Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 26 of the new Journey: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness

we had a great night last night going out to dinner to celebrate the birthday of a friend who turns 85 today! She is awesome and her daughter is awesome as well! We had a great time. What was really nice was being able to really enjoy going to a restaurant and not over doing it! We went to a Japanese Steak House and had the Hibachi chef show...I had never noticed that on top of the oil they use on the grill they use alot of  butter..several of us committed that Paul Deen must be decided from Japan! LOL! But I had the wonderful onion soup to clear my palate...the salad with the dressing on the side....only used a minute amount, and then when he began serving us, I enjoyed the veggies, the chicken and shrimp and let others enjoy my rice. He did serve me noodles...and I tasted them..but guess what...I did not have to finish them just because they were on my plate..and did not! LOL...and I had a wonderful..filling dinner and a tremendously enjoyable evening! It was so nice!!!

Now, all that said, this is the first weekend I have been back out and about and i have seen some pics of me...and I have to say..I am a bit impatient with my self in my pics! I have caught myself more than a couple of times going "is that all you have lost" when I have seen them from the weekend..Thank God in heaven there is that other voice that says "what the frick! you have been doing great BO! You are 24 days (actually today is 26) into this and you have already dropped 15 pounds (lets hope tomorrow it is more!) and reduced your waste at least 6 4-5 inches, and you are feeling better than you have felt in years...I love you, but SHUT THE HELL UP and get with it!"...

I do love my inner bitch...I mean...positive, corrective voice! LOL!
But it does go to show how thinking can still sneak around!

Today is sunday and it is THE day off! Still snowy in Fuquay, so still no visit that way..icy this morning, so no church..just a day of rest.

Looking forward to this week and the days to come...if I am granted day at a time!

Cape Fear Heart Walk

It's all about Adam Freeman and his amazng training!

Please join and support the amazing folks at O2 fitness! Grateful, does not begin to describe!

Aimmee are doing a team for the March of Dimes to honor Kayleigh..the spirtit that really inspired all of this! I really hope that all of you will support that in some way this year!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 25 of the new Journey: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness

Last night I wanted to hang with a friend for a birthday but forgot that I had a dinner to go to celebrate at UNCW two great friends and frankly heros who were getting awards. Now, It made for a long day..and once again, the evening posed challenges. When I got home, I wanted to eat and had to wait till 7. Then when I got to the event they had dessert preset on the table. Well..i just pushed it away. They also only had sweet tea on the I ASKED and got unsweet! (not hard, but how often do we just accept what is there instead of asking, right?). Then when in line. I left the rolls and the starch and just ate the veg and chicken...and it was just fine! The evening was spectalar and a success for all and I felt great too coming out of it!

Its Saturday and slept in till quarter of eight! Actually that was not good because the retreat for the Wilmington Interfaith Hospitality Board was at 8:30 and it was not enough time to get ready and have a healthy breakfast. I just had to go without.  We had an amazing retreat and it was heart filling in many ways..but the snacks made generously available were not in my diet...In the past, I would have stopped at McDonald's on the way or I would have eaten what was there. Well quess what...I am not a starving person and I can go four hours without eating! and I did and did not die! In fact, I was just fine! LOL! I even was able to stop and see a very dear friend and their newborn on the way home and still did not wither away!

I guess what I mean to say is, yes...I should eat three healthy meals aday..but NO, if what is healthy is not available, I don't just eat what is there..I can choose to wait and get something later. That is what I did and it was better when I ate that and had a great lunch.

After lunch, I went to 02 to do my cardio...i decided to set a new goal today and set the machine on 40 minutes instead of 30...and guess what...I DID IT!!! I am so psyched! 557 calories burnt, 3.45 miles, and I was able to stay above 5.0 an hour at level 8, and while my heart rate was a little higher than usual toward the end (158-160) was awesome!

I also got to use the titanic machine and saw another friend who is one of those powers of example in our community who is not only beautiful outside, she is equally as beautiful inside. It was awesome to see here in the gym with gorgeous daughter...another inspiration! I never forget that whatever happens, I am VERY lucky, blessed etc to live with these people. Adam even stopped by today and spoke to me a minute. Even though he ahd a lot to do, he still had time to speak and give me encouragement...and I have to say the cool thing was I was 15 minutes into my time and I as still able to talk with out passing out from not being able to breathe! HA!

Anyhoo...I am off to dinner with Michael and friends! I am looking forward to going out and I know I will be able to enjoy without losing my way!

It is a good day!
thanks be!

Cape Fear Heart Walk

It's all about Adam Freeman and his amazng training!

Please join and support the amazing folks at O2 fitness! Grateful, does not begin to describe!

Aimmee are doing a team for the March of Dimes to honor Kayleigh..the spirtit that really inspired all of this! I really hope that all of you will support that in some way this year!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 24 of the new Journey: See less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness!

Had a great night in last night...I was supposed to go and hang out an event that I had been looking forward to and got a call from someone that I had been struggling with to communicate. It was like a miracle and a blessing. We talked for over an hour and at the end came to find common ground and a way to work together. This had been plaguing both Michael and I, and creating stress, so having some resolution was wonderful to say the least. It is amazing what can happen when we communicate..or at least are willing. Why does this matter to my journey with fitness and health? Well, stress, conflict..all that mess are triggers for me to not take care of me, eat like a dog, stuff my face instead of face my feelings...all that stuff. Find ways to come up resolution..peace is essential for the spiritual part of the three fold health..mental, physical, spiritual! It is all a blessing.

I love that I get up so easily...not taking if for granted and I am not getting cocky...but it really feels good to have a routine..Having a little less stress from last night also helped today! I want to keep this up so badly because if feels really really good...and yes! I got up this am at 6:15 and was out the door at 6:35...down the road and on the eliptical and moving at 6:38! I decided this morning that since I cannot get in 30..why not try..and I say try, to go alittle faster as long as I do not exceed my heartrate...I went 6.0 miles and hour and was able to maintain..the little calorie counter said that I  burnt 200 calories in that 15 minutes! I love that!

Adam kept me taking and kind of tricked me as he got me doing sitting squats, pushes and pulls, by gettning me on my passion with Coastal Horizons, Interfaith Hospitality, WHA, and even Honors at work...he winked after i was into my second set as I kind of grunted and said.."didn't notice I increased the weight today, did ya!" and he laughed! yeah..i noticed...but I was too busy talking! HA! Lord...I bet you could do surgery on me without anything to numb me if you get me on a tear...HA! Anyway..what was incredible, as he pointed out was that I was doing all this and I was talking! Not gasping for air..but was actually able to talk! Progress...again..progress!

Anyway...we did the rest and it was an amazing workout! Again..his help is such a blessing! BTW: He and Aimmee are doing a team for the March of Dimes to honor Kayleigh..the spirtit that really inspired all of this! I really hope that all of you will support that in some way this year!

It is a great day!
See ya'll tomorrow!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 23 of the new Journey: See less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness!

oh yeah...falling to sleep watching Bond..James Bond..and the man with the Golden Gun..was just the trick around nine o'clock..course that now means that everyone knows I missed the president, but I SWEAR i have watched it on line today and he was stunning..just a shame we are so divided still! Oh up and went to the gym...and I felt really good! Did my 30 minutes (no one in this morning on the machines, so I got the titanic machine!)...and I broke the rule about looking and saw this really fit man working out with his trainer below and low and behold he was doing laterals with the five pound dumbells!!! He did not look silly as all and I guess I should stop being so hyper critical and focus on what I am doing..and realize that I am just blessed tobe doing this at all! :)

Anyway..the 30 minutes went by pretty fast and I was thinking of going an extra 10..but I had to get to I will add a little more on Saturday maybe when I am not pressed for time.

Eating is still going well and actually hunger pains are not as bad. Yesterday was Rotary and I love Rotary, but as i have said we eat at Carraba's...and while their food is amazingly fresh and great..I just cannot do the pasta right now. The owner jonathon does me up right be doing a caeser salasd with grilled chicken instead and it is awesome..I know..the caeser is pretty high fat..but i consider it my one cheat for the week. I also did well for dinner with our new favorite meal of the chicken breast, cooked without oil or butter, seasoned and then sauteed with spinach and is SOOOOO good and there is no need for pasta, starch, or anything like that! I had a small salad, but one portion of this and I was full! How cool is that! I love that we have left overs these days!

Anyhoo...wearing those other pair of pants that I bought before christmas and they make be look pudgy cause they are too big! HAHAHAHAHA! Oh its a great day!

Another friend of mine is on this journey and I want to give a shout out to Robyn who has lost 65lbs! YOU GO! We are moving along!

Looking forward to a great weekend!

thanks be to God!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 22 of the new Journey: See less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness!

