Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 174: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness!

what a great day...I was sooooo sleepy this morning. Not sure why, but it was a busy weekend I guess. But I got my butt up and headed to the gym! that was a great start! It is so good walking in these days cause not only are the great folks at the gym there, now my friends J and R are there and that makes me feel so good to feel people I love when I come in working with Adam and on a similar path that I am on.
Adam had me running at 7.5 miles an hour on tread mill with my sprints and kept me for 10 minutes this morning. To say he is racheting it up daily is an understatement! LOL!
But it was a good work out and he had me do something, yet again, that I never thought I could do...he had me get on a work out machine that I have looked at others doing, and quite frankly made a lot of jokes about...but in my mind, it looked like something that was impossible. Today, however, Adam thought I was ready. It is a machine where you lay on your stomach, and bend forward with your arms crossed in front and go down as far as you can and then lift up..fully....and then again....I did it and did two sets of 15! :) it was such a great feeling! and a real boost to my feeling of being able to do things! It was awesome!

Afterwards, we had the dedication of the cross city trail that will go through UNCW. It was such a great event!
But moreover, this is the final piece of the trail that will span 20 miles across the city to the sea! It was a true mark of cooperation, public private partnership and garnering resources and looking for ways to provide our community with the best of amenities that make our city a place for all, but also enhancing the ability of folks to have alternative routes of transportation and to give us a place for generations to come for health and well being! Now living a life of use for the vision and work that went into this trail, it is truly a blessing to be among this! truly a blessing!

I ended my day with a bike ride this evening. Even though this was a training day, I still wanted to go out and ride..and it was wonderful! 
I am grateful. Just so grateful! 
Thanks be to God!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day 172: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness!

Saturday has been a good day to me! had the most amazing painters come to paint our home. TJ Drechsel Professional Painting...he is a locally owned company and the greatest! It was awesome to have them here and I spent my day, sans an hour when i snuck out while they were at lunch, laying around and for he most part, napping! :)
they finished around 7 and I hopped on my bicycle and headed out for my ride to Wrightsville beach. It had cooled off so nicely and it was one of the best rides i have had in a while. I thought it would be nice to show you all what my ride is like;
 This is the top of the trail at eastwood and cardinal. I come on to in from the neighborhood (sometimes I cut through Autumn Hall, but this is nice cause if I go across the street, I can ride the sidewalks and turn into windemere and go through over to the gym

I keep my waterbottle handy and I am at a pace with about 80rpms at 5 and 3 on the speeds. It is a great work out and feels good on the trail as well as when I get out on the road.

I also like to see those gas guzzling SUV's as I am biking and remember that when I am using my bike, I might be making small difference in the world. Of course, this tour is about my health...but anytime I ride my bike instead of drive, it is about the health of our world!

Wilmington is not exactly known as the most forest ridden city and I miss the trees in Chapel Hill more than i can say. But on this trail, in bits and pieces, there are these moments when you don't even realize where you are! It is so comforting and beautiful! I love this is my new place of serenity as well as a place for me to grow healthier. I am so grateful for this everyday!

This is one of the tricky areas. THe city did a great job with some stop mechanisms to get riders to slow down, but you really have to. This is rogersville road. In front of you, cars are whipping around the corner at lightening speed and behind they are turning on to the road from Eastwood and you are going downhill. There is this feeling of letting og and enjoying the rareity of a hill, but it is NOT cool! :) obeying the stop and being aware is here is paramount.

After the cross from Rogersville, it Parallels back to eastwood.Again, the designers did a great job with this bridge and connection and now you leave the forest and go to the beach from this point. This ride is great because you get a lot of different terrain and can really experience why this county is so special!

and as you leave the bridge, it is a look left, and there is the entrance to Mayfaire! So convenient to get around off this path. The only thing left to fight for are cross walks on Eastwood road. They are badly needed as people do not care if you are trying to get across and you really are taking your life in your hands at certain times of day...particularly with tourists and students going to the beach.

passing Mayfaire on the path.
I did not get a picture of the intersection of Miltary Cut off and eastwood. I am glad that there is stimulus money ot make that safer and it should be happening in the fall. right now, it is  NOT fun at all and literally hundreds of us are taking that trip daily. But, I have to say, if you are paying attention, obeying the lights, it works out fine. Just watch the minivans with the person in the cell phone in a turn lane...cause they are NOT watching you!

After the big intersection, I am sharing the road to the draw bridge. I do not play my ipod on the road as I want to be able, like a driver should, but able to hear anything and everything. I was reared in Chapel Hill and I remember all the bike safety we got as kids. If on the road, we are a vehicle, just like a car, and need to obey traffic accordingly! So, all is well in that regard!

It may not look like hill, but it feels like one! and going over the draw bridge is a work out in and of itself!

