Friday, November 27, 2015

2016 thanksgiving tradition continues

Annual Thanksgiving Tradition: Year 16: 1600 things, events, feelings I am grateful for this year....
16 Years ago I started a list because a lot of folks I encountered were having a hard time or shared that they did not see a lot they could be grateful for in this area.
I had learned about writing gratitude lists to generate for myself the good around me and keep gratitude first in my heart and mind. So, I sent out a “gratitude” list of 100 things I was grateful for in Wilmington that year.
It was met with great success as it spurred on others to think about things they could be grateful for and draw attention to the positive and create perspective that might not always be in focus.
I decided, and have kept up, that each year I would do the list but make it equivalent to the number of years I had been doing it!
This year I am at 1600, and I am so glad to be able to have this exercise.
I include groups, things, organizations, service, and places.
Names are only used in reference to gifts..don't go looking for your name! LOL! :)
I GENERATE A NEW LIST EACH YEAR.  This is stream of consciousness and I try and write it at once, over several hours. I had to do it this year over three days, so it is not as smooth, but it was a wonderful and meaningful journey.
Regardless of what my circumstances might be, regardless of what events may occur in my life, it is a tradition I will continue, because, I/we am/are blessed and it is worth remembering, offering thanksgiving, and sharing with each other!
 I hope it will spark a list of your own and feel free to steal mine!
 I am grateful for:
1.)  My higher power, whom I know as God, who sustains, directs, and loves me.
2.)  For the breath of life
3.)  For 26 years and counting, one day at a time
4.)  For entering our 20th year of marriage to the most amazing human being I could have ever been blessed with and the unbelievable revelations of love and understanding of self, togetherness,  and commitment that this has brought.
5.) for being LEGALLY married in the state of North Carolina, my home state, my family’s state of nearly 400 years, and a place I love and serve with all my heart.
6.       For my family of birth and the strengthening of our bonds
7.       For watching my niece have her first home t
8.       For spending time with my great nephews and their new goats at their place
9.       For watching my other niece grow as a business woman and amazing mother
10.   For playing ball with my great nephews at my sisters at Christmas
11.   For sharing time with my aunt nell this year
12.   For connecting with family on facebook
13.   For being able to work on pictures and scan them to share with others so we all have the memories
14.   For the wall of portraits I am stewarding that I pass every morning from my shower where I can be wished off for my days by those who are no longer with me and those who loved and cared for me for so loing
15.   For gift of understanding these connections before they all passed
16.   For the gift of love that transcends all other
17.   For the gift of the certainly that I will see them somehow again
18.   For the gift that they are with me each and everyday
19.   For the gift of prayer that was shown to me not as a communication, but as a listening
20.   For the gift of inventory to do a check
21.   For the gift of looking at my motives
22.   For the gift of seeing where unresolved issues dwell
23.   For the gift of a spiritual life modeled for me
24.   For the gift of values and morals modeled for me by powers of example
25.   For the voice of conscience deeply rooted in me
26.   For the life of my dearly departed Uncle Marshall
27.   For the loving tribute paid to Marshall by so many on his passing this year.
28.   For our beloved gift Jax and his unconditional love that he brings into our life every day.
29.   For being able to walk Jax and enjoy seeing him bounce down the street
30.   For the eye surgeons at VCA Wrightsville Beach Animal Hospital
31.   For the endless grunts of joy with ear rubs with Jax
32.   For the joy of seeing jax play with all at the Miracle Field and run free out there
33.   For watching the joy of jax with Michael and how they give each other such love and life
34.   For all my spiritual family who help me see God Daily through their actions, words, and mostly their love
35.   For my spiritual mentor who gives me time, patience and love to help me continue on this journey
36.   For LS fellowship
37.   For the connection with those that see that gratitude is an action..a verb
38.   For the connection with those who believe and understand progress not perfection
39.   For the connection with those who are open to our differences and embrace our humanity and see our common connection as human beings with love and openness of heart
40.   For the connection with those who do not take credit and see the workings of a higher power in each of us
41.   For the connection with those who see that it is what we do that is important, not what we have or accumulate.
42.   For the connection with those who are open to extending themselves to the risk of hurt
43.   For the connection with this who are open to extending themselves to the risk of being loved
44.   For the connection with those who are vulnerable
45.   For the connection with those who trust they can be strong
46.   For the connection with those who see that loyalty and integrity manner
47.   For the connection with those who are forgiving as we are all human
48.   For the connection with those are not absolutist
49.   For being in a growth mindset
50.   For helping others to see a way to a growth mindset
51.   For the most amazing supportive friends ever
52.   For the connections with friends old that we keep in touch for 20, 30 and 40 years over facebook and other means
53.   For the connections and times with friends now in the present
54.   For the ability to have friends
55.   For the ability to be loyal and loving
56.   For the loyalty and love I have from others
57.   For the power of sharing our grief and healing in times of trial
58.   For the power of sharing our joy and growing
59.   For the amazing ways God is revealed in each person in my life
60.   For the ability to discern more
61.   For new friends this year who have shown me so much about loyalty, honor, service and respect.
62.   For knowing more about humility
63.   For the powers of example who help me be a better man
64.   For the truth tellers who will share with me what they feel
65.   For those who care enough to tell me when I am not on the right path
66.   For those I witness who give, expect nothing, and share, and don’t hoard and dwell in excess
67.   For the gifts of beautiful actions I see every day from so many I care for an about.
68.   For a roof over our heads
69.    For our home and staying put when I felt so challenged to have something different
70.   For our back yard and the little garden
71.   For the tree from mother’s yard in Raleigh which gives such blooms every year
72.   For the connection across the fence to the best neighbor one could ask for
73.   For watching jax try to dig through to the next yard to play with his pal!
74.   For the birds who visit our yard throughout the year
75.   for the magnolia blossoms that are so fragrant and abundant
76.   for the sound of the wind chimes mother and Harold gave us on any given day
77.   for the sound of the buoy chimes we got in the out banks years ago that echo in heavy winds
78.   for being able to sit in our den and just be silent
79.   for sitting with each other..and just being in our home
80.   for the giant skylight and the look to the heavens as the best view in town
81.   for the pieces of history that have now come to our home that remind me of times past, but build for times moving forward
82.   for space to create, draw, color, write, and paint in our home
83.   for the little gym in our garage
84.   for all the meals we have
85.   for food we are able to enjoy, but never take for granted
86.   for air condition when it’s hot
87.   for heat when its cold
88.   for a dry home, no leaks when it rains and storms
89.   for flooring that is solid beneath our feet
90.   for electricity that is constant
91.   for internet and connectivity
92.   for clean drinking water
93.   for having laundry in our home
94.   for having shower and bath in our home
95.   for having a refrigerator to keep food
96.   for a stove and appliances to cook
97.   for music, entertainment and other means of diversion in our home
98.   for books! Lots and lots of Books in our home! (and I mean lots)
99.   for art to enjoy
100.           for the portraits of family gone from this world and the reminders of their presence
101.           for a place to pray
102.           for spiritual connections through scripture and writings
103.           for spiritual connections through memories of things from along the journey
104.           for pictures and albums to enjoy the moments along the way
105.           for the Business Acumen and integrity of Bennie Sheally insurance
106.           for a home base to have peace in order to be ready for the world
107.           for clothes to wear
108.           for shoes to walk in
109.           for shores to run in
110.           for sheets and blankets and pillows
111.           for a bed to sleep in! Oh yes, a bed! J
112.           for cups, plates, silverware, and household goods
113.           for what makes the house, our home: so much love.
114.           For the tree out front we have protected and cared for and welcomes us home everyday
115.           For our neighborhood
116.           For being able to walk without fear in our neighborhood
117.           For the dog stations
118.           For the extended neighbors
119.           For the turtles in the community pond
120.           For the lone tree on the retention pond that reminds me of the giving tree
121.           For the leadership of our HOA who do their best
122.           For our security enforcement officers
123.           For Mr. Earl and Earl’s towing (yes, they are amazing and help to keep our neighborhood safe and keep it so that emergency responders can get to our homes, etc etc etc)
