Monday, November 26, 2018

Shell Scultpure Gallery

Every shell I collect on Wrightsville beach is a moment of peace. It is a revelation of being present in the moment. For me, it is the discovery of beauty and as I "see" each one that I pick up, my heart is full, my breath is clear, and I am filled with a peace that transports me away from everyday problems.

Each shell once inhabited life. Its beauty covered the seas and was formed, over time, with each layer, by the process of making something that would house, safety, and security for it's inhabitant. 
Once it's occupant was gone, it is released into the waves, the energy of the Atlantic. And by a miracle it washes up in tidal moments for us to discover. 

I learned a while ago that for years I had been walking by so many of these shells. I needed to stop. To listen. To be patient. To pay attention. It was not so much about looking as it was about letting them show themselves to me. Because, unlike other beaches, on the Atlantic, where the waves crash hard and the currents run fast, shells rarely find their way to us whole..but in pieces of beauty that we must enjoy.

In these works, I have taken these pieces and assembled them in the spirit in which I found them. 
Some as relics. Some as spirits. Some as angels. Some, just as collections. 

It is my hope that you will enjoy them. Not just as aesthetic pieces to look at, but also, to touch. These are tactile pieces, meant to be enjoyed the same way as when you pick a shell up and feel it under your fingertips. There is an energy, a connection there and one that is lovely. 

Each of these pieces is held in a special grout and framed in a pure wood frame. There are no chemicals are sealants on the shells to keep the natural color. 

I am selling these pieces to raise money for things we support so that I can share the joy of collecting these, I can share the joy of these finds from our Wrightsville Beach, and this joy can come full circle back to go to things we care about that go good in the world. 

If you see one that you like, just message me at and let me know and we will arrange delivery. Paypal or check. 

Sold "Annointed" 5x7 35.00
"Gather at the Cross" 8x10 50.00

"Angels have not borders" 7x7 45.00
"Jumping Rope in the Moonlight" 35.00 5x7
"Garden Party Spirit" 5x7 35.00
8x10 " "There is no easier softer way" 50.00
8x10 "Butterflies in Sping"   50.00
SOLD "Faith, Hope, and Charity" 8x10 50.00
8x10 "Have your Six" 50.00
5x7 "Spirit of Grace"  35.00
5x7 "All the feels"   35.00
8x10   "Radiant"  50.00
:the oracle  5x7 35.00
"dancing in the reeds" 7x7  45.00
"trumperter in the clouds"  5x7 35.00
SOLD 7 x 7 "Purple Rain"   40.00
SOLD "Design Perfection" 5x7 35.00
"Royal Spirits"   50.00 8x10
"the passion"   5x7 35.00

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Thangsgiving tradition 2018: year 19: 1900 things I am grateful for

Annual Thanksgiving Tradition:

Year 19 1900 things, events, feelings I am grateful  this year....


19 Years ago I sent out a “gratitude” list of 100 things I was grateful in Wilmington that year. It was met with great success as it spurred others to think about the positive and create perspective that might not always be in focus.


Each year since, I have made a new list (times the number of years I have been doing it) and include groups, things, organizations, service, and places. (Names are only used in reference to gifts..don't go looking for your name! LOL! :)


I GENERATE A NEW LIST EACH YEAR.  This is stream of consciousness, and I try and write it as close together as I can. It is a wonderful and meaningful journey.


Regardless of what my circumstances might be, regardless of what events may occur in my life, it is a tradition I will continue, because, I/we am/are blessed and it is worth remembering, offering thanksgiving, and sharing with each other!


 I hope it will spark a list of your own and feel free to steal mine!


I am grateful:


