The Art Council of New Hanover County
927.)             The life and legacy of Bruce Cameron
928.)             My time with Mr. Bruce, listening to his stories about walking and playing in the woods around what is not the old PPD building and that whole area.  
929.)             The CAM
930.)             The CAM gift shop
931.)             The CAM and American Impressionism (not to be missed!)
932.)             The whirly gig on the property
933.)             The Pancoe clay studio
934.)             Learning about the story behind the naming of the clay studio this year and the amazing humility and hear of walter and beth
935.)             The Wilma Daniels Art Gallery
936.)             The opening of the gallery
937.)             The musical talents of Susan savia
938.)             The music of L Shaped Lot!
939.)             The music of Duke Ladd
940.)             The music of the four knights
941.)             The music of sleeping booty
942.)             The music of my favorite party band, Jack Jack 180
943.)             The singing talents of Grendaldo Frazier
944.)             Grenaldo Frazier at the MLK Celebration at City Hall
945.)             The MLK Celebration at City Hall
946.)             The NAACP of New Hanover County
947.)             The music of the Church of the servant Choir
948.)             The Music of Jennifer Sugarik
949.)             The music of the Wilmington Celebration Choir
950.)             The music of the Wilmington Chamber Music
951.)             The salon at for Chamber Wilmington and Cyndi and Ronnie’s
952.)             Wilmington Symphony Orchestra
953.)             The Wilmington Symphony Youth Orchestra
954.)             The Wilmington Girls Choir
955.)             Organ at Church of the servant
956.)             Church of the servant
957.)             Christmas at Church of the Servant
958.)             The bargain box of Wilmington
959.)             The outreach of Church of the servant
960.)             The love from Church of the servant
961.)             The message from church of the servant
962.)             The sermons on line from Church of the servant
963.)             The art at Church of the servant
964.)             The installation of the window at church of the servant
965.)             The labyrinth at Church of the servant
966.)             The people….at COS
967.)             Officiating at Weddings
968.)             The wedding of the shells, david and nikki
969.)             Being at fort fisher to officiate
970.)             Sharing time at Bruce’s and family to celebrate the wedding
971.)             Planned Parenthood of New Hanover County
972.)             The Hibiscus Luncheon
973.)             The blockade runner and resort
974.)             Hilton garden inn and Marriott courtyard
975.)             The beer fest with RA Jeffries Supporting the Heart Association
976.)             RA Jeffries
977.)             Homewood Suites
978.)             Torri Bell
979.)             The new Audi store from AJ and Courtney
980.)             Cape Fear Landrover step and repeats at events
981.)             Courtney Aliah’s photography
982.)             ACES Tennis
983.)             The teaching and skill of Charlie Owens
984.)             The Fisherman’s wife
985.)             The writing of Nan Graham
986.)             The commentaries of Nan Graham
987.)             the writing of Si Cantwell
988.)             the writing of Caroline Curran
989.)             the garden mastery of tracey mccullen
990.)             the azalea festival garden tour
991.)             figure eight island
992.)             masonboro island
993.)             the solitude on masonboro island
994.)             the birds on masonboro
995.)             the white, crystal beach on masonboro
996.)             the turtle nests on masonboro
997.)             the launch from trails end over to masonboro
998.)             the encounter in landfall with the osprey this year
999.)             my new weights set in the house
1000.)          the new weight bench
1001.)          the trx hung properly on the ceiling
1002.)          the workout matts for the floor
1003.)          the boxing bag ready to be used
1004.)          getting my chairs fixed
1005.)          cleaning out things we don’t use
1006.)          giving away things we don’t need
1007.)          selling things we don’t need
1008.)          the new baby coming into the world with aubrie
1009.)          the new baby coming into the world with leigh
1010.)          watching youngins I love have their babies growing up
1011.)          those who foster and care for all children
1012.)          UCP of the cape fear
1013.)          The UCP Glow run
1014.)          The UCP day care center and the inclusive play and growing together
1015.)          the UCP walk
1016.)          the NAAMI walk
1017.)          NAAMI of the cape fear
1018.)          Coastal care
1019.)          The coastal care grand opening and resource fair
1020.)          Coastal care community outreach
1021.)          Coastal care taking over the old time warner building
1022.)          All those who serve to educate, treat, and raise awareness about mental illness
1023.)          Literacy council of the Cape Fear
1024.)          The leadership of the literacy council
1025.)          Communities in schools
1026.)          First federal bank
1027.)          First federal sponsorship of so many non profit events
1028.)          Live Oak bank
1029.)          Live oak leadership and model for operating a corporate company
1030.)          First citizens bank
1031.)          Leadership wilmington alumni
1032.)          Leadership Wilmington karl davis award
1033.)          Leadership Wilmington new class each year
1034.)          Hands on Wilmington
1035.)          North Brunswick chamber
1036.)          Brunswick community college
1037.)          Odell Williamson auditorium
1038.)          Brookgreen gardens
1039.)          Our trip to spend the day in brookgreen and time with the sculptures
1040.)          Krispy kreme pumpkin donut time
1041.)          Wrapping up under the comforter
1042.)          Having more pillows than the law should allow
1043.)          Spending days off reading in bed
1044.)          Watching sitcoms and just vegging from time to time
1045.)          Allowing for space to just not do anything
1046.)          Surrounding us at home with photos of those we love
1047.)          Parkway Volvo
1048.)          The amazing service at parkway and the gift that is its owner
1049.)          Getting likes on facebook from people I miss and remembering they are still in my life
1050.)          Seeing students from past years getting married and moving on and being able to see it on facebook
1051.)          For the marriage of kim this year
1052.)          For the success of Russell and his child
1053.)          For the relationship of peter
1054.)          For the child of Jennifer
1055.)          For the practice of Dr.Egg! and what an amazing woman you continue to be
1056.)          For the success of Bruce Cavanaugh and grateful to see you back and continuing…for someone who did so much, so many blessings await.