124.           For the amazing handywork and support from Jimmy Rexelroad
125.           For the painting company and professionalism of TJ Dreschel. Best in town
126.           For fresh paint on our walls and color to embrace us
127.           For the jets in my tub to soothe weariness
128.           For Community Solutions Southeast, best management company around!
129.           For a new roof and skylight this year
130.           For 17 years in the same home! OMG (longest I have ever lived in the same house)
131.           For being so close to the beach
132.           For being so close to downtown
133.           For being so close to work
134.           For access to healthy food and choices for healthy and nutritious food.
135.            For being so close to church
136.           For Church of the Servant Episcopal
137.           For the ministry of Very Reverend Catherine Powell
138.           For the labyrinth in Church of the Servant
139.           For the outreach and ministries of the Church of the Servant.
140.           For still getting tidelines regardless of our attendance
141.           For the rowan lecompte window in Church of the Servant
142.           For the Rowan lecompte “Cartoon” in Church of the servant
143.           For the Lobster fest at Church of the Servant
144.           For the Bargain box of Wilmington
145.           For all the grants to partners made from the monies of the bargain box
146.           For all the free clothing to those in need
147.           For the suitcases made for those who enter foster care with basics and something to love.
148.           For the gardens surrounding the parish
149.           For Christmas service
150.           For the great Easter Vigil
151.           For the extraordinary and soothing choir
152.           For the sound of that organ filling the air
153.           For being the spot of homecoming for Mama Weller
154.           For LS Fellowship
155.           For understanding more about the Kelly House
156.           For the services to women and children through a better life through the Kelly house
157.           For the alcohol free talent show and fundraiser for the Kelly house
158.           For the committee for the fundraiser for the Kelly house
159.           For the innocence of those who have never done an event who just believed in making a difference and doing good in the world
160.           For the coincidences that never are
161.           For the amazing talents of the performers for the first Cape Fear’s Got Talent
162.           For the laughter of the comedic gifts of Blaire Postman
163.           For the music of all the talent that came to sing, perform, and be a part
164.           For the musical talents of mason peacock
165.           For the musical talents of susan savia
166.           For the musical talents of the Midatlantic
167.           For the musical talents of L-Shaped Lot
168.           For the musical talent of Jason Andre
169.           For the musical talent of Randy McQuay
170.           For the musical talent of Laura McLean
171.           For the musical talent of Eric Miller
172.           For the musical talent of broccoli brothers
173.           For the musical talent of the Wilmington Symphony orchestra
174.           For the musical leadership of Patrick Harris
175.           For the musical Leadership of Reid Wallace
176.           For the musical leadership and prowess of Steve Errante
177.           For the musical talent of Wilmington Celebration Choir
178.           For the musical Talent of Joey Gore
179.           For the musical talent of Steve
180.           For the Musical Talent of Will Maxwell
181.           For the musical talent of Alan Upham
182.           For the musical talent of Ben Sciance
183.           For the musical talent of Chasity Scott
184.           For the musical talent of Grenaldo Frazier
185.           For the airlie concerts series
186.           For the Wilmington peace Day celebration in Hugh McRae
187.           For the Cape Fear Grandmother’s for Peace
188.           for the drumming circle at the Wilmington Peace Day Celebration
189.           for the gift of radio from Sandra McClammy
190.           for the gift of radio from Brandon Hickman
191.           for the gift of working with Brandon, Sandra and Frances at this year’s Heart walk
192.           for the gift of TV news of Jon Evans
193.           for the gift of TV news of Frances Weller
194.           for the gift of community service and use of heart and soul and celebrity to make the community a better place of Frances weller
195.           Weller wheels
196.           Frans Fans
197.           For the gift of serving events and sharing the voice and talent for hosting of Randy Aldridge
198.           For Randy Aldridge in the morning doing such a great community job!
199.           For the gift of serving events and sharing the voice and talent for hosting of Jon Evans
200.           For the gift of radio of Foz
201.           For the gift of service to the community and creating good in the morning and all day of Foz
202.           For the gift of radio of Laura
203.           For the gift of being an activist and using the radio to serve a better purpose of Sheila Brothers
204.           For the gift of being an advocate with radio for the community of Jackie Jordan
205.           For Port City Daily
206.           For the music of WHQR’s 96.7
207.           For the music at Christmas of WGNI
208.           For the music on Sunday mornings on 97.3
209.           For Teen Summit from Sandra and Big B
210.           For the Rip the Runway and the honor of being involved
211.           For the Lillie Ann Heggens Scholarship
212.           For the example of service, commitment and care of B and Suprena
213.           For example of service and commitment and care of Sandra
214.           For The leadership and care of Shea Carver and Encore Magazine
215.           For the Encore Awards
216.           For Encore Restaurant Week
217.           for Wilmington Biz Journal Daily emails
218.           for the Biz Journal Expo
219.           for the Biz Journal’s Health Care Heros
220.           for Avril Pinder winning a Wilma Award
221.           for the Star News
222.           for still having a local newspaper
223.           for SALT magazine (so beautiful!)
224.           for the Star News Conscience Fair
225.           all the non profits in the area who do so much!
226.           Good Friends
227.           Good Friends luncheon at Christmas
228.           Playing santa every year at the Good Friends luncheon
229.           Witnessing over 700 women coming together to help the community and work with Social Services to fill in gaps in services through Good  Friends
230.           The simple brown bag lunch at the good friends luncheon
231.           The testimonies of helping others at Good friends
232.           the empowerment of women at Goof Friends
233.           the non-profit leadership of Joy Grady at Wilmington Health Access for Teens
234.           Wilmington Health Access for Teens 20th Birthday party
235.           Being honored to host the 20th anniversary event
236.           The amazing partners speaking at the 20th anniversary
237.           For the non-profit leadership of Joy Grady
238.           For the fundraising and marketing prowess of Mary Martin
239.           For the fundraising ethics, prowess and mission driven worth of Ashley Miller
240.           For the fundraising ethics, prowess and mission driven worth of Eddie Stuart
241.           For the fundraising ethics, prowess and mission driven worth of Kitty Yerkes
242.           For the fundraising ethics, prowess and mission driven worth of Jennifer Bell
243.           For the fundraising ethics, prowess and mission driven worth of Amy Feath
244.           For the fundraising ethics, prowess and mission driven worth of Joy Wade
245.           For the fundraising ethics, prowess and mission driven worth of Leslie Owens
246.           For the fundraising ethics, prowess and mission driven worth of Kevin Thompson
247.           For the fundraising ethics, prowess and mission driven worth of Janine Powell
248.           For the fundraising ethics, prowess and mission driven worth of Mebane Boyd
249.           For the Non profit leadership of Margaret Stargell
250.           For the Rape Crisis Center
251.           For the Open House Youth Shelter 
252.           For the methadone dispensing from Coastal Horizons and the hope in the face of the impact of opioid addiction and heroin epidemic in our region
253.           For the substance abuse treatment at Coastal Horizons
254.           For the non profit leadership of Joy Grady
255.           For the non profit non profit leadership of Steve Spain
256.           For Habitat for Humanity
257.           For the homes created through Habitat for humanity
258.           For the sweat equity and investment for persons of all abilities to have homes for life long subsistence and performance through Habitat
259.           For the Turkey Trot at Wrightsville beach on Thanksgiving for Habitat
260.           For the Golden Hammer breakfast for Habitat
261.           For the guiding morals, values and convictions of Habitat and the dignity and worth of all persons in having homeownership
262.           In providing the guidance to be good homeowners and stewards of homes through habitat.
263.           For the restores and the means to continually produce means to operate habitat while recycling and providing others with good homegoods
264.           For the designer showcase with the REStores and showing how to take something old and make it fabulous and reuse it in a new and wonderful ways
265.           For all volunteers who give time to make a home for others
266.           For all volunteers who work the shops and events to make it possible to provide for those in need.
267.           For the non profit prowess, acumen and leadership of Jennifer Bell
268.           For Access of Wilmington the Miracle League
269.           For emma’s hugs with that squeal
270.           For playing “Happy” for craig
271.           For being able to year after year to do the polar plunge with Craig and Tammy
272.           for the pumping up of the crowd of Evan Cokes
273.           for the gift that Erin shared for me
274.           for the sisters, Bozart and Bannon making it happen week after week
275.           for the looks on their parents faces of such joy and love
276.           for the tears of joy that are shed EVERY single time we play
277.           for ally husser getting down to YMCA
278.           for john paits pure, loving enthusiasm
279.           for every player’s ability
280.           for the rubber on the field
281.           for the brax employees statue to welcome all to the field
282.           for the alpha mortgage/seacoast realty announcer’s booth
283.           for the intracoastal realty communication board
284.           for the trot and Kathryn Nixon outfield
285.           for the solar farm
286.           For the board of Access of Wilmington
287.           For the fiscal conservatism and program driven expensing of the board of Access
288.           For the ongoing partnership of Access/Miracle League and the City of Wilmington and New Hanover County in Olson Park
289.           For Olson Park
290.           For the new marker dedicated to Peggy Olson and all she has done and continues to do
291.           For Peggy Olson period
292.           For the life and legacy of Coach Joe Miller
293.           For the new marker dedicated to Coach Miller and all he stood for for many generations to come to learn and grow from
294.           For the Gregory memorial American Flag named for Mr. Gregory, WWII Veteran that we salute every game with the national anthem.
295.           For the McKenzie Picnic shelter which has housed many a meal, sheltered programs, helped to celebrate birthdays and is named for a man who was NHC and played in the minor league team in NHC and his daughter now makes his name one of pride for his continued legacy.