WOW! What a difference a really good night sleep makes! I got up this morning and felt like a million bucks and was ready to do! Michael is better today..and that made me feel better too. Got to the gym and all the titanic machines (smile...the ones that look out over the top gallery) were full, so like a lost puppy I was not sure what to do...I found out that there were machines like those in the Cardio Getaway room (the dark, quiet room they have there that is built like a theater) I made my way in and did 20 minutes on teh eliptical to get started! Then..I was ready for training. Adam and I got the legos and I did my Music Man Routine ("76 trumpones led the big parade...) as I stepped up and raised my knee and then alternated to keep my heart rate up..then did sitting squats, pushes, and pull downs, then alternated back through three times. each time he had me on the leggos doing my broadway best...and keeping my heart rate up! The sun came up..and the best part about being at the gym this time of morning is those amazingly big windows and looking at that beautful sunrise! talk about inspiration!!!! 
This morning Adam got me on the Fat's Domino was this thing that twists your torso wihout putting me in I did my "common baby. let's do the twist" best and actually it was not that bad...hopefully it will help to deflate the roll around my mid section and stregthen my core. Then he had me on the mat doing the leg lifts to toe touch crunches, alternating legs, then on my belly with one arm and the opposite leg up, then alternate, then both arms up and both legs up..and again! :) What was great was how much CLOSER TO THE FLOOR I AM since my waist is slowly but surely slimmiung down adn how much easier it is to lift my legs!!

So after all this I look up and it is ONLY 7:30! We are doing more and working faster..but as Adam says...not working the machines faster.."speed can kill" is just there is not as much need to rest or get we can do more now! It is so cool! (kind-of..cause I ahve to admit, I was tired! HA!)
But on we went. Adam got the half ball thingy (oh my favorite) and I got on it...both feet with 7.5 poud weight..he had me do curls then up over my head..after about 15 of those..feet began to burn like HELL!
Now..I have given a shout out to NEW BALANCE of wilmington before..but let me tell you...I have learned that having the right equipment is VERY important..I remember that first night trying to be on that ball with those LL bean walking shoes and let me tell you, I would never be able to make it without these shoes! They are worth every dollar! Hell! all the money I am saving from not eating fast foot and pizza have already paid for them!

Anyway, Adam had placed me in from of the big mirrors..I just could not do it! I had to face out..Now, if you have been following this, you knwo I have been working on my thinking and I am pretty funny and postive and all that..but standing in the mirror and watching myself is tough...Adam saw my wince adn said "you know, this is the last day you will see yourself that way the way you are working" and I know he is right...he was incredibly supportive...and I am not awful or grotesque..I just...well, it was just what I needed today...I swore I would be honest in this there it is. I am so very happy about all this, but there are some things that are still hard for me..and those giant mirrors..well, I will face them a little slower! :)

But..after i turned around, we did two other exercies on the ball and called it a day! So much more and then stretched! Talk about feeling accomplished! It was awesome!

So, I got home and let me tell you...I went in the closet..and before Christmas i had purchased four pairs of pants. When they came, I was devastated becuase they did not fit. Not one pair. I was humiliated. Well, I thought this morning, "Why not" and I pulled a pair down and slipped them on. They fit beautifully! with room to spare! Talk about a boost to add to the boost!

Thanks be to God!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 21 of the new Journey: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness

Got up! Yep! Got up bright and early..headed on over to O2 and did my 30 minutes of cardio!
Felt great!

I am just plain tired tonight. Frankly, althouh I am grateful for the day, I am a little blah. It has been really busy today and I feel like I could go to sleep right now. (its 8p)

Sorry for the short post, but  will catch you all tomorrow!
Blessings and happy tomorrow's!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 20 of the new Journey: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness

Got up this morning...wonderful storms...but like the post office fable..neither rain, nor sleet etc....and I got to the gym! Did 15 on the eliptical and guess what...i discovered something this morning that may explain an awful lot...See, when Adam showed me the machine, he just pushed cardio, punched in my weight, my heart rate etc and said "go"...I really never learned more about the machine. If you all recall I have been flipping out cause i see others beating the band, going 8 miles an hour and just tearing it up and here I am going to 4-5 miles an hour and bustin' my tail.

I figured I was new and I was just thrilled that I made it and all and as Adam says "don't compare!!: ...well TODAY, when the 15 was over..i actually started to do the cool down..which I don't normally do...and I noticed something...all of a sudden, the handles adn the foot peddles felt all loosy goosy and I was going so fast I could not beleive it...there was hardly any resistence...and I looked at a number I had really not noticed before and it said "LEVEL" and it read "O"..and I thought "hmmm" so I stopped, got off and then hit "cardio" and got back on like I normally do and GUESS WHAT? It is at LEVEL 9!!! NO WONDER!!! it was a little hard those first few days and works my tail off!...I had to laugh...cause this was a happy ignorance actually helped me for once!!

So, after I got off the machine, Adam and I went to town...3 sets of sitting squats, push outs, and pull downs with step up and leg ups on the legos in between to keep my heart rate. This time when I looked in the mirror when i was doing the pull downs, I saw some progress in my arms and I actually, in my mind said something nice about the way I looked..(I think I said "not bad!" LOL!)...lot better than "you'll die fat"!
then over to the cable cross for the squats that I have a hard time with, but tried anyhow..the hardest exercise for me..the 90 degree chest presses, and then curls...after several sets (or attempts) at those..I was done! :) But it felt good to try and push through.

I have to admit that i was pretty anxious about today...Work is way busy and I had a housing commissioner's meeting and michael is still my head was not straight this morning. But somewhere throughout the day, I sought spirtual help and was reminded that I was not in control. This journey is spritual mental and physcial and all have to be in tune. That is where most my "getting off track comes from and it is a hell of a balancing act....but essential 

I am to do the footwork and follow my passion...I have to do one thing at a time and amazingly I got a lot done, Micheal got to the doctor and is getting better, and I made really connections with David this am, Adam, Rebecca, Michael, Louise, John, Mom, and Ned ( I say this because I really cannot take for granted what others mean and how their presence makes such a so many ways!

anyway...I am grateful for today!

Cape Fear Heart Walk

It's all about Adam Freeman and his amazng training!

Please join and support the amazing folks at O2 fitness! Grateful, does not begin to describe!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 19 of the new Journey: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness

 Today has been a great day...we missed church but I doubt church missed up. Michael is actually worse with his cold and now had a being around folks is probably not a good idea right now. So, I got up and made us mr sicky juiced up with orange juice and and other liquids and then decided to have a day in. For months I have been wanting to work on the garage (MY ROOM! LOL!) and have not been able too due to lack of energy..time etc. So, today, I got it together and I am pleased to say that much progress was made...I did get some rest too. It was not all work today, but it felt so good to get that room straight! It is my creative space as well as storage. In the process of cleanig it up I discovered that we had purchased the 7th edition of the heart associaiton cookbook last year and some other great reading (that i am sure at the time I bought them, I as going to get right on that! LOL!). But as in everything in my life, when the time is happens!

This is going to be a short entry tonight. It is my "day of rest" after all. :) I pray you all are having a blessed Sunday..and I am looking forward to a new week if I am blessed to have it one day at a time! But for today, I am VERY grateful and if the rest of the week is like today, It is going to be great and I am on the right path!

Cape Fear Heart Walk

It's all about Adam Freeman and his amazng training!

Please join and support the amazing folks at O2 fitness! Grateful, does not begin to describe!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 18 of the new Journey: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness

Lord do I want to eat like a fool today! I really do get where this is coming from....I have a little history with Bo Dean and I know that I am about 3 weeks into something new..particularly diets, I start to con the heck out of me regarding food and I start just wanting to go back into old habits. Well, not this time. I want this too, today, I talked about it out loud with Michael...actually I yelled and then laughed a little. But this is not the time to move backwards....doing good things that are making me feel good...not returning to habits that make me feel like crap! far today, I am on the right track and I am truly grateful!

Michael is sick as a dog and so I did not go and see my dad today or see my friend's new baby..don't want to spread this mess around. Instead we slept in this morning and then once up did some things around the house that I have been wanting to do for a long time. I had not planned on going to the gym today as I was going to go see my dad, but since I did stay here, and I was having such cravings, I decided to go after all and I got 30 minutes of Cardio in and it was really helpful! (actuall saturday at 6pm is a great time to go apparently!)

Since I really did want something "bad", like a Carrabas type dinner, I decided to get I made a chicken and mash potato dish that I am very proud of that did the trick. In the past, I wold have taken the chicken breast, dredged them in egg, white flour and seasonings, twice, and fried them in oil, crisp, then covered with marinara, melted mozzarella and parmasean with garlic mashed potatoes made with real butter and half and half. BUT tonight, I took teh chicken breast, put them in the non-stick skillet(the best investment I have EVER made in the kitchen!), cut in small pieces, cooked them over medium heat, NO OIL, with seasonings, then poured Paul Newmans Italian Sausage Marinara (3g fat), made the Idahoan mashed potatoes (the dried ones, that have 2g fat per serving..and I have these as a treat, not as a regular staple...but since they are flavored, no need for butter...and no milk or half and half!)...SO WITH no butter, half and half, oil, egg, flour, or mozzarella, I made an AWESOME meal that was delicious and I can have a salad with low fat dressing for a veg! Man, It is so awesome!

So a successful day and looking forward to tomorrow! thanks be to God!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 17 of the new Journey: See less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness!

