Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 24 of the new Journey: See less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness!

Had a great night in last night...I was supposed to go and hang out an event that I had been looking forward to and got a call from someone that I had been struggling with to communicate. It was like a miracle and a blessing. We talked for over an hour and at the end came to find common ground and a way to work together. This had been plaguing both Michael and I, and creating stress, so having some resolution was wonderful to say the least. It is amazing what can happen when we communicate..or at least are willing. Why does this matter to my journey with fitness and health? Well, stress, conflict..all that mess are triggers for me to not take care of me, eat like a dog, stuff my face instead of face my feelings...all that stuff. Find ways to come up resolution..peace is essential for the spiritual part of the three fold health..mental, physical, spiritual! It is all a blessing.

I love that I get up so easily...not taking if for granted and I am not getting cocky...but it really feels good to have a routine..Having a little less stress from last night also helped today! I want to keep this up so badly because if feels really really good...and yes! I got up this am at 6:15 and was out the door at 6:35...down the road and on the eliptical and moving at 6:38! I decided this morning that since I cannot get in 30..why not try..and I say try, to go alittle faster as long as I do not exceed my heartrate...I went 6.0 miles and hour and was able to maintain..the little calorie counter said that I  burnt 200 calories in that 15 minutes! I love that!

Adam kept me taking and kind of tricked me as he got me doing sitting squats, pushes and pulls, by gettning me on my passion with Coastal Horizons, Interfaith Hospitality, WHA, and even Honors at work...he winked after i was into my second set as I kind of grunted and said.."didn't notice I increased the weight today, did ya!" and he laughed! yeah..i noticed...but I was too busy talking! HA! Lord...I bet you could do surgery on me without anything to numb me if you get me on a tear...HA! Anyway..what was incredible, as he pointed out was that I was doing all this and I was talking! Not gasping for air..but was actually able to talk! Progress...again..progress!

Anyway...we did the rest and it was an amazing workout! Again..his help is such a blessing! BTW: He and Aimmee are doing a team for the March of Dimes to honor Kayleigh..the spirtit that really inspired all of this! I really hope that all of you will support that in some way this year!

It is a great day!
See ya'll tomorrow!

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