296.           For the Roya and Henry Weyerhaeuser Dugout and the many many players who play from it eveyry game and take the field with such a sense of joy and pride and glee and do so with ease because of what Roya and Henry invested in.
297.           For the NEW Campagna Family Dugout. Dedicated to the amazing Rocky Campagna and his entire family who have literally been the saints of the field and coveted it with love, dedication, growth and sustenance.
298.           For the Nixon Family and trot coming out to the field and he and Kathryn and the boys hanging out and always supporting every season
299.           For Brax Cups
300.           For The leadership and continued support of the Hexter Family
301.           For the leadership and continued support of the entire Brax Company
302.           For the leadership and support , and legacy of Coach Sheila Boles
303.           For the leadership, support, love and legacy of the UNCW Men’s Baseball team
304.           For UNCW Baseball being buddies with the players every game they can
305.           For UNCW Softball being buddies with the players every game they can
306.           For the SeaBells of UNCW being the voice of our league and singing the national anthem everygame with such beauty!
307.           For the joy of being able to announce the games
308.           For the joy of witnessing the parents, guardians and relatives see their players have joy and fun and play while sitting and cheering them on
309.           For listening with our players who hear the beeper ball and the joy of the hit and swing when the ball connects to the bat
310.           For the players who run the bases, all of them, because running, being able to just be out side and free to do so is so amazing
311.           For the players who slide across the rubber into home and feel the excitement of being a player
312.           For the buddies who assist and make sure all goes well for everyone
313.           For all the laughter of the players every minute of everygame
314.           For all the clapping for every hit
315.           For all the clapping and joy for every return to home
316.           For all the encouragement and patience for each player to succeed
317.           For Dude and the other assistance Dogs who work with the players
318.           For the UNCW Recreational Therapy students
319.           For the Watson College of Education Students
320.           For the other UNCW Student volunteers and buddies
321.           For volunteers who play HOMER
322.           For the dancing on the field and the happiness
323.           For Truck 17 coming out to the field on Saturdays
324.           For Shift C of the NHC Fire Department and volunteering to be buddies this year
325.           For Eddie Biddenbach and the golf tournament
326.           For Eddie Biddenbach visting out field
327.           For J Michael philly Deli sponsoring a team
328.           For Osprey Global Solutions sponsoring a team
329.           For Exception Educators sponsoring a team
330.           For NHRMC Rehabilitation Hospital sponsoring a team
331.           For the Landfall Country Club Staff sponsoring a team
332.           For donations of food from Chipotle
333.           For donations of food from Uncle Louie’s
334.           For Donations of Cookies for everyone from Sally Price at Goodness Gracie’s Cookies
335.           For Cape Fear Memorial Foundation
336.           For the PPD Field
337.           For the moment when you see a player who could not swing with a tee, move to hitting a pitch and feeling that movement and joy
338.           For the Softball Skills Camp
339.           For the GAMES grant and access to the field for exercise and growth
340.           For the access to the field for Schools throughout the area
341.           For the  field sign from Exceptional educators
342.           For the field Sign from Parkway Volvo
343.           For the field sign from Mega Corp
344.           For Tammy Pruden’s Birthday Party for the Miracle League with the Imitations
345.           For the Cam Art Day at the field with the Broccoli Brothers
346.           For the Movie Night at the field under the stars with the families
347.           For the “I am beautiful fashion Show”
348.           For the amazing Miracle Makers Luncheon
349.           For the leadership of George Rountree for the Miracle Makers Luncheon
350.           For all my friends who filled three tables for the Miracle Makers luncheon
351.           For the videos at the Miracles Makers Luncheon from Chad Porter
352.           For the videos at the Miracles Makers luncheon from Emma Grace Wright
353.           For Pine Valley United Methodist Church hosting our Miracle Makers Luncheon
354.           For the UNCW Communications Studies Students marketing campaign for the Miracle League
355.           For the Kiwanis Miracle playground
356.           For the Miracle League, access, being able to burn our loan note!!!!!!!!!
357.           For spending the day with Lucas on the playground
358.           For the Morrison/Johnson family room at the miracle league park
359.           For kickball games before the games with everyone
360.           For the coaches
361.           For services of Sarah Harris during her tenure for the Miracle League
362.           For the pitching service of Taylor Shuler during his tenure at UNCW with the Miracle League
363.           For Taylor Graduating
364.           For those who gave for the health and well being of Kyle in money, time, care, meals, amazing demonstrations of love for a youth in our midst
365.           For the blessings of Dr. Schreiber and his oncology team
366.           For the blessings of fundraising with Quintiles ½ Marathon and all those who gave and made it possible to raise money to help.
367.           For the gift of those who care enough to make a difference for students at UNCW (always remembering the interim chancellor and barb Biehner)
368.           For Kyle being Cancer free
369.           For Kyle’s new hair! J
370.           For Kyle and Sarah graduating and moving to Mexico
371.           for witnessing the bravery and love of a young couple going through such an extraordinary time and being so powerful through it!
372.           the most wonderful work in the world
373.           for having a job that helps me grow and learn and stretch
374.           for having employment period f
375.           for being empowered in my work and in my growth
376.           for being able to create emplowerment for others
377.           to work in a team where we have each other’s backs and care deeply for each other
378.           to work in an organization that is not perfect, but cares deeply about public service and who we serve
379.           to witness on a daily basis the deep and abiding concern and delivery of service to individuals no matter who they are or where they come from or what their background is
380.           to withness on a daily basis the desire to do the right thing
381.           to be a part of the process on a daily basis to find means to deliver services in a way that meets needs and creates better outcomes
382.           to be a part on a daily basis of encountering what makes us a better place
383.           to be a part of something that will outlast me and does not need me but allows me to be a part and a contributing part
384.           for me to feel like I have value
385.           for me to have feedback that is positive
386.           for me to be able to recogntize others and teach recognition and means to do so
387.           for the ability to find partnerships and ways to engage the world to move us forward and build capacity
388.           for me to have the privilege to getting to know the best of service and those who see the worst an find ways to support them and see to their success
389.           for me to experience being  with Fire Services
390.           for me to have an experience being on shift in Station 17
391.           for me to see that you never sleep in 24 hours
392.           for me to see the family, the loyalty, the bond, and the WORK
393.           for me to see the first call, the first in all. The detail and the amount of heart, soul and wisdom it takes to be that, always strength of character first, last of all strength of body
394.           for being called brother
395.           for understanding more to do more
396.           for me to be on shift at 911
397.           for me hearing the voice of calm as someone reaches out crying for help
398.           for seeing the multiple ways and needs that a telecommunicator I shaving to respond while ensuring that the person on the phone is ok and taken care of.
399.           For seeing the always that strength of character is first, last of all, strength of body.
400.           for every department we have the honor of working with
401.           for Crucial Conversations and Crucial Accountability
402.           for leadership that wants everyone to succeed
403.           for leadership that empowers that success
404.           for a library system that engages veterans with services
405.           for a library system that educates those in need on the affordable care act
406.           for a library system that provides many with their only access to the internet
407.           for a library system that connects and excites our youth to reading, literacy and the power of learning
408.           for a library system that houses a place for engagement in our shared past and where we are going in the future
409.           for our friends of the library board that help offset our costs for the library
410.           for the library book sale which lights up my husbands face every time
411.           for the librarians and all the things they do way beyond the working with books to navigating and negotiating dangerous encounters with the public and sheltering the homeless.
412.           For the libraries’ access for us to e-books and online learning
413.           For our parks and gardens
414.           For the NHC Arboretum
415.           For the new memorial gardens at the arboretum
416.           For the encounter with the military veterans when the memorial was being installed and the emotion they felt over the garden
417.           For the vision of Al Hight and all he does for the community and for the world of gardening and cooperative extension to make our world better