Made it this morning and I was SLEEPY! but I got a text from Adam and the crud has hit him...his wife has had it this week and of course he works around the this morning he needed to take care of himeself and i was grateful that he took time for him since he does so much for me, his family and so many! So, I had a morning of Cardio and not training. Now, mind you..I had a moment or two when getting that message was likened to a snow day as an elementary school kid when for a brief and shining second I thought..well, "if teacher is not at school, I don't have to go"...and then that voice inside (sounding stranglely like the Big Moman Character in Martin Lawrence's movies) said "the hell you say! Get your ass outta that bed and go earn that gift from God". A little ashamed that I had thought that, and like a child caught in the act, I bowed my head, got up and got dressed! HAHA! :)  Seriously..I did get ready and is SOO amazing how I can con myself...ya know.

Last night...well yesterday, I had an up and down day...a lot to do. We have an AMAZING Sherrif here in town and we had a lunch for him, WORK is REALLY BUSY, and last night I was trying to squeeze the olsen park joint committee for the park board I am on and still make the MLK speaker event that I am on the committee of. Somehow I made all the above, but I was really pushing it...and I got the "fill the hole of anxiety and stress with food hungries" that I get...using that AWARE program. See,  I know when I get stressed, I just shove food at myself. Regardless of how stressed I got though, I still made time to eat something healthy and the really cool thing is that at home, we only have good stuff now (and at the office, I have good things in FRONT of all the stuff we keep for the students).

Of course I can over do on healthier things, but i really did not last night, when it is all said and done. I just wanted to eat a giant pizza and be done with it! I just thought it through and it did not feel good at the end of that pizza...or the end of anything that would put me off track from what I was doing. I just had to chill..had to out my frustration, my anxiety..pray a little, and whalla! I made it!

Another day of gratitude!

Today, has been good as well! I got an email from a woman who is blogging along with me and two of my facebook friends sent me recipes! How cool is that! I will write more about that tomorrow. I am off now and ready for a relaxing evening. Michael has the crud I think it might be a soup kind of night....
Ya'll...I hope you have a wonderful night!

Cape Fear Heart Walk

It's all about Adam Freeman and his amazng training!

Please join and support the amazing folks at O2 fitness! Grateful, does not begin to describe!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 16 of the new Journey: See less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness!

Last night after work we did something we have not done in almost a year and a half. We walked on the beach! I should be kicked in the tail, I know...we live 5 minutes from wrightsville. But I have not felt like getting out and walking on the beach in so very long. I have been so tired when I come home and when we have gone near the beach, it has been just to look out or to a function. But last night, I had the energy after work to walk spend time together like we used to! It was so wonderful! The sand was freezing under my toes (I had my penny loafers on...not good beach shoes)....but it did not matter....we were out there and it was amazing...cleansing..and well, you get the picture. Blessing #...well, too many to count..but still keeping track of how abundant!

I have been fighting with cooking at home and still wanting so badly to go out to eat like we were doing. But every time I get in my head where to go, I just cannot justify spending money on food I can make at home and if it is not going to be my "free meal" night..why bother. It is actually good to cook at home and I am coming up with more and more ways to eat to our tastes, but really low in fat and high in flavor. Sorry, the books and the health guides don't have a lot of recipes that meet my needs right now....I am a type II diabetic remember, and most have either too much sugar, or rice, and or potatoes.  I am still researching (and taking reccomendations)...but what i cook has to be quick and simple! I am really trying to avoid rice and potatoes as the sides for our dinner. I have  been relying so heavy on those for so long and it just feels right to try and make a break for a while.

But in the interim, trying ot come up with meals that are satisfying and filling without the starchy friends has been a challenging, but rewarding adventure. Understand that I have never steamed anything besides the occassional curtain when they are first hung...but I have now successfully steamed broccolli several times! (yes, I know..I am a genuis!....water boiling..colander..lid..whalla! a chemist discovering cold fusion!!!)..and while I am not its biggest fan in that form (add lemon pepper and spray butter..mmmm).
Last night I added the broccoli to some marina and chicken anduli (sp) sausage and it was really good (4.5 grams of fat per I had to be careful with those...but with the need for a lot)...and NO PASTA! :)! I have been reading up on the benefits of broccoli and the combination with makes me want to do that even more!

So, that is food. Today I made it again for Cardio..Thursdays do seem to be my tougher mornings..a little sleepy and had to push..but I did the 30 minutes and am ready for my day!

We have a busy one today with the MLK Speaker and a great lunch for our Sherrif....Life is good and I am grateful! One day at  a time! thanks be to God!

Cape Fear Heart Walk
It's all about Adam Freeman and his amazng training!
Please join and support the amazing folks at O2 fitness! Grateful, does not begin to describe!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 15 of the new Journey: See less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness!

Made it!..yeah I know..I am still excited that I made is only fifteen days folks..but my butt getting up out of bed at 6:15 and heading out to the gym is still awesome to me! Feels so amazing! I am still so dazzled by how immense this gift really is a gift! This morning I got a full 15 minutes of cardio in..keep my heart rate above 140 and 5.0 miles an hour! I was psyched!

Adam had a touch of the crud, but he was there too! I have to give it to him, he did not get much sleep has a ton clients, a wife and two kids that they take great care of and for, but was still there for me. I tell you, I am one very fortunate man to have his guidance. It is a blessing each day..even when it hurts! LOL! and today..well, lets just say the exercises that have always embarrassed me were the ones we focused on..and they were the upper body exercices. I have always been strong in the legs and a bear when it comes to moving things around ( I was bred from Tobacco farming folk! HA!)..but my upper body lacked...that is one of my goals to stregthen and today we worked out on the cable cross the whole time and did things that frankly I never thought I could do.

 For the most part, it was pretty awesome, but there was a humbling moment when he handed me those 5 pound dumbells to work on my rotator cuff (sp) and I was burning within three repetitions...I was standing there with these iddy bitty weights, almost 6'2..over 300 pounds and 5lbs was about to make me cry! :) I had to laugh at myself for being so self concious because I know that each moment...each step makes me healthier...and who the hell cares what I look like to others...what counts is that I am getting healthy!

Of course we joked about NOT WATCHING OTHERS AND WHAT THEY DO! ...because when he had me do the extentions with one arm where you pull the thingy and punch forward, straight, it is not to do it fast like I saw others do it, it is to get the resistance and feel it through...he loved adding having me do that one on one foot! that was the Cirque De SoBo part 2! :)

The inside laterals and outside laterals were not as bad witht the dumbells as he gave me a more manly 7.5 pounds on those..LOL! But in all seriousness, everything that we did today was like a miracle to me...I was actually doing it...escpecially the squatty things and I was doing it safely and not hurting myself! I really understood why I have failed at this before..not having the instruction, guidance. It is absolutely crucial. At the end of the work out, I know I have worked, but I am not dead....In fact, I am ready for the day!

Tomorrow is cardio and I am looking forward to the machine. I am at 30 minutes but shooting for an hour ultimately...I have to figure out music to keep me inspired. Right now.."I'm going to the meeting" and "shut up and start Praying" do it for me!

anyway..I am on track with I had to skip rotary cause of work stuff that had to get done and I had tuna on wheat (see, Bo Dean is eating BROWN BREAD!!!..I think that is one of the signs of the next coming..stay tuned) and a salad!!! LOVE IT  and felt good about it! My life was absolutely completed when I found out that Duke's mayonaise made a low fat version..proving once again the mercy and love of our God! :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 14 of the new Journey: See less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness!

Made it this morning! yep! was a little more than dragging becuase I just could not sleep last night. I think the Claritin D really had me going. Still have this mess but I am pushing through! :) This morning's cardio was a little sluggish..but I maintained above my range in my heart rate, stayed above my goal for my timing and 30 minutes later...well...I did it! It fells so good! :)

I did not mention yesterday that Adam and I talked about my Compare and Despair episode! :) Compare and Despair is something I was taught years ago when you judge someone's outsides by your insides...and it only brings about misery for you..and potentially others. I was on the eliptical and looked over at the person next to me who was doing twice the speed I was doing and got to thinking how much I sucked at this! I thought that I was really failing and I must be doing something wrong. I have had the thought when looking around at others doing exercises that looked a whole lot tougher than mine and they not looking more fit, yet looking fine..I asked Adam if I was doing enough? He was quick to remind me NOT to watch others. What they are doing might not be correct, but also, what they are doing, more importantly, may not be correct for me! He asked me if, when on the eliptical, did I have my heart rate at target? I said yes. Was I burning calories and getting the work out and showing improvement on my resistance? I said yes..then, that is waht I need to focus on! Not what others are doing!! Funny...that lesson is one that keeps being repeated for me! It was a great reminder and one that really put me back on track! Today, I am doing wonderfully and it is building to more and more things. In 14 days, I am already doing things that on day one, I could not do and then some!

Given this mess in my chest, I am going to work today as best I can and then take it easy..but I am here and it is another blessed day!

Cape Fear Heart Walk

It's all about Adam Freeman and his amazng training!

Please join and support the amazing folks at O2 fitness! Grateful, does not begin to describe!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 13 of the new Journey: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness

Made it! even though today is a holiday and I am definitely still sick...I got my butt up and made it to the gym with time enough to do cardio for 15 and ready to roll. This congestion showed in fatigue as Adam started me out on some new exercises...but we marched on....