  1. For my higher power, for whom I know and call God.
  2. For 29 years and counting of one day at a time, happy, joyous and free
  3. For knowing I am not God.
  4. For hearing God through people, places, things and events
  5. For a feeling of never being alone that came into my life so many years ago and has never left me and sustains me in some of the darkest and most difficult moments and times.
  6. For the reflection of my higher power in the eyes and expressions, but most importantly the acts of so many around me.
  7. For being able to see God in myself
  8. For being able to see God in others
  9. For being able to see something greater than us in times of great crisis and strife
  10. For connecting to and feeling connected to that source, that strength
  11. For the shells on the beach
  12. For the breathing and seeing the shells
  13. For the shells appearing to me in the stillness
  14. For understanding the moment more
  15. For having more moments
  16. For being in more moments
  17. For peace in more moments
  18. For peace in more moments of strife
  19. For peace in moments of joy
  20. For peace in moments of calm.
  21. For peace when in conflict with another
  22. For a sense  of self and self assuredness
  23. For a feeling of self worth that my higher power showed me
  24. For knowing I am loved
  25. For knowing I am made just as I am supposed to be made
  26. For feeling a deeper sense of connection to purpose
  27. For Michael
  28. For being witness to some of the greatest strength and integrity in another
  29. For having a true example of good always to be next to me and in front of me in our home
  30. For never having to be anything other than me and being accepted and loved regardless
  31. For 22 years and counting of the most amazing marriage
  32. For growing together and learning more and more about how we can manage some of the most stressful events together
  33. For my beloved stepfather
  34. For him having some joy in his life
  35. For Harold’s 81st birthday
  36. For Harold’s amazing photography show
  37. For art in bloom
  38. For the site and vision of Harold’s photography
  39. For all who supported and came to his show at art and bloom
  40. For sharing that opening with my sister and brother in law
  41. For watching Harold with all of those patrons, light surrounding him as he shared his passion
  42. For Harold being included in the group photography show
  43. For all the talks we still have and being able to learn and share
  44. For the piece that Michael and I acquired
  45. For the mentoring in seeing that Harold gave to me
  46. For the insights in my own photography that Harold shared with me
  47. For my family of blood
  48. For being connected to my sister
  49. For my amazing nieces
  50. For my great nephews being on Instagram
  51. For seeing my great nephews in baseball now
  52. For watching the posts about them and seeing them grow
  53. For the most beautiful, fire filled infant, Hadley
  54. For watching both nieces be the most powerful mothers
  55. For seeing my parents and some of my grandparents in all of them
  56. For staying connected to my cousins
  57. For the life of Judy Bloodworth.
  58. For judy’s passing to be with my cousins all together
  59. For the life of Joyce Pollard…
  60. For my nephew in law to become a fire fighter
  61. For staying connected to friends from decades and decades
  62. For my family of choice
  63. For the spirit of my mother ever present in my
  64. For the face and voice of my dad coming through when I need him
  65. For the orbs in my pictures on days when I need reminding of how I am so well cared for
  66. For the life of Windell that is still with me
  67. For the windell Daniels scholarship at UNCW
  68. For the Windell Daniels Room at CFCC
  69. For Taylor Homes that NEVER would have happened without him
  70. For a legacy of good
  71. For the life of Gary that still teaches me
  72. For the Gary Shell Cross City Trail
  73. To all the good that our parks have because of him
  74. For the Life of Beth that still makes me smile
  75. For the Beth Quinn Room at the Hospital
  76. For She Rocks continuing to work on Ovarian Cancer
  77. For the life of Mama Weller that gives me strength
  78. For the life of Justin that taught me so much and Hotwheels will ride again!
  79. For the life of Bob Jenkins who lived it WELL and with LIFE!
  80. For the Life of Frank Harr who is always with me
  81. For the Frank Harr Foundation
  82. For every bit of Carolina Place being what it is today because of Frank
  83. For the life of Bill McCarthy who I still Cherish
  84. For the life Bernie Malman who taught and mentored me
  85. For the life of Betty Ann Sanders who is still part of my Spirit
  86. For the life of Karl Davis who we still honor
  87. For the Karl Davis Award at the Chamber
  88. For Leadership Wilmington
  89. For my leadership Wilmington class
  90. for the life of Ryan Burris
  91. for the life of Wes Taylor
  92. for the life of Donn Ansell
  93. for Donn’s teachings about being an advocate in this community
  94. for all Donn did to make this place better for all of us
  95. for all Donn did to have a civil discourse in an uncivil environment
  96. for the Life of Lethia Hankins
  97. for the life of Macy MacRae
  98. for all those who have passed who taught me and took time to call me out, lift me up, give me direction, and grace me with love of some kind who were not family by blood
  99. for looking up and seeing daddy in the mirror some mornings
  100. for hearing my voice and hearing his words, his sense of humor, his wisdom
  101. for seeing mom’s eyes in mine
  102. for remembering all of papa’s talks
  103. for remembering time with mama austin
  104. for remembering time with both grandmothers
  105. for remembering time with both grandaddys.
  106. For remembering granddaddy dean at the carousel at pullen park.
  107. Remembering granddaddy wade with tiger and boots
  108. For having had family reunions
  109. For those reunions bringing such hugs
  110. For those reunions bringing great singing with aunt annie, bobby,and marshel
  111. For those reunions having the best food in the world
  112. For the those reunions making daddy so happy
  113. For those reunions being our time in the end
  114. For reunions at pullen park when I was young
  115. For having had Sunday dinners
  116. For all the conversations the adults had back then
  117. For the kids table
  118. For the best uncle who sat with us at the kids table
  119. For having stories about luden cough drops in the pew at church
  120. For having stories about playing in fields
  121. For knowing what a cub tractor is
  122. For knowing what a looper is
  123. For knowing what tobacco sticks are
  124. For still loving a nab
  125. For knowing what burlap sacks are for tobacco
  126. For having had a fort made of those sticks and those sheets of burlap
  127. For knowing what blackberries taste like in summer off the vine
  128. For knowing what watermelon like off the back of a cart pulled by a tractor to the house right from the field
  129. For knowing what little plums takes like off the bushes
  130. For knowing how to pick fresh blueberries
  131. For having learned to shoot a 12 gauge with daddy and uncle and cousin
  132. For having fished with your dad in your uncle’s pond for bass with a cane pole
  133. For knowing what fried cornbread is
  134. For knowing the difference between turnip greens and collards
  135. For literally salivating if someone can make chicken and pastry right
  136. For thanking the Lord above for Casey’s buffet!
  137. For knowing what a biscuit made with buttermilk and lard is like and loving it
  138. For knowing also what its life to be at the eno river festival
  139. For knowing what its like to listen to a group discuss Janis Ian over fondue and cold beer
  140. For growing up going up and down the hills of chapel hill playing “man hunt”
  141. For having the campus of UNC as my child hood playground
  142. For spending my teen years holding mock plays in forest theater
  143. For spending nights at the overlook at gimghoul castle with friends in high school
  144. For being in experimental settings a kid in elementary school
  145. For having different experiences as a child growing up
  146. For having a mom who gave us exposure to different foods
  147. For having a mom who gave us exposure to so many different people
  148. To having a dad who loved and followed politics
  149. For having a dad who took me on the market with him
  150. For all the memories of being in warehouses with him in the summers
  151. For understanding now how lucky I was to have all of that and how much in informs what I do and who I am
  152. For my love of being outside
  153. For the connection to that love going all the way back to my childhood
  154. For remembering all that time outside a kid
  155. For having been so sick as a kid
  156. For all that time in the hospital as a child and really appreciating being well now
  157. For every walk on the beach
  158. For Wrightsville beach
  159. For the wind
  160. For the sand
  161. For the water
  162. For the surf
  163. For understanding the tides
  164. For having a real sense of how the tides effect the shore
  165. For the clouds hanging over the horizon
  166. For the north end
  167. For shell island
  168. For the bench by the access
  169. For sitting on the bench and just watching the surf
  170. For “seeing” the way the shells come in
  171. For having fun making up names for shelling
  172. For the “sea vomitorium” of shells that come up in places
  173. For the “secrets” that reveal themselves
  174. For following the flow of the tidal pools and what flows in them
  175. For discovering new sea life
  176. For finding my first whole fishes and their beauty in places
  177. For the amazing variety of jellies that wash up
  178. For the periwinkles that I really “saw” for the first time this year and catching them running under the sand
  179. For all the shells that show up for me
  180. For the tidal shelves that reveal so much
  181. For the peace out on the farthest end
  182. For watching the birds feast at low tide
  183. For the birds who allow me just to hand with them
  184. For seeing the crabs crawl away
  185. For the beating sun cut by the driving wind
  186. For the empty beach on the weekdays when tourists are away
  187. For mornings when I can make the sunrise
  188. For the sunrise after the hurricane
  189. For the sounds of children playing
  190. For seeing those who are fishing catch something and know that is feeding someone
  191. For being able to bike to the beach
  192. For being able to run on the beach
  193. For being able to run to the beach
  194. For feeling the sand under my feet
  195. For being able to leave my shoes at the access and them still being there when I return
  196. For not having to pay before 9 and during the winter
  197. For not having to pay when I bike to the beach
  198. For feeling so free when biking to the beach
  199. For the turn about at shell island the view
  200. For the clouds on the strand
  201. For walks on stormy days when I beat the rain and enjoy the intensity of the clouds and winds
  202. Watching the parachute wind surfers literally float through the air
  203. For finding sand dollars every once in a while on this Atlantic beach with all the harshness and heavy powerful!
  204. For every moment on the beach when I can hear my higher power rather than what is troubling me or what is happening in my life.
  205. For every breath that comes with sea air and with being out in the open and just free from constraints
  206. For the privilege of being on this beach at all
  207. For the rangers who keep us safe on the beach
  208. For the engineering department at NHC who manage the beaches
  209. For understanding riptides and the perils
  210. For not being afraid because of understanding
  211. For the lifeguards and beach rescue
  212. For all the rescues performed this year
  213. For harbor island garden club
  214. For the special time plating the tree this year in the park
  215. For the brick walk way in the park on the island
  216. For the Christmas celebration at the surf club
  217. For playing Santa with clayton
  218. For the gifts of clayton and cruisers
  219. For the joy of the faces of the women in HIGC
  220. For the generosity and care given to so many by Mary at Blockade
  221. For sharing time on the grounds of the blockade
  222. For the old cottages on the island
  223. for welcome waves and hospitality of the cohens on the south end
  224. for the times on the crystal pier
  225. for tower 7
  226. for WB park
  227. for the out door work out gym
  228. for the flotilla tradition on the island
  229. for the island keeping the height restrictions
  230. for my game getting people to say hello
  231. for those who do without a pained look on their face
  232. for the preservation of the crystal pier
  233. for the launch under the bridge
  234. for the diminishing republic
  235. for the reeds and the quiet away from the boats
  236. for the tide being with me when I am in my kayak
  237. for low tide and watching the birds feed
  238. for finding treasures in the muck
  239. for seeing the seasons change through the reeds
  240. for having a beach all to myself in the winter
  241. for johnnie mercers
  242. for the feeling of breath and sun coming up over the ICWW running across the bridges
  243. for the runs across the drawbridge
  244. for being caught by the draw bridge and being reminded to slow down
  245. for the view from summer’s rest from my bike as I peddle through
  246. for the time out on the ICWW in my kayak
  247. for the paddle out with project SOAR this summer
  248. for Hook Line and Paddle and all they do
  249. for the generosity and care of Chris Tryon with kayaks and help for all
  250. for Project Soar
  251. for Access of Wilmington
  252. for the Miracle League of Wilmington
  253. for the non profit acumen of Haley Sink
  254. for the efficacy and strength of programs for our veterans with disbailities through Kayla Jacubsak
  255. for the efficacy and strength of our programs for Access Fit and the Miracle League with Myia Alston
  256. for Sarah Bentley being nominated for a Health Care Hero Award this year
  257. for Haley Sink being nominated for a health Care Hero Award this year
  258. for the coaches who come out week after week for the miracle league
  259. for all the parents and guardians who cheer and root on their players from the stands
  260. for the parents and guardians and friends being ABLE to root on form the stands and letting their players be on their field with buddies
  261. for all the buddies from UNCW
  262. for all the buddies from rotaries
  263. for all the buddies from NCINO
  264. for all the buddies form Live Oak
  265. for live oak bank committed to the community at large
  266. for live oak’s commitment to involvement where employees want to get involved
  267. for the buddies from NHRMC
  268. for the buddies from UNCW Recreation
  269. for the buddies form UNCW Nursing
  270. for the buddies from UNCW honors
  271. for the buddies from UNCW Watson College
  272. for all the buddies form the Sea Turtle Chapter
  273. for all the buddies from the Christian Frat at UNCW
  274. for all the Buddies from FIJI
  275. for all the buddies from UNCW Baseball
  276. for all the buddies from companies throughout the community
  277. for all the sponsors of teams for the miracle league
  278. for the landfall foundation
  279. for KBT Realty making snacks happen every game for everyone
  280. for the legacy of the McKenzie Picnic Shelter
  281. for all the joy and celebration under the McKenzie Picnic Shelter
  282. for the legacy of the Campagna Dugout and the Campagna Family
  283. for the legacy of the Nixon Foundation and Trot and Kathryn
  284. for the legacy of the Weyerhaeuser Dugout and all the joy in that dugout
  285. for the legacy of the Anderson Field house and Kyle always being on that field through the Raintrees
  286. for Brax stadium and the legacy of Pete Hexter
  287. for the Shipman legacy fund
  288. for the Kiwanis Miracle Makers Playground
  289. for the bleachers helped by 101 Mobility
  290. for the announcer’s booth from Coldwell Banker SeaCoast Advantage/Alpha Mortgage
  291. for the Gregory Memorial Flag
  292. for having the national anthem before each game and facing that flag
  293. for hearing players sing the anthem and the enthusiasm of the singing
  294. for having Tripp Harris sing with Whitney Houston
  295. for having the Sea Belles Join us and sing
  296. for Miss Victoria and selling goods to support the efforts
  297. for joe and Szechuan 132 coming and giving lunch
  298. for the Pathway of fame
  299. for each brick that gives tribute to someone special
  300. for each player having joy in the sun
  301. for watching and seeing the players grow over the years
  302. for five years of success
  303. for seeing changes that mean such a difference in quality of life
  304. for having quantifiable data that shows the difference being made in the lives of those participating as we knew would happen
  305. for seeing a promise fulfilled that was once just a dream conveyed