418.           For the amazing programs of the ability garden at the NHC Arboretum
419.           For the FOA at the NHC arboretum
420.           For the wedding lawn at the NHC arboretum
421.           For the japenese tea house at the arboretum and the peace and tranquility of that garden
422.           For the dragon sculpture by dumay at the garden
423.           For the water lilies in the fountain
424.           For the second annual employee appreciation event at the arboretum
425.           For buffalo wild wings and their generosity
426.           For the family photos on the foot bridge
427.           For the staff at the arboretum
428.           For the league of volunteers at the arboretum
429.           For the arboretum plant sale
430.           For the art in the arboretum
431.           For Airlie Gardens
432.           For Airlie’s exhibition this year of Dumay Gorham’s works
433.           For the owl in the tree
434.           For the owl inspiring our 20th anniversary gift
435.           For the giant hummingbirds
436.           For the walks in the Spring and the renewal among the Tulips in the Spring Garden
437.           For the walks in the concerts out on the pier listening to the music reverberate on the creek
438.           For the excitement of the violin when the “devil went down to Georgia” when the midatlantic played”
439.           For being able to spend time in the park with my husband and my mother in law and just relax
440.           For the butterfly house
441.           For Christmas always starting because of Enchanted airlie
442.           For the Minnie Evans Bottle House lit up at Enchanted airlie
443.           For the egrets in the oaks on the pond
444.           For getting to know the staff for all parks better with training specific for them
445.           For all the work that is done to make Hugh McRae accessible
446.           For the grant that has been won through Trillium to make the playground accessible at HM
447.           For the F3 group partnering to bring in the pull up bars in the park
448.           For the F3 group meeting in the park in the mornings
449.           For the faith of the F3 group and encouragement of each member
450.           For the amazing opportunity to learn through ATD
451.           For the trip the ATD conference
452.           For meeting the authors of “Fish”
453.           For meeting Bob Pike and new ways to train
454.           For seeing new ways to engage and grow
455.           For being able to go to the advanced graphic facilitation training in San Francisco
456.           For flying and being able to enjoy the flight (because of the company)
457.           For surviving four 50 foot drops on the way back! And being able to laugh about it!
458.           For the spiritual connection made in the workshop to those engaging in the facilitation practice
459.           For the walks on presidio and processing it all there
460.           For seeing beach blanket bingo with Beth!
461.           For seeing a process to walk folks through to find out their way for themselves and being that guide!
462.           For implementing that with a group and seeing it happen when I got back and being a part of that process!
463.           For walking into that training feeling not worthy and walking about feeling like I belonged and empowered and ready to change to world
464.           For being able to visit Lucas Studios
465.           For hanging out at the yoda fountain! J
466.           For taking breaks at the palace of fine arts
467.           Seeing ways to make a difference without injecting my own will on the world and tapping into something bigger and better
468.           For the SWAIN Center for professional Development
469.           For being on the SWAIN center advisory board
470.           For the acumen of Diane Badash and the leadership of Tom Porter at SWAIN
471.           For the first ever Public Service Professional Development Academy through SWAIN for NHC!
472.           For the first co-hort successfully deployed for the PDS
473.           For the faculty at UNCW who have joined in to teach for the academy
474.           For the kick off luncheon and engagement session for the Academy
475.           For the guidance and enthusiasm of my director and fierce supporter in all this.
476.           For the NHC project management academy
477.           For the acumen and expertise on Project management from Dr. Drew Rosen
478.           For the NCH Supervisor Impact Training
479.           For the New Skillsoft site
480.           For the new interweb site for all training
481.           For all the Reach for the Stars Program reaching a year and over 6000 recognitions!
482.           For the first Reach for the Stars Banquet at Cape Fear
483.           For Chad Porter being our speaker for the Reach for the Stars Banquet
484.           For gift of partnering with CFCC for the Daniels Hall for this event
485.           For the delightful catering from Pine Valley Market!
486.           The Sheriff’s Explorers coming to volunteer for the event
487.           Students from the Community Justice Program coming to volunteer for the event
488.           The amazing NHC Recognition committee
489.           The NHC Fire Services Honor Guard presenting the colors
490.           For the most amazing trainer to work with and the acumen he brings, rick Titcomb
491.           For the most amazing friends at work ever
492.           For the fish tank in the government center
493.           For the new green roof at 320 Chestnut
494.           For the employee appreciation event at 320 Chestnut
495.           For the partnering with CFCC
496.           For the partnering with Wilmington Downtown Inc.
497.           For the Partnering with the Arts Council
498.           For the Partnering with Atlanta Bread Company
499.           For the partnering with Fleet Feet
500.           For the Partnering with Hook Line and Paddle
501.           For the partnering with Community Fitness Solutions
502.           For the programing that helps to bring wellness and fitness to the firefighters from Coach Knox and Community Fitness Solutions
503.           For the programming that helps to bring wellness and fitness to social services from Coach Knox and Community Fitness Solutions
504.           For so much of my needs and help, so grateful to my friend and all he does for me and so many, Brian Knox at Community Fitness Solutions
505.           For the willingness for staff to do training around our history of NHC called “KNOW NHC: Past Present and Future” to look at where we have been, where we are going and where we are .
506.           For the Cape Fear Musuem
507.           For the exhibit, “Reflections in Black and White”
508.           For the expert historian of Jan Davidson and curation of Barbara Rowe
509.           For the exhibits that are recognizing all of our history and shared experiences
510.           For the innovation with the space and utilization for a discovery park
511.           For the amazing teaching that occurs in the museum for all students
512.           For the museum boards and the guidance to ensure inclusion for all
513.           For the preservation of the cape fear region’s story for future generations.
514.           For the prrivledge of going the detention center and going in and behind the scenes
515.           Seeing upclose the work the officers are doing to connect on the inside the danger on the outside to make an impact on the gang issues
516.           For all the work the detention officers are doing to protect us but also to protect those inside as not all have been convicted and its complicated
517.           For the work of the sheriff’s office on patrolling the north and south of the county
518.           For the work of the SRO’s in our schools and the safety, comfort, security and sense of community they bring everyday
519.           For the work of vice and narcotics and all they are doing to eradicate
520.            the poisons that are eroding the communities around us
521.           The collaborations with the sheriff’s office to reduce recidivism and make impacts on crime prevention
522.           The sherriff’s citizen’s academy
523.           The fire academy for youth in the summer working with the sheriff’s department to make an impression and teach youth about our public safety front lines
524.           For putting me in the bucket and taking me up 50 feet! J
525.           For the leadership of the Sheriff
526.           For the leadership of the Chief of Fire Services
527.           For all who serve in harms way
528.           For the leadership of the Chiefs of police in the region, but most assuredly Ralph Evangelous
529.           For the pretrial release program
530.           For drug court and the intervention for creating whole lives
531.           For community justice services
532.           For going beyond set goals in reducing juvenile recidivism and making an impact on increasing youth getting through and maintaining success in schools
533.           For the historic agreement reached between the courts, the school system law enforcement and cooperating agencies to make an impact on getting our students out of the prison pipeline
534.           For the exemplary leadership in justice of Judge Jay  Corpening
535.           For the exemplary leadership in Justice of Judge Faison
536.           For the exemplary leadership in Justice of Kathy Stoute and all her staff
537.           for environmental services in New hanover county
538.           for our Murph and ability to generate our own income on recycling
539.           for the amazing job managing the waste in this area
540.           for Pink Trash and their service not only to our home but to charity as a whole
541.           for plan NHC and the look at creating a comprehensive plan for the next 25 eaqrs
542.           for Plan NHC and including the entire community in looking at what we need and how we need to move forward
543.           for the tax department and their re-evaluation process
544.           for the accessibility of the tax department and the service they provide
545.           to our IT department at NHC and all they do to support internally so we can servce externally
546.           for our employee health clinic
547.           for the flu shots we were given on site
548.           for the ability to go to the clinic and get services as we need
549.           for my regular physician Bart Williams
550.           for Wrightsville Family Practice
551.           for the extraordinary hours and ease that Wrightsville Family makes available
552.           for having health insurance
553.           for having life insurance
554.           for having sick days, paid
555.           for having vacation days, paid
556.           for having holidays, paid
557.           for having my own office
558.           for having a retirement plan
559.           for having access to a health and wellness program
560.           to have incentives for health and wellness and be in a supportive environment for being healthy
561.           for having rooms to train in
562.           for the gift of speech
563.           for believing in the values we share
564.           for the shared values of professionalism, integrity, innovation, stewardship, and accountibilty
565.           to feel connected to the mission and vision of the place I serve
566.           for feeling connected to public service at my very core
567.           for being connected with others who truly believe in public service at their core
568.           for the extraordinary people in property management who literally keep our lights on and keep everything running
569.           for the sunsets on the way out of work
570.           for the flags over the south entrance and the clouds behind them on any given day
571.           for the friendly woman at the coffee kiosk and sharing a story with her
572.           for the delivery of lunch from the bowling alley next door
573.           for being able to walk to Blue Surf if I want to
574.           for being next to my PCJ on Racine for coffee
575.           for being able to come home at lunch and be with Jax
576.           for being so close by work
577.           for the feeling like I belong
578.           for knowing that I am accepted and cared for
579.           for being allowed to help and be of assistance to others
580.           for seeing transformation and changes happen and success
581.           for being connected to the possible and empowered to make it happen with others
582.           for the beautiful red brick courthouse
583.           for being able to take part in the commissioners meetings and recognize service\
584.           for sharing time in that historic space where so much history has occurred.
585.           For the priviledge of being able to crawl up those ladders and that skinny flight of stairs and go up in that bell tower
586.           To embrace the view from the bell tower
587.           For being able to overcome the fear I have of heights and go up that tower and be rewarded with the views of the city and the river
588.           To be able to share that experience of that tower with others
589.           The cool feeling of walking across the ceiling of the commissioners chambers to get to the tower
590.           For the ability to think for a minute what it must have been like to be in that building 150 years ago and look out form there and across.