But the payoff is the view! :)

After the bridge, you have to carefully go to the left, because to do the loop, you have to be in the bike lane. The wonderful Alderman at the beach have passed another ordinance that you cannot be on the sidewalk with a bike at WB (you realize WB is one of the most regulated places ON EARTH!) so, in order to go clockwise, you have to begin on the let to be with traffic on the bike path. You just have to be very careful.

The bike path itself is lovely and I cannot be any more complimentary. and the "loop" that you travel is around some of the nicest wetlands anywhere.

I mean, common..what a view..any complaining can be checked at the bridge! :)

The last point before turning back to go up the other side of the loop is to go through the little area of business in WB.

All in all I am so grateful to at this level of health so that i can enjoy this! It is a blessing more than I can say...and it is only getting better one day at a time!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 170: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness!

So, maybe it was the heat tonight on the elliptical or maybe it is just where I am, but I got to thinking alot about food that I "miss" and that possibly I may not have again.  I was thinking alot about it.

The biggest myth I live with each day since this change is the myth that food connects me to my family, my roots, who I am. I have been doing this to myself for years. As a child of divorce, I found ways to connect to "roots" that I was told were so important. And family is important. However, fatty foods that make me unproductive, unhealthy and have a great deal to do with the root causes of most of the early deaths of a great number of my family..well, those, I have realized, are not that important.

I cannot tell you how many times I have literally teared up thinking about my grandmother's biscuits! Those were PURE LARD with white flour and buttermilk and on top of that, we added BUTTER and LOTS of it! The last few years, I have been the bell of the ball when I have shown up with chicken pastry at the family reunion made by a local caterer that you would swear was made by my grandmother. And while it is wonderful, there is so much fat and cholesterol in this, I can feel my ateries building walls of plaque as we speak.

Now don't get me wrong. My Uncle James's homeade sausage, the amazing greens with side meat, the fried chicken, annie mae's pies, grandmother's biscuits, the hoop cheese...all of that was amazing food, not to mention the great BBQ..eastern style..but, that food was from a time when folks were more active, farmed, did more, and lived an entirely different life..and BOTTOM LINE...THAT FOOD is not my grandmother's love or my family's approval, or real comfort or security.  All of those things are inside me already and that is a spiritual and mental thing, not a physical one that is fed by a substance.
The romanticism, that southern story that I want to tell everytime I put a mouthfull of fat in my mouth about my greatgrandmother putting this and that on the table that I still have and how special it is and how much it brings it all back...blah, blah, blah...well, folks...that food is NOT that feeling. I have associated a feeling of belonging, of love, and of family with something that frankly is just not good for me. The same way I have done with other "comforts".

Is there something wrong with "comfort" foods? Or experiencing a memory in food for me?  I don't think so...but to eat these things not make a difference in my not embrace the love in those memories but move on to things that make me a better person..well, that does not honor all that love that went into those meals....cause I won't be taking the life that they gave me, and the advantages that brought me to a place of understanding and untilizing it to make a difference. I know my grandparents and greatgrandparents..and they wanted the best for me..and they worked to see that I had it better, even than they did. How I honor that today is by living this life the best I can, in the healthiest way possible.

I also am having a different relationship with food. Substances just can't replace or be in place of feeling whatever I got to feel. If I am happy, I don't have to celebrate with food. If I am angry...I don't have to eat at the problem, and the same can be said for being down or for being in a state of boredom for that matter. I can "CHANGE A THOUGHT MOVE A MUSCLE"....hell, I can even pray! Imagine that! :) But I don't have to fill me up today with something that will ultimately hurt.

So, clearly, the treadmill was productive today. It also came after a VERY hot ride over on my bike (yes, mother, I hydrated and waited till after 5, so it was cooler...and I went to the gym because it was too hot!) I even got off the elliptical every 10 minutes to give myself a little breather. I did my sprints at level 13..and got 2, 10 minute sets of those in! It was very productive and the last 10 minutes just straight through.

It was a great day!

thanks be! 

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 169: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness!

 Ok...well, there is definitely a new incentive for me to "work hard" during my training sessions..if I am a good boy..I get to slip on boxing gloves and swing at my trainer! LOL! No, no hostility...really..but what a work out and awesome feeling too! Adam is teaching me how to Box as well as to develop some skills! It is AWESOME! I cannot believe the feeling and this morning when we were doing the work out, Kristi was there and I got to show off! It was great!

the work outs are are intense now...but it is great. Having begun slowly buidling my smaller muscles and getting more prepared, he has me working on different sets and at higher reps now. I am able to do squat, curl presses....where i do squats with 17.5 pound free weights in each hand, as I come up I do a curl and then do a press over my head. I could barely do squats when we began and now I am doing these at 20 reps! It is an awesome feeling! I have learned that the squats wear me out the most because it takes more to get the blood to my legs and get the circulation going...but the stronger I get...the better it gets.

