Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 10 of the new Journey: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness

MADE IT! Oh yeah...big man rolling at 6:15..and the cool thing was I had such a good night sleep. I totally flaked on an event I bought tickets for last night for Phoenix Employement Ministry...but at least I bought the tickets..I just SOOOOOO needed a night to chill and be at home and we had a great night. Michael teaches late on tuesdays and thursday and I get the house to me a little after work...some quiet time. then experimented with the chicken...tried to make chicken tenders..with no I put then boneless chicken pieces in a bad with progresso bread crumbs, salt and pepper and sage and did the old SHAKE AND BAKE Thing! :) i sprayed a pan with pam and cooked at 350 for 25 minutes..turning them once. Not the best veggies to go along with them..but, I wanted white corn last night and I was itching for potatoes. I thought that those dehydrated potatoes would be low fat and low calorie...but NOOOO...however, the delmonte potatoes are had a nice meal. The chicken was not perfect..but it was good. and teh cool thing once again was it was almost no fat...and satisfying! I am determined to come up with 30 low fat, high protein, ways to make chicken that we love to have with vegetables and no rice or starch before the month is over.

But I yesterday I was dragging because, for one, it has been an intense week, for two, there has been a lot going on emotionally and in things I am involved in. Last night after dinner, we just settled in and watch Prince Caspian and turned over everything in peace...I drifted off and had such a great night of sleep.

This morning at the gym..i got on the eliptical and Adam actually had to get me off and I still wanted to go on it more! LOL! Love it!

As we began, he mentioned that my blog yesterday sounded like I had a bad day. I told him that I was just tired. Now, I am not pollyanna...or as I was once called..pollyanna with a deep voice..but I have not had a bad day in over 20 years..but I have had bad moments in blessed, good days. I began, as I worked out with Adam, to share what was on my heart...what was going was amazing how freeing I light I became as I released so much of that. As I processed my physical, I also remember that I am NOT IN CHARGE and that I have a God that is in full charge! it was wonderful! Adam talked (and counted and kept my form!) and it was amazing! What a great morning session. using my workout not only to keep in priority my health, but using it to cleanse the distractions and the causes for concern was such a boon.

I have to report at the end of the first full week and the end of what is almost two weeks, this is the blessing of a lifetime! Today I met Heather..another trainer at the gym..what a lite of life and love..shining with health and openness..friends, strangers, and so many have been sending me notes of encouragment...people are telling me they are reading this and folllowing the journey and I know of at least four people who are on this journey with me! My Director at work allowed me to adjust my work schedule slightly so that I can tain and then shower and get here after mwf...and I can work later those days...I am supported by everyone at owrk and my associate director who is an amazing athlete now into his 60s is so helpful with tips. Michael joined the gym and is my rock and someone I share EVERYTHING with! I have the best mother in the world and step cousin in the mountains is on this journey too!! The Heart Association is amazing and anyone that does not believe Ashley Miller is not the biggest heart, has not met her..get those daggum HEART BALL TICKETS FOLKS!  I have Kristi rooting me on and supporting me everyday...and with all that is on her plate that is one hell of an effort..second only to my own mother..Louise is right there with me and let me tell you..that is one woman for inspiration..Miss Kathy being a power of example..Andy Hight being someone to show me how it is done!...I just cannot tell you how amazing it is..and If I can say..becasue so much is coming through Adam and Aimee's blog from Kayliegh, I feel like I have a small part of the priviledge of the blessing of the angel that is Kayliegh now. I cannot tell you how special it is to have someone message me and say they came from Kayleigh's blog. From that life, that abundant spirit brought two parents with such loving and giving hearts that made so much happen for so many me...I do the same time..for anyone coming to this...that may feel like this kind of support is not in place. or this support is not in place for you..then use much love is here..take it..that is what this blogging..that is what this being so public about is all about..use it! I am going off today becuase I am so is so overwhelming and I am so very grateful! thanks be to God and thanks...just thanks!
Remember to visit and support the Cape Fear Heart Walk

It's all about Adam Freeman and his amazng training!

Please join and support the amazing folks at O2 fitness! Grateful, does not begin to describe!

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Amy said...

This blog post is amazing and oh so true! I am also a reader that was shown to your blog thru Kaleigh's blog and take it as a sign from God because I myself, am on the journey of growing into a healthier, stronger person. Congrats on deciding to take this step and I am in total agreement with you that between having an awesome trainer to vent to/laugh with/push you/etc, working out, having such a supportive group around you helps a ton to make "bad moments" turn around and stresses lift. Keep up the great work! And, if how this blog post sounds you won't have any problems with that! I will continue to check out your blog, it's now on my favorite's list, and know that you have someone praying for you during your journey in Texas.
God Bless,
Amy B