591.           For the health department
592.           For the extraordinary delivery of flu vaccination to the community through the department
593.           For the new clinic in the health department
594.           For the maternal and child health services
595.           For Dr. Kent Guion from UNCW’s Diversity and Inclusion office coming to the health department and doing a cultural competencies conversation
596.           For the health education from the health department
597.           For the HIV/AIDS walk held at the safety fair by the health educators this year
598.           For the advocacy and speaking at the walk by Jeff Mills
599.           For SAGE Wilmington and its founder Jeff Mills
600.           For the Univeral Case workers at Social Services
601.           For the Universal Case workers attending to clients and handling all the changes from NCFAST in such and amazing way
602.           The Social Services Training Unit
603.           The Social Services Social Workers
604.           Adoption and foster programs through the Deparment of social services and all the advocacy and work they do for all these children in need
605.           Gaurdian Ad Litem of the cape fear
606.           The volunteers for Gaurdian Ad Litem who advocate for the children
607.           The Methodist home for children
608.           The fundraising prowess, integrity and grace of Regina Richardson Hawse.
609.           The safety expo for the cape fear
610.           All the vendors who came out for the safety expo
611.           The NHC safety committee
612.           For having the safety expo at CFCC
613.           For the access for information about storm safety for all
614.           For the Emergency operations center
615.           For the emergency operatons center activation for the flooding this fall
616.           For the emergency response to edgewater club road
617.           For the firefighters at the command center who walked children to safety and home during the flood on edgewater club road
618.           For the command center being so responsive to the needs of those who were stranded and in need of assistance
619.           For the shifts of employees who served in the emergency operations center around the clock during the storm
620.           For the EOC training to prepare all of us to be on point during a storm
621.           To be a witness to those I work with receive recognition for their achievements
622.           To see the implementation of new iniatives take place and be successful
623.           To be allowed to be a part of new initiatives
624.           For the partnership with UNCW’s clay studio
625.           For the craftsmanship of Professor Aaron Wilcox
626.           For the recognition of service of employees with a piece of hand thrown, crafted pottery, specially made at UNCW
627.           For the partnership with Kids Making it
628.           For the recognition of service of employees with a pen set crafted by underserved youth who are journeyed craftsmen creating hand turned pens of cape fear river wood for these employees and their service
629.           For the efforts of Kids Making it and their ability to transform lives with skill teaching and entrepreneurship.
630.           For the new location of Kids Making it on Castle Street with expanded workship
631.           For the hippie ball for Kids Making it
632.           For the non profit leadership of Jimmy Pierce
633.           For the retention rate of students completing high school and going on to higher ed through Kids Making it
634.           For the ability to go in and shop at Kids Making it
635.           For the laser engraving for in wood at Kids Making it
636.           For the phenomenal financial stewardship of the Finance department in NHC
637.           For the leadership of our elected register of deeds Tammy Beasley
638.           For the slave records being accessible and the revelation of these records connecting families to their past and ensuring that this history is always available and understood
639.           For the work to preserve the records and make them more accessible in the register of deeds office
640.           For the program to provide veterans with discounts and resources through the ROD office
641.           For the ROD ensuring that all would be served as the law was adjusted and made marriage available to all.
642.           For the northeast library’s executive development center
643.           For the classroom space for groups to be able to train, meet and hold meetings
644.           For our congressman having an office in the government center to be accessible to constituents in the district
645.           For the city of Wilmington parks advisory board
646.           For the county parks advisory board
647.           For the boards and committees for citizens throughout the county
648.           For the employees of the Wilmington Housing Authority
649.           For the continued work on choice neighborhoods on the northside
650.           For community gardens in our communities with food desserts
651.           For the foot patrols continuing in Creekwood and other housing communities
652.           For the ABC Board of New Hanover County
653.           For the ability to train and work with the dedicated staff of the ABC Stores
654.           For the income from the sales of liquor going back into the community
655.           For the airport authority
656.           For the new leadership and vision at the airport under Julie wilsey
657.           For the development of the property and expansion of use and revenue production
658.           For the lounge at the airport
659.           For the rocking chairs at the airport and it retaining the feeling of “Wilmington”!
660.           For the leadership of our County Commissioners
661.           For the Leadership of the Wilmington City Council
662.           For the amazing leadership of our Sheriff
663.           For the leadership and direction of our DA
664.           For the maintenance of our retention ponds and standing water and keeping the mosquitos at bay
665.           For environmental services keeping us safer from diseases as a whole
666.           For the leadership of Superintendent Markley
667.           For the leadership of Special Education leader Julie Askew
668.           For our public School teachers, assistants and educators as a whole throughout the system
669.           For our school nurses
670.           For our school nurses working so closely with Wilmington Health Access for teens in our High Schools
671.           For our WHAT on site health clinics in our high schools
672.           For our WHAT main site clinic on oleander
673.           For the ability to provide primary and mental health care to our youth onsite through WHAT
674.           For UNCW
675.           For the students at UNCW who volunteer throughout the community as a whole and enrich the lives of so many
676.           For the faculty of UNCW who don’t just do research and teach, but who are actively involved in the community, giving back and making huge differences
677.           For the Baseball program at UNCW showing athletic prowess, integrity, good academic standards, good character, high standards, and living by example.
678.           For the Softball program at UNCW showing athletic prowess, integrity, good academic standards, good character, high standards, and living by example
679.           For the Men and Women’s soccer program at UNCW, showing athletic prowess, integrity, good academic standards, good character, high standards, and living by example
680.           For the track program and the track being saved, as this, among all the programs shows a group of the most diverse, highest academic standards, with the integrity, good character, high standard and living by example like the others.
681.           For the math department, our family business J
682.           For the Honors Scholars College, always my home, my heart.
683.           For the undergraduate research and work
684.           For the leadership of the new Dean of the Watson College of Education
685.           For being a part of the Watson College of Education Advisory Board
686.           For the work to produce teachers, educators to meet the needs of the 21stcentury in such a superior way through Watson
687.           For the atrium in the Education of building that I will always be grateful for because of Bob Tyndall’s tenacity.
688.           For the maker spaces that are being created by the faculty of the Watson College to inspire and innovate
689.           For the cutting edge technology and practices in teaching delivery coming out of Watson
690.           For the new dean of the Cameron School of Business
691.           For the Cameron Executive Network
692.           For the business acumen through Cameron and the engagement with the community
693.           For the beauty of the campus
694.           For the cross city trail running through the campus
695.           For running the “loop” around campus.
696.           For the loop around campus being exactly three miles
697.           For the sunsets rounding the corner on the track
698.           For the beauty of the pines on the front of campus
699.           For the growth in the trees on the cross city trail
700.           For the LGBT Resource Center
701.           For the Ann Boseman Flack Gallery in the Union
702.           For the AIDS remembrance quilt still hanging that we made and mother quilted
703.           For Harold’s photograph on display in the permanent collection
704.           For the Honors Lounge in the fisher union and the TV WORKS! J
705.           For coffee meetings in Fisher
706.           For events in the burney
707.           For the old warwick still hosting events
708.           For the Kate Bruce/ Diane Levy Honors Scholarship being endowed
709.           For the John Myers Arts Scholarship
710.           For the LS Dean Honors Scholarship continuing
711.           For the Ada Zola King Dean Nursing Scholarship
712.           For the Boseman-TenHusin Scholarship
713.           For the Thad Dankel Scholarship
714.           For the  E.L. White Society
715.           For all the investments people make into scholarships for students at UNCW
716.           For the Alpha Phi sorority for always helping with the heart walk
717.           For Schweitzer Awards at UNCW
718.           For Katrina Knight at Good Shepherd getting the Schweitzer Award at UNCW
719.           The non profit leadership if Katrina Knight
720.           The Good Shepherd Center
721.           The fierce advocacy for the homeless through the Good Shepherd Center\
722.           The Wilmington Interfaith Hospitality Network
723.           All the churches who are open their doors to house families who are homeless
724.           All the churches who are support churches for families are homeless
725.           The transitional housing that WIHN owns and operates.
726.           For every moment waking up and Michael is there
727.           For the realization that the transition of my mother has come in the form of their love for me is with me and part of me.