It is the 13th day, and while I try not to buy into all that superstition mess, I may decide that 13th is actually good fortune as we weighed in this am...and...drum roll please.....I have lost EIGHT pounds to date! yep! I have given birth to a mini weight at the time of my birth has been expunged from my body! I was elated as was Adam! that is 27% of my first goal of getting under 300...and 8% of my total goal! is less pull on my heart and lungs and more heart health! that was quite a lift before I was put on the rack...I mean the exercise machines! :)

today we learned about ropes, balls, and pulleys in a little lesson I like to call Cirque de SoBO! It was not enough that I had to stand on the half ball and feel the fires of hell on one I got to stand on the half ball...both feet squarely planted and squat...yes, that's right..butt out...back straight...balancing on a ball...and squat. Oh the joy that was that moment in time...those repetitions...the fire burning from the feet up the legs and into the..well. butt! :)

Then, I got to kneel and pull a rope like a greek model doing a pose for a sculptor..knee down closest to the machine....other knee straight out...pull down..arms straight out...and then straight across keeping arms straight....then switch the other side.

Just when I thought that there could be no more fun for today...Adam got out the big blue ball (leave it alone!). I asked him if those had ever popped under the weight of a person and with a complete deadpan..he said " not yet, but we will see" Love the sense of humor! Then he got dumbells and showed me how I was to sit and then roll myself out so that my legs were in front of me and only my shoulders  and neck where on the ball...then I would do exercises with the dumbell by taking them 90 degrees to a straigth up touching position and back.....Oh yeah! (I thought, as I visualized myself rolling off that thing and hitting the floor).....but...wait for it...I DID IT! and not only did i do it...we went up to the 15 pounders and that was comfortable! we also used the ball for me to sit on and do pull downs under my chin...and again..increased the weight! I was elated! I have to tell you...each time he brings out something new it is scary, but when i figure I can do is amazing...He keeps reminding me that slow and steady...building muscles to do more exerices...will "win the race". You don't have to kill yourself. You do have to keep that heart rate up and work those muscles..but you have to build to it. Today was about balance and doing things to work all sorts of areas that a stationery machine could never do.

Lastly we did the fly thingys on the floor where I lay on my back and lift one arm and then the opposite leg at the same time and then the opposite and then every third i left all together...It was amaizng how much better all that is! The first day I could barely do i just do them! He also had me do crunches where I was reaching for a target with my hands...

So, no high wire act...but I did have a good work out..and I pray that this cough and congestion will leave soon!

I have attached the "aware" program below that Adam gave me. It is really helping me with my eating. Already I am starting to see some of my paterns and triggers and it is awesome to be able to start some corrective resoposes.

I am in today with a brief outing so that I can fully recover from this cold thingy! But looking forward to Cardio tommorrow!

A.W.A.R.E. Program

Food is the number one building block, but sometimes the toughest battle to defeat when trying to reach your fitness goals. When you look at or use food in a negative way, it will cause you great strain on your goals. You need to be aware of your eating habits and train your mind to make the nutrition portion of your goals the easy part of your program.

To develop a healthy relationship with food that keeps you healthy and fit, it's imperative to become consciously aware of what you believe about food, and how you use food outside of your physical needs.

I believe that emotional eating - although it may appear very complex and challenging to overcome at first - is really a very simple problem revolving around two primary issues:

1) Our beliefs about what food means to us.

2) the simple fact that we sometimes eat for reasons other than to satisfy physical hunger or physiological needs.

In other words, we sometimes eat for all the wrong reasons.

10 Common Reasons For Emotional Eating:

1) To obtain a good feeling
2) For comfort
3) Out of sheer boredom
4) Out of habit (for example, every time you watch TV)
5) For social reasons
6) To cope with stressful events
7) To fill a void or missing need
8) To recapture a feeling or memory associated with a food
9) To cope with depression
10) To cope with other feelings such as anger, loneliness, frustration, disappointment, grief, lack of control or anxiety

Sometimes eating for other reasons are caused by peer pressure, such as a social event, family get-together, birthdays or holidays.

There are five simple steps to this process, which I call the AWARE Program

1) Become AWARE of your emotional eating behavior patterns
2) WATCH out for the thoughts, emotions, events and situations that trigger those behavior patterns
3) ARREST the patterns when they happen
4) REPLACE the old emotional eating behavior with more constructive alternatives, outlets or coping mechanisms to satisfy the emotional need.
5) ESTABLISH new beliefs about food and the right reasons for eating, then repeat them as affirmations until they're hard-wired in as the new pattern. (This is the most important step)

STEP 1 - Become AWARE of your emotional eating patterns

Awareness is the starting point of changing ANY behavior. One of the biggest challenges with emotional eating is the fact that you may be unaware that it's even occurring.

We all can make choices and use willpower, but at the same time, almost all of our behaviors ever day are automatic. It's called habit.

The majority of behaviors you carry out on a daily basis are habits. Habits are actions or repetitive behavior patterns that are carried out under the direction and guidance of your subconscious mind.

For example: When you get up in the morning, you do certain things in a certain way time and time again.  You get dressed, tie your shoes, shower, brush your teeth, drive your car to work and so on.

All of these are habit patterns. You don't have to think about them anymore or use willpower because they've been repeated so many times, they're now unconsciously carried out.

Well, guess what? Your eating behaviors all day long are also habit patterns.

Eating habits typically form at a young age and your patterns will continue unless you are aware of those patterns and can break those habits with substitutions.

It is absolutely critical to pay attention and become acutely aware of your habitual eating behaviors, until new behaviors take over and become the new habits. Some people call this "conscious eating" or "mindful eating" and it is the opposite of "mindless eating" or "impulse eating," and it is the first step to end emotional eating.

EXERCISE: Make a list of behaviors you repeat every day that have become habit patterns. Focus on your eating and exercise behaviors, but take your time and think hard about every little pattern that you can. This way, you will begin to become aware of and respect the power of habit.

EXERCISE: Keep a food journal that includes nutrition information as well as a diary of your personal thoughts and feelings, for at least 4-12 weeks, at least once, when you first begin changing your lifestyle. Keeping a food journal for life is not necessary, but in the early stages when you are first developing new habits, there is absolutely NO substitute for a food journal. It not only readies your awareness of what you've been eating, it's an education in nutrition that simply cannot be obtained in any other way.

STEP 2 - WATCH out of for thoughts, emotions, events and situations that trigger emotional eating.

Every person has different emotional eating triggers or cues. Some people have many. So it's time for a little investigation. What are your emotional eating triggers? Where will the "scene of the crime" be? Keep in mind that common triggers can include emotions, events and even places.

For example - triggers can come from:

1) Stress
2) Loneliness
3) Boredom
4) Anger
5) Frustration
6) Sadness
7) Depression
8) Feeling unappreciated or ignored
9) Parties
10) Buffets
11) Restaurants
12) Television
13) Your workplace
14) Specific people (who "push your buttons")

EXERCISE: Make a list of all the things, people, places and events that "push your emotional buttons."

When you've identified and written down all your most likely triggers, you've already raised your awareness level and you'll be more conscious of these triggers when they happen. This also allows you to draw up a battle plan and shore up your defenses to eliminate their influences on you in the future.

For example, you can set up your environment - your refrigerator, your kitchen, your home, and your office - to give you the greatest chances for success. For starters, you can keep unsupportive foods out of your house. You can't eat what's not there and what's out of sight is out of mind. Make it extremely inconvenient to get access to comfort foods.  Do not kid yourself, if your kitchen or office is stocked with junk food, YOU WILL eat it when the opportunity presents itself.  Keep lots of what you DO want to eat well stocked and out in plain view. Place large bowls of fresh fruit on your countertop, keep raw vegetables in the front of your refrigerator and keep jugs or bottles of pure water always within arm's reach.

If certain people or places are triggers for inappropriate eating, come up with a strategy in advance so you can be prepared to handle them when they happen. For example: It helps if you anticipate peer pressure such as invitations to eat too much or eat the wrong foods, by planning a "rebuttal" for every comment you are likely to hear in those situations. 

Here are some ideas:

1) "Well, maybe it does taste good, but nothing tastes as good as being lean feels."
2) "Eat more food? Are you kidding? I already have enough calories stored on my butt and thighs. No thank you."
3) "It's not important that I EAT with family, It is important that I BE with family."
4) "It's not about missing out on sweets, it's about missing out on the life I deserve as a lean, healthy person."
5) "It's not about losing freedom to eat whatever I want, It's about not being a slave to food."

EXERCISE: Think about situations where you know you will be pressured to eat inappropriately by other people in your social circle. Write down the things that they may say to you, and write several rebuttals for each one.

STEP 3 - ARREST the pattern when it happens

Once you've begun to develop conscious AWAREness of your behaviors and yours WATCHing out for the feelings, events, places and people that trigger them, you can interrupt or break the pattern the moment you realize it's happening. I like to call it ARRESTING the pattern.

When you feel the urge or temptation for the inappropriate behavior, that's an important moment of decision. When you've been alert and WATCHing for your common triggers, you now have the opportunity to "think before you eat."

Start by simply saying STOP!!! and use some creative procrastination to remind yourself what this kind of eating will do to you.