I was also introduced to bicycle crunches today! I have seen others doing these and always thought "isnt that sweet...the pretty little work out people doing their little tricks" when Adam said I needed ot get on my back and do them today...I was incredulous to say the least, cause I am anything in my mind besides a "pretty little work out" person and it has been years since my back went out since I have done ANY major exercises with both my feet off the ground at the same time..but I followed through and daggone if i was not able to do it and at 20 reps! there i was on my back...hands behind my a crunch..legs peddling in the air..and I was crunching as I back pain..must working out! WOW!

There was more, but I will share later. Below and in the days to come, I really want to post the food I am eating. I am loving what I am eating and it is so healthy, I figure if I am a visual person, others probably are too!
Below is my favorite salads these days! I LOVE my grilled chicken that I invented....
I take Chicken tenderloins (I buy them from costco in the fresh packs and freeze them and then thaw what I need when I need).
I put them in a bowl with dill, garlic powder, lemon pepper (all about two teaspoons) and a teaspoon of salt. Then I add about 1/4 cup of Lemon juice and mix it all up so they chicken is well coated with all.
I add about 1 tablespoon of olive oil (extra virgin) and refrigerate for a couple of hours (or even better over night).
Then grill. They take about 5 minutes and they are SOOOO tasty.
For the top salad, I take mixed greens and mix with a little lite ranch (that was lunch). and I add crunched up crackers for a little texture instead of croutons.

For dinner,  take mixed greens and mix with my homeade balsamic vinegrette and a little feta cheese. It is Awesome! and so tasty!
All low fat, high protien, High in fiber and vitamans and so great in flavor! bread, pasta or potatoes...just veg, a little fat, and good lean protien! SO YUMMY!
my balsam:
Put about 1/4 cup of balsamic vinegar in a blender
add teaspoon of garlic, lemon pepper, white pepper, and a 1/2 teaspoon of salt
Put the top on and then pour EVOO VERY slowly through the top whole while the blender is on high until thick.
Use about a tablespoon of dressing per person..if you mix in a bowl, you don't need a lot and it coats so much with nothing but flavor!

Bon Skinny!

:) Thanks Be!

All about the food we eat

My desk used to be consumed by chips, nabs, sweets, banna chips, yogurt covered pretzels (they are healthy..right? they have yogurt! 9 grams of fat a serving..maybe not!)...and Diet Coke and GALLONS of it!
It took me exactly 31 seconds to slice this Apple and to pour out these blueberries...a lot shorter than to walk to the machine to get the crackers...The apple is chiled adn wonderful!

Now, there are other ways for me to stay alert, healthy and on it at work and keep going through the days.
I am not going to deny our students of their pizza and doughnuts..but I can live so that I can be more of who I want to be...and I LOVE this food! Moreover, I love the way I feel on it!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 168: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness!

I was thinking of not blogging tonight as it is getting late, but I this is part of my routine, like eating better and exercise, and while not all of my blog posts may not make all that much sense, I do hope some of them help. It helps me to keep this record and to be able to see where I have been, where I am I am pointing anyway.
Today, I told the story of how this journey happened for the thousandth time. For me, it never gets old and I doubt that it will ever get old. much like another change in my life 20 years ago, keeping the story of the begining "green" or fresh helps me to remember what a blessing all this really is. I was at a merit scholarship reception for the Community College this evening. I was there as a member of the foundation board and talk about an honor! the young woman that I was asked to introduce wants to do occupational therapy. Her senior project was done on ovarian cancer and the room was half filled with family members who were there to support her. She was humble and kind and it was humbling just to be in her presence. Her cousin that was with her is one of our Honors students at UNCW and she did not recognize me at first because of my weight loss. Her mother asked me about how this occurred and was able to tell her of the great gift of the Heart Association, Kristi and Ashley meeting Adam, his and Aimee's little girl Kayleigh that inspired a gift of life for me and then this blog, which is hoped is gift of life and inspiration to others. I know that they may be reading this now. So, simply put, another day with amazing gifts..right?
I left there and shared time with a great group for our Airlie Garden's Fundraiser for this fall, and while there were lots of goodies that our host had so generously provided, I was able just to have a taste and stay focused and then after, get to my cardio.
Before I left my office today, I was dealing with the munchies. My stomach was not feeling right, but i wanted to snack. I am not sure what was up and Apples were not going to cut it. I had my regular breakfast and lunch was the salad I usually have at rotary..but I was hellbent on having veggie chips or something else. It was weird. But I brewed a pot of blueberry flavored green tea and drank some this afternoon and that seemed to help.
I am working with drinking green tea as a diuretic and as something for detoxification. I am not convinced it is the best for me yet, but I am trying it out.  I do know that it, along with the organic fiber supplements that i have been taking, that I am much more regular and I feel better that way, but I am not sure if the caffiene in the green tea is always the best. I will see after a few days with it.
Anyway..tonight's bike ride was amazing for cardio. I left the house at about 6:50 headed to Wrightsville, did the loop and came back. I stayed at 5 and 3 on my speeds and this time I really worked at my pace and rpm's. In fact, I overdid it alittle coming back over the bridge and have to watch that...but I am ok. It felt great though and at that time in the evening the heat is not bad. The nicest part is that one the way back I am riding into the sunset..which was gorgeous! I am at 12 miles on this ride and I could have gone more! who would have EVER thought it!

