Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 22 of the new Journey: See less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness!

WOW! What a difference a really good night sleep makes! I got up this morning and felt like a million bucks and was ready to do! Michael is better today..and that made me feel better too. Got to the gym and all the titanic machines (smile...the ones that look out over the top gallery) were full, so like a lost puppy I was not sure what to do...I found out that there were machines like those in the Cardio Getaway room (the dark, quiet room they have there that is built like a theater) I made my way in and did 20 minutes on teh eliptical to get started! Then..I was ready for training. Adam and I got the legos and I did my Music Man Routine ("76 trumpones led the big parade...) as I stepped up and raised my knee and then alternated to keep my heart rate up..then did sitting squats, pushes, and pull downs, then alternated back through three times. each time he had me on the leggos doing my broadway best...and keeping my heart rate up! The sun came up..and the best part about being at the gym this time of morning is those amazingly big windows and looking at that beautful sunrise! talk about inspiration!!!! 
This morning Adam got me on the Fat's Domino was this thing that twists your torso wihout putting me in I did my "common baby. let's do the twist" best and actually it was not that bad...hopefully it will help to deflate the roll around my mid section and stregthen my core. Then he had me on the mat doing the leg lifts to toe touch crunches, alternating legs, then on my belly with one arm and the opposite leg up, then alternate, then both arms up and both legs up..and again! :) What was great was how much CLOSER TO THE FLOOR I AM since my waist is slowly but surely slimmiung down adn how much easier it is to lift my legs!!

So after all this I look up and it is ONLY 7:30! We are doing more and working faster..but as Adam says...not working the machines faster.."speed can kill" is just there is not as much need to rest or get we can do more now! It is so cool! (kind-of..cause I ahve to admit, I was tired! HA!)
But on we went. Adam got the half ball thingy (oh my favorite) and I got on it...both feet with 7.5 poud weight..he had me do curls then up over my head..after about 15 of those..feet began to burn like HELL!
Now..I have given a shout out to NEW BALANCE of wilmington before..but let me tell you...I have learned that having the right equipment is VERY important..I remember that first night trying to be on that ball with those LL bean walking shoes and let me tell you, I would never be able to make it without these shoes! They are worth every dollar! Hell! all the money I am saving from not eating fast foot and pizza have already paid for them!

Anyway, Adam had placed me in from of the big mirrors..I just could not do it! I had to face out..Now, if you have been following this, you knwo I have been working on my thinking and I am pretty funny and postive and all that..but standing in the mirror and watching myself is tough...Adam saw my wince adn said "you know, this is the last day you will see yourself that way the way you are working" and I know he is right...he was incredibly supportive...and I am not awful or grotesque..I just...well, it was just what I needed today...I swore I would be honest in this there it is. I am so very happy about all this, but there are some things that are still hard for me..and those giant mirrors..well, I will face them a little slower! :)

But..after i turned around, we did two other exercies on the ball and called it a day! So much more and then stretched! Talk about feeling accomplished! It was awesome!

So, I got home and let me tell you...I went in the closet..and before Christmas i had purchased four pairs of pants. When they came, I was devastated becuase they did not fit. Not one pair. I was humiliated. Well, I thought this morning, "Why not" and I pulled a pair down and slipped them on. They fit beautifully! with room to spare! Talk about a boost to add to the boost!

Thanks be to God!


Kim said...

Bo! What a fantastic post! I'm so happy for you! Fitting into skinny pants is ALWAYS a great thing! :) Just think, those will be too big for you before you know it and you'll be buying more! Keep on doin' that twist!

Aimee Freeman said...

Oh my gosh! I can't wait for you to tell Adam that news! Text him. I am not sure I can hold it in. I am so proud of you!!! I just worked out today for the first time in forever & he kicked my b*tt. LOL