For example: "Am I eating this because I'm hungry and need to feed my muscles and boost my energy or am I eating for another reason?  If the latter, ask yourself why you are eating.

Continue asking yourself some questions that will make you realize you were about to eat mindlessly. One that works for me is: "Do I really want this processed junk to become a part of every cell in my body, my biceps, my brain, my lungs or my stomach." Then I ask myself, "How will I feel after I've eaten this?" 

Some other example questions to ask yourself are: "Is eating this worth it?" or "Is eating this going to move me closer to or further away from my goal?"

EXERCISE: Write down your top ten questions to ask yourself when in this situation that will motivate you and drive you closer to your personal fitness goals.

STEP 4: REPLACE the old behaviors with positive alternative or more constructive outlets that give you the same feeling.

If you are eating to obtain a certain positive feeling, or to cope with a negative feeling, it's important to realize there are ALWAYS alternatives and more constructive ways to obtain or satisfy ANY feeling. Remember, it's not about the food, it's about getting a feeling. You may have a belief that it's only food that will make you feel better, but is that really true? I am positive you can REPLACE that belief if you'd like.

For example: "I used to believe that eating would make me feel good, but now I realize that overeating only made me feel sluggish, bloated, fatigued and guilty afterwards and it wasn't worth it for any short-lived pleasure I got. What really makes me feel good is being in control and the victory I feel from becoming fitter, healthier and better than the me of yesterday."

Try out that belief and find other ways to get that "good" feeling in its place.

Some examples:

1) When some people get upset, they will reach for food to cure the upset feeling. Others will workout by hitting the gym, go for a run, punch a heavy bag, or take a kickboxing class.
2) When some people get stressed, they reach for food to suppress the stress. Others find ways to relax, meditate, do yoga, go for a walk or simply remove yourself from the stress.
3) When some people get depressed, they drown in their sorrows with alcohol or binge eating. Others reach out to their friends and loved ones to talk their way through it with the help of a sympathetic and supportive pair of ears.

It is simple when you simply understand that there are always alternative behaviors, you will never feel trapped again. Changing you settings can greatly increase the change in your feelings. Exercise and physical movement are some of the best ways to change your feelings. Other way are to simply break focus away from whatever was troubling you and change your focus and your thoughts to something different and something positive. 

EXERCISE: List as many positive REPLACEMENTS as you possibly can that you will and want to engage in when you have become AWARE of your triggers and ARRESTED the problem.

STEP 5: ESTABLISH new beliefs about food and the right reasons for eating, then repeat them until they become your new pattern.

The single most powerful strategy for ending emotional eating or any other negative behavior or undesirable habit is within the power of your beliefs.

Why is it that vegetarians with strong beliefs are not even tempted to eat meat? Why is it that natural health advocates with strong beliefs are not even tempted to eat artificial sweeteners or drink diet soda? Why is it that non drinkers with strong beliefs are not even tempted by a sip of wine? Why is it that an elite athlete is not even tempted to break his or her dietary regimen leading up to a competition?

It's not that they feel the temptation and have some superhuman will power that lets them easily say no. When the belief is truly strong, there is simply no temptation. It's not even an option. If a certain behavior violates your beliefs or values, you won't have to stop yourself from doing it using willpower, you simply won't be able to do it anymore. Doing it would feel totally impossible. It's almost like your neurology short circuits before you can act against your beliefs.

People don't always do what they say, but they will always do what they believe and value.

Most people are unaware of their own beliefs, but the power of a metaphor describing your beliefs can have a great impact on your life in all facets. If you believed your body was a "gift" a "temple" and a "lean, fine-tuned machine," how do you think that would affect your behavior?  I have never met anyone who talked about their body with this type of language, had a challenge with inappropriate eating behaviors or obesity. Think hard about that.

Using metaphors to describe your beliefs are powerful ways to help you develop new beliefs and toss out the bad habits. Not only to strengthen your beliefs, but metaphors are great ways to describe healthy food.


1) Food is like fuel to your body
2) Food is like a powerful drug
3) Food is to the body like bricks are to a building
4) Eating small meals frequently is like stoking your metabolic furnace
5) Fresh whole fruit is like natures candy
6) Lean protein is the lean muscle builder

EXERCISE:  If you use metaphors to describe your body and the food you eat, whether they are positive or negative, write them all down so you begin to become AWARE of them.  If you don't use metaphors yet, make a list of all the positive metaphors you could start using today. "My body is like a ________." "Food is like_________."   ***Remember, your brain is the most incredible super-computer with almost unlimited capacity to learn and to make new associations and neural connections. You can create neural associations between eating healthy, nutritious foods and positive feelings. You can learn anything. You can create new meanings. You can develop new beliefs. You can express those beliefs with new metaphors.

While we are talking about metaphors, why not change your choice of words when it comes to behaviors.

For example: If you are angry and you describe your state as "boiling mad," why not change it to "I'm a little irked at the moment," or "I'm a wee bit peeved." (It might even break your state and make you laugh)

Other examples:

1) "Stress is an essential part of like because that's how we grow. Without stress we never grow. I embrace stress because stress is a stimulus for growth."
2) "Stress is okay. What's bad for me is continuous stress without release. So when I feel constant stress is starting to put pressure on me, that's my signal to rest, relax and recover. I work hard and sometimes it's stressful, but then I play hard and relax!"
3) "Use food when I feel stressed? HECK NO! food is good for fuel and for feeding muscles, but it's a terrible way to de-stress because if you eat inappropriately, you only feel MORE stressed afterwards."
4) "It's not food that I really want or need when I feel over-stressed, it's rest and relaxation...I just need a better balance between stress and relaxation.

***If you change your perspective, you can change your behaviors. 

Having strong beliefs about your body, food, eating, exercise is enough to deal without willpower, but adding your value system to the mix will out willpower out of its misery. 

We may have completed this exercise before, but answer these questions to bring out your value system in your goals. You answer on your own, but I placed examples in to get my point across.

What's important to you about reaching your goal of reducing your weight from 185lbs to 135lbs?
Answer: If I look better, I will feel better physically, have more energy and I will feel better about myself.
Questions: What's important to you about looking better physically, having more energy and feeling better about yourself?
Answer: I will feel more confident and especially in interviews so I can advance my career and get the type of job I want. I will feel more attractive and be able to approach men more easily.
Question: If you get the type of job you want, what is important about that?
Answer: I will make more money and won't hate my job.
Question: What is important about making more money and not hating your job?
Answer: I won't have to worry about paying the bills and I will have the freedom to do what I want, when I want and with whom I want.
Question: So when you reach your ideal weight goal, you will feel better physically, you will feel better about yourself, you will be more confident, you will attract men, advance your career and make more money?
Answer: YES!

That is a very powerful list of motivators that dictate what your values are so you can dig deep within yourself to program your subconscious mind with your new beliefs.

EXERCISE: With the same technique as above and to find out your true beliefs and values that most importantly consist of your health goals, answer these four questions and dig really deep.

1) What do you believe food is for?
2) What do you believe about your body?
3) What do you believe about eating?
4) What do you believe about exercise?

You may come up with many answers for each one, but after you have dug really deep to find your beliefs and values, ask yourself which beliefs are going to get your toward your goals. Once you narrowed down your beliefs, act as if you are a lawyer in the courtroom and question that belief, weaken it, dismantle it and grab that belief and put it on the stand.  Challenge that belief and try to find evidence that it is not true, consider where you got the beliefs and if they are your beliefs or someone else's. If the belief's aren't serving you and will help you reach your goals, replace it with something that will. There is a law that states that when you remove something from your life, something else will take its place unless you put something in its place. Replace it, don't remove it.


When you narrow down your empowering beliefs, your goal is to keep it, strengthen it and reinforce it. You do that by putting your beliefs in writing and turning them in to "Affirmations" (some people may call them "declarations")

Write your affirmations just like you would for any other goal except you don't need to include a deadline, as a belief is something you want to hold on to as long as it serves you.

Remember these four points: Specific, Personal, Positive and Present Tense.

So just as you did with your goals, write your affirmations down on paper every day and read them to yourself throughout the day. Read them in the morning, whenever you can in the afternoon and just before you go to bed. Just as your goal card, you should carry these affirmations around with you where you are reminded of your beliefs every time you reach in your pocket or in your purse.

Examples: Here are 4 core beliefs about food that highly fit and lean people have, which if you follow and believe, you will be one of those people too.

1) Food is construction material for the body - "Good food is "construction material...what I eat is building material for my muscles and every other cell and tissue in my body."
2) Food is for energy/food is fuel for the body - "Good food is fuel. I will only be as energetic as the fuel I put into my bodily engine."
3) Food is for stoking the furnace of your metabolism - "When I eat good food in small, frequent meals, it stokes my metabolic furnace."
4) Food is for creating optimal health - "Food is the most powerful drug. Good food contains every nutrient I need for perfect health."