1057.)          For the success of James in Raleigh and the center
1058.)          For the success of Ian and Brad
1059.)          For the success of Nigel
1060.)          For the amazing life and the new grandchild of Karl
1061.)          For the wonderful relationship and beautiful dogs of Patrick
1062.)          For the hope of a new heart and such a beautiful home for John and his partner
1063.)          For the healing that is coming to Daniel
1064.)          For all the things, happenings, and ways that because of facebook, we can share and stay connected
1065.)          those in the community who understand the gospel of inclusion
1066.)          1st Presbyterian
1067.)          universalist unitarians of Wilmington
1068.)          Unity of Wilmington
1069.)          St. James Episcopal
1070.)          St. Andrews on the Sound
1071.)          1st Baptist of Wilmington
1072.)          the message of Reverend Henry at Macedonia
1073.)          St. Jude’s MCC
1074.)          The Frank Harr Foundation
1075.)          The boseman tenhuisen scholarship at UNCW
1076.)          The thad dankel mathematics scholarship at UNCW
1077.)          The Nancy Phelps Hodges-Martha Stines Freeze Scholarship at CFCC
1078.)          The Betsy Irwin Scholarship at UNCW
1079.)          The L.S. Dean Jr. Scholarship at UNCW
1080.)          The Ada Zola King Dean Nursing Scholarship at UNCW
1081.)          The Kate Bruce-Diane Levy Honors Scholarship
1082.)          The John Myers Art Scholarship
1083.)          The Honors Scholars program at UNCW
1084.)          The Cameron School of Business
1085.)          The Cameron Executive Network at UNCW
1086.)          The rec therapy program at UNCW
1087.)          The Special ed program at UNCW
1088.)          The nursing program at uncw
1089.)          The new union station at CFCC
1090.)          The balcony at union station looking over the river
1091.)          The new classrooms for CFCC students
1092.)          The wedding of Frank and Linwood after 30 years
1093.)          the reception at union station
1094.)          the band at the reception!
1095.)          Bangz hair salon!
1096.)          The staff at Bangz
1097.)          The wedding of Kathy and Christi
1098.)          Pine Valley Market
1099.)          The Pine Valley Market Giving on Fridays for Miracle League
1100.)          The Pine Valley Market Giving on Fridays for Heart Association
1101.)          The pine valley market staff
1102.)          The first annual Fall Garden Party at Greenfield Lake at the Rotary wheel
1103.)          L-Shaped Lot playing in the grandstand
1104.)          The epicurean event for the Methodist home for children
1105.)          The Methodist home for children
1106.)          Being a foodie for the epicurean event
1107.)          All the vendors for the event for the Methodist home
1108.)          The convention center winning the copper kettle
1109.)          Pine valley market getting best entrée’
1110.)          All the children served through foster homes because of Methodist home
1111.)          The boys home at Lake waccamaw
1112.)          The rotary cottage at Lake waccamaw
1113.)          DSS here in new hanover county
1114.)          The Wilmington Firefighters Memorial
1115.)          The 911 Memorial in the middle
1116.)          Empie Park Dog Park
1117.)          The ivy cottage (although this a dangerous place for me! )
1118.)          The plant place
1119.)          Zone 8
1120.)          Alpha graphics
1121.)          Petco
1122.)          Aunt kerry’s pet shop
1123.)          Goodness Gracie’s (everything they do! )
1124.)          The money to expand the boardwalk in Carolina Beach came through
1125.)          Ruth’s kitchen
1126.)          Chicken Pastry Wednesday at Ruth’s Kitchen
1127.)          Fuzzy peach on racine!