Well, nuff said! Thanks be to God!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 166: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness!

well, its Sunday and it has been such an enjoyable weekend!
Friday's training was good, but I am definitely on a new level. Adam is ramping things up as I can handle them and as I have said, what is great is that I can handle it incrementally as I have been over these months! It is great, but it is kicking my tail! :)

I have succeeded, with only one sip at the movie Friday night, of staying off Diet Coke for over a week. I have been reading and learning so much more about what it is essential that I stay away from diet drinks as a whole. This video is a great teaching tool about the effect not only of Diet coke but of how my diet was effecting me before.
I cannot tell you how nice it is to go out to eat or be at home and get through a meal without having acid reflux or without having to excuse myself from the table to literally go and vomit up what I as eating because it would not go down. That was happening at least two or three times a week towards the end. It was humiliating. I rarely went to a lunch where I did not have to excuse myself. Now, it is so much clear and I have almost no worries in this regard.

It is funny, I have been willing to take this next step with Diet Coke, but there are still things I am not ready for. I thought about 21 years ago when I had another change in my life and I learned that I never am to say never about change. But I am only to say that "this, I will not give up today". By keeping it in today, I remain open that maybe tomorrow I will be ready or circumstances will present themselves, or I will just plain give in and be ready. But the minute I say "never'..oh boy..that is win the crap hits the fan and I get the self inflicted consequences of not being willing. It is about being willing...just being willing to try something new, to do something different, to give all this a chance. I have no more credit in all this than just showing up and putting one foot in front of the other and being willing. But Lord know "becoming willing" that is the mountain to climb. Giving up the diet coke..filling myself with food instead of taking care of me...romancing food...associating food with comfort..not moving when I should...not taking advantage of exercise. I had to become willing. Hell, tomorrow morning when I get up..I have to be willing. For some reason, this health stuff is not programmed into my brain as part of my DNA...but I believe that in myself more now on these issues than I ever have and it is a new feeling. (actually, I think that is the first time I have said that on this issue! feels pretty good). But, it means that, a day at a time, I have to be vigilant...and enjoy...and keep on sharing this gift! Not only to keep on earning it, but keep on growing in it and becoming willing for whatever I am to learn and know from it!
Thanks be to GOD!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 163: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness!

12 hours from wood floors in the house! I am psyched! I cannot wait! Of course the adventure getting here has been a workout in and of itself. But thanks to the best next door neighbors ever..I did not have to loose my back over moving the piano!

Wednesday I had another "ramped up" work out with Adam. The sprints on the tread mill were soooo much fun...but I got through. He is putting me through my paces now for sure and I get NO mercy. The thing I could not help but thing of was the youtube video he has of me going up and down the stairs....well, now he has me running those stairs...and I am doing it! It whips my butt, but I can do it. If you had ever told me when I began this that I would be able to run these, I would never have believed it.. and I am telling you, if I can do it..I know anyone can! It is awesome and it is about a day at a time..I just cannot wait to see what is next!! :) Although, I am enjoying today, no doubt! Even with 40 plus pounds to go...I am enjoying the way my close feel and more imporantly, the way I feel when I walk! There is such energy!

Today, I got off work and biked over again to the gym. It is sooo hot! It was not as bad as it was the other day, but it was hot! when i got to the gym, I went right for the treadmill and decided to do the sprints on my own. I did 6 minutes worth and it was pretty good. When my legs got sloppy, I decided it was enough for right then and got on the elliptical. I did the rest of the 30 at 13 at 7.0 miles an hour....and then biked back home. It whooped me..but I was able.

All in all it was a great day and looking forward to having another if I am granted!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 161: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness!

I would have posted last night, but the last thing I remember after dinner was Michael saying he was going out for a few minutes. I was laying in the bed with the intention of getting up to do some things in the house. I do not even remember closing my eyes, but at 6am, they opened again. Yep....I was out like light! It may have had something to do with having my tail kicked Monday morning. I had gotten up after a great night's sleep and went to the gym I got in a full 15 minutes on the elliptical, even say my friend J there with her husband..which was a delight and a some inspriation...cause I love seeing friends motivated too...and then Adam had a glint in his eye. I should have been suspicious when the first thing that we did was go upstairs and he began with sprints on the treadmill..running sprints. After, we went to 60 jumping jacks, followed by 25 push ups, follwed by the horse with 25 reps, followed by 25 reps on the pull down...and on and the end of the session, Adam looked at me as if he was non-plussed and said casually "I took it up a notch. could you tell?". I think I sputtered yes...but frankly I was a little stunned! LOL! But I did do it and it was ok. But by the time I got home,  I was DEAD!