Example: 10 beliefs and affirmations about food for balance, happiness and long term success

1) "It's okay to eat for enjoyment or social reasons if I do it consciously and mindfully and I stay within the compliance and quantity limits I set for myself in advance."
2) "I am totally conscious and aware of my beliefs about food and the reasons I eat."
3) "When I feel stressed or depressed, I already have or I can easily find alternate coping mechanisms to deal with those feelings."
4) "Healthy food that helps you burn fat and build muscle can be prepared in delicious ways."
5) "I realize that good can be one of life's great pleasures and that completely denying myself of foods I enjoy is not productive in the long term."
6) "If I set a compliance rule for myself, then there's really no such thing as forbidden foods. As long as I obey the law of calorie balance and eat only small amounts of my favorite treat foods, I can still be healthy, develop a great body, and enjoy my foods in moderation."
7) "I don't have to be perfect. If I eat healthy, natural, fat-burning, muscle building foods 90% of the time or more, I know I will get good results."
8) "If I want better results, faster, I realize that I may need to tighten up my nutritional compliance and I'm willing to do it if that's what it takes."
9) "Everything I eat will have some effect on my body but I realize that what I eat once in a while doesn't impact me that much."
10) "What's most important is what I eat habitually, every day, week after week, month after month, so I'm very cautious about what I eat repeatedly. I understand and have great respect for the power that of habits."

In closing, remember that all beliefs have an effect on you either in a positive or negative way. Sometimes you follow all the steps of the AWARE program, but you still struggle with eating, goals or exercise, maybe you have a larger or global belief that is like an umbrella which covers and blocks your ability to believe in this program 100%.  Follow the same steps in to creating a belief that allows you to replace that belief with a much more positive one and you will succeed.

Always remember that belief power is 1,000 times stronger than will power. I believe in this program and so do hundreds of my clients who have changed their beliefs and are walking around "right now" at their goal weight and feeling very good about themselves.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 12 of the new Journey: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness

I always love putting up the title of a post becuase wen I begin typing "day" it comes up automatically with the title of "Day 1".. a good reminder that it is a day at a time and that each day is in fact a new begining!

I had a dear friend who is on this journey talk about betaing herself up because of a "sugar slip"...I totally sympathize..cause even the slightest diversion from the plan can bring that monster that says I have to be "perfect" and the other monster that wants to say "see I told you you could not do it". Well, first, there is no wood on my back and things are going to happen, and secondly, there is no failure if I am doing what i need to do for myself one day at a is PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION, PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION, PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION! I LOVE (sarcastic) how my brain can try and set me up for failure by presenting those either or propsitions....sorry brain...there is a lot of grey friend..and in that grey is where my humanity makes for a lot of progress and good things!  I was so grateful for her sharing with me and keeping these things "green for me" and also for a post from a dear person who shared she is begining this journey as well!!! It is so powerful!

As I said yesterday, I have some sort of bug...I did not do cardio yesterday and stayed wrapped up. I was so pleased as well that I did not do anything bad food wise. I did not want to cook so Michael went to pita delite and got me the chicken fajita salad...i was almost all the way through it when I realized that the dressing was not on it! I was enjoying so much I just did not need it! the only fat came from the feta, and I was ok with that cause I had done so well throughout the day and week. I did give myself an extra sugar free ice cream sandwich...being mindful that sugar free does not mean low calorie or low fat! All in all a successful day!

Today, I woke with the same congestion and sinus. I skipped church and a lunch with a dear friend....but somewhere in the early afternoon I got fidgety and while it may have been stupid, I went in to do my cardio. It was not as bad as I thought it woudl be and it did open me up..but I felt good about doing this for myself. My heart rate was higher than normal because of the congestion...but never too hgh that it shot way above my range...and 30 minutes later..I was done! Right now I am not feeling so hot..but when I got home, I took a eucalyptus bath and am in the for the rest of the day with lots of fluids and vitamin hopefully this will pass quickly.

truth be told, I may have gone in part becasuae of a call i got earlier that informed me of a person I have known for serveral years through a board I serve on that died this morning from a massive heart attack. It was a real shock. She was a hard worker and someone who had a very very tough job...not overwieght at all..and I was so saddened to hear of her passing. I can only imagine what this woman has endured over the years doing the work she has been involved in. She stuck with it and as the person who called me said, she was very good at what she did.

In my ripe old age of 43, I  have learned that you just never know when you will be called, but it just got me thinking and as I worked out on that eliptical...I kept thinking about her. I pray she has peace and her family as well.

Such sudden death brought me back. The first person I remember dying unexpectedly of a massive heart attack was my grandmother lois. My dad got the call..i must have been around 14. I was with him on summer break. We were told just to come over to her home. As we turned up the street, I saw the ambulance and police and neighbors standing around. I remember jumping out of the car before it stopped and running into, past all the men standing around, the side porch and as I entered the den, I was enveloped by the soft arms and perfumed laced embrace of my Grandmother's best friend Dorothy. I knew she was gone. I knew what had was just too much to bear. As I calmed down, I found out that she was at her vanity removing her makeup when it happened....and had Dorothy not checked on her...well, may not have known for a much longer time. I saw what heart attacks could do....

Things have happened since, not withstanding Windell's death such a short time ago...but this morning was another reminder. It does not mean that I have to live in fear. I know that is no life at all....but it is more motivation..more life affirming incentive to be the best I can be today and treat that remarkable muscle in my chest with more care and love...treat me better in other words.

I have to say as I left I saw one of my favorite people who is in her 70s as I left the gym...she is someone who has cared enough about me to give me good advice over the years and she is an amazing friend...and this morning she became a grandmother again. I love her with all my heart and it was so great to see her working out! she is a great power of example. Her daughter too..and with our sharing about the baby, it was the balance that is in the world...Haiti is still tragic, so much is going on and there is so much need, and a life passed suddenly...but there was the birth of a great new life, she and I were in the gym doing good things for our lives, and the possibilities for more of a great day lay ahead....all in all...Life is Good....and always, in all things, in all times, in all ways, God is good!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 11 of the new Journey: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness

today is a good day...but unfortunately I have a bug..yuck..i knew I was getting something sinus wise...but got up at about 7 this morning and I was full fledged bleh....   the cool thing is that i know this time I do not have to eat crap all day cause I feel bad...and this hit on my day off, so hopefully I can get better fast and not have it interfere with my new routine. the whole point to all this is to intergrate healthier living into normal life..and getting a bug here and there, particulary since I work around students all the time, is part of normal will keep a good outlook.

I am snuggled up and watching good shows..have had my normal health breakfast and an orange that tasted actually better than unusal casue I don't feel so good...much better than the carrot cake and chips that used to comfort me when I got sick.

So, sorry for the short entry today..but I am going to rest and drink fluids, treat myself well, and see you tomorrow!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 10 of the new Journey: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness

MADE IT! Oh yeah...big man rolling at 6:15..and the cool thing was I had such a good night sleep. I totally flaked on an event I bought tickets for last night for Phoenix Employement Ministry...but at least I bought the tickets..I just SOOOOOO needed a night to chill and be at home and we had a great night. Michael teaches late on tuesdays and thursday and I get the house to me a little after work...some quiet time. then experimented with the chicken...tried to make chicken tenders..with no I put then boneless chicken pieces in a bad with progresso bread crumbs, salt and pepper and sage and did the old SHAKE AND BAKE Thing! :) i sprayed a pan with pam and cooked at 350 for 25 minutes..turning them once. Not the best veggies to go along with them..but, I wanted white corn last night and I was itching for potatoes. I thought that those dehydrated potatoes would be low fat and low calorie...but NOOOO...however, the delmonte potatoes are had a nice meal. The chicken was not perfect..but it was good. and teh cool thing once again was it was almost no fat...and satisfying! I am determined to come up with 30 low fat, high protein, ways to make chicken that we love to have with vegetables and no rice or starch before the month is over.

But I yesterday I was dragging because, for one, it has been an intense week, for two, there has been a lot going on emotionally and in things I am involved in. Last night after dinner, we just settled in and watch Prince Caspian and turned over everything in peace...I drifted off and had such a great night of sleep.

This morning at the gym..i got on the eliptical and Adam actually had to get me off and I still wanted to go on it more! LOL! Love it!

As we began, he mentioned that my blog yesterday sounded like I had a bad day. I told him that I was just tired. Now, I am not pollyanna...or as I was once called..pollyanna with a deep voice..but I have not had a bad day in over 20 years..but I have had bad moments in blessed, good days. I began, as I worked out with Adam, to share what was on my heart...what was going was amazing how freeing I light I became as I released so much of that. As I processed my physical, I also remember that I am NOT IN CHARGE and that I have a God that is in full charge! it was wonderful! Adam talked (and counted and kept my form!) and it was amazing! What a great morning session. using my workout not only to keep in priority my health, but using it to cleanse the distractions and the causes for concern was such a boon.