1128.)          Regular sugar free selection at fuzzy peach
1129.)          Friday’s at Nikki’s on racine
1130.)          Best angel roll and super crunch for cheap!
1131.)          Nikki’s letting us use the bar for fundraiser for healthcare costs
1132.)          People responding to the needs of others
1133.)          Seeing the best in people when there are needs
1134.)          Wilmington Housing Authority
1135.)          The continuation of the HOPWA contract
1136.)          The move through the difficulty
1137.)          The call to respond during the violence
1138.)          The staff of the WHA, particularly the interim CEO
1139.)          The head of Section eight and the section eight department
1140.)          The movement on providing more affordable housing
1141.)          The youth build program
1142.)          The renovation of Eastbrook
1143.)          Wilmington Interfaith Hospitality Network
1144.)          Amazing sponsor event for the gala
1145.)          The WHIN Gala
1146.)          The safety and shelter the network provides for families
1147.)          The churches that provide shelter through WHIN
1148.)           The churches that provide support through WHIN for Families
1149.)          Good Sheppard Ministries
1150.)          The Good Sheppard Soup Kitchen and Shelter
1151.)          The Good Sheppard 30th Anniversary
1152.)          The masquerade ball for Good Sheppard
1153.)          The table company at the good Sheppard ball! J
1154.)          The table company at stargell this year
1155.)          Reading my morning meditations on my iphone in an app!
1156.)          My iphone
1157.)          Having an iphone
1158.)          The icalendar
1159.)          Itunes
1160.)          Itune radio
1161.)          Ebay..yep, it is a problem sometimes, but is has saved me a lot of  money!
1162.)          Each person who has not given up on me as I raised money for causes that I care about
1163.)          For those who get that giving is more important than getting
1164.)          The understanding that it is what we do, not what we have
1165.)          The lunch brought for closing day of the league by Sczheuan 132
1166.)          The amazing pizza brought out by uncle Louie’s’
1167.)          The best lasagna in town at uncle Louie’s
1168.)          Encore best of awards
1169.)          Deb church’s blog
1170.)          The catering of pine valley market
1171.)          Fresh market
1172.)          The Good Friend luncheon
1173.)          Being santa at the good friend luncheon
1174.)          Watching this powerhouse of over 700 women collect money and give to the community to help in so many way at good friends!
1175.)          Leading the singing at good friends for all the santas
1176.)          Planting pansies in the pots outside and seeing Michael smile
1177.)          Planting the trees mother and Harold bought in honor of Circe and Valpone
1178.)          Enjoying the pumpkins and fall flowers each day coming home
1179.)          Decorating the house at Christmas
1180.)          Decorating the kitchen with all the cheesy santas
1181.)          Watching Michael enjoy all his fiber optic lights and his special tree
1182.)          Loving each nativity in the collection as each symbolizes the coming of hope, salvation and joy!
1183.)          Dreading putting up the tree and all the parts and ornaments
1184.)          Then once up, loving it every minute and not wanting to go away from it.
1185.)          each year coming up with something to give to people and make.
1186.)          Pulling out the crystals and remembering each year that they were bought
1187.)          Pulling out the ornaments from the very first year we were married
1188.)          cards from people all over
1189.)          that station in town that turns its entire format to Christmas music! I Live for it!
1190.)           the smell of cider and cinnamon
1191.)          the hope of mother’s apple cake
1192.)          And sending cards
1193.)          Hanging the annunciation print that Virginia did…and I cherish!
1194.)          Pulling out the Belkie bear we had on our first Christmas
1195.)          Disability resource center
1196.)          The DRC breakfast and fundraiser
1197.)          The New Hanover County Disability Resource Commission
1198.)          The providers in the area for those with disabilities
1199.)          Lindley college
1200.)          Exceptional parents network!
1201.)          Cape Fear Group Homes
1202.)          Bayada
1203.)          The Disability advocacy of the Rape Crisis center
1204.)          The accessibility of the YMCA
1205.)          The widening knowledge and advocacy for what accessibility means
1206.)          Understanding what universal accessibility means
1207.)          Accessibility at Thalian Hall
1208.)          Thalian Hall
1209.)          Thalian Association
1210.)          Big Dawg Productions
1211.)          The red barn theater
1212.)          The amazing Theater NOW! And all they do all the time!