  306. for being a part of something that makes a difference
  307. for sharing tears of joy at the success of others
  308. for watching a player make the effort to use an ability they have not used before
  309. for the beeper bases
  310. for the beeper ball
  311. for life of Christine Cunane and her eternal life of cheering for erin
  312. for the service for Christine
  313. for the love offered to Erin by the owners of Wilmington Water Tours
  314. for Wilmington Water tours
  315. for the special friends and beautiful service for Christine
  316. for those who come to make hot dogs at every game for all
  317. for the miracle makers luncheon
  318. for the Cokes speaking at the luncheon
  319. for the cokes vision that lead to what we have today
  320. for our board of the miracle leave
  321. for Chad chairing the luncheon and being the MC
  322. for board of the miracle league moving forward with new ideas
  323. for being made an emeritus board member for life
  324. for being able to serve on the board of Access for my term
  325. for the fiscal responsibility and transparency of Access
  326. for the care of ACCESS to be a true non profit
  327. to see Bonnie take on the hurdles
  328. to witness Isaac walk with out his walker and take the bases
  329. the gift of having Isaac walk to me
  330. the gift of having a co-announcer who is pure joy
  331. for the privilege of being the announcer for this amazing event
  332. for learning more about how to respond to the needs of the players
  333. for sharing the excitement with all
  334. for playing music that they love and want
  335. for  every high five and hug every Saturday as players arrive and leave
  336. for watching the dancing when some players take the field
  337. for the introduction this year of the t-ball teams
  338. for seeing parents of children with special needs as toddlers networking and sharing a joyful experience at this young age together.
  339. For being able to play “wheels on the bus” every week! J
  340. For learning new music these youngin’s want me to play and staying VERY current!
  341. For the miracle and motion race
  342. For seeing alexa complete here first 5k after watching this youngin’ grow up and move through so many changes…such an amazing youngin!
  343. For seeing everyone running, walking, rolling together
  344. For all the volunteers on the course cheering and routing people on as they run
  345. For being the first fully inclusive race in the region
  346. For teaching about full inclusion
  347. For Fleet Feet
  348. For Fleet feet being available to tent at the events
  349. For Coastal Carriers being the title Sponsor
  350. For the work of Wayne Ray in so many things
  351. For the Layman Group being the presenting sponsor
  352. For the Layman’s in so much of what they do to make the world better
  353. For all those who registered for the race and make it so successful and joyful
  354. For the professional services of Go Time to time the race
  355. For the awards at the end of the season of miracle league
  356. For the recognition of each player
  357. For the special recognition done this year for Christine
  358. For the special recognition done this year for the five year anniversary
  359. For the birthday recognition done at the games
  360. For myia’s great additions on the line up and help knowing what players need
  361. For the laughter that comes from the playground
  362. For all the players and families that come over to see the games and stick around
  363. For leaving the games with a sense of joy
  364. For the audio system that we have and how it is arranged for us
  365. For the never ending stream of joy and tears each game
  366. For ending each game playing “we are family”
  367. For the afternoons during the season when I leave and go to the beach after and just enjoy the day
  368. for my bike to get to the beach
  369. for having a bike at all
  370. for bike cycles
  371. for all the service at Bike Cycles
  372. for having a bike to ride that makes riding fun and exciting
  373. for having trails to ride my bikes on
  374. for my beach bunnies on the south end
  375. for the cactus flowers on the south end
  376. for the sanctuary of the little garden off the loop
  377. for the loop
  378. for Dr. Nesbitt and his legacy
  379. for the oaks on the loop
  380. for the oaks on the loop making it through the last hurricane
  381. for the shade of the oaks in the summer when I am running or biking and there is relief
  382. for running in front of loggerheads and being so grateful I am not there
  383. for the work of Madeline Flagler to make the museum so much better and expand
  384. for Wrightsville beach fire and rescue and s. profit in particular and his helping in a crisis I was involved with.
  385. To meeting with my spiritual family weekly at the beach
  386. For the all the dogs on the loop
  387. for the bright orange and deep red beach flowers
  388. for the bright orange and deep red flowers when they first arrive with the portend of a new Spring
  389. low tide at the tidal wall on the south end
  390. playing catch a shell in the surf on the wall as they go back and forth in and out.
  391. The preservation of the bird areas
  392. The Audubon society and all their care for the hatcheries
  393. The sea turtle chapters
  394. The preservation of the turtle nests
  395. for the cross city trail
  396. for finding my way for the first time all the way over to Cameron on the trail
  397. for the ease of using the trail over the Cameron and all the access now made and completed
  398. for all the things I would never have seen had I not biked on the trail
  399. to the life and legacy of my friend Gary Shell
  400. to the work of those at the Wilmington Parks and Recreation
  401. to the work of those at New Hanover County Parks and Gardens
  402. to all those who make our parks looks so good
  403. for all those who make our parks safe for all
  404. for all those who pick up after all of us in our parks and keep them clean
  405. for the clear and safe paths in our parks
  406. for the accessibility in many of our parks
  407. for knowing that accessibility is essential in our parks and public spaces
  408. for working towards accessibility in all our public spaces
  409. for the crews who travel and share time in all of our parks to keep them trimmed and growing
  410. for F3 at Hugh McCrae
  411. for the Althea Gibson Tennis Park
  412. for the Softball fields at Olsen
  413. for the life and love and care of Peggy Olsen
  414. for the interchange at the corner of Military cutoff and east wood
  415. for those who respect bikes on the road
  416. for those who look out for runners and bikers and share the road
  417. for the times I have not been hit riding my bike
  418. for the times I have not been caught on camera responding to a driver who almost hit me J
  419. for the freedom of riding a bike
  420. for the air and the sunshine on my face riding
  421. for the air and sunshine on my face
  422. for never forgetting how fortunate I am to be able to run outside
  423. for never forgetting how fortunate I am to run period
  424. for the smell of spring when it’s spring
  425. for the smell of fall when its fall
  426. for the musk of plants in the wetland areas
  427. for the fresh cut grass as I pass yards
  428. for the feeling in my body when I let go and ride or run…
  429. for being able to cut through neighborhoods and over to mayfaire
  430. for the honks of approval and hello from friends when they see my out
  431. for playing games on my bike down the trail and avoiding the hash marks
  432. for having fun! For having fun!
  433. For that oh so connected head nod or extended finger of hello to fellow runner of bikers as we pass one another
  434. for my favorite trail: the Summer’s Rest trail
  435. for all the work to make the summer’s rest trail better and easier to ride
  436. for the woods and the quiet on the summer’s rest trail
  437. for the autumn hall trial
  438. for the little hill on the autumn hall trial
  439. for the view and reflection of the clouds over the pond on the autumn hall trail
  440. for being able to connect to all the trails right from the house
  441. for the long leaf pines towering over the ride
  442. for the trail through and around uncw
  443. for the  rose avenue trail
  444. for the bridge that was to be named for me and isn’t…a lesson learned but an acknowledgement I will always treasure
  445. for the solitude of the woods on the rose avenue trail.
  446. For the dog park at Hugh MacCrae park
  447. For watching jax have a ball in the park
  448. For the gift of Jax
  449. For his paw on my foot when he lays on the floor
  450. For just watching him sleep
  451. For the most amazing empathy from jax when we are not well
  452. For watching him go up the stairs
  453. For having him sit at the top of the stairs and guard the house
  454. For literally cradling in my lap like an infant when its cold
  455. For waiting to eat until being told its ok to eat
  456. For cocking his head to one side waiting to hear the food hit the floor
  457. For being able to play catch by listening for the ball to bounce on the floor
  458. For watching his amazing ability to count his steps form the sidewalk, crossing the street to the other sidewalk
  459. For his exuberant bounce out of the house when he is ready to walk
  460. For his downward dog when getting in his harness
  461. For the most earnest sound when getting an ear rub
  462. For just being so patient with us and being there no matter what
  463. For the love and patience he gives to each person who comes in the house
  464. For the play he gives to other animals
  465. For the joy of jax when I come home (likened only to Dino on the Flintstones)
  466. For the smile I get when I find jax’s toys literally all over the house
  467. For the smile I get when I give him food that his other daddy does not want me to give him, but we are good J
  468. For the moments of pure happiness watching him walk with Michael
  469. For having that feeling of blessing to know of the love that must have been in the plan when Jax was given to us.
  470. For the care given to jax by Atlantic veterinarian
  471. For the fluffiness when he comes out of grooming
  472. For the awesome gift of having the best neighbor in the world who will baby sit from time to time for our sweet boy
  473. For having the best neighbor
  474. For having a neighbor with a beautiful boy and cat boy of her own we get to baby sit.
  475. For living in a neighborhood we have not been in for going on 19 years
  476. For being the same place for almost two decades
  477. For having the privilege to choose to stay in our home
  478. For having the blessing to love our home
  479. For making our home a place we love and want to be
  480. For my chair
  481. For the cyrstals on the transom
  482. For the rainbows in the afternoon cast all over the house
  483. For the changes in the seasons to the cast of the rainbows
  484. For our home still standing after the storm
  485. For the feeling of completeness and comfort in our home
  486. For never forgetting to be grateful we have a dishwasher in our home
  487. We have a washer and dryer in our home
  488. We have heat when it is cold
  489. We have air-condition when its hot
  490. We have breathable air in our house
  491. We have windows we can open and close
  492. We have screen on our windows so bugs cannot get in
  493. We can open our windows and don’t have to be afraid (or as a afraid) someone will come in uninvited
  494. We have walls that do not have mold
  495. We have have bug control on our home
  496. We have rodent control in our neighborhood
  497. Our yard is maintained
  498. We have a small yard
  499. We have fence for some privacy
  500. We have great neighbors who we care about and care about us
  501. We have security in our neighborhood
  502. We have quick response from law enforcement in our neighborhood
  503. We have a good response form the city on issues we have in our neighborhood
  504. We have sidewalks to walk down
  505. For our mailman
  506. For Pink Trash pinking up in from of our homes
  507. For recycling being pick up
  508. For recycling being used so widely
  509. For the birds in our neighborhood, particularly the doves that come every year in pairs
  510. For the peace in our neighborhood
  511. Not having to be afraid to go out because of gunfire
  512. For not being as afraid because of crime
  513. For not being as afraid because of gang or drug activity operating in the streets
  514. For not having a crack house or other drug operation next door
  515. For not having to deal with septic issues overflowing
  516. For not having a train track literally running through our back yard making noise at all hours of the night and day
  517. For not hearing the sound of helicopters overhead at all hours because of crime
  518. For not having sirens at all hours because of crime
  519. For being able to walk the dog after dark in relative safety
  520. For  knowing a lot of the folks who live near us and feeling safe.
  521. For having floors in our home that are level
  522. For having central air and heat
  523. For having towels
  524. For having sheets we can change regularly
  525. For having toiletries and basics
  526. For having medications we need to stay healthy
  527. For having pet stations in our neighborhood
  528. We have rooves that do not leak
  529. We have brick that is stable
  530. We have a garage
  531. We have a place to park our cars
  532. We have a car for each of us
  533. We have cars that are dependable
  534. We have cars that crank when the key turns
  535. We have cars that we have serviced regularly
  536. We can get our cars serviced regularly
  537. We have an amazing car dealer we trust and treats us unbelievably well
  538. Parkway Volvo
  539. We are thankful for the integrity of Guiermo at Parkway
  540. For the giving and generosity of Mary Margaret at Parkway
  541. For having car big enough to transport our family and some valuables out of the path of the storm
  542. For having a home that could withstand some of the worst of the storm
  543. For being out of the flood plain
  544. For the drainage in the neighborhood
  545. For the maintenance of the drains in the neighborhood
  546. For the maintenance of the retention ponds in the neighborhood
  547. For the trees in the neighborhood
  548. For most of the trees still standing in the neighborhood
  549. For the little nook in the upstairs for prayer
  550. For having a tv to watch
  551. For fire tv
  552. For apple tv
  553. For having both fire and apple so if we cannot find one control we can still watch J
  554. For not having cable anymore!
  555. For not having 24 news in our office
  556. For not “scrolling” anymore on the TV but just watching
  557. For reading in my chair
  558. For having books on my devices
  559. For having books literally in every room
  560. For mother giving me the love of books
  561. For the shelves Harold built for us
  562. For sitting at papa’s desk and writing from time to time
  563. For being able to breath with ease
  564. For being able to think
  565. For being able to remember
  566. For being able to visualize
  567. For being able to resolve
  568. For being able to imagine
  569. For being able to see transformatively
  570. For being able to feel
  571. For being able to smell
  572. For being able to hear
  573. For breing able to touch
  574. For being able to get up stairs
  575. For being able to dress in the morning
  576. For being alble to get out of the house
  577. For being able to work through depression
  578. For having love in my life to help see when I don’t when I am in need or in trouble
  579. For being able to hear information and look for my own bias
  580. For being able to shut of social media when I am full
  581. For being able to walk away from what I cannot control without denying it is happening (or at least for being able to do better doing this! )
  582. For being able to see click bait and keep on swimming
  583. For being able to listen to my gut and most of the time following through
  584. For having an awareness of consciencousnes
  585. For telling on myself when I don’t do write rather than do self harm
  586. For trying to be the most honest I can be
  587. For the feeling of throw over my feet when it is cold
  588. For the most effective massage therapist ever Charles Watts
  589. For being healthier because of Charles
  590. For remembering to give myself what I need to be healthier
  591. For acknowledging the cardinals in my path and knowing
  592. For seeing the butterflys in my path and knowing
  593. For seeing the signs
  594. For not being afraid (as much) anymore
  595. For being able to go to sleep at night
  596. For peace at the end of the day
  597. For waking in the morning
  598. For the ability to see the possible
  599. For the gift of sharing what I see
  600. For the gift of articulation
  601. For the gift of giving hugs
  602. For the gift or receiving hugs
  603. For the gift of people trusting asking for help from me
  604. For the gift of being able to ask others for help