I went to work today and had a great day and then afterwards, I came home and changed and got right to my bike to go over to the gym. I really did not think about the weather. It is over 100 and humid here right now...btw! On the way over, it was not so bad, but it was stiffling in terms of breathing. I kept my bike on 5 and 3 and maintained my reps, but I could feel the struggle. I decided that it was probably best to go the gym and do the elliptical and not stay out in this heat this time. When I got off my bike, I was stunned at how drenched I was. I had made a bottle of sugar free green tea with ice and swallowed it down and got on the elliptical. I was on level 13 and started my sprints. I got through the first 10 minutes and had to get off for a minute. I had really overdone in on the bike over. I got a swallow of the tea and then got back on and went back at it. I stayed at the same level and pace and was able to go another 7 minutes with sprints and then had to just finish the thirty minutes without any more sprints and just the elliptical itself. I was not discouraged though because I never dropped the level and the speed stayed at or around 7 miles and hour. It was a good work out.

I biked back home and did ok..but it was a lot and i downed a ton of unsweetened tea when I got home! Not to mention, as soon as we got back from the salad bar at Ruby Tuesdays, I took a nice Epsom Salt soak! :) I feel much better now! :)

I am over a week now with no diet is working and I hope to keep it up! It is a HUGE step. I have been a diet coke addict for over 20 years. So, giving this one up is taking a lot more effort. But, I know that it is worth it! I am just craving it so badly! It is weird.

Oh well! Looking forward to tomorrow if I am granted another day. Blessed by this one!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 159: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness!

Yikes! Its Sunday already! wow..what a whirlwind and we are almost halfway through June! I swear it just goes so fast!
Thursday was a great day and I got my cardio in, but it was not the full 12 miles. I went to a committee meeting on wrightsville beach and on the way back from Lumina avenue, it began to rain. I chickened out and called home and had Michael come and get me. It was more the headwinds than the rain to tell the truth..but it was so funny that I was so frustrated cause I had not finished! this may end up being an addiction...yikes! :)

Friday was a great and tough work out with Adam and I had a retreat at the office after which was one of the nicest I can rememer. I can tell you that feeling healthier physically has made me a little healthier in other ways to. I enjoyed our time together as an office more than i can remember in these last ten years. It just felt so good and I am so blessed to work with these folks. Kate brought blueberries and yogurt as our snacks! It was so nice!  We had our floors delivered on Friday, so I took off after the retreat and it was so great to have the wood in the house. After, I biked over to Mayfaire to have my bike repaired at Bike Cycles (best bike shop in town!!!) and then biked back! What was so great about that was that I had no real problem with my back after having trained in the am and then a 45 minute run in the afternoon! Nice!

I have introduces Epsom Salt soaks a couple of times a week. Costco sells 4lbs at a time for 5bucks and it really helps and is very healing. I was using fancy, smelly, salts for a long time, but then Michael told me about them and I looked up the healing properties and was totally sold. I don't have to have the smell of rosemary..just the release of the tension! I am a little reluctant to run tubs..but I have to trade off the health benefits for it!

Saturday Adam and I went for an early morning run on the bikes downtown on the Sea to River trail and down Ann Street! It was awesome...and then had breakfast downtown! what a great way to spend a saturday morning with a friend! He and I have decided that we are going to get others together and make this a weekend thing for all of us! It was great! Michael and I went blueberry picking in the afternoon! It was a great Saturday!

People keep asking me about what I am eating. I have to tell you, I am eating great stuff! I thought I would write down what I am eating in a week to let you see:

food from home:
sliced apples
grilled chicken (marinated in lemon juice, Lemon pepper, dill, and garlic with only a teaspoon of EVOO)
rottiserie Chicken from HT or Lowes (and if you wait till 6:30 or a little after, they mark them down and they are still great!)
mixed greens (cooked, martha holmes)
mixed greens raw with balsamic vinegrette (homeade) (mostly balsam...garlic, onion powder, black pepper, lemon pepper, a little salt, and then put on high in blender, and then drizzle in EVOO until it thickens...a couple of tables will do to mix in with greens perfectly!)
light sprinkle of feta
egg (cooked in microwave with NO butter)
Canadian Bacon
fat free cheddar cheese
Whole wheat bread
Polaner sugar free all fruit
93/7 grilled hamburger steaks with Heinz 57 and salad
canned salmon salad (the kind with no skin and bones, season
dehydtraded potates, Idahoans (about once a week)
American Saladn (ice berg with carrotts, cabage)
Crushed crackers in the salad
Light ranch dressing
sugar free ice cream sandwiches
Sugar free ice cream
Sugar free Popsicle
Coffee (lack for the most part..use Fat free creamer some time with sweet and low)
Sugar free cool aid
sugar free, fresh brewed and then iced green tea
Iced tea
(and most weeks, yogurt! Love some yogurt!)