I have to report at the end of the first full week and the end of what is almost two weeks, this is the blessing of a lifetime! Today I met Heather..another trainer at the gym..what a lite of life and love..shining with health and openness..friends, strangers, and so many have been sending me notes of encouragment...people are telling me they are reading this and folllowing the journey and I know of at least four people who are on this journey with me! My Director at work allowed me to adjust my work schedule slightly so that I can tain and then shower and get here after mwf...and I can work later those days...I am supported by everyone at owrk and my associate director who is an amazing athlete now into his 60s is so helpful with tips. Michael joined the gym and is my rock and someone I share EVERYTHING with! I have the best mother in the world and step cousin in the mountains is on this journey too!! The Heart Association is amazing and anyone that does not believe Ashley Miller is not the biggest heart, has not met her..get those daggum HEART BALL TICKETS FOLKS!  I have Kristi rooting me on and supporting me everyday...and with all that is on her plate that is one hell of an effort..second only to my own mother..Louise is right there with me and let me tell you..that is one woman for inspiration..Miss Kathy being a power of example..Andy Hight being someone to show me how it is done!...I just cannot tell you how amazing it is..and If I can say..becasue so much is coming through Adam and Aimee's blog from Kayliegh, I feel like I have a small part of the priviledge of the blessing of the angel that is Kayliegh now. I cannot tell you how special it is to have someone message me and say they came from Kayleigh's blog. From that life, that abundant spirit brought two parents with such loving and giving hearts that made so much happen for so many me...I do the same time..for anyone coming to this...that may feel like this kind of support is not in place. or this support is not in place for you..then use much love is here..take it..that is what this blogging..that is what this being so public about is all about..use it! I am going off today becuase I am so is so overwhelming and I am so very grateful! thanks be to God and thanks...just thanks!
Remember to visit and support the Cape Fear Heart Walk

It's all about Adam Freeman and his amazng training!

Please join and support the amazing folks at O2 fitness! Grateful, does not begin to describe!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 9 of the new Journey: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness

So, working out does not mean that you have a better memory off of the calendar on your off work and went to the health department at 5:30 and the meeting was not till this point of frustration and driving across town..i would have stopped at chic filet..but guess what! I called michael..told him we would not be able to cook..he could have a free night (he was OVERJOYED...cause he got to have a pizza! LOL!) and I came home..made tuna..took a few minutes to chill and went back and had an amazing board meeting with amazing people. We gave out our first granst for the foundation to 5 amazing projects and got the ball rolling for this year's golf tournament and I was still home BEFORE 8 o'clock! how's that for a good night! :)   Had a salad and a sugar free/low fat treat..chilled and went to bed with The Adams Family movie!

I got up this morning..dragging a little..but I GOT UP! Yeah! still cheerleading that one! My butt is getting up and that is awesome! Got out the door and down to o2....My Ipod had not charged and I was not happy cause no music and i grabbed some ear plugs and decided I would watch the news...spent time with my favority morning folks..Bob and Kim on WECT...and as I was struggling at 15 minutes to get to the next came out and all the news from Haiti played out..all of a sudden my big tail struggling on an elipitcal seemed VERY insignificant! VERY! each stroke of those handles..each pedal was a pray for that devastastion..that was..well you all are watching it too. It is staggering and our response must be equal to that...prayer adn watching followed and before I knew it...30 minutes had passed and I felt really good!

My session ended even better because my friend susie came in and i found out she works was great to see someone I know again and leave with love from the gym..

work has been tough a little so far today....I have felt a little weak/tired today..but it is late in the week and I have been going hard. Issues and things that are in my life have not stopped because I am doing this..but I have to say...I am putting this first..this whole...I am going to take care of myself thing...the physical as well as the mental and is all a day at a time. progress not perfection...progress not perfection is my have eaten well so far...I have shown up....I have my head on heart open..trying to think before I act and a little tired..not so bad...just can't use that as an excuse to eat a snickers right now..that won't help! HA! but...maybe..this may  give me rights over a mineral bath and quiet time with Michael!.....

anyhoo....I am off till tomorrow folks!

Before I go...I will signing off each day with this EVERYDAY from now on. I should have been including these links in every post, but I will correct that now! These folks, these places are making the difference in my life and they can make the difference for you....I am so very grateful to and for!:

Remember to visit and support the Cape Fear Heart Walk

It's all about Adam Freeman and his amazng training!

Please join and support the amazing folks at O2 fitness! Grateful, does not begin to describe!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 8 of the new Journey: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness

Ok, so maybe it is silly to be so excited about making it to the gym each day..but I AM! especially this morning cause last night was a marathon of two board meeetings, then to the grocery store after, and not home until right at 10..making for a 14 hour day...I did not get to sleep till right at Midnight just from winding down..but the cool thing was, I did not stuff my face last night from fatique..I ate a salad when I got home with michael, had a sugar free ice cream sandwich as a treat and really relaxed. Throughout the evevning, I did what I had planned for and had the tuna I had prepared and did not have the MandM's and chips at one of the board meetings that are always there..I actually ate the CARROTS! novel huh?

Part of all of this is those board meetings...I get to be involved in such amazing work for things I care so passionately about! Coastal Horizons has mental health and substance abuse treatement as well as rape crisis and the youth shelter..heck yeah I want to be healthy and continue being involved in an agency..a non-profit that makes that kind of difference in SO many lives! What was I thinking by treating myself the way I was? Oh well, for today, that was in the past...Last night I was at that table, a board member and active..and I had been at cardio in the morning, had eaten well, and it felt good. Left there and went to Wilmington Interfaith Hospitality Network and heard about the success stories of folks going from Homelessness to sustainability! working with a board that are so grounded in service and committed! What a blessing! My cup..well you get it? right? I left those meetings wanting even more to do this for myself..I left renewed.

Anyway, I digress...I woke up this morning....and was a little harder to...i was tired..but I did. Got in and did 10 min cardio on MY eliptical (its MINE NOW! LOL!).
Adam got there and we began.....
sneaky fella that he is...he increased the weight on the cross thingy for the exercises for the pulls. He just smiled like gomer pile making the sargeant angry....but I did it! :) Pulling across, down, and up! That is one way to wake up! :) Of course before that..had to get on the half ball for balance and my ankles..have to make sure to stay on one foot and not let my other foot cling to the leg...I am better already at standing without holding on to something and it does not burn as much as quickly.

Then to the MAT! Lord do I LOVE to get on that floor in the middle of that GYM! YEAH! NOT! :) But this time he was really have fun by having my big tail get on all fours and he said "Stick one arm straight out and the opposit leg out at the same time"...I just paused and looked at him for a second to see if he was going to start laughing....he did not laugh...he was buckled down..and did it! then rotated...and did it agin..then he look up...and when I did..he took a picture and said "smile!"....Oh the joy that these trainers must have! he assured me that I will treasure that moment someday....YEAH...someday! :)

Got on my back and did the leg to...well try and touch the opposite hand...touch! But...I did it!...see, I keep saying I did it..cause..well, I did...and it is amazing to me!  so grrateful...
We did the squatty thing..the pushy thing..and the pully thing in rotations and reps of 15..and of course with MORE WEIGHT! oww! but did it!

Today we also got to play with LEGOS! YEAH! they are these building blocks that you get to step up on..repeatedly...and thatnks to a liberal arts education..all I could think of was sisyphus..but what was actually happening was me keeping my heart rate up to contiune the work out so that I am still in the zone...In fact..the one lego was not enough..we have to add height with othere legos! Oh FUN! and then I was really in the zone! and oh no....wait...I then got to Raise a leg like I was in the opening number of the Music Man.."Seventy Six Trombones..Etc"...boy though..I don't remember that number working my backside quite so much though! :)

The thing that got me was on the pull down..once again..I was looking in the mirror monitoring how far my arm should go down and I saw my stomach and then my face...I heard in my head..."you are too old..43..its too late for all this. Your are just to fat Bo...this is useless" I said " damn" outloud and Adam asked if I was alright..I told him what I just thought and how this negative crap was in my head and how I was amazed by it..after all these years..after all the gratitude and understadings of blessings to still hear crap like that...He totally understood..The Devil in my brain..those attitudes that keep me down..those old tapes..whatever it is..NOT ANY MORE!....

that converstaion ended me on a positive note with Adam Stretching me and us talking about the Aware program that i will link here..It is more of my homework...Amazing blessings.

Today is work..Rotary (gotta just have the salad at Rotary and not the pasta..kind of funny our rotary meets at Carraba's huh?! HA!) and then Public Health Foundation meeting and Home for a quiet eveing and dinner with Michael...see ya'll tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 7 of the new Journey: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness

HA! I just posted my facebook status and I cheated myself out of a day! LOL! It is day 7, not day 6! How cool is it to already be losing track....ha!
Got up this morning for Cardio (sounds like I was off to have a catheter put in..oh, wait, that is what I am trying to avoid!) Little sluggish. the boy cat was laying on top of me and the down comforter felt SOOOOOO good...and I worked soooooo hard yesterday....wait, no, I HAVE to get up..this is my commitment...Cat flying through the on my two feet and into my shoes and out the door I went (I did put on clothes just in case you were wondering! I did not want to scare the villagers).

Got there...straight to my machine...hopped on like a pro and decided, "what the heck....I 'll set it for 30 minutes and see what happens". Well, 30 minutes later, at my target rate...after trying to convince myself I could stop about 8 times, I MADE IT....and I DID NOT DIE! I DID NOT DISSOVLVE...and it felt ok!

Adam came in as I was finishing and I felt like a 3 year old that had just used the potty for the first time adn I was like "look what I did" all wide eyed and proud...he gave me the approprate amount of praise! :)  It did feel good and as I went down the stairs I felt like I owned the place. I went outside into the cold in my shorts and shirt (I love the polar plunge of it all) and it was sooo nice!