1213.)          The life and legacy of Betty Cameron
1214.)          The Betty Cameron Children’s Hospital
1215.)          The fierce advocacy for all civil rights, color and sexual orientation from Miss Betty. What an power of example!
1216.)          The lgbt center at UNCW
1217.)          The life and legacy of Robert West
1218.)          Remembering Robert on the river kayaking
1219.)          Knowing such a fierce and unwavering advocate for human rights like Robert west
1220.)          Working films
1221.)          Cucalorus Film Festival
1222.)          The showcase for such amazing film
1223.)          The art of Dan Brawley
1224.)          The leadership of Dan Brawley
1225.)          Knowing what a cucalorus is! J finally
1226.)          The Wilmington Film Commission
1227.)          The film community here in Wilmington
1228.)          To get to know some of the sleepy hollow folks
1229.)          The stories this year with Harvey Glance
1230.)          To take away “you can’t out give God”
1231.)          To get to meet Kirani James  and to know that is about giving back that is the most important even to him
1232.)          To hear the stories of personal triumph facing racism and segregation and be humbled by it all
1233.)          Never taking for granted the sacredness of the revelantion of the gift or witness of relationships
1234.)          Each time I am witness to a secret
1235.)          Each time I am witness to a tear
1236.)          Each time I am witness to an indiscretion
1237.)          Each time I am witness to someone’s weakness
1238.)          Each time I am witness to someone’s strength
1239.)          Each time I am witness to someone’s trust
1240.)          Each times I am given someone’s love
1241.)          Each time I am given someone’s affection
1242.)          Each time I am given someone’s care
1243.)          Each time I am given someone’s concern
1244.)          Each time I am given someone’s anger
1245.)          Each time I am given someone’s desire
1246.)          Each time I am given someone’s vulnerability
1247.)          To be able to share in return my vulnerability
1248.)          To share my anger
1249.)          To share my concern
1250.)          To share my care
1251.)          To share my love
1252.)          To share my desire
1253.)          To share my imperfections
1254.)          To be able to to admit when I am wrong, promptly
1255.)          Wealth Coach of North Carolina
1256.)          The Wealth Coach Planned giving luncheon
1257.)          Envision Mortgage
1258.)          Alpha Mortgage
1259.)          The Envision Mortgage Newsletter and all the features they do for Community groups
1260.)          Suntrust bank
1261.)          Good Friends rental assistance
1262.)          My former colleagues at UNCW
1263.)          The big seahawk sculpture at the front of campus
1264.)          The art of dumay Gorham
1265.)          The seahawk in front of warwick
1266.)          The bell tower that shane Fernando raised
1267.)          The arch on campus by Leutze hall
1268.)          Chancellor’s walk
1269.)          The amazing rug on the fourth floor of McNeill Hall
1270.)          The gallery of oriental rugs
1271.)          The awesome things that the gallery of oriental rugs does in the community through the nasseri family
1272.)          The amazing atrium in the school of nursing
1273.)          The uncw baseball team
1274.)          The uncw baseball stadium
1275.)          Watching uncw baseball
1276.)          Eating a hotdog and peanuts while watching baseball
1277.)          Being offered to be a coach for the day!
1278.)          The new look to boseman field
1279.)          Southeastern center for community change
1280.)          Community gardening
1281.)          Knowing where to buy fresh collards!
1282.)          Nourish North Carolina
1283.)          Boxing up food for children to take home on the weekends to have food to eat
1284.)          the amazing board and leadership of Nourish NC
1285.)          watching the process of so many people working in tandem to box the food
1286.)          to see everyone unified to make it happen so that children are not hungry on the weekends
1287.)          the Food Bank of Eastern North Carolina
1288.)          Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard
1289.)          First Fruit Ministries
1290.)          Feast down east
1291.)          Down east connect
1292.)          Farm to table economic boom and health initiatives
1293.)          Saturday downtown farmer’s market
1294.)          Wrightsville beach farmer’s market
1295.)          The vesta village feast down east fresh vegetable connection
1296.)          Tidal creek
1297.)          Trader joes
1298.)          Szechuan 132 and all Joe and his wife do for so many!
1299.)          All of ash’s restaurants
1300.)          Brassiere
1301.)          Towne
1302.)          Brunch at
1303.)          All of the Moushakis’ restaurants!
1304.)          Hops (and the awesome gift to the Miracle League for our launch party)
1305.)          Oceanic
1306.)          Henry’s
1307.)          City Club
1308.)          Landfall Tavern
1309.)          Chop House
1310.)          College Road Sandwich Shop (beef on wech)
1311.)          Casey’s  (casey’s, Casey’s, Casey’s!)