Eating out
once a week, pita delight, pam's salad, no house dressing, just fajita dressing
Tokyo 101 bento box with veggies, chicken, and salad
Hibachi Grill, hibachi Chicken and veggies
Dock street oyster bar, steamed shrimp, broiled cajun catfish
at rotary each week I have the chef salad, no cheese with lite ranch at mcCallister's
The low fat bacon sandwich from starbucks (380 calories and 8 grms of fat)
veggie omelet at barista's on Saturday

Cheats this week?
I had veggie chips at work-3 bags...and frankly, won't do this again. they are not that bad..but they are chips..and just not worth it.
I had a peanut butter sandwich this week
an extra snack of pretzels and lite ranch
had red potatoes with my omelet on Saturday

All this to say..clearly I am eating well..but I am eating things that i just did not go before.

The most glaring differences remain that there are no fast white bread...chips..doritos, cheto's, pasta, heavy cheese (and lots of it), cakes, candy, and cookies..oh and the doughnuts..the nabs....the whole fat dressings..the fried foods.

And the biggest change this week...NO DIET COKE! Yep, I am working on getting rid of Diet Coke. I have been told by dietician to try this and it was VERY hard to try...but I am trying and I am one week in. We'll see!

Hope this helps!
You all ceratinly have made this change for me possible!
Love and thanks be to God!

I have heard that eating well is expensive. Well, it can be..but canned veggies are not. shopping just like everything else, for deals, I have found good vegetable deals. We bought into tidal creek. We buy apples and chill them in the frig from Costco. We buy greens and salad, fresh from Costco..and they are pretty cheap! It can be done.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Day 155: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness!

guess the bike ride late last night effected my brain..did not set my alarm for the first time in, oh...I can't remember when and left my phone (which has my wake up, back up, alarm on it) in my brief case)....and..well, you guessed it...I woke up this morning and said.."what time is it?" michael said "7"...I rolled over and said..."oh"...and then like in some comedy routine..sprung up like a bat out of hell.."7!!!" yep..I was late for the first time for training. I texted (is that a word now..a verb?) adam and got my butt in gear. Arrived at 7:15 and after 5 minutes on the elliptical to warm up...and a little bruised ego from Adam (hrumph! LOL!), I got in 30 solid minutes instead of the 50 I usually get...but, I showed up! :) and for that I am grateful! Just have to remember to set the daggone alarm! LOL!

Tonight, I felt a little guilty about this morning, so after dinner, I went down with Michael to the pool and got in 30 minutes of swimming. It is funny how much of a work out swimming can really be and I will have to do more before I am really doing this at a performance level. But it allayed some of my guilt..and felt good too! LOL!

New recipe alert!
I wanted to make my own rub for my grilled, i just started throwing together things I like..I have finally perfected this and I have to say I love it!
I took the chicken tenders (boneless, skinless). placed in a bowl with dill, lemon pepper, lemon juice and just a small amount of EVOO. I mixed it all together, covered and put in the frig for a few hours. then grilled them this evening. Absolutely perfect!..served with salad and made for a fabulous dinner...protien, low fat, high flavor...yum!

anyway...had a good day..hope yours was too!
Blessed be!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Day 154: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness!

Today is tuesday and it is great day. Sunday was a day off and I did a pretty good job of taking time to rest. I really am trying not to overdo my back while I am enjoying the bike riding. I have an itch to go biking almost everyday now and kind of understand the "need' runners have, even when it hurts them physically...but if I have learned anything from Adam it is that i can only keep enjoying this new life if I take care of myself. So, I, for the most part stayed at home and relaxed on Sunday.

Monday was a great training session. Adam was trying to take care on my back, but then took it up a level towards the end by adding a new thing...RUNNING! For a lot of you reading this, that may not sound like a big deal, but I have never jogged or run, and since gaining weight, I can assure you that running was not in my repertoire! :) He spent a lot of time getting me used to the tread mill, making sure I do not knock myself out getting on and off the machine (clearly we have met!). then had me on for 30 seconds at a run and then off for thirty and kept that was pretty amazing that I could not only do it, I was not hurting my knees or back while doing it either. I was RUNNING! Pretty cool stuff!