  605. Having hair (ok, superficial, but I love my hair! J)
  606. For not looking in the mirror and running
  607. For the gentlemen’s corner
  608. For clothes that make me feel good about me
  609. For clothes that allow me to do my work easily
  610. For having clothes to choose from
  611. For having shoes
  612. For having shoes that meet different needs
  613. For having running shoes
  614. For having rain shoes
  615. For having work boots
  616. For having beach shoes
  617. For having coats when its cold
  618. For having coats when it rains
  619. For being able to share what we have with others
  620. For the awareness that collecting does not prosper a better life
  621. For the collections we have, cherish, but not continue
  622. For knowing it is not what we have but what we do
  623. For our staying right where we are and using what we have
  624. For valuing what we have
  625. For not wanting so much
  626. For the want to be about doing not having
  627. For the joy to be in the learning
  628. For the creation to be the joy
  629. For the revelation of the finite
  630. For the satisfaction of my.our own opinions
  631. For the desire to have ours not what others have
  632. For the focus more and more on being here
  633. For everything I see in our home having a connection not a price
  634. For that moment in the storm when I thought it was done and it was ok
  635. For a sense of the present like never before
  636. For creating my shell sculptures
  637. For the beautiful creations of Marie Walkers designs
  638. For my precious ring holder
  639. For having the shells I have collected in a creative area
  640. For creating “mediation” collections with the shells
  641. For putting together some of the special shells in a case to look at
  642. For the gasp of joy when I come across a shell I collect on the beach
  643. For each shell I have be a reminder of a moment of that joy
  644. For each shell I have be a reminder that I can slow down and see what is revealed to me
  645. For each shell I have to be a reminder of the beauty of God’s creation
  646. For each shell I have to be a small work of art in and of itself
  647. For each shell to be a discovery of shape, form, design and color
  648. For each shell I have to be a reminder that even in vastness and what can often appear as emptiness, there is beauty..
  649. For each shell I have there is a reminder that I have to slow down to see these
  650. For each shell I find, a reminder that life existed Inside each one and by having it now and creating my scuptures, a new life comes from it
  651. For each shell I have I can feel it and there is wonderful sense from it
  652. For the paintings and art I did when we first met
  653. For works of Feliz Dion we have in the house
  654. For our little bears
  655. For having my cologne I love so much
  656. For my wedding ring
  657. For the first rings when we were married on the mountain
  658. For the beads we have made for mediation
  659. For the beads michael made for me when I was a commissioner on the housing authority
  660. For all those who serve honesty and with intent to care for the residents in the housing authority
  661. For having section eight vouchers for those to live in our area
  662. For having public housing
  663. For taylor homes
  664. For rankin
  665. For creekwood
  666. For those who take the time to learn about the realities and needs of those in public housing
  667. For having internet
  668. For having our own ability to connect on the internet in our home
  669. For having books in our home
  670. For our love of books
  671. For our little collection of things that are not THINGS but really little memories
  672. For not running a museum but really using what we have
  673. For scaling down and being about a light foot print
  674. For the handiwork of Mark Barrow
  675. For having someone to help us with our home like Mark
  676. For having spaces and places we can feel safe and secure
  677. For having a bed to sleep in that does not hurt us but actually is healing
  678. For having chairs to recline in and be comfortable
  679. For having spaces to have friends come
  680. For having plates and cups and silverware to eat
  681. For having pots and pans to cook
  682. For having a stove and oven that works and is dependable
  683. For having a refrigerator that works
  684. For having food in our home
  685. For having the ability to choose to eat at home or go out
  686. For all the meals at the table
  687. For our new table to eat from
  688. For jax sitting at our feet when we eat  
  689. For having the choice to order in if we want
  690. For all the choices of places to go in Wilmington
  691. For the good food and the good locale restaurant people in town
  692. For K38
  693. For K Bueno
  694. For Pine Valley Market
  695. For Brasserie
  696. For Port City Java
  697. for my port city java on racine
  698. for the welcome I get everymorning from Nicole and Silas and crew
  699. for the first smell of that coffee in the morning from PCJ
  700. for being made to feel like I am welcome
  701. for the good stuff that the Iron Skillet makes
  702. for whatever is in that gravy at the Iron Skillet that I literally could drink
  703. for fried turkey at cracker barrel..yes, I said it..cracker damn barrel and it’s good! And I ain’t ashamed J
  704. for the most amazing chicken and pastry at casey’s that connects me to my grandmother dean in such a special way
  705. for having health choices at Lowe’s
  706. for the best grocery store we have been shopping at for 20 years with Lowes
  707. for Miss Sarah at Lowe’s
  708. for the best produce at Lowe’s
  709. for being treated so well at Lowe’s
  710. for having grocery stores in walking distance
  711. for having choices in grocery
  712. for not living in a food dessert
  713. for having access to fresh produce
  714. for having access to fresh organic products
  715. for having access to fresh meat
  716. for having access to fresh fish
  717. for having access to groceries that are not priced up because there are not other choices
  718. for having access to other water sources besides tap
  719. for having access to information as to what water is better
  720. for understanding what the CFPUA has been doing to make this all better for us
  721. for having running water in our home
  722. for having hot water in our home
  723. for having a neighborhood that is tapped into water
  724. for having a neighborhood that is tapped into sewer
  725. for having a disposal
  726. for Cape Fear Clean water
  727. for the lawsuit against Chemours
  728. for the work to protect us
  729. for cape fear riverwatch
  730. for the work and leadership of Kemp Burdette
  731. for work to clean up the coal ash
  732. for dean harwoods
  733. for my lovely cutting block
  734. for being included on meeting triple D this year
  735. for the amazing gift form Kathering of accompanying her on that meal
  736. for his amazing generosity to GLOW at the private meal and the connection to good he makes
  737. for seeing what an amazing Chef he really is
  738. for making connections to values and seeing deeper how corporations can make good on those values from the food network
  739. for seeing how those values are embodied by local food folks here
  740. for john and Pita Delite and hoping it opens back up soon
  741. for the good work of my youngin jonathan and all the good always at sweet and savory
  742. caroline at spoonfed
  743. for beach bagels
  744. for all at atlanta bread
  745. for CM and MOI
  746. for charles davis and sawmill
  747. for epic
  748. for Encore Magazine and Shea making all of the good known to more
  749. for encore keeping more informed about what needs to be known in the area
  750. for the integrity of Shea Carver in her work as a journalist and editor
  751. for Ben Schactman in his work journalist and editor
  752. for Port City Daily
  753. for Port City Daily’s indepth look at issues
  754. for Port City Dail’s ability and apparent desire to not be held hostage by social standing or donors or advertisers, but really look into issues to report what is.
  755. for the career and work of Ben Steelman
  756. for the career and work of Frances Weller
  757. for Fran’s Fans
  758. for Randy Aldridge making a difference on WWAY
  759. for the voice, integrity, and difference made my Brandon Big B Hickman through 97.3
  760. for Port City Rip the Runway
  761. for Sandra Midday McClammy
  762. for Sandra’s posts of her work at elderhaus and giving LIFE to seniors with her music and pure joy that runs through her!
  763. For Sandra’s integrity, life experience and example to make an impact on the world around her.
  764. For Foz in the morning. My friend and a damn good man
  765. For the career of Kim Ratcliff at WECT
  766. For the work of Beau Gunn at the amphitheater
  767. For the work of Beau Gunn and promoting local music as a whole
  768. For the penquin
  769. For the music of Eric Miller
  770. For the Music of L Shaped Lot
  771. For the toy drive annually from L Shaped Lot f
  772. For eric miller and l shaped lot coming out and supporting craig at the miracle league
  773. For being able to play “in the garden” repeatedly by eric miller (and it is in my will that if he alive when I die he will sing this at my serive or if I ever get a chance, I sing this with him on stage! J )
  774. For the music of Randy McQuay
  775. For the best song EVER by Randy McQuay “I’m Going to Rehab”.
  776. For the second best sone ever “Grinnin in your face”
  777. For Randy McQuay donating a set at the Recovery Rockfest
  778. For being able to download Randy McQuay on Itunes and listen ALL THE TIME!
  779. For being able to download Eric Miller on Itunes and L Shaped lot! J
  780. For the music of Mid Atlantic
  781. For the music of Jason Andrea
  782. For the music of Jake Newman
  783. For the music of Susan Savia
  784. For the music of Geraldo Frazier (also in my will!)
  785. For the forver gratitude of the memory of susan savia singing at my mother’s service
  786. For the voice of Donna King
  787. For Opera Wilmington
  788. For the voice of John Callison
  789. For Cione Music
  790. For Nyla Cione
  791. For the third annual port city Rockfest
  792. For the honor of being the MC for the rockfest
  793. For the amazing flute of Rick May
  794. For the sponsors for the event of Wilmington Health
  795. For all the attendees experiencing music and fun without substances
  796. For the ability to memorialize those no longer with us
  797. For the ability to celebrate time substance free
  798. For the walk to celebrate recovery
  799. For the freedom just to have some music and time together
  800. For the mothers with the children form the Kelly house
  801. For the men from other houses
  802. For the family members who came to support and enjoy
  803. For those in the park who heard and just wondered over
  804. For the coffee going all day
  805. For all the laughter
  806. For all the hugs
  807. For a few tears of relief
  808. For the sharing of a personal story from rotella
  809. To hearing music from someone taking the stage for the first time
  810. For all the donations of talent to make this special
  811. For all the facebook live posts that brought so many others to it
  812. For the message of hope in a weary world
  813. For the vision of Nyla Cione
  814. For all the volunteers
  815. For the music of Bryan Putnam
  816. For the music of striking copper
  817. For the enthusiasm for reggae and joy of deliver of the night nurse, Kimberly mclaurin smith
  818. For the diversity prowess and life changing work of Kimberly mclaurin smith
  819. For the Wilmington symphony
  820. For the Wilmington girls choir
  821. For the Wilmington chamber music
  822. For the musical talents of Joey gore
  823. For the life giving joy or Joey gore’s facebook piano videos
  824. For the music of masonboro sound
  825. For the facebook live videos from Regina Richardson hawse of  folkstone
  826. For the music of folkstone
  827. For the Wilmington celebration choir
  828. For the wilson center
  829. For shane and company and all the giving they do to include people in the shows at the wilson center
  830. For the wilson’s and all they have done to make that center work for all
  831. For cfcc and seeing the vision for the wilson center
  832. For extending opportunities for county employees to attend shows at the wilson center
  833. For the community partnerships at the wilson center
  834. Fro the north Carolina symphony at the wilson center
  835. For kenan auditorium
  836. For the arts building at the UNCW
  837. For Cameron art museum shop
  838. For the pancoe art center for education
  839. For the museum school
  840. For the arts council
  841. For the leadership in the arts from Rhonda Bellamy
  842. For acme arts center
  843. For the work and art of Dumay Gorham
  844. For the sculptures that dumay makes for our county awards
  845. For our treasured dumay pieces
  846. For dumay’s mastery of copper
  847. For dumay’s piece on the river walk
  848. For the seahawk on UNCW’s Campus
  849. For the for ever memory of seeing the seahawk installed on the UNCW’s campus and watching Dumay during all of that
  850. For the artistry of the MJ Cunnigham
  851. For the artistry of Liz Hozier
  852. For the artistry Elizabeth Singletary
  853. For the photography of Katherine McKenzie
  854. For art of Sully Anlyan
  855. For the art of Viriginia Wright Frierson
  856. For the bottle house at Airlie Gardens
  857. For the sculpture of the angels
  858. For the magnificent frogs
  859. For the artistry of Andy Cobb
  860. For the beautiful magnolia sculpture from the azalea festival presidents at airlie
  861. For the art of Bates Toone
  862. For the artistry of Jenny Mckinnon Wright
  863. For the artistry of Kirah Van Sickle
  864. For the artistry of Todd Lengyeltoti
  865. For the artistry of Barabara Jamison
  866. For the artistry of Bradley Carter
  867. For the artistry of Todd Carnigan
  868. For the artistry of Elizabeth Darrow
  869. For the artistry of Michael Van Hout
  870. For the artistry of Lincoln morris
  871. For the artistry of Hiroshi
  872. For the artistry of all at Art and Bloom
  873. For all at Fat Cat Pottery
  874. For the skill and artistry of Aaron Wilcox
  875. For the artistry of Sandy lee
  876. For the public art on the riverwalk
  877. For the fly trap art at the foot of market
  878. For the tile art in the ports building by Claude Howell
  879. For the amazing art in Church of the servant
  880. For the “cartoon” of the cathedral installation in the church of the servant
  881. For the window by rowan lecompte in the Cameron art museum
  882. For the rowan lecompte window in the NHCRMC mediation sanctuary
  883. For the rowan lecompte window in church of the servant
  884. For the life and artistry and legacy of rowan lecompte
  885. For the windows in First Presbyterian
  886. For the architecture in the churches downtown
  887. For the architecture and detail of the old county courthouse
  888. For being able to climb up into the bell tower of the old county courthouse
  889. For sharing the view of the bell tower with some new employees
  890. For the privilege of being a part of government here in New Hanover County
  891. For being a public servant
  892. For making a very intentional decision to move into being a public servant
  893. For learning and sharing what it means to be committed to public service
  894. To growing in public service
  895. For continuing to see how public service makes a difference in the world around us
  896. For being astounded, almost daily, by the work that those engaged in public service do.
  897. For an ever deepening sense of duty given the needs that are ever increasing
  898. For being given the opportunity to listen and explore what we can do to see how to make public service work not only for those we serve but for us as we do it
  899. For having a job
  900. For having a job where I can expect a certain amount of pay each time
  901. For having a job where I have sick days
  902. For having vacation accruals
  903. For having holiday accruals
  904. For having incentive time
  905. For having health benefits for me and for my family
  906. For having an on site health clinic
  907. For the onsite health clinic
  908. For the help that darlene and all give me when I am sick or in need
  909. For the physical therapy expertise of Dan Spinello that literally saved me and kept me whole this this year
  910. For the mindfulness training
  911. For the skill and help of tina abrams for that mindfulness
  912. For the thoughtful expertise of my colleague Amy Cook and the wellness program
  913. For my office
  914. For having an office
  915. For having a computer to work with
  916. For having a space to think and to create
  917. For being allowed to think and create
  918. For having a supportive boss who gives me the opportunity to grow and do
  919. For having an agency that sets a standard of service that puts our citizens’ first
  920. for knowing, 100%, in the deepest part of who I am that I work with and for, and in line to folks, who would never put me or anyone we serve in harms way intentionally and who truly work to make this world better.