I do have to tell on myself since this blog is hopefully about sharing the experience so that others might walk this journey too..when I got home, got showered and was heading out the door, I looked in the mirror and I looked at my stomach in the mirror and I called myself fat and said, "see, no change..why bother"...I was so glad that almost immediately, the voice in my head, said shut the F up!!!, its been 6 days!! how dare you, you have done a great job and are on your took you time to get here, it is going to take time to make blessed this is happening!" I swear to you..that I looked up from my stomach, at my face..directly into my face and for a moment I really and truly felt at was a good moment. The old tapes..the negative stuff will not succeed. it was a good moment...on to many more.

Today is a long one..I know I can do it...I have much to be thankful for, but there are two board meetings after work that take me almost to 9! It is just the time when i would have stopped at the fast food place and picked up whatever I could grab or eated the cookies and mess at the meetings. NOT TODAY! I am going home for lunch and will prepare some Tuna and some things for me to take this evening, so that if I get hungry...I will have what I need with me. NO FAST FOOD EVER! NEVER! I am just never going to do that to myself again! If you see me in a drive have my permission to slam into me! I have full coerage! HAHA!, i have to do this..but you get the point. I just have to prepare for these things...if I am going to be active and involved, I have to take care of myself...duh! Seems so simple, right?

speaking of so simple...Michael came home last night..he got a membership to o2 fitness while I was at my appointment...he wants to do this with me! talk about a cannot even describe what that felt like!!!

Ok...break is over..gotta go!
Thanks be to God for All the blessings fo this life today and always!
I am blessed way more than I deserve!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 6 of the new Journey: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness

could not believe it when I woke up at 6am! It felt good and I was so glad! Made tea and got a shower. had enough time to get my head on straight and say a little prayer and head out the door with a tea cup in my hand.

funny, it was 6:30 when i left the house and I was worried about being too early...would that be ok?
got there right at out of the car in the ice cold in my shorts and t-shirt and went inside and straight up to the leonardo dicapprio elipitical! (the one on the balcony..remember! LOL!) Love that felt right and I felt so good having just made it this mornign. I was so nevous last night about getting is so HALF the battle.

Put "I'm going to the meeting" on in on my Ipod. turned on the TV...turned on the machine..and off I went...oh and there was Lori from the lower cape fear hospice talking on the of my favorite people talking about one of my favorite places...I was jammming out and frankly...while I felt was not as bad as the first day and before I knew it, it was 10 minutes! I was psyched..saw adam come in...and did not stop..kept going and got a in 17:54! :) and still could walk and talk!

Today is a training day..and he asked me about my weekend and we got started. First on the half ball...a little better than before..ecspecially with these New Balance Shoes! tough though..still not quite there..but, it really is the first day of the first full felt good.

Then to a mat...ugh...tried to stay positive...but getting my big tail on the floor in front of people in the middle of gym was not my idea of a good time and I knew what was coming....Crunchy things!!!!
Because of my back issues, I cannot lift both legs of the ground at the same time. Adam had me raise one leg in the air and the opposite arm to come up and try (and I do mean try ) and touch it...with my head and stomach crunch as I did it...then the other side..doing that in rotation several times...OOOOOOO that feels feels! :)
Then he had me face down on my stomach and lift one leg and the opposite arm, then the opposite, then both legs and both arms.....not as bad..but damn you find out how weak..I persisted though and felt good about that..What was frustrating was how uncoordingated I felt, but he walked me through it..the point was to feel the core work, not to get it perfect each time...We did this for a while, then I was allowed up...

back in the stirrups...and OH NO, the orignal weight was not good enough...and OH NO..not I had to get at 90 with the sun coming up in my face...I push and did the sitting squats in that machine with more weight at a greater angle..and daggone if it did not happen! what a great feeling!

Then to the cable cross. with the extentisons up, across, and then down..all keeping the form right with a straight arm..not worrying about the number...he handles the count...i just worry about doing the form.

Then to the push....amd again...form more weight...ouch!..but not too bad! Just me being silly! It actually felt fine and I did it! : Same with the pull downs! Felt so good!

Came to work and had my egg and canadian bacon with english muffin and polaner all fruit, Harnery's Earl Grey and for a snack, Kate Brought in these amazing clementines! what a great morning!

walked home for lunch...NEW RULE...if no lunch appt..then I walk home for lunch...left over chicken and salad with low fat dressing. Had a diet coke (ok..that is something i have to get rid of...but it was in the fridge!)...relaxed a little..then walked back...tried not to run the world in my head on the know what I mean? I caught myself writing letters telling off the head of the HOA, correcting this and that and then it hit me..I am WALKING in all this BEAUTY on a brisk day and LOSING this by being in my I stopped and got it together and just paid attention to the moment!

busy the rest of the afternoon...
now off to an appointment...quick dinner with Michael
then to Ashley's for committee work for the Heart Associaiton and hopefully be by 11!
See ya'll tomorrow!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 5 of the new Journey: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness

it's sunday and the official day off.

I still felt like I needed to do something and with all the stuff that needed to get done in the house, it was a perfect opportunity to see how to use some of this cardio on getting the house in order. I was not able to get my heart rate up to the target, but it did get up and I got all our christmas put away and really feel good about the house in general! I have to admit I had more energy today and felt pretty good about it.

Saturday and Sundays in all my previous attempts to change my eating habits have always been hard for me. Today was no exception. If I am not busy..I am thnking about food or wanting to least during the week with work and voluntering my mind is distracted. But on the weekends I sit with me. Frankly, today, i thought maybe it was a good thing. I like feeling hunger. I like really enjoying the taste of something because it is not following somethign else so close behind. is mental and frankly, spiritual. Today I asked for help and recieved it. Seems silly to ask for that kind of help when there is so much greater need out there...but I cannot do this alone...I need help. I have known I am not alone for a long is time to start realizing that in all things, I am loved..I have to be willing. Today I was.....right now I am.

I got shoes..and when i say shoes....we will work on the mortgage later after buying these things! LOL!...but they are awesome! actually they are not that expensive..but after one day in them, I can see why folks take the time to get the right shoes. They are New  Balance from Dave Boseman's incredibly helpful staff got me into the right pair and Adam said I had to get something that would support me in the days ahead....

speaking of support...o2 fitness already has a new member..michael looked at me yesterday and said "bet this woudl be good on cardio days if we were together....would you like that"...I was overwhelmed. I said yes. He said, "where do I sign up..I want to be there to support you and get healthier too!". What a blessing. I guess this week sometime we will get that taken care of. But it just was another gift along the way.

as for food...I am writing about this for me to make sure I remember these things I have been cooking cause we LOVE THEM! I have the diet from Heidi....but recipies in the cook books are not always what I want. I know that I need to:
get more vegtebles in my diet, particularly broccoli and spinach
get less fat in my diet
get white bread out of my life
get rid or pasta, rice, and potatoes (white)...
and as busy as I stay, yet I need to cook (especially since we are committed to not going out to eat for the rest of the month)...I need recipes that are easy and that we both like.

So, I last week I made an awesome turkey chili with black beans, kidney beans, progresso tomotoes, and a spice mix that kicked butt!
I made a mistake when I went to costco and instead of buying chicken breasts in these seperated packs, I bought chicken tender strips...well, it turned out that it was no mistake, casue I dont have to cut them and I have made two dishes that are AWESOME!
one: I put the tenders in a nonstick skillet on a little higher than medium heat with salt and pepper, turned them and when they were cooked through, removed from pan..then took a package of frozen spinach, ran it under water to thaw...rang out the water...and put in the hot skillet with a jar of paul newman tomota basil marinara (I love paul newman cause it is so straight forward and no high fructose corn syrup). I cook to heat the sauce and spinach, re-enter the chicken..and walla..dinner.
We did not even need a salad and it was thick enough....we dot miss pasta or rice. So good and the spinach was so tasty in the sauce and the chicken was cooked with NO oil or butter!

the second I did tonight..I wanted sunday dinner type food. I steamed broccoli and sprayed it lightly with the I can't believe it is not buter and then sprinkled with lemon pepper.
I then did the chicken pieces like about..but season with rubbed sage, salt and paper and when I turned it deglazed the pan with a tiny bit of lemon juice. Then at the finish, I poured on a jar of Boston Market Chicken Grazy, that is low fat and low everythign. it gave the chicken a coating, but I served the chicken as pieces with hte broccoli and a salad so not swimming in the was soo good!

So I start the week, knowing that I can cook for us.

I start the week knowing that I can show up for my appointments to exercise.

I start the week knowing that I can meet my commitments.

But most importantly, I start the week, reminded how supported, loved, and how many friends I have. It is overwhelming. It is a blessing.
I am grateful.
Thanks be to God!

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Day 4 (addendum) of the new Journey: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness

Ashley Miller took this. It was she and Kristi Tomey (on the left) who made this magic happen with Adam! Ashley is the head of the Heart Associatian here in Wilmington and Kristi has been helping me as a work out friend for a while. They are both two of the strongest and biggest hearted folks I know and I could not ask for better friends in my life.