Monday evening, I wanted to bike when I got home and I was concerned about my instead, I took a dip in our pool that we have in the neighborhood. I hardly ever go there and frankly when I was on the HOA board I used to say that we should fill it with cement because it cost us so much more in insurance for our dues. Frankly I just felt uncomfortable with all of our toned neighbors out there. Well, I still do, but now i just don't care. I dove into that water and swam laps for about 45 minutes and it felt great! Adam told me that if I swam under water as much as i could, using my whole body to swim, it would give me the most exercise and use of my body similar to my sprints. So, I did that and it worked. It was another thing I can now use! :) and I finally am using an amenity we that was great too! :)

Today was good as was busy, and then I had a board meeting right after till after I had to get my cardio in. I had not charged IPOD again, so the elliptical was not in the evening plans and I took the chance that I could do the trip to the beach, the loop at the beach and back before dark..sure enough, I got all 11 miles in and watched the must amazing sunset as my gift on the way was amazing. I tried to keep my cadence right to get the right workout..but i really tried ot focus on keeping my head up and look around at the world while I was riding tonight. Adam spoke at my rotary today. It was awesome. He shared his and amy's story about the life and loss of their daughter Kayleigh, his own life, and his goals was so powerful, as is his gifts in this world to so many. Tonight when I rode, I wanted to focus not only on the gift of being able to ride, but the gift of being alive, being able to see the world around me, and to experience it with the breath in my lungs, and the feeling of love, support and friendship that surrounds me each and every day. It was wonderful. I was riding tonight with Windell, Kayleigh, my Grandmother's, so many whose hearts would not I said...awesome....
thanks be.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Day 151: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness!

got going on Friday without much problem...actually woke up kind a early. I am not sure I saw the pillow before i fell asleep after that bike ride! :) I was extra aware of my back on Friday morning and it was pretty good. Just a little tight. Adam wanted me to make sure I stretched and kept the focus on stretching if I am going to bike that distance and when I got in on friday morning, I did the full 15 on the elliptical and while I felt some tightness, i was pretty good to go. Adam had me train as usual, but he was a little more gentle on things that impacted my back. So, I did not get "the chair"!

I went to work and had a great day! I have to admit that my eating was a little out of wack on friday. My director had said when I bought these veggie chips for the students that I would have a tough time staying away from them. I said, "oh, don't want them"...well, I wanted them! and I have to figure out a way to NOT want them! :) Even though they are lower in fat, I just don't need that mess!
We went to Airlie gardens for a concert and while I did not dance this time, I just had a great time! Fresh Market has a salad bar now and I was able to take a salad out there and enjoy that for dinner. But after the concert we were still hungry and decided that we would go and have a salad again and so, I had a more than usual and felt very full! I don't feel guilty for that or anything...but it just is not my regular and by talking about it, somehow makes me feel better so it does not get away from me. See, I am feeling better and  a little more normal...but I have 50 or more pounds to go...and more than that in terms of toning and getting my body in order..I don't want to loose my focus. that does not mean that I can't have a treat (Like tonight....we had fish at Bonefish grill and I had talapia rockefeller that was to DIE for) just means that I have to watch for me doing stuff that leads me into bad behaviors..also, this week, we were doing orientation and I have a new responsibility at work and I am very concerned about end of the year budget stress eating...well, you can imagine having to watch for that! now that I say that...that is exactly where the veggie chips came was like filling up against anxiety. well, there are better ways! :)

today is saturday and I did the wrightsville beach run again! I stopped into Bike Cycles on the way. they are the best bike store I have ever been involved with. I went in for a holder for a water bottle. After they installed it, they noticed something being sluggish and wanted to check it out. After getting it on the rack, they found a spoke had broken. They fixed it and did a full range of fixes, oiled my gears and stuff and all they charged me was 15$! they totally rock! I love that place.
I got on my bike..went to the beach..did the loop and then on the way back toured the summer's rest trail. Now, if this changed had not happened, I would have never done this. It was stunningly beautiful through there and i loved every minute! what a great get away! You HAVE to do it! and often!
then I biked back home.
Michael and I went to dinner and I got some Epsom salts for bath soak to take extra care of my back...and I feel like I will be ok..but better safe than sorry! :)
love it!

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Day 149: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness!

was a little sluggish getting going this morning...but got going and got to work. I am always wound tight the first orientation session for students. I love my job and the first impression that they get after they have been accepted is our orientation session..and today was the begining for this year. It is very exciting...a new group..all that promise..and the hope they will succeed and flourish as much as so many of the ones that have come through so far. the older I get the more precious I see how this opportunity really is for these students...and, well, all we can do is give them the best is up to them from there...
that all said, I was wound back was hurting a little from all the bike riding...but it was a great day things went well. I was ready for my work out when work was over and when I got home I realized i had not charged my ipod...well, that is not a deal breaker, but the idea of having to be on the elliptical without music was not something I was looking forward, as I got on my bike and headed over to the gym, I decided to take some advice from Adam and change things up a little. I passed the entrance to Mayfaire for the gym and headed to the beach...I had it in mind that i was going to go to wrightsville and back and figured that would give me a full hour on the road..and I have figured out my pace from riding the bike at the gym that will keep my heart rate at burn I figured I could do this. I know I was at about 80 rpm or a little higher and kept the gears at 5 and 3...and moved on....It was wonderful! I headed over the bridge..and then instead of just going to the beach, I decided to go around the loop and then go back! The air was wonderful and despite some afternoon traffic folks who were less than was perfection.
I fatiqued and it burned in my thighs a little and I had to concentrate to make sure that kept my back straight so that I would not tighten up to much...but other than that, it was great!
I think I will do this again! :) (well, we will see tomorrow how sore or not sore I am! LOL!)
well....a new adventure down! and so awesome!
see you all, I pray, for a new one tomorrow!
thanks be!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Day 148: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness!