  921. For being allowed to facilitate the refresh of the county’s strategic plan
  922. For the amazing work with the amazing Jennifer Rigby on the County’s Strategic plan
  923. For the love, guidance and teaching of the chief of Strategy Beth Schrader
  924. For being witness to a leadership group focus literally on every single member of this community while doing this in accordance with the commissioner’s vision
  925. For the involvement and work of so many stakeholders from the community and in the county
  926. For each step and the changes and turns as it unfolded
  927. For the agility and the flexibility
  928. For the leadership of an amazing county manager
  929. For the most amazing joy of setting something up and watching it come together
  930. For the beauty of seeing the words and ideas placed into a visual by a talented desinerr
  931. For the visual gifts of Alexis McKloskey
  932. For the first moment when seeing all those weeks of work come to life in that visual and that deep sense of appreciation
  933. For really seeing how what was done attaches to making a difference
  934. For feeling a connectedness like never before
  935. For watching people put aside their self-interests and focus on the direction forward
  936. For understanding more about how a logic model can work
  937. For going home at night and looking up at God and just being speechless…
  938. For reveling at being a geek for something I love
  939. For finding comfort in correction
  940. For, maybe for the first time, really having to just be quiet..and let it happen in a way that I really let go and let God..Good…
  941. For knowing it really is about the mission, not about me
  942. For knowing I have something, but that is useful, not important
  943. For feeling good about me but more so about others…in a new way
  944. For working with some of the finest people I have ever known
  945. For doubling down on why I am here
  946. For knowing what can be done and why
  947. For seeing the potential in new ways
  948. For being allowed to go do somethings I did not think possible
  949. For listening…
  950. For connecting with people even deeper
  951. For Social Workers
  952. For the witness of going out with some and seeing first hand what they do and how they do it.
  953. For every child who is made safer, more whole, and kept moving forward because of the work of these amazing public servants
  954. For every older adult who is in a sanitary place, has proper medication, is not taken advantage of, is not mistreated and connected to what they need because of these amazging public servants
  955. For every parent who is given resources to be whole, to understand, to nuture, to feel safe or to be accountable because of these amazing public servants
  956. For our Economic Caseworkers
  957. For those who help people connect with what resources are there to the best of their ability to be as whole as they can be
  958. For those who help those seeking help to see worth, see integrity and to not feel less than
  959. For those who help those seeking help not to feel lost in the struggle
  960. For those who help those seeking help, help themselves not to give up because what they have to offer those in need is not as much as what is needed or what will make it all better, but does make a difference
  961. For those who help those seeking help who are not coming with right or honest intentions, not to spoil the intent for all and see the bigger picture. For this I am the most grateful,
  962. For my own growing in understanding of our service and my own maturing in seeing the good and the bad, but understanding that those that are truly in need can never be overshadowed by a cynicism because of those who are doing things inappropriately.
  963. For all the new employees that come here and the hope to see an attachment to this great work-public service
  964. For the ability to impart some history and share our moving forward informed
  965. For the life of Wanda Coston and all she taught me and how I get to share about here EVERY single orientation
  966. For the 1898..not the event, but to be able to share what happened and how this can invoke a new day here if we are willing to share our ugly and our glory and move forward transparent and open.
  967. For the cape fear museum-now ready to tell the whole story of our area and all that we are and all that we have been
  968. For the work and research of Dr. Jan Davidson and help to frame some of the work I get to do to help our public servants know our area to serve her better.
  969. For the Williston room at the museum
  970. For the legacy of the Williston alumni
  971. For the Williston alumni choir
  972. For the Williston alumni being involved in the MLK event this year
  973. For understanding more about our history and how this great county has evolved over they years: good, bad, ugly and and indifferent
  974. For all the county parks
  975. For the new opening of the kayak launch in the northern part of the county
  976. For the care and passion the parks workers have for each of their parks
  977. For airlie gardens
  978. For the azaleas in the Spring at Airlie
  979. For the Summer Garden at Airlie
  980. For the education programs at Airlie
  981. For the butterfly house at Airlie
  982. For enchanted Airlie
  983. For the each additional lighting feature each year at Airlie
  984. For taking the boys from the boys home at Lake Waccamaw to Airlie
  985. For the music being played at Enchanted AIrlier
  986. For the bottle house being lit up at endchanted airlie
  987. For the lazer lights at enchanted airlie
  988. The rudolphian nose on the dragon at the gate at airlie
  989. For the river park
  990. For the riverside views up at the park
  991. For the baseball fields
  992. For being allowed to help facilitate some discussions about the use of the baseball fields
  993. For seeing all the passions for little league and the leagues for baseball in the community as a whole
  994. For all the dedication to those who want access to parks
  995. For the legacy of the miracle field coming to life in the accessible park in Hugh McCrae
  996. For the amazing use of that park in hugh mccrae
  997. For inclusive use of the parks
  998. Out finance folks making sure that every dollar get spent correctly
  999. For decades of awards for the way in which our dollars are accounted for in finance
  1000. For all the care and stewardship done by our finance department to help and assist those who are trying to work with paying for resources
  1001. For the all the care and customer service given to citizen paying bills and making access
  1002. For those in budget who look at needs and priorities and help to capture the desires in a meaningful way
  1003. For the non county agency committee and how that was formed and created access to county funds more equitably.
  1004. For the accountability of increasing awareness for all about how budgets are made and what they are for and why
  1005. For the extraordinary work of a team devoted to serving development with a news means to process requests
  1006. For the intergov movement
  1007. For those involved with intergov
  1008. For those who see the potential for helping us break down barriers between agencies to serve people better
  1009. For those who see the potential for helping those we serve by breaking down barriers between departments and divisions
  1010. For those who see it is who we serve that drives us
  1011. For those who have a passions for service, not matter what
  1012. For those who care about those who serve seeing and understating they why and how they make a difference in the overall scheme of things
  1013. For those who have power who see it as opportunity to serve others not as a means to serve self
  1014. For those who have power who go to any lengths to help others
  1015. For those who can make decisions, make decisions
  1016. For having the ability to make decisions
  1017. For seeing that I do have choice
  1018. For having choices
  1019. For having the ability to influence
  1020. For having the privilege to speak
  1021. For having the earned privilege to participate
  1022. For having some respect
  1023. For giving respect
  1024. For earning some respect
  1025. For keeping some respect
  1026. For knowing my feet are clay
  1027. For not setting people on pedestals anymore
  1028. For treating others as human
  1029. For liking many, regarding all with a healthy respect as fellow humans, and working hard to act with love in intention.
  1030. For remembering that my actions have to match my words
  1031. For remembering that my actions don’t always match my words and I have to be accountable.
  1032. For remember that I am accountable
  1033. For remembering that when I hold one finger out, I have three pointed back at me
  1034. For remembering that is progress and not perfection
  1035. For trying to remember to be gentle with myself
  1036. For loving myself as I am loved
  1037. For checking my motives on my actions
  1038. For doing an inventory when I am out of whack
  1039. For taking it one day at a time
  1040. For often being one moment at a time
  1041. For seeing how vital that is in those I work with
  1042. For being witness to those who literally see some of the worst of the world around us, yet they show up to make a difference
  1043. For being allowed to direct employee appreciation and recognition
  1044. For the recognition committee
  1045. For the recognition committee meetings monthly
  1046. For the amazing employees nominated for stellar awards
  1047. For the care and stewardship of the nominations by the committee
  1048. For the stories of heroism, good acts, love, kindness, creativity, responsiveness, service that we read and respond to every month with the committee
  1049. For the email that the manger sends in response to the recognition email to each recipient of a stellar award personally recognizing them.
  1050. For being able to read all the high fives that employees send to one another
  1051. For being able to see the care and love and support
  1052. For the forever story of Deputy hook and the night I witnessed his great work
  1053. For the forever story of Adelaide Brooks and the night I witnessed her great work
  1054. For the forever story of Master Sgt. Beagle and witnessing his professionalism and skill
  1055. For the forever story of seeing the Detention Officers and how they make a difference everyday
  1056. For the forever story I have of time at the landfill and seeing how they manage all of the demands everyday
  1057. For the forever witenes of watching how the landfill is trying to mitigate our waste and work to ensure sustainability into the future
  1058. For the forever witness of the health clinic and seeing how patient records and needs are managed and connected to sometimes very reluctant private providers and slow responding care
  1059. For my forever story of spending the day at the museum and seeing the change for our youth in science education
  1060. For the teaching prowess of Jamison and Pepper
  1061. For the stewardship and care of our artifacts and history of Heather Yenco
  1062. For being able to connect community members’ desire to give to our folks with events we do for them
  1063. For being able to witness the good that comes with events like a night of baseball and the sharks that commissioners Barfield brought up as a great idea that our folks love
  1064. For being able to get together a night at UNCW Basketball that Tim Milam supported
  1065. For seeing our folks out with their families and having a moment to breath and be happy
  1066. For our folks feeling appreciated
  1067. For our folks playing a game of basketball against the city and having some fun and this time winning! J
  1068. For sharing that recognition with others
  1069. For putting their pictures up in the gallery
  1070. For them being able to have a headshot created
  1071. For our communications folks taking the time to take the photos
  1072. For our deputies who patrol and respond
  1073. For our School Resource officers who are there in relationships with our children and set examples for all
  1074. For our Detention Officers who go between therapist, jailer, enforcer, confidant, mental health attendant, you name it, 12 yours a shift, and usually in overtime.
  1075. For our Detention Officers, who look into the eyes of people who need help and offer solace in at least professional care
  1076. For our detention officers who look into the eyes of people who are detained on charges of rape, child abuse, murder and more, and still deliver that professional care each day.
  1077. For our detectives and those who serve in other areas, working hard to create the best outcomes when the worst circumstances occur. Never perfect, but always vigiliant
  1078. For those who work in an environment where opioids, crystal, heroin, pills are literally everywhere and in every neighborhood and in every walk of life
  1079. For those who work in every avenue of our public life who have to be trained to be responsive in an environment with those who are under an influence and potentially harmful to themselves or others
  1080. For those who are not afraid to be responsive because they know we need to help in the right way for the right reasons
  1081. For being allowed to facilitate the Criminal Justice Advisory Group
  1082. Being Witness to the amazing work and leadership of Cathy Stoute and the Community Justice Services of New Hanover County
  1083. For being witness to jail diversion to keep families whole
  1084. For being witness to lower recidivism among youth because of these programs
  1085. For being witness to some of the lowest youth crime statistics in a decade due to the school justice partnership
  1086. For being witness to the enormous leadership and work of Judge Corpening
  1087. For being witness to the leadership and work of Judge Faison
  1088. For being witness to the leadership and work of Sheriff McMahon
  1089. For being witness to the leadership and work of Chief Sarvis
  1090. For the being witness to the leadership and Work of DA Ben David
  1091. For being witness to the leadership and work of the clerk of Court Jan Kennedy
  1092. For Jan Kennedy being re-elected
  1093. For Ben David being re-elected
  1094. For Ed McMahaon being re-elected
  1095. For being witness to the leadership and work of Chief house
  1096. For seeing chief recognized by the governor this year
  1097. For the being witness to the leadership and work of  David Donaldson
  1098. For being witness to the leadership and work of Jennifer Harjo
  1099. For being witness to the work and leadership of ADA Lillian Salcines-Bright
  1100. For the witness to the work and leadership of Lyana Hunter
  1101. For seeing lyana hunter recognized by WILMA for all she does!
  1102. For the amazing work and leadership of Melinda Pittman
  1103. For the work and that she does of Tonay Gilley
  1104. For the leadership, Particular with the youth in our area of Bob Speight and making all of them better as a result
  1105. For the  work and leadership of Thurman Turner
  1106. For the amazing outcomes of the CJAG and the progress and impact on crime
  1107. For the remarkable Opioid commercials produced by NHC out of CJAG aired in movie theaters
  1108. For Healing Place that is coming soon
  1109. For all five county commissioners
  1110. For the leadership in governance of our commissioners
  1111. For the privilege of attending the meetings with new employees and doing service awards
  1112. For watching the elected during the hurricane
  1113. For seeing elected members work as hard and as long as anyone
  1114. For seeing up close dedication from all of them that was superior and remarkable.
  1115. For the actions taken by county employees during the hurricane
  1116. For the experience of the hurricane (and yes, now that I am a month away from the month after, I can truly say I am grateful for the experience. In full disclosure, I could not say that right after, as this was a traumatic event, but what I saw during this, will inspire me for a long time to come).
  1117. For seeing firefighters come back into the emergency operations center while we are on duty, safe, covered in water, sharing stories of rescues, 100s of them..the first day.
  1118. For seeing everyone, in the first shifts, coming together to push through the uncertainty and respond…no matter what
  1119. For Jennifer Stancil and I with our mops as the ceilings came in
  1120. For the entire emergency management team
  1121. For all the agency that worked together in the Emergency Operations Center
  1122. For the FEMA people that came in later
  1123. For the temp employees that came in to answer calls when we resumed normal operations
  1124. For the one, tall, lean pine across the street that I watched before, during and after the storm that gave me such hope
  1125. For having a place to sleep (a little) during the storm.
  1126. For having a place that had electricity
  1127. For being close to the house and my mother in laws house and able to check on it after the storm
  1128. For having my bicycle here and being able to get around