728.           For the joy of my marriage every day being so powerful and real and more so as we grow old together
729.           For just being able to share time together
730.           For the joy of Hearing Michael laugh to futurama
731.           For the joy of watching Michael enjoy a new puzzle
732.           Being able to get away even for a few days
733.           Walking in the light rain through Brookgreen gardens together
734.           Our Spring time walk in Airlie
735.           Our time in Enchanted Airlie with Martha
736.           Thanksgiivng with Marth and Harold
737.           Christmas with Martha
738.           Seeing that smile of guilt and joy when a donut is near!
739.           Hearing him play the piano in the house and just being calm and relaxed
740.           The Nancy Phelps Hodges and Marth Stines Freeze Women’s Empowerment Scholarship at CFCC
741.           Scholarships at CFCC
742.           The amazing programs to help people re-tool their lives at CFCC
743.           The partnership with CFCC to do so much to engage people in skill building
744.           The 911 Memorial at CFCC
745.           The Fire Memorial at Empie Park
746.           The new Fire Station on Cinema Drive
747.           The Strategic Management academy with Dr. Tom Barth
748.           The service of the Masters of Public Administration program at UNCW
749.           The MPA fellows program at New Hanover County
750.           The leadership of NHC in establishing and modeling a MPA program
751.           The leadership and creation of the MPA fellowship program of Dr. Tom Barth
752.           The strategic management academy putting so many of us together from different countys
753.           Learning more about how others operate in management as public servants
754.           The faculty of the MPA program
755.           Having the strategic management academy at Halyburton Park
756.           Learning more about Halyburton and the natural preserve that it is
757.           For the preservation of key acreage in the middle of the city of Halyburton
758.           For the early morning walks in Halyburton before class
759.           The incredible work of examining and looking at ethics overall
760.           our  lowes grocery on south college road
761.           our lowes grocery being remodeled
762.           all the care and personal attention at our grocery
763.           seeing miss sarah on the register for all these years at the grocery store
764.           for joe and szheuan
765.           for blue surf and the Cuban!
766.           For the sushi special at Nikkis on Fridays
767.           For the my PCJ on raciness
768.           For the care and customer service of all at the PCY on Racine
769.           For all that PCJ does for so many to make good things happen
770.           For the coffee at PCJ
771.           For the help and service at NHRMC
772.           For the Betty Cameron Children’s Hospital
773.           For the service from everyone at NHRMC and all they do for so many
774.           For the Willie Stargell Dialysis Unit
775.           For the Willie Stargell Foundation
776.           For the celebrity players who are so loyal who come to the willie stargell tournament
777.           For the pictures of the players at the dialysis unit
778.           For the joy of seeing Devlyn enjoying for every moment with the celebrities
779.           For the approval of the charter for GLOW: Girls Leading of Wilmington School for Girls
780.           For being allowed to come to the parent/guardian/student event for the GLOW summer camp and see the wonderful activites and events for the school
781.           For the most special gift of a cresh
782.           For gifts from friends period
783.           From cards and messages that come
784.           From words and texts that come when least expected
785.           For the love I know is there
786.           For the love that is expressed
787.           For the friendship which is so powerful
788.           For knowing trust
789.           For knowing loyaly
790.           For being  able to be trustworthy
791.           For being able to be loyal
792.           For being failthful
793.           For being worthy of having someone be faithful to
794.           For being worthy and understanding more of humility
795.           For knowing the unconditional love of God and being congniscent of the grace and responsibility
796.           For not feeling compelled, but glad of heart to share and be a part of all this
797.           For letting go more and more of things I cannot control to be free to participate in things that I can be useful for and with
798.           For letting go, without judgement, of relationships that are not consistent with the direction of my life and being open to new and loving ones while still being able to love
799.           for not being afraid
800.           for not being in a place where worry  prevails
801.           to be able to sing
802.           to be able to be silly
803.           to be able to feel when it is appropriate and not
804.           to be able to live more fully
805.           to be able to cook food for us
806.           to work in a place where I can cook and take care of myself
807.           to be able to have not only clean water but to be free of all soda now for almost four years!
808.           To be free of fast food for six years to date
809.           For being able to go to a gym to work out when I need to
810.           For the 02 gym being accessible and clean
811.           For the help that some of the trainers at 02 have given to me at the gym
812.           To see the powers of example at the gym who are supportive and helpful for me on my ups and downs on the journey
813.           For the ability to keep moving forward through the downs in my health journey
814.           To not have given up when I have hit a rocky spot on my own health and wellness
815.           For the loving support and ability to throw around a medicine ball at work! J
816.           For the health center work out area at work
817.           For the ability to get up and walk around at work
818.           For the LELO running app on my phone
819.           For the map my run app on my phone
820.           For having music to keep me motivated on my phone
821.           Having a smart phone at all, I don’t take these things for granted
822.           For having inspirational apps on my phone for daily readings
823.           For being able to download books on my phone
824.           For books to be able to read and grow on my phone
825.           For encountering people who talk and share about books for growth and wellness
826.           For being connected on facebook to mentors and friends who keep me growing
827.           For the connection to elin while she is artist in residence in Japan and the amazing journey with Hiroshima
828.           For the learning and listeing to her journey in Japan juxtaposed with world events of late
829.           For the connection with Karl in Mexico and Ct.
830.           For Karl’s reminder for now 26years of living life to the fullest and being about creating good and doing good and the next right things
831.           For the coonection with my childhood friend joel and having a piece of his art in our house
832.           For the art of Joel Berquist
833.           For keep connected to so many from so many parts of my life whether we speak often or not, it is that connection that is so special and keeps good things flowing always
834.           For letting go of cable and be cable free now
835.           For limiting the the news and the fear mongering in our lives
836.           For being open to seeing and looking for resources that balance out and research what is happening in the world and for my mother who taught me to do this
837.           For the business leadership, ethics and partnerships of Danny Dahl
838.           For the business leadership, ethics, and partnerships of Jim Moore of James Moore Insurance
839.           For the business leadership, ethics, and partnerships of Alan Gregory and Gregory Construction
840.           For the business leadership, ethics, and partnerships of Andy McVey and Murchison, Taylor and Gibson
841.           For the business leadership, ethics, and partnerships of Michelle Clark and her realty team
842.           For the business leadership, ethics, and partnerships of Patrice Willetts and Property Shop
843.           For the business leadership, ethics, and partnerships of Tony Harrington and the Property Shop
844.           For the business leadership, ethics, and partnerships of first citizens bank
845.           For the business leadership, ethics, and partnerships of Anlyan and Hively
846.           For the business leadership, ethics, and partnerships of Jeff Lesley Realty
847.           For the business leadership, ethics, and partnerships of Olson Farms
848.           For the business leadership, ethics, and partnerships of Gib Laitte
849.           For the business leadership, ethics, and partnerships of the Country Club of Landfall
850.           For the business leadership, ethics, and partnerships of Frances Goodman
851.           For the business leadership, ethics, and partnerships of Barb Beihner
852.           For the business leadership, ethics, and partnerships of Bret, Kelly, and and all at UBS
853.           For the business leadership, ethics, and partnerships of Harrison Sasser and the Gentlemen’s Corner
854.           For the business leadership, ethics, and partnerships of Gary Shipman and Shipman and Associates
855.           For the business leadership, ethics, and partnerships of Kathy and Chrisite and Pine Valley Market
856.           For the business leadership, ethics, and partnerships of Wilmington Biz Journal
857.           For the business leadership, ethics, and partnerships of Live Oak Bank
858.           For the business leadership, ethics, and partnerships of Jack Barto and NHRMC
859.           The lean team at NHRMC
860.           The welcome and open opportunity to learn from Judy Yankey and Greg Firestone at Lean NHRMC
861.           Being able to witness the lean process at work in NHRMC
862.           The millions in Savings to all of us at NHRMC through LEAN
863.           The focus on the patient through LEAN
864.           Being a participant in the Kaizen event
865.           Being a witness to the passion and investment of care of the staff of NHRMC
866.           For the business leadership, ethics, and partnerships of Chuck Earney CPA
867.           For the business leadership, ethics, and partnerships of lean President Amanda Lee at CFCC
868.           For the transparency and commitment to public service and to the citizens we serve of president Amanda lee
869.           For the transparency and commitment to public service and to the citizens we serve of county manager Chris Coudriet
870.           For the business leadership, ethics, and partnerships of the entire group of restaurants with the moushakis family
871.           For time on the pier at the oceanic
872.           For the manager of the oceanic helping make our 20th anniversary very special
873.           For the wonderful service and times at the oceanic
874.           For the business leadership, ethics, and partnerships of the group of restaurants with Boca, brasserie, OC, and townes
875.           For seeing Michael light up at the banana fosters at boca! J
876.           For the business leadership, ethics, and partnerships of Cathy Luna and Luna Ad
877.           For the Business leadership, ethics, and partnerships of Charles Davis and Sean Franklin at SawMill restaurant and catering
878.           For the business leadership, ethics, and partnerships of the laymon group
879.           For the business leadership, ethics, and partnerships of the wells insurance group
880.           For the business leadership, ethics, and partnerships of Steve Coggins
881.           For the business leaderships, ethics, and partnerships of Hansen Matthews
882.           For the leadership ethics, and partnerships of Brandon Knox and Community Fitness Solutions
883.           For the amazing wisdom of Tom Morris
884.           For the posting on LINKEDIN by Tom Morris
885.           For the ministry of Reverend McLaughlin
886.           For the ministry of Reverend Henry
887.           For the ministry of the Very Reverend Powell
888.           For the ministry of Reverend Walker
889.           For the ministry of Reverend June HighFill
890.           For the ministry of Reverend Richard Elliot
891.           For the ministry of St. John’s Episcopal
892.           For the sing on the street that says “blessings to all who pass here”
893.           For the outreach of St. Andrews Presbyterian and the prom dresses for young women
894.           For the resources for mental health of carrie clements
895.           For the resources for mental health of nova swanstrom
896.           For the resources for mental health of rich olge
897.           For the resources for mental health of joe kertez
898.           For the resources for mental health of louise Coggins
899.           For our public defenders office
900.           For our district attorney’s office
901.           For the advocacy for those in our community who are in need of help at the worst of times through the court system