got up and early this morning and went to the gym. Adam is back and it was good to check to be up to speed even after a few days of not being in training together.  I have been able to do the things he is showing me. Although, the other side was that of course with him there, the 20 lb and  25lb weights that I was using turned into 35lb weights today! LOL! but the cool thing was that i was able to do what he asked and this time I did not snap at him! So, little by little I am working up to new levels.

We had a long conversation during the sets, though, about my obsession with the skin on my body that is not snapping back into place. Now, before I go too much further, let me just say, that i have, as long as I can remember, always just LOVED to get in my own way (if you have not read Jude the Obscure, it is totally my favorite book!). As soon as I started to make  progress, become successful, do some really good things, just step right in a big pile of doo and do something to sabatoge that success. Over the years, I have learned how to identify some of that self sabatoge and, ignore it, work through it, fight it back to hell, identify the source of why it is there...etc by hearing myself focus on the negative when there are some Very positive things going on or not being grateful or being focused on things that are just not normal for me.

So, when I started to obessess about my skin not snapping back and how, well, let's see...maybe I was better off heavier...ding ding ding ding ding!! that was a little sign that maybe I was trying to trip myself up! That and ignore the amazing progress that I have made and not focus on the progress that I am still making! :)  So, by talking about it at home and then talking about it today at the gym, I got reinforcement and reminders that...well, you all know...changes are happening and will continue to happen...and it has ONLY been 6 months since all this happened and there is, one day at a time, a ways to go..and if, God willing, I have a day at a time, when I reach my goals, I can live this amazing feeling that I am having with this new energy and good feeling overall! So DUH bo! LOL! and after a year of all this, if my skin is not as a tight as a trampoline, I am going to Dr. Ken White and he can sew me up...cause at least i will know that I won't be wasting money for a little nip and tuck as It won't just come back because i have truly changed!

So, it off my chest with you all too and I hope it makes sense. I know that if it is happening with me, it has to be happening with others. I have to remember, PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION and ONE DAY AT A TIME because one thing I am not is unique in these experiences. I am just grateful to be able to share them and know the support and, like with today when I got a call from a friend embarking on this journey, know there are lots of folks out there on this journey with me!

Now, my back is a little hinky and I am being careful right now...I may have overdone the bike or the elliptical. I also have to stretch more after my rides and my cardio. That is absolutely necessary as Adam says to allow my muscles to grow and develop and i don't want to hurt myself either.

Well, that is enough for today!
I am grateful and hope for another day like this one!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Day 148: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey withy s Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness!

well, back to work today and it was a good day! the worst part of today was that I did not do laundry and so I had old clothes to wear and spent most of the day making sure my pants did not fall down! LOL!
Outside of that, it was a good and productive day...but I will get back to that.

I slept through Church on Sunday and really needed to just relax...i had been pretty wide open, even on this "holiday weekend". It felt good to sleep till 11:15. I have not done that in a long time. I got up, made breakfast and then, well, i have to admit I got busy. Packing up the house for the transformation is proving to be therapuetic as well as cleansing. The more I put away, the more it was like seeing what we might change/get rid was nice. But it was intense. Just in the downstairs bookcases, there are ten cartons of books...and so, it was a lot of hauling. Taking everything upstairs, moving things around and making the changes was a work out in and of itself. Michael got home and we worked togheter a little and then settled in our new "den" upstairs for UP the movie. What a beautiful movie. One of the best I have seen..ever. It was so wonderful and a perfect ending to the day!
Monday, being memorial day, we had off and we got up and went downtown to have breakfast..and then decided to be a tourist in our own town..we went on the trolley ride around Historic downtown (which we have never done). it was awesome. We walked around before and took time to go into "Kid's Making it", a non-profit that helps kids learn wood working and other skills..what magnificent work and things come out of this place. Such a truly inspired place! We had a wonderful day walking and talking and sharing and then decided to go for a bike ride. We had gone a good distance when Michael said I could go by 02 and do my work-out while he went shopping. :) I smile, because I was thinking about skipping working out since it as a holiday. fate had another idea! :) But it was the right things to do and was great because the gym was closing at 5 due to the holiday and it was 4:15. I got in a good work out...even three sets of squats! :) and then Michael and I biked back home together! It was a perfect day!

Today, I worked and then after, biked over and did my elliptical. I have been having problems at level 14 with the I tried level 13..and sure enough, I got up to 22 minutes worth of sprints before I finished at level 11. It was I am off to sleep for another day!

Thanks be!