Tuesday, May 15, 2007

the passing of Jerry Falwell

So Jerry Falwell is dead. Such an empty end to all those years of hearing his steady voice of judgment pronounced against that which he deemed immoral. His death, unfortunate for those who loved him, is most unfortunate in that his passing was only a blip on the screen still riddled by those who prosper by the misuse of religion, and more specifically the Gospels of Christ; misinterpreting historical contexts for moral perimeters, assuaging blame for current events from ancient stories, and judging others by the faulty translations filtered by politics and human design.

Of this man and his message, he did have an impact on me. By being resolute in his beliefs, he caused me to think and to search hard in my soul to be sure about who I am. I wish for other generations that they would not have to come to know themselves by learning what they are not but rather being loved for who they are, but this was my path. As a result, I am closer to my maker and more sure of myself because of that inspection and introspection, and while it was hurtful and felt at times like hell itself, I am a better man because of it.

Now that he is dead, he can no longer hurt me or others, and I am glad he will now know the truth I have known for some time. He will know that unconditional wonder that is our maker. He will know the peace and salvation that is open to and for us all. I wish that he had known that here on earth and that he could have shared it rather than all the harm he caused.
Pax Vobiscum Jerry Falwell. Pax Vobiscum.