902.           For Judge Ray
903.           For Judge Crouch
904.           For Judge Robinson
905.           Judge Noecker
906.           Judge Luther
907.           For the outcome of our city elections
908.           For all who seek public service and elected office honestly and not self servingly
909.           For all who serve with intent for service to the people
910.           For all who see service without need for something in return
911.           For all who see public life as a life of value and one worth living
912.           For all who give to the common good
913.           For the convention center
914.           For St. Thomas Preservation Hall
915.           For the further development of the inland greens park and its opening date coming soon
916.           For the trails in the woods behind UNCW
917.           For the sewhawk sculpture at the front of UNCW
918.           For the seahawk sculpture next to the Business building in the side courtyard
919.           For the Shinn plaza courtyard between honors and the international house
920.           For the meaningful iron dome on Shinn plaza
921.           For the legacy of honors and undergraduate research of Jerry Shinn
922.           For the sunsets over the pond on the autumn hall shell cross city trail
923.           For the access to the cross city trail through the woods from our house
924.           For escaping the city in the woods at UNCW and being completely at peace
925.           For the reminder of Gary Shell’s legacy on the sign posts along the way on the trail
926.           For the wooden bridges along the way on the trail
927.           For broccoli soup at Panera
928.           For atalanta bread sandwiches
929.           For healthy eats at Epic
930.           For the culinary excellence of James Bain
931.           For the culinary excellence of Silverstri Masters “Smokey”
932.           For the culinary excellence of Christi Ferreti
933.           For the culinary excellence of Keith Rhodes
934.           For the comfort of Something fishy
935.           For the best seafood for us always at Fish Bites
936.           For the amazing sushi at Nikkis
937.           For the best service and food at chipoltle Mayfaire
938.           For the such good greek salad at zoes
939.           For having so many options for going out to eat
940.           For the best steak at Texas Roadhouse (yea, I said it. And it is!)
941.           For the good people at Surf House
942.           For ordering in at the office at breaktime
943.           For feeling like we are family at brasserie
944.           For feeling like we are family at positalia
945.           For the culinary excellence of chef nina
946.           For the amazing service, care and love for all at the tavern at CCL
947.           For the amazing group of service from all at CCL
948.           For a “club” that is inclusive and welcoming
949.           For skills to discern
950.           For the ability to discern
951.           For the necessity to dicern
952.           For the ability to share discernment without shutting down the feelings and beliefs of others
953.           For a God who shared with me that what someone says and does is not always who they are and to never shut someone completely out.
954.           For running with Amanda and Matt on the loop
955.           For watching friends grow and have victory and success
956.           For snapchats from Aubrey and watching ADA get bigger by the day
957.           For all the social media and ways to stay connected and share good things
958.           For watching youngin’s buy their first homes and find roots
959.           For being able to be a resource from time to time for those looking for things
960.           For understanding it is about facilitation, not taking credit
961.           For bangz hair salon
962.           For the business acumen, ethics and partnerships of Bangz
963.           For the amazing customer Service of Jess and Margie and all at Bangz
964.           For the few times hunter can still wash my head as he gets so famous as a cutter!
965.           For watching someone like hunter grow and become successful
966.           For the ever changing d├ęcor at Bangz and the fun it brings
967.           For the continued health and well being of Frank
968.           For the continued health of all who have walked journeys
969.           For the fact that I still have hair!
970.           For the wigs for women with cancer that Salon Beyond Basics is doing
971.           For the wigs that Laura Hexter is doing with the Copper Lily Salon
972.           For the outreach that Salon Beyond Basics does with so many fundraisers and charities
973.           For the cape fear literacy council
974.           For the business ethics, acumen and outreach of Cape Fear Audi and Cape Fear Landrover
975.           For the programs for adults in literacy at the cape Fear literacy Council
976.           For the non profit ethics, leadership and integrity of Yazmin at the Literacy council of the lower cape fear
977.           For the health and wellness outreach of nick and wanda kentrolis at Crest Fitness
978.           For NHRMC making sure their employees have a gym for health and wellness
979.           For Chris McAbee at live oak bank and coming to warm up the heart walk
980.           The Windell Daniels remembrance at the heart walk
981.           The prayer this year offered by Sheriff McMahon
982.           The dancing with Frances on stage at the heart walk this year!
983.           The amazing mix of Saundra at the heartwalk
984.           Sharing the stage with B, Frances and Saundra for the heart walk
985.           The kids in their superhero capes for the heart walk
986.           The dog areas for the heart walk
987.           Having the heart walk at Marfaire this year
988.           All the sponsors for the heartwalk
989.           The ELT for the heartwalk
990.           Pete Devita getting the lifestyle change award from the heart walk
991.           For NHRMC coming out to do hands only CPR for the heart walk
992.           For PCJ giving coffee for the heart walk
993.           For the College of Health and Human Services being a sponsor for the heart walk
994.           For the Watson college of Education being a sponsor for the heart walk
995.           For all those who gave to my birthday party annual heart walking giving
996.           For the furniture finds on facebook
997.           For the Wilmington yard sales on facebook
998.           For the health and wellness outreach of Jai Dobias-Shaw
999.           For the  health and wellness and recover of the Wilmington family YMCA
1000.        For the YMCA express at Market and Kerr
1001.        For the capital campaign for YMCA
1002.        For the YWCA
1003.        For having my mother in law here in Wilmington
1004.        For dinners out with Martha
1005.        For the ivy cottage
1006.        For warehouse at the ivy cottage
1007.        For the gift of knowing that when I have on finger pointing out at others, I have three pointing back at me.
1008.        For the gift of the mindset of “have a nice day unless you have made other plans”….and the gift of acknowledging my respoinsibilty in my own life and well being
1009.        For the ability to admit when I am wrong (eventually..and hopefully I will get better and better about doing it more quickly! J )
1010.        for the most amazing gift ever of having someone I love and adore want me to be a role model/friend and mentor for her 5 year old
1011.        for every moment of the two hours a week I get to spend with this amazing young man
1012.        for the love and gratitude in my heart for just showing up and being allowed to do any of what I am allowed to facilitate
1013.        to look up at the moon and marvel
1014.        to look this child and think of how this world HAS to be better for him
1015.        to look at this child and think of how WE have to make this world ok for him
1016.        to look a this child and think what can I be doing to make today the best it can be
1017.        to KNOW that what I do in my own little space DOES effect others
1018.        to feel that connection and feel like it is a priviledge all around
1019.        for Wilmington Friends School for Children
1020.        for the Cape Fear Center for Inquiry
1021.        for the Wilmignton Arts and Sciences Academy
1022.        for the Isaac Bear Early College
1023.        for the CFCC early College
1024.        for all those who see egalitarianism and opportunity, a balance between direct instruction and inquiry as a way to bring our youth into a better place for thinking and being
1025.        for the NAACP and all their advocacy
1026.        for the leadership and advocacy of Deborah Maxwell
1027.        for Cape Fear Equality
1028.        for the board and leadership of Cape Fear Equality
1029.        for St. Jude’s MCC
1030.        for the Men’s Fellowship at St. Jude’s MCC
1031.        for Wilmington Pride
1032.        for positive and affirming places and resources for all LGBTQI Persons on facebook and online
1033.        for the Frank Harr Foundation
1034.        for the life and legacy of Frank Harr
1035.        for the castle Street Antique District
1036.        for Michael Moore Antiques
1037.        for Port City Properties
1038.        for Just for Buyers Realty
1039.        for the life and Legacy of Karl Davis
1040.        for the Karl Davis Leadership Wilmington Alumni Award at the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce
1041.        for the Leadership Wilmington Program
1042.        for Hands on Wilmington
1043.        for the Economic Scorecard coming together
1044.        for the leadership on the chamber
1045.        for the chamber foundation
1046.        for the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher
1047.        for the butterfly house at Fort Fisher Aquarium
1048.        for the gardens surrounding the aquarium
1049.        for the white alligator and cape fear river area at the aquarium
1050.        for the big tank and the amazing features of the aqurarium
1051.        for the accessible playground at the aquarium
1052.        for the end of the island past the aquarium and the area for kayaks
1053.        the sunsets at that end of the island
1055.        The lives of those honored at the dignity picnic
1056.        For being able to continue to grieve this year and hopefully be there for others this year
1057.        For being able to share some very special time with Leanne and Harold and go through some thigns of mothers and work on sharing them and moving on in some ways