1312.)          Indochine
1313.)          The incredible artistry of Chef Rhodes
1314.)          The incredible artistry and work of Kristen at Coastal Cupcakes
1315.)          The Suga Shak! J
1316.)          Soho bakery
1317.)          Sweet and savory
1318.)          Grateful to be able to go out to eat at all!
1319.)          The closeness of Mayfaire to run or bike there
1320.)          Be able to bike to the beach
1321.)          Be able to run to the beach and back
1322.)          Be able to wear clothes I love
1323.)          For the gentlemen’s corner
1324.)          To model in some charity fashion shoes and act a fool, but wear some great clothes
1325.)          For the wine, women, and shoes fashion show
1326.)          For the harbor island garden club fashion show
1327.)          For the child advocacy and parenting place fashion show
1328.)          For the habitat for humanity fashion show
1329.)          For the domestic violence fashion show
1330.)          The Domestic Violence Shelter
1331.)          For the Father’s Day ad that they shelter does every year
1332.)          For the inclusive work the shelter provides
1333.)          For habitat for humanity
1334.)          For the homes that break ground every week for people to be able to live self sustaining lives!
1335.)          For the space provided for non profits at the Harrelson center
1336.)          For Wilmington Area Rebuilding Ministries
1337.)          For WARM keeping people in their homes
1338.)          For Phoenix Ministries
1339.)          For Phoenix preparing people to get back to work
1340.)          To have a job
1341.)          To have the skills to communicate my need when seeking employment
1342.)          To have skills for networking
1343.)          To have the skills for being able to research and look for positions
1344.)          To have clothes to interview in
1345.)          To have my haircut
1346.)          Seeing good people get good positions
1347.)          Seeing others succeed and do well
1348.)          Attending the Yacht Adventures
1349.)          The Wilmington Children’s Museum
1350.)          The new leadership in development for the childern’s museum
1351.)          CFCC Development and new members of the staff
1352.)          Queensboro shirt company
1353.)          Go-Time!
1354.)          Race for the Ta Ta’s
1355.)          Quintilles Half Marathon
1356.)          Without Limits Race Timing
1357.)          Quintilles giving 40K to the Landfall Foundation!
1358.)          Landfall Foundation Gala
1359.)          Without Limits Running and training groups
1360.)          Willie Stargell Foundation Event Coordinator!
1361.)          The board of the Willie Stargell Foundation
1362.)          The golf committee of the Willie Stargell Foundation
1363.)          The basket making and kick off at France’s for the Golf tournament
1364.)          Moma’s 91st’Birthday Crab Bake! J
1365.)          The golf giveaway for the tournament
1366.)          The Hampton Inn and Suites at Landfall!
1367.)          the staff at the Hampton Inn and Suites
1368.)          Jeff Gordon Chevrolet
1369.)          VIP Limo!
1370.)          Driving those massive suburban’s
1371.)          The cookies at Landfall hampton inn! J
1372.)          The ability to discern more and more who I am
1373.)          The ability to feel peace with the world around me, as I feel more at peace inside me
1374.)          The ability to know as I lie down at night that each day is a gift
1375.)          The ability to know that if I am granted a new day, that the possibilities I that day are unlimited
1376.)          The ability to restart my day are in my power
1377.)          The ability to know that ultimately the power of what kind of day I am having is up to me
1378.)          The ability to truly appreciate this life is up to me
1379.)          The awareness of the love that is around when there is so much that is to the contrary
1380.)          The awareness of all the good that is around when there is so much to the contrary
1381.)          The awareness of all that CAN be done when there is so much that pushes to say what CAN’t be done
1382.)          The awareness of all the right actions that can be taken when there are some many role models of all the wrong that can be taken
1383.)          Knowing that I have many choices but few options
1384.)          That ultimately I am a product of the same
1385.)          That if my motives are clear, I am good
1386.)          That if I admit when I am wrong, I will be able to move forward
1387.)          That if I live according to love, I will be able to succeed
1388.)          That success is based on what I do, not what I have
1389.)          That I have to keep success in perspective
1390.)          It is not about me
1391.)          That I am a part of we and more successful when clear on that
1392.)          For who I have become and am becoming
1393.)          For those around me
1394.)          Each moment of my life
1395.)           for the opportunity
1396.)          for the purpose
1397.)          for the meaning as it is revealed
1398.)          for the chance
1399.)          That I am alive and present and able to write this list with few interruptions to its conclusion each year
1400.)          That no matter what I see, experience, live through or understand, love is the basis for whatever is right.