Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 9 of the new Journey: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness

So, working out does not mean that you have a better memory off of the calendar on your off work and went to the health department at 5:30 and the meeting was not till this point of frustration and driving across town..i would have stopped at chic filet..but guess what! I called michael..told him we would not be able to cook..he could have a free night (he was OVERJOYED...cause he got to have a pizza! LOL!) and I came home..made tuna..took a few minutes to chill and went back and had an amazing board meeting with amazing people. We gave out our first granst for the foundation to 5 amazing projects and got the ball rolling for this year's golf tournament and I was still home BEFORE 8 o'clock! how's that for a good night! :)   Had a salad and a sugar free/low fat treat..chilled and went to bed with The Adams Family movie!

I got up this morning..dragging a little..but I GOT UP! Yeah! still cheerleading that one! My butt is getting up and that is awesome! Got out the door and down to o2....My Ipod had not charged and I was not happy cause no music and i grabbed some ear plugs and decided I would watch the news...spent time with my favority morning folks..Bob and Kim on WECT...and as I was struggling at 15 minutes to get to the next came out and all the news from Haiti played out..all of a sudden my big tail struggling on an elipitcal seemed VERY insignificant! VERY! each stroke of those handles..each pedal was a pray for that devastastion..that was..well you all are watching it too. It is staggering and our response must be equal to that...prayer adn watching followed and before I knew it...30 minutes had passed and I felt really good!

My session ended even better because my friend susie came in and i found out she works was great to see someone I know again and leave with love from the gym..

work has been tough a little so far today....I have felt a little weak/tired today..but it is late in the week and I have been going hard. Issues and things that are in my life have not stopped because I am doing this..but I have to say...I am putting this first..this whole...I am going to take care of myself thing...the physical as well as the mental and is all a day at a time. progress not perfection...progress not perfection is my have eaten well so far...I have shown up....I have my head on heart open..trying to think before I act and a little tired..not so bad...just can't use that as an excuse to eat a snickers right now..that won't help! HA! but...maybe..this may  give me rights over a mineral bath and quiet time with Michael!.....

anyhoo....I am off till tomorrow folks!

Before I go...I will signing off each day with this EVERYDAY from now on. I should have been including these links in every post, but I will correct that now! These folks, these places are making the difference in my life and they can make the difference for you....I am so very grateful to and for!:

Remember to visit and support the Cape Fear Heart Walk

It's all about Adam Freeman and his amazng training!

Please join and support the amazing folks at O2 fitness! Grateful, does not begin to describe!

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