Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 11 of the new Journey: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness

today is a good day...but unfortunately I have a bug..yuck..i knew I was getting something sinus wise...but got up at about 7 this morning and I was full fledged bleh....   the cool thing is that i know this time I do not have to eat crap all day cause I feel bad...and this hit on my day off, so hopefully I can get better fast and not have it interfere with my new routine. the whole point to all this is to intergrate healthier living into normal life..and getting a bug here and there, particulary since I work around students all the time, is part of normal will keep a good outlook.

I am snuggled up and watching good shows..have had my normal health breakfast and an orange that tasted actually better than unusal casue I don't feel so good...much better than the carrot cake and chips that used to comfort me when I got sick.

So, sorry for the short entry today..but I am going to rest and drink fluids, treat myself well, and see you tomorrow!


Terri Harlan said...

I also clicked over from Kayleigh's blog and now can't wait to see you make your goals! I am praying for you on this journey to a new you. I was recently diagnosed with an ulcer, due to anxiety and some medication I was taking. It has been a huge wake up call for me. Since I am 80 lbs overweight, the strict change in diet to heal the ulcer is my opportunity to start eating right. I have been using the excuse of the pain in my chest and abdomen to avoid exercise.

As a Christian, I know God is in control, but He lets us choose our own path. I also believe He allows us to learn from certain circumstances we find ourselves in.

I KNOW God allowed me to find your blog as a way to encourage me and get me going on my own, "See the new Terri" journey.

I'll be praying for you and look forward to hearing your success. Rest today, and feel better.

L.S. "Bo" Dean said...

terri! I am so grateful for your post! you are so right about the "foot work" and sounds like we are both in a place where we are hearing a call to do more for ourselves with the amazing support of God! I am so glad you are along for this and want to hear how you are doing too! It is so amazing! thank you for the blessing of your words and prayers!
see you on the blogs! :)