  1129. For our magnolia saving our home from the 50 foot tree that came down
  1130. For the candle light saw party I had after shift getting the tree off the ac before the power came back on
  1131. For the sense of peace when that moment came and we thought all was lost during the storm
  1132. For the messages that came that roads were opening
  1133. For the troopers who stayed with us and kept us informed
  1134. For all who understood
  1135. For watching on line and seeing those who stayed helpful
  1136. For all in the community who tapped into good
  1137. For all who saw there was hope and help
  1138. For the recovery not to have stopped but keeping going
  1139. For the decisions made to focus efforts ahead
  1140. For the witness out at the landfill of all the work being done to process the waste
  1141. To the crews picking up waste
  1142. To the city and the county for getting all that picked up so quickly
  1143. For all the honest folks who came to repair and help
  1144. For all those who volunteered and served
  1145. For property management keeping the building together as it closed in around us
  1146. For the shelter workers, as they held on, not matter what during all the changes and directions things went
  1147. For the witness of being a hoggard during the combination of everyone pulling it together
  1148. Of seeing those respond to the medically fragile
  1149. Of the chef from world kitchen at the front door of haggard, literally hugging me, because he just wanted to feed folks who had been waiting to eat
  1150. For the deputies who were working so hard to keep it calm
  1151. For the witness of watching our county manager, in the middle of all of it, sleeves rolled open, doing everything he could to help and to assist to move this forward in the best way
  1152. For the witness of my colleague Cheryl, working with employees who had given all, wanting relief and helping to staff what was needed and get folks out as soon as possible.
  1153. For the witness of watching the principle at Hoggard, who I later found out was literally brand new to the school, doing literally EVERYTHING she could to get everyone what they needed.
  1154. For the witness of health director Phillip tarte, on scene and working with the nurses to triage any major medical issues and get some folks moved to the hospital
  1155. For the witness of watching Assistant Social Services Director Wanda Marino work with DSS employees and help guide them and reassure in the midst of so much that was going on as one thing moved to another.
  1156. For the witness of the shelter managers who were literally managing thousands and working to keep everyone comfortable
  1157. For the witness of the pet shelter attendants who were working with all the beloved pets to keep them calm, fed, walked and well treated.
  1158. For being with Commissioner Zapple and Senator Lee and a dozen others who were off loading cots and supplies and taking care of everyone there
  1159. For just the most remarkable actions performed under the most remarkable circumstances
  1160. For back at the EOC watching one shift of 911 after another leave the 911 center to try and sleep and then go back to work, day after day during the event.
  1161. For all of us, sleeping in the government center, and then returning to duty
  1162. For watching the entire EOC go down in the storm and have our Information Technology have it back up and running in another location in the building in an hour
  1163. For the command prowess and leadership of EM director Steven Still
  1164. For all our county managers who stayed with it and led the entire storm
  1165. For all our Executive leadership team who hunkered down and staying on shift and worked side by side
  1166. For seeing everyone lose their department identity and become one with “responder” to what ever needed to get done to be of service
  1167. To the most amazing people on the phones with the citizens, answering their cries and calls and trying to get them to help and resources
  1168. For all those involved in DSNAP and the recovering efforts
  1169. For the all those who personed the pods and distributed food and meals
  1170. For all those who heard the call of those stranded and in need of help
  1171. For the those with special needs who the IC3 responded to before, during and after the storm.
  1172. The witness of those out of the EOC who left in hazzardess conditions to transport people to their duty
  1173. The witness of those who moved out to get streets cleared so fast!
  1174. For the city folks who sat side by side with the other municipalities and got er done
  1175. For the news people who came in and reported accurate information
  1176. For the deputies who got out so fast and patrolled and kept looting to such a minimum
  1177. For the WPD and other law enforcement who were out to make sure everyone was safe
  1178. For that heroic moment when we lost our friend and her child and everyone stopped to pray
  1179. For all the tears we shed together when the desperation and fear was coming in
  1180. For all the love and support given to each other to keep moving forward and stay together
  1181. For the strength to stay when I wanted to run
  1182. For feeling that sense of connectness like I have never felt before
  1183. For Delta Behanvioral and for Brian and helping me through after when I needed it most
  1184. For Cindy and Brad listening to me
  1185. For Michael trying to understand
  1186. For Tracy, Cheryl, Mark, Kyia, Amy, Jean, Sonya, Sarah, and Amy, a work family I treasure in ways I cannot explain
  1187. For resiliency and understanding
  1188. For Joyce Hatem and calling across the room for help
  1189. For my neighbors and being able to share we were ok with them
  1190. For my HOA for doing a great job on fixing and making things right
  1191. For staying connected with alerts with those I love
  1192. For feeling powerless at times and really feeling His love
  1193. For know I could do something and others, I just cant and have no control over
  1194. For knowing I cannot fix someone else’s anger or hurt, but I can listen
  1195. For knowing no one else can fixe my anger or hurt, but if I allow my self to open up, I can heal
  1196. For harold’s trip to Michigan
  1197. For Harold having time with Ty during all this
  1198. For Harold being with martha and michael during part of this and them all being safe
  1199. For a picture of jax sleeping at times when it was most frightening
  1200. For remembering “how great thou art” the night before as the storm rolled in
  1201. For going on the beach the day before and finding the most amazing conch I have ever found ever.
  1202. For biking to the beach for sunrise that morning after being on shift and being able to get back on the island for the first time and it still being there
  1203. For feeling the sand under my toes the first time after the storm
  1204. For the that first rush of wind on my face after being getting back on the beach
  1205. Finding all sorts of treasures on the beach after the storm
  1206. Making a sculpture from the treasures after the storm to forever rememeber that “this too shall pass”and it will never be the same moment again, but another moment will be.
  1207. For our engineers and inspectors for hitting the streets and soon as possible to see if buildings were safe to re-enter and do assessments
  1208. For our permit department for re-opening and running 24 hours shifts so folks could come in to get back and going
  1209. To the most remarkable Major Taft and Beth Schrader working to get up a base camp in the mall and get it fully operational for military and first responders during the story
  1210. For base camp to be used after the storm for recovery matters
  1211. For all who served at base camp to make sure that they were well treated
  1212. For the over 25000 meals that World kitchen created through Diamond food here at the government center to keep all of us fed during the storm so we could serve the community
  1213. For Port City Java for arriving as soon as they could get into one of their cafes to bring us coffee to help us with those serving the recovery efforts
  1214. For the laymon group who came by with snacks and beverages
  1215. For anonymous folks who brought donuts
  1216. For the folks who brought things to the recovery center to help our folks who were getting out resources to families in need
  1217. For being in the storm and being with one another
  1218. For having my family out of town and knowing they were safe
  1219. For being able to hug those who were on duty but who had family and were not able to contact
  1220. For coloring banners with bunny and wanda
  1221. For watching Janine kill it on tv and be amazing
  1222. For Janine being nominated for AFP professional of the year
  1223. For the most powerful coordination of information by Jessica
  1224. For ruth helping me when I, and frankly, several of us, thought all was lost.
  1225. For the building(s) still standing, though beaten
  1226. For Jeremy keeping us all entertained even though he literally had his entire home looted while on duty
  1227. For listening to Margaret at report outs and helping us all laugh when we so needed it.
  1228. For witnessing first responders who were coming in and finding out they had lost their homes but were still coming to work regardless
  1229. For the witness of the shelter workers and the eoc and IC3 folks who were showing up for shift but had lost their home or part of it, and yet, being there for others was what they needed to do.
  1230. For those working public information and getting out CORRECT information in the face of all the misinformation that was out there
  1231. For seeing those who are responsible about weather forecasting and those who are not.
  1232. Seeing the weather folks who were exposed for being sensational
  1233. Realizing how much the folks I work with care
  1234. For seeing how much we have to do differently next time, but knowing that no one did anything nefarious this time
  1235. For Bunny’s Pound Cake
  1236. For Bunny, Karen, Jean, Wanda, and Teresa: best Shift there is.
  1237. For 1500 public servants, on duty in a crisis
  1238. For the EM time and no expiration J
  1239. For how much care is going in to continuous improvement now
  1240. For the strategy team meetings
  1241. For the debriefing sessions
  1242. For not beating up on myself when I got angry and scared after
  1243. For slowing down and hitting that wall to realize some things
  1244. For the training that started right after the storm
  1245. For opening the training with acknowledging what we just went through
  1246. For being open that it won’t all good, but we did one hell of a job and can keep making it better…
  1247. For understanding that I am not a talking head or disconnected
  1248. For seeing truth over harmony
  1249. For sharing tears
  1250. For sharing anger
  1251. For sharing relief
  1252. For sharing hope
  1253. For sharing fear
  1254. For sharing
  1255. For seeing the tree still standing after the storm
  1256. For the work that moves ahead
  1257. For the release of the mandatory trainings
  1258. For being allowed to create mandatory trainings that follow the refresh of the strategic plan
  1259. For creating training that has levels of activity to reach 1800 plus people
  1260. To have the honor of connecting information to folks
  1261. To have the honor of involving others to build training to have a higher degree of efficacy
  1262. To be mentored, led, even directed in that training development by leaders who show trust and support for what is being created
  1263. To have respect for those who are leading and mentoring and directing me
  1264. To see other colleagues get involved in the execution and flourish
  1265. For others succeeding and have a ball doing what they love
  1266. For actually being asked what I think and finding ways to grow together
  1267. For being able to be a better mentor
  1268. For learning more about coaching and how to work in developing that culture
  1269. To meet more folks who want to do that and be that
  1270. To see people in training laughing and enjoying
  1271. To read feedback where the connections and transfer are being made
  1272. To read feedback where the connections and transfer are NOT being made, but not taking it personally and looking for ways to improve or how that works in the overall feedback
  1273. For better relationships with people I am not as close to because I am taking care of me
  1274. For better understanding
  1275. For the process of resolving a problem to develop a solution
  1276. For seeing that my work is just that: taking an issue, a problem, something that is occurring and looking for something that can be injected, introduced to improve, change behavior, teach etc. I LOVE IT!
  1277. For the access to information
  1278. For this instinct I apparently have
  1279. For being able to speak and to share
  1280. For being able to tell stories
  1281. For being able to see what happens and make connections
  1282. For the grace
  1283. For those around me who allow for me to fail
  1284. For those around me who support success
  1285. for serving on the safety committee
  1286. for one of the most dedicated groups of people who care so deeply about all of us being safe
  1287. for the amazing health inspectors we have
  1288. for the work of our mosquito sprayers and all those who are environmental specialists who are so good about keeping us safe from poisons or adversely affecting the world around us
  1289. being allowed to be the key note speaker for the tax association
  1290. speaking in the officer’s mess of the Battleship North Carolina
  1291. for speaking to a group of tax folks and connecting what they do with actually creating how we are able to serve our communities
  1292. for the tax mappers who make it possible for us to create GIS
  1293. for the GIS in IT to create where we find Fire Hydrants
  1294. Where Fire cant find a fire hydrant, budget makes sure they have money for a truck that can carry water
  1295. Where there a truck that needs to carry water, finance is making sure to let the commissioner’s know how much money is need in unincorporated area
  1296. And planning and land use, when asked to do development will know what to charge for impact fees because there is or is not infrastructure.
  1297. For all the understanding about how all this works together
  1298. For understanding how we have to see how vital it all is to make our community good for all
  1299. For the register of deeds office and getting the slave registry on line so that people can find their ancestors
  1300. For the ROD and all they do to provide the best service to all
  1301. For the elected leadership of Tammy Beasley
  1302. For Soil and water and looking at how everything effects our area that is 40% water
  1303.  For one of the finest health departments anywhere
  1304. For all the maternal and child health services provided to so many for health babies
  1305. For the sex education and health education that is done
  1306. For the health educators
  1307. For the lab team that works tirelessly to monitor for potential outbreaks and disease
  1308. For the most incredible team of school nurses
  1309. For the work the nurses do to keep our kids healthy and in school
  1310. For the work the nurses do to keep our parents at work
  1311. For the mental health practitioners on our school
  1312. For the growth in allocation of mental health practitioners in our schools
  1313. For those who maintain the records
  1314. For all the confidentiality that is never shared or broken
  1315. for the WIC program and basic nutrition                                               
  1316. for the translators and language line to serve all who enter
  1317. for the senior resource center
  1318. for the prescription drug program to help those of moderate incomes
  1319. for the free tax help for seniors
  1320. for the dances at the center
  1321. for the activities at the center
  1322. for the cafeteria at the center
  1323. for the meals delivered to homes
  1324. for the volunteers who deliver meals to home
  1325. for the nutrition program at the senior center
  1326. for the work out area at the center
  1327. for the programs at different holidays at the center
  1328. for distributing frans fans to seniors in need
  1329. for the stockings at Christmas for Seniors
  1330. for educating the public about the needs of seniors in our community
  1331. for 320 chestnut
  1332. for the roof on 320 chestnut
  1333. for sunset and looking off of 320 chestnut
  1334. for teaching and facilitating at 320 chestnut
  1335. for the guardian ad litem program
  1336. for the defense attorney
  1337. For the work our planning and land use department to frame how we move forward and create the best place for all to live and inhabit sustainably
  1338. For the engineers who make sure it won’t fall down around us
  1339. For the engineers who made sure I have my walk on the north end of Wrightsville beach
  1340. For building safety holding folks to account to make sure structures are maintained in all events that come our way
  1341. For Fire..
  1342. For being first on the scene
  1343. For being educators
  1344. For putting in child seats
  1345. For literally being the cornerstone of the neighborhoods in which their companies serve
  1346. For being open to their communities to come in and meet
  1347. For being on duty 24.7.365
  1348. For training and training and then training some more
  1349. For the enormous integrity they have and stewardship with their equipment
  1350. For teaching others about what they do and how they do it
  1351. For putting up with me, and even more so, welcoming me
  1352. For keeping us safe(r)
  1353. For being there at the Miracle league as many Saturday’s as they could (17) to the delight of the children
  1354. For the Honor Guard being at every funeral they can be
  1355. For the Honor Guard always coming to the Awards Ceremony
  1356. For the Great Camp for our kids every summer
  1357. For boots and badge working together on great camp
  1358. For all the good that comes to those kids interacting with fire and sheriff at camp
  1359. For not making me go to 100 feet in that bucket (yeah, I know..I will..but you know you are going to act like it’s stuck and make me go down the ladder…I know you all..)
  1360. My city
  1361. For the opening of the par three golf course this year at inland greens
  1362. For finally having park in our area of the city
  1363. For having a walking trail near by
  1364. For the purchase of the echo farms tennis complex and pool to increase access for the facilities for all
  1365. For MLK center
  1366. For the maides park facility and fields
  1367. For historic district
  1368. For the amazing development of the castle street area
  1369. For the vision and work of Michael Moore
  1370. For Michael Moore antiques
  1371. For the 2nd Annual Port City Pride
  1372. For the leadership and Vision of Joey Hall
  1373. For the amazing pride street festival this year
  1374. For the phenomenal performances led by Lauren Scott this year
  1375. For the music of Laura McLean
  1376. For the gifts of Laura McCLean
  1377. For the work of Laura McClean with DREAMS of Wilmington
  1378. For DREAMS of Wilmington
  1379. For the fanning street center
  1380. For the Methodist church hosting dreams after the storm
  1381. For castle street having Kid’s Making it
  1382. For Kid’s making it
  1383. For the pens made by Kid’s making it for the county
  1384. For the clocks made by Kids’s making if for the county
  1385. For the entrepreneurship of Kid’s making it
  1386. For the impact made by Kid’s making it on all
  1387. For the witness of youth feeling empowered and cared for at the Pride Festival
  1388. For the honor of being invited to speak at the pride festival
  1389. For sharing the stage with Julia, Woody, Dallas, Randy, and Scott/Lauren to share the good that has been done and is being done
  1390. For the Ann Flack Boseman Gallery
  1391. For the Rotary Club of Wilmington
  1392. For the Rotary Club of Wilmington Foundation
  1393. For the 6 areas of focus
  1394. For being able to sponsor two new members this year
  1395. For our club finding a new place to meet seamlessly
  1396. For our club having a new place meet the four way test in meeting there
  1397. For rotary making an impact locally in schools with literacy tutoring
  1398. For ringing the bell together
  1399. For doing the Williston Middle School Student of the month
  1400. For witnessing the students each month being recognized by their teachers for living the four way test
  1401. For seeing these middle schoolers connect this honor with what they do and how they do it
  1402. For seeing so many Rotarians come to shake these youngin’s hands to make sure they know they are cared for and supported
  1403. For being able to be the MC at these events and speak to them
  1404. For looking in their eyes and seeing their appreciation
  1405. For witnessing the good that is connected to them in so many ways
  1406. For witnessing a group of such different people GET ALONG and Serve
  1407. For the Wine Event as our fundraiser
  1408. For the committee that does so much to make our big event possible
  1409. For all those who sponsor and raise funds
  1410. For Pat Watts and all her care for being the presenting title sponsor
  1411. For all the fellowship and good that comes from this event
  1412. For all the uses the money comes to for making our world better
  1413. For being trusted to make this happen
  1414. For Tryon and all they do to make this special
  1415. For each week coming together and sharing time
  1416. For supporting one another
  1417. For seeing how we can help when there is a crisis
  1418. To see someone I respect truly become a leader as president
  1419. For being included in the birthday celebrations
  1420. For being included in giving to others
  1421. For being included doing something special for the club
  1422. For the teacher appreciation day
  1423. For the first responder appreciation and recognition
  1424. For the annual dollars for desserts for the Williston band
  1425. For being on the invocation committee
  1426. For sharing a room with world war II veterans and millennials, all who see service as a value
  1427. For saying the four way test at the end
  1428. For living the four way test
  1429. For seeing that ‘is it the truth” can be one of the easiest and the hardest at the same time
  1430. For knowing that the use of one’s blessing to make the world better IS happening in this room
  1431. For all the clubs in Wilmington
  1432. Forever gratitude to my first club, central rotary
  1433. For this being my 10th year in rotary
  1434. For being a paul harris fellow
  1435. For the ways that members look to make a difference
  1436. For knowing how much I stand on the shoulders of some awesome people
  1437. For Melissa and Donna opening the doors of Williston for us all
  1438. For Stacy setting the floor for our event
  1439. For all those who came before who made sure we were doing the right things to make this club open and moving forward
  1440. For trying to make a difference moving forward
  1441. for the life and legacy of Colonel Andy Anderson
  1442. for the Paul Harris Fellows
  1443. for our Rotary International Foundation
  1444. for hearing the reports back of the wells being created to bring fresh drinking water to Guyana
  1445. for the inspiration of Kristen McKeithan carrying on the tradition of her dad
  1446. for all the legacies in the room and the connections they have to the over 100 years of history
  1447. for non profit director Rotarians extending what they do to the greater world
  1448. for Paws4people and Kyria
  1449. for the amazing Paws4people
  1450. for the privilege of MCing the Pawsforpeople derby day
  1451. for Haley Sink and Miracle League
  1452. for Julie Rehder and Champion Davis
  1453. for the music harp therapy of Julie Rehder
  1454. for Erin Payne and Cape Fear Literacy
  1455. for Will Rikard and Step Up Wilmington
  1456. for Steve Spain and Habitat for Humanity
  1457. for Linda McGoldrick Baum and the Kelly House
  1458. for mcing the Kelly House’s Cape Fear’s Got talent again this year
  1459. for the use of Pine Valley United Methodist church
  1460. for the amazing talent coming out and sharing to complete to support the Kelly house
  1461. for the Kelly house bringing recovery to women who are either pregnant or who have just had an infant
  1462. for sharing time with those who have succeeded in the Kelly house
  1463. for the most wonderful “rap” presented by the Kelly house staff
  1464. for the legacy of Mary Kelly
  1465. for remembering that one act of good can lead to years of change
  1466. for the Andre Mallette Training rooms at the Government Center
  1467. for the Bruce Shell Government Center
  1468. for the leaderhip in Education of Tim Markley
  1469. for the forever gratitude of my family to Dr. Tinsley f
  1470. for the forever gratitude of me for Dr. Schrieber
  1471. for my love of and new gratitude for Dr. Lucybeth Neives
  1472. for my forever gratitude for Dr. Agnost
  1473. for our love of and care from Wrightsville Family Practice
  1474. for our love and care from Dr. Sandra Miles
  1475. for our gratitude from and love of Mr. Jack Barto
  1476. for our gratitude for Mr. David Parks
  1477. for our gratitude to forever to Bill Anlyan
  1478. for our gratitude to and forever care for Dr. Kittenger
  1479. for appreciation of the Zimmer Center
  1480. for our appreciation of and love of the Nurses at NHRMC
  1481. for our appreciation of and love the staff and doctors and Duke
  1482. for Community Fitness Solutions and Brandon Knox
  1483. for Fitmo and Anita Harrell
  1484. for being able to go to 02 through blue cross plan
  1485. for my health risk assessment
  1486. for my health savings plan
  1487. for my pharmacy
  1488. for medications which have kept me ok for some time
  1489. for being able to get blood draws at the clinic
  1490. for being able to get a flu shot at work
  1491. for work supporting folks getting a flu shot
  1492. for not beating up on myself about the weight gain during all the stress of the storm
  1493. for being on the right track and intentional now that I am past that time
  1494. for praise when I make good choices-internal
  1495. for being able to have a diffuser in my office
  1496. for having access to oils when I want them
  1497. for the best hair cut ever
  1498. for an amazing barber in Nathan
  1499. for Tame the Mane
  1500. for going somewhere where they take good care of people
  1501. for having the ability to get shirts done
  1502. for having a family owned cleaners that give great service
  1503. for four seasons cleaners
  1504. for such quick turn around and good care
  1505. for Crusiers Car wash
  1506. for the amazing detail and care they take
  1507. for sitting on the side porch waiting on the car and watching the world go by
  1508. for the business practices of Clayton and Susan Gsell
  1509. for the gift of Furniture Finders
  1510. for the recovery efforts of connecting people to furniture with Livian Jones
  1511. for being able to play santa clause each year at good friends luncheon
  1512. for seeing over 800 women come together to do good at the luncheon
  1513. for the lunch at good friends just being a bag luncheon and homemade cookies
  1514. for the men I serve with as santas to collect the money for event
  1515. for the case stories that are told to share how the money is used
  1516. for using our DSS to make use of the money in the community
  1517. for the trust between the community and this amazing group
  1518. for being witness over the years of watching this event grow and grow and grow
  1519. for introducing the singing to the santas for the welcome of the women to the luncheon
  1520. to see the shear joy on the faces of the women when we sign and share as they enter
  1521. for this having to happen at the convention center now
  1522. for watching young women rise to leadership of the whole luncheon and grow
  1523. for Ashley Miller and the American Heart Association
  1524. for Ashley FINALLY being honored for all she is and does as a health care hero! J
  1525. for 10 years on the executive leadership team of the heart walk
  1526. for being the MC of the heart ball
  1527. for the most wonderful evening with the heart hall this past year
  1528. for looking out from a podium and feeling connected not afraid
  1529. for being able to speak in front of folks because it has purpose not presentation
  1530. for being able to facilitate something bigger and being open to that
  1531. for seeing faces and knowing them and connecting
  1532. for a feeling unlike anything else in the world where you are with others for a common cause
  1533. for the honor of serving at the heart ball
  1534. for the honor of Mcing the MDA gala
  1535. for serving at the MDA Gala with friend and auctioneer Alan Perry
  1536. for being able to tell Sonya Perry what a difference she makes
  1537. for remembering that at all times it is important to tell people what an impact they make
  1538. for sharing a special night and working together to do go things
  1539. for the spirit and leadership of Liz Shirley with MDA
  1540. for the amazing sponsors who used their stores to promote helping these kids and making their lives better
  1541. for Jennifer Bell for her continued love and leadership now with Easter Seals
  1542. for Easter seals and case work for people with special needs f
  1543. for MDA and Easter seals for seeing to essentials and good for all persons
  1544. for the leadership of Elizabeth DiBiasi with Easter seals and making things better for those with needs for assistance
  1545. for smart start of new Hanover county f
  1546. for understanding and continued sharing of the importance of addressing the needs of our youth from the beginning
  1547. for the amazing foster parents who nurture an love children who are addicted prenatally
  1548. for the amazing and loving agencies that help to connect children to fosters and adoptive parents
  1549. for the programs being rolled out to help prevent the pregnancy for women who are addicts
  1550. for programs that are being employed to help mothers who are preganant who are addicts get sober and have health babies
  1551. for the programs that are holding fathers accountable
  1552. for the amazing civil court work being done
  1553. for the jail navigators who are working with the DA to monitor who should be in jail
  1554. for court diversions efforts to keep people employed and keep families together
  1555. for all those who work holidays, nights and weekends to monitor those on monitored release
  1556. for all those on duty during holidays to allow us to have a safe one
  1557. for all those who are on duty in any event that is festive so we might have a good time
  1558. for going deeper to understand when someone yells “who do you serve, who you do you protect”, the answer is “you”.
  1559. For seeing first hand why public safety does some of the things it does for those who assemble in the environments today to keep ALL safe
  1560. For knowing that at least our sheriff deploys resources to ENSURE everyone has the right to assembly and free speech
  1561. For understanding more about government
  1562. For trying to share that understanding
  1563. For truly seeing the connection and how much is needed from non profits and private sector
  1564. For those agencies that do so much of the work in tandem
  1565. for Amy Feath and the Carousel Center
  1566. for literally hearing about the impact of the carousel center at almost every meeting I facilitate for the county where children being taken care of are mentioned
  1567. for the carousel center gala
  1568. for taking the stage again and literally having a ball doing it
  1569. for Debora Cottle and her daughters being my back ups singers on the stage for the carousel gala
  1570. for Tasha making the best hair ever for my performance
  1571. for Ash Crist making my face up for the gala
  1572. for the time with Ash making me up and what an amazing woman she is
  1573. for the pure joy of the crowd that night
  1574. for all the donors who gave to my online campaign to raise money for abused and neglected children
  1575. for all those who have given to every ask I made this year (and I ask a lot..not for me, but things I hope people see as important and connect to the good they have to offer)
  1576. for being allowed to come and be a part of this event and the leadership of Justin
  1577. for Margaret Weller Stargell and Coastal Horizons
  1578. for coastal doing an amazing job with the first response team to help follow up for those who have had a response to an overdose
  1579. for being mc at the annual power of the purse and raising the most we ever have with the largest crowd to date!
  1580. For the WHAT clinics expanding and moving forward and serving more and doing more under Coastal ‘S Care
  1581. For the legacy of Joy Grady continuing
  1582. For the legacy of Connie continuing
  1583. For the great work of coastal making good happen for so many
  1584. for Jimmy Pierce and Kids Making it
  1585. for Wilmington Health Access for Teens
  1586. for Logan running Welcome Home Angel
  1587. for the continued work of for the Good Shepard Center
  1588. for the UNCW Clemson game after the storm for the for Good Shepard and the Student Aid fund
  1589. for the hospital foundation
  1590. for the CFCC foundation
  1591. for the Phelps-Hodges/Stine-Freeze Women’s Empowerment Endowed Scholarship at CFCC
  1592. for the LS ‘Bo” Dean Endowed Scholarship at UNCW
  1593. for the Boseman-tenhuisen Scholarship at UNCW
  1594. for the Thad Dankel Endowed Scholarship at UNCW
  1595. for the Katherine McKenzie Education Scholarship at UNCw
  1596. for the Ada Zola King Dean Nursing Scholarship at UNCW
  1597. for the Betsy Erwin Women’s Studies Honors Scholarship at UNCW
  1598. for the Kate Bruce and Diane Levy Honor Scholarship Endowed at UNCW
  1599. for being able to be there for Kate Bruce’s last honors recognition
  1600. for the service of 20 years of Kate Burce to UNCW Honors
  1601. for UNCW Honors always
  1602. for UNCW CSURF
  1603. for the campus of UNCW
  1604. for the campus commons
  1605. for the chancellor’s walk
  1606. for the John Myers scholarship for Art and Art History at UNCW
  1607. for the Louise F. Mccoll Athletics Scholarship at UNCW
  1608. for the life of Margaret, Louise’s mother, whom I loved calling at her office and how much she loved being there.
  1609. for the Windell Daniels Section Eight and Public Housing Scholarship Endowment at UNCW
  1610. for being allowed a second term on the Watson college of Education Advisory Board
  1611. for the Watson college of Education
  1612. for the leadership of Dean Van Dempsey
  1613. for the Watson college exceeding expectations for retention, recruitment and fulfillment of needs for new teachers
  1614. for being on the Swain professional development Advisory board in the Cameron School of Business
  1615. for witness of some of the best deliverables in the state if the not the east coast for professional development from Swain and the faculty at UNCW
  1616. for the Cameron School of Business
  1617. for the leadership of Dean Rob Burrus
  1618. for the College of Health and Applied Human Sciences
  1619. for the leadership of Dean Hardy
  1620. for the continued service to the UNCW community, the legend: Pat Leonard
  1621. for Ronnie McNeill being chair of the board of trustees
  1622. for liberty health care having hospice services
  1623. for liberty and erin helping me when I needed it
  1624. for Carolina Bay being such a great place for people I love and care about
  1625. for Carolina bay being such a good addition to our area
  1626. for Wilma Daniels still being on the board of trustees
  1627. for Wilma Daniels having served as the Chair of the board of trustees
  1628. for the Wilma Daniels Gallery
  1629. for the William Hooper Apartments for seniors
  1630. for being one of the finest mentors I know
  1631. for the work of Tracey Jackson to spread intentionality in diversity and inclusion
  1632. for the resiliency task force
  1633. from great leadership and service form Matt Mylott at interim director of Swain.
  1634. For the council who serve my city I love
  1635. For our city manager in Wilmington
  1636. For our riverwalk and the vision to make that a feature  
  1637. For the riverwalk making it through the storm
  1638. For the riverwalk having places to stop along to each
  1639. For the new development coming out of the ground on river water street
  1640. For the water street deck finally being gone
  1641. For the grand view form the Windell Daniels room in Union Station
  1642. For the awards ceremony we do every year for employees at union station
  1643. For graciousness of CFCC and partnerhship
  1644. For workforce development with CFCC
  1645. For the new leader in work force development
  1646. For the CFCC north Campus
  1647. For the scwartz center
  1648. For the park and fountain at the federal building
  1649. The tea and spice shop on market
  1650. Bloke downtown
  1651. The other shops where you can shop and enjoy looking too!
  1652. The education given by the bellamy mansion that tells all the story of the time
  1653. For the bellamy mansion being open for all to use to rent
  1654. The downtown library
  1655. The library system
  1656. The library on line access to college level courses for free
  1657. The library amazing archives
  1658. The library e books
  1659. The library sale
  1660. Michael lighting up like a Christmas tree when the library sale happens
  1661. The access to so much help and information through the libraries
  1662. The northeast branches rooms for use for training and meetings
  1663. The downtown story park
  1664. The planning for the amazing project grace
  1665. Project grace
  1666. The ease of access for the parking decks
  1667. The integrity in law of Collins and Collins
  1668. The integrity in law of Murchison, taylor and gibson-Andy McVey
  1669. The integrity in law of Geanine Boyette
  1670. The integrity in law of Olsen Elder law
  1671. The integrity in law of Steve Coggins
  1672. The integrity in law of Julia Boseman and associates
  1673. For the diligence and being in port along the riverwalk
  1674. For having a member of the diligence crew as a neighbor and his family f
  1675. For the view of the battleship form the riverwalk
  1676. For the sunsets on the riverwalk
  1677. For the amphitheater at greenfield lake
  1678. For doing santa at the amphitheater each year
  1679. For the lighting of the tree at greenfield
  1680. For the literal 100s of kids each year at greenfield lake
  1681. For santa taking text messages and responding, being able to do that
  1682. For santa being able to show up in neighborhoods and moms and dads giving treats to the miracle league for those appearances
  1683. The looks of hope and joy in those children’s eyes
  1684. for some of the humility in those children
  1685. for the absolute sincerity of those children
  1686. for being trusted to do all that
  1687. for the privilege to be able to give that love and receive it
  1688. For the walks downtown
  1689. For the landscaping on front street
  1690. For my 10th year as a judge for the Wilmington Christmas parade
  1691. For all the entries in the Christmas Parade
  1692. For the best santa in the Christmas Parade
  1693. For being with old friends at the Christmas Parade
  1694. For views of the river downtown
  1695. For the holiday tree
  1696. For the sanitary fountain at the foot of market
  1697. For the beauty of the synagogue downtown
  1698. For my piece of art from Fritz Kapraun, “Claude’s View” taken from the Carolina apartments
  1699. The marriage of Frances and Joe
  1700. Having the honor of offering the prayer at the dinner for the wedding
  1701. Watching the most stunning and elegant bride enter the church
  1702. Seeing love in the flesh
  1703. Feeling the presence of love all around
  1704. Sharing in a celebration due and deserved
  1705. Being witness to a sisters love and care
  1706. For being the MC at the NHRMC rehab hospital Olympics
  1707. For seeing all the care that goes into working with patients NHRMC rehab
  1708. For the work of and love of sarah Bentley
  1709. For sarah Bentley being a health care hero
  1710. The shear joy in the room at the rehab hospital
  1711. The amazing leader John Gizdic coming in and sharing with the patients and guests
  1712. The vision and leadership of John Gizdic
  1713. The forever learning of the lean team in me from NHRMC
  1714. For being given the insight of truth over harmony
  1715. For being given the opportunity to learn from Greg and Judy
  1716. For the work of Joe Conway and the health equity intiative
  1717. For the work of Dr. Phillip Brown
  1718. For the work of Scott Whistnant
  1719. Cape Fear Health Network
  1720. Cape Fear Clinic
  1721. The leadership and work of John Devaney
  1722. Providing care for all regardless of insurance
  1723. Linking resources and care to all who are in need of the care
  1724. To see equity in care and health
  1725. For being able to perform a wedding on a porch for a couple of long standing love
  1726. For the gentle laughter and amazing humor of Celia Rivenbark
  1727. For the brave truth of Celia Rivenbark’s column
  1728. For Celia’s heart and soul in the midst of hard times and harsh reaction
  1729. For the success of plays developing from celia’s works
  1730. For theater now and the success of the theater
  1731. For thalian hall
  1732. For the leadership and legend of Tony Rivenbark
  1733. For the Opera House Company
  1734. For thalian association
  1735. For the city council chambers at thalian hall
  1736. For the garden at thalian hall
  1737. For the statue of liberty at thalian hall
  1738. For SAGE Wilmington
  1739. For connecting our Seniors to care and to each other
  1740. For all the work to help those in need of mental health care of Nova Swanstrom
  1741. For all the work to help those in need of mental health care of Ben Baldwin
  1742. For all the work to help those in need of mental health care Mebane Boyd
  1743. For all the work to help those in need of mental health care Amy Horgan
  1744. For all the work to help those in need of mental health care Carrie Clements
  1745. For all the work to help those in need of mental health care Rich Ogle
  1746. For all the work to help those in need of mental health care Tony Puente
  1747. For all the work to help those in need of mental health care Delta Behavioral
  1748. For all the work to help those in need of mental health care of Wilmington Treatment Center
  1749. For all the work to help those in need of mental health care of Brian Williamson
  1750. For all the work to help those in need of mental health care tabb ballis
  1751. For all the work to help those in need of mental health care Louise Coggins
  1752. For all who teach mental health first aid
  1753. For all who understand the needs of those with substance abuse and mental health issues and are open to serving them accordingly
  1754. For Frankie Roberts leadership in helping those who re-enter the community after being in jail
  1755. For the re-entry task force
  1756. For the county’s investment in re-entry to reduce recidivism
  1757. For the Leading into new Community’s
  1758. For the focus on third grade reading scores and make a difference early
  1759. For communities in schools
  1760. For the vision to help our youth at a critical age to help them be life long learners and resilient
  1761. For making space, time, and money to see all who need and all to succeed
  1762. For the vision of Stephanie Adams coming to the school board
  1763. For the service of Bruce Shell on the school board
  1764. For the legacy in this county of the care of leaders like Bruce Shell
  1765. For fire memorial at empie station
  1766. For the municipal golf course
  1767. For accessible golf and play
  1768. For the work of McColl and Associates
  1769. For amazing generosity and care of the Ian Sauer and the hotel group in Wilmington
  1770. For the Hampton Inn and suites and landfall
  1771. For the Hampton Inn at home depot
  1772. For the work of the campagna family for the miracle league
  1773. For the health of dot campagna
  1774. For the health of  Gail Cokes
  1775. For the health and wellness of Mary B
  1776. For the health and wellness of Elaine
  1777. For the health and wellness of my dear Jean
  1778. For the health and wellness of Deborah C.
  1779. For the health and wellness of Andy E
  1780. For the health and wellness of David B
  1781. For the health and wellness of Scott W
  1782. For the health and wellness of Katherine
  1783. For the 50th of one of the best, woody
  1784. For the witness of seeing those I admire, love, care about walk through amazing journeys of health issues and be on the other side now
  1785. For the absolute joy watching tv in my nightshirt at home
  1786. For the absolute joy of creating this list
  1787. For the absolute joy of seeing children playing on the beach
  1788. For the absolute joy of people watching at RISE with Brad
  1789. For the gratitude of my friends
  1790. For the appreciation for a text asking “how are you”
  1791. For the gift of working with people who “know” what you are thinking
  1792. For the gift of working with people who call you on your crap
  1793. For the gift of working with people who you can really and truly trust
  1794. For the gifts of accepting what you cannot change
  1795. For the love of being a little wiser this year
  1796. For seeing good in so many things
  1797. For not letting the bad take over when it is so abundant
  1798. For accessible tennis at the Althea Gibson Tennis Park
  1799. For the leadership and vison of Ed and Jeff
  1800. For the special Olympics in New Hanover County
  1801. For the joy of those participating in the games for the special Olympics
  1802. For the polar plunge at Carolina Beach
  1803. For the costumes at the polar plunge
  1804. For Carolina Beach
  1805. For the boardwalk at Carolina beach
  1806. For mother’s swing at Carolina beach
  1807. For sneaking away and swinging in mother’s swing there
  1808. For feeling mother in ways I don’t anywhere else
  1809. For knowing that she loved that area so much
  1810. For knowing that when Harold walks there she is with him
  1811. For knowing she is with me
  1812. For Carolina beach state park
  1813. For all the beauty that is in the park
  1814. For the bluff and natural areas
  1815. For the photos that Harold takes in the park
  1816. For Kure Beach
  1817. For the seating area and swings at Kure beach
  1818. For the kure beach pier
  1819. For the NC Aquarium
  1820. For the local features at the NC Aquarium at fort fisher
  1821. For the fort fisher ferry.
  1822. For the natural areas at the fort fisher area
  1823. for being able to see sunken civil war steam ships at low tide
  1824. for the natural area at fort fisher
  1825. for the kite festival at fort fisher
  1826. for the beach trees at fort fisher
  1827. for the kayak launch at fort fisher
  1828. for the drive down and around fort fisher
  1829. for the corp of engineers rock embankment at fort fisher
  1830. for the tree on the hill that overlooks it all
  1831. for the wall that can be walked at low tide
  1832. for the forever memory of walking that wall on a special day with mom, Harold and Michael
  1833. for the Wanda Inn sign J
  1834. for the park at kure beach
  1835. for preserving the beaches in a way that keeps it form over development
  1836. for the homespun feel of our beaches there
  1837. for Cape Fear Seafood
  1838. for finally being in this life and loving seafood! (mom would be pleased)
  1839. for still being connected to some of mom’s friends
  1840. for grandmother’s for peace
  1841. for the peace event each year
  1842. for the Unitarian universalists
  1843. for the Episcopalians
  1844. for 1st pres and their amazing open arms
  1845. for 1st Baptist and their advocacy for all
  1846. for the 1st Baptist choir
  1847. for Unity
  1848. for first Christian congregation
  1849. for all who prosper good and love above all
  1850. for Greogory
  1851. for Julie and the Synagogue
  1852. for Jodi and church of the servant and the online offering of sermons
  1853. for rev barnard and all he does to bring about good for our kids at Miracle league through 828
  1854. for the chaplain at the sheriff’s office
  1855. for those who care
  1856. for those who care enough to think beyond their own experience
  1857. for those who care enough to get out of their own comfort and give
  1858. for those who care enough to give time and energy, not just money
  1859. for those who don’t sit on their money, but share it with the community around them
  1860. for those who see that they are finite and seek to do good
  1861. for those who care enough to want to make a difference with change and love
  1862. for those who care enough to reach across neighborhoods
  1863. for those who care enough to reach across religions
  1864. for those who care enough to not be threatened by the difference of another
  1865. for those who care enough to not fight for themselves but for all
  1866. for cape fear seafood doing so much for the heart association
  1867. for something fishy being one of the last of the old time fish houses
  1868. for the flounder at the boathouse
  1869. for the best fish anywhere at Mott’s seafood on Wrightsville beach
  1870. for watching boats go in and out of the channel from the south end
  1871. for watching the sailboats in banks channel in the summer
  1872. alexa (I know..but I always want to live the life of the jetsons and we are almost there)
  1873. for the hue lights and being able to have blue lights all throughout the house
  1874. for the way the light comes through the sky light in the house
  1875. for having our roof literally redone right before the storm
  1876. for the skylight holding through the storm
  1877. for being able to lie on he couch and watch the clouds from the skylight
  1878. for the quiet in the house
  1879. for having pratices in my life that allow for peace
  1880. for enjoying quiet
  1881. for being able to sit together and being good with no talking
  1882. for being able to sit with myself and not worry about being entertained
  1883. for my mind to be still more often than not
  1884. for dreams of connections to those who have passed
  1885. for all the cups of coffee brought to me in bed
  1886. for all the toast made
  1887. for all the toast I get to make
  1888. for being “the best waffle maker”
  1889. for being able to cook
  1890. for having my food appreciated
  1891. for sharing time
  1892. for having time to share
  1893. for taking it all one day at a time
  1894. for first things first
  1895. for easy does it
  1896. for “but for the grace of God go I”
  1897. for the witness recording in the “book of joy”
  1898. for knowing that this list is NOT complete but only revealed as the memomy in this moment and that is can be so much bigger
  1899. for growing over these years in this list beyond the person and list to more of the experiences and the appreciation for making a difference in the world
  1900. for seeing the world not as D or R or Black or White, but as it is revealed and trying to get my lens to focus and refocus so that I can “see”
  1901. for the hope of the year to come to accumulate new gratitude and for so much that I care for to continue