1058.        For being able to show up to loss the best way I can this year
1059.        For the life of Muty and watching from a far the letting go with another friend I love very dear.
1060.        For the life of Little Liam Batton, who I joined so many in prayer for, and will always rejoice with angels
1061.        The life of Eric Redolphy and the life he lived with Micah
1062.        The life James Faison Sr. and the legacy of service and devotion to the community as a whole
1063.        The life of Pat Delair
1064.        For the friendship, love and life of memories of one of the heros in this world, Katherine Weller
1065.        For the life and lifetime of joy of Uncle Marshel
1066.        For the life of Michael Hall who departed way too for all
1067.        For the life of Eugene Murphy, as he gave me my friend beth and is with her so powerfully
1068.        For the life of  Joyce Anderson, who I loved and made my friend Michelle whom I adore
1069.        Learning about the song old Danny boy and how much moms Weller loved it
1070.        For being able to speak at momas funeral
1071.        For being able to give the invocation at the heart ball
1072.        For being able to give the invocation at the YWCA woman of achievement
1073.        For being able to give the invocation at the coastal horizons annual dinner
1074.        For being able to tell the story moms told me of racial awareness and living a life of love and inclusion
1075.        For being able to host and mc the power of the purse event for what
1076.        For being able to host and mc the anniversary of What
1077.        For being able to mc and give the invocation for the nourish north Carolina event
1078.        For Nourish North Carolina naming a new Executive Director, Steve MccCrossan
1079.        For the volunteer leadership and chairing the Nourish Gala of Shannon Thompson
1080.        For the thousands of New Hanover County Children that Nourish NC helps to give nutrition to at home
1081.        For the awareness that Nourish brings to the community of 1-4 children going hungry and filling that need
1082.        For the “packing” events and the families and groups that work together to put together the food for the children
1083.        For the schools and particularly the teachers who ensure the students are getting the food with discretion and dignity
1084.        For the Nourish NC food drive through the recognition committee at NHC
1085.        For the fire service at NHC taking the lead on collecting food for the Nourish NC during the drive and helping other departments to take in food from the public
1086.        For the Fill the boot campaign that fire services does every year for MDA!
1087.        For this being the 60th year that fire services has done the fill the boot campaign
1088.        For the over 75K that is raised during this campaign for MDA
1089.        For the firefighters who take shifts and makes this happen in busy traffic
1090.        For the volunteer leadership of Captain Ben Bobzien in making this effort successful
1091.        For being witness to all the amazing giving so many make every day to the community at large
1092.        For the leadership as chair this year for the heart walk of Mary Margaret Vann
1093.        For the leadership as chair this year for Power of the Purse of Denise Szalosky
1094.        For the leadership as chair this year for the Hospital Gala of Beth Quinn
1095.        For the amazing work of the She Rocks organization for Ovarian Cancer
1096.        For the Leadership of Beth Quinn and Mary Barto and She Rocks
1097.        For the Leadership in the awareness raising, year after year, of Breast Cancer of Frances Weller
1098.        for the She Rocks Luncheon
1099.        for the amazing run in Brunswick forest for She Rocks!
1100.        For being able to kayak
1101.        For kayaking out further than ever this year
1102.        For seeing schools of dolphins while kayaking this year
1103.        For encountering the egrets in the marsh
1104.        For seeing the blue crabs under the boat as I paddled through the shallow areas
1105.        For the amazing peace and quiet in the grasses and away from the channel of boaters
1106.        For the immense sense of peace on the boat
1107.        For the release from the world out on the kayak
1108.        For finding new channels and places this year on the kayak
1109.        For sitting in the water on the diminishing republic and watching the boats go by
1110.        The diminishing republic
1111.        To be able to launch under the draw bridge at WB
1112.        To live so close to the waterway
1113.        To have a kayak
1114.        To have a car where I can transport a car
1115.        To be able to fit into a kayak
1116.        To have the strength to paddle
1117.        To be able to share my paddling with others
1118.        To have time to listen to God out on the water
1119.        To have time to speak to God out on the water
1120.        For another amazing year of running period
1121.        To be able to let go of some of my grief on my runs
1122.        To be able to shed some of the stress on my runs
1123.        for being able to run
1124.        for the many sunsets I have seen while running
1125.        for the many sunrises I have seen while running
1126.        for moments that I have been able to have and share because I was running and being out in the open
1127.        for the 2nd Annual Miracles in Motion Race
1128.        for having a completely accessible race for the cape fear region
1129.        for having a race where everyone, whether in shoes or wheelchairs can have the experience of racing together
1130.        for the beauty of the day on that crisp morning in February for the Miracles in Motion Race
1131.        for the awards and the inclusion of so many in getting awards for succeeding in the race!
1132.        For the Quintiles ½ Marathon
1133.        For being able to run this year in the marathon
1134.        For being able to run through the cramps at the end
1135.        For Kyle, Sarah, Harold, and Michael being on the road to cheer me on
1136.        For Saundra, Margaret, Frances, and the hackmans being in the neighborhood to cheer!
1137.        For the encounter with the woman on the track where we were there for each other and kept on going
1138.        For Michele Hackman running across the finish line with me
1139.        For all the work that Tom Clifford and without limits does to make running and lives better
1140.        For all the work Michele and colin Hackman do to make running and lives better through running
1141.        For Go-Time Race Management
1142.        For Without Limits Coaching
1143.        For the enormous contribution that Quintiles makes to the Landfall Foundation
1144.        For turning into landfall and being greeted by Kathryn Nixon and being encouraged and cared for in such a loving way!
1145.        For Polka Dot palm and all they do for so many
1146.        For running down military cutoff and all the people on the street
1147.        For the handoff of the medal when coming through the finish
1148.        For the last turn up military cutoff and knowing that the end was near and all was well
1149.        For the sports teams being out and celebrating
1150.        For the shoes from fleet feet that carried me through
1151.        For the gaither gospel I was listening to that carried me through
1152.        For the gels that kept me fueled
1153.        For the soak in the tub after the race was over
1154.        For the landfall Foundation
1155.        For the landfall foundation grants
1156.        For the landfall foundation art show and sale
1157.        For the landfall holiday market
1158.        For the landfall foundation Legends of Tennis
1159.        For Miracle League receiving a landfall grant this year
1160.        The art of Liz Hosier
1161.        The art of NicolleX NicolleX
1162.        The art of Andy Cobb
1163.        The art of David Norris
1164.        The art of Bates Toone
1165.        The art of Virginia Wright Fierson
1166.        The art of dumay Gorham and how much it has impacted so many special occasions for us this year
1167.        The art of andy cobb
1168.        The art of Harold Hodges and in particular the wonderful photography shared in healing and love
1169.        The art of Cunningham
1170.        The art of Kelly starbuck
1171.        The art of kirah van sickle
1172.        The art of Margie Worthington
1173.        The art of Michael Van Hout
1174.        The art of Todd Carnigan
1175.        The art of Karen Crouch
1176.        The art of Alan Cradick
1177.        The art of Fritzi Huber
1178.        The art of Elizabeth darrow
1179.        The art of fritz kapraun
1180.        The art of Jim Downey
1181.        The art of Nancy Faltanowski
1182.        The new business venture and Etsy of Nancy Faltanowksi
1183.        The art of Donnie Wrights
1184.        The pedestrian art downtown
1185.        The whirly gig on the Cameron art museum property
1186.        The Cameron Art Museum
1187.        The kids at cam with Georiga Mastrieoni!
1188.        Georgia being a director and being recognized for the gift she is
1189.        The permanent collection at the Cameron
1190.        The remains of Claude Howell being on site at the Cameron
1191.        The Life of Hilda Godwin and her legacy for so many
1192.        The amazing non profit sustenance and fundraising acumen of Heather Wilson
1193.        The Cameron Art Museum Museum Shop
1194.        The pancoe clay studio at the Cameron art museum
1195.        The art of Aaron Wilcox
1196.        The Wilma Daniels Art Gallery at CFCC
1197.        The legacy of Claude Howell in the community at large
1198.        The art of Bruce Bowman
1199.        The painting of the government center by Bruce Bowman I get to see everyday
1200.        The photography of Katherine McKenzie
1201.        Sharing pictures on Facebook with friends
1202.        Sharing pictures of the wonders of clouds on facebook and texts
1203.        Having others share pictures with me
1204.        The art of Juxson
1205.        Acme art all the students at DREAMS of Wilmington
1206.        The art of Catherine Lea
1207.        Dreams of Wilmington and the programs that are thriving
1208.        The Boy and Girls Club
1209.        The non profit leadership of Wayne Loftin
1210.        Med-North
1211.        Wilmington Health
1212.        Wilmington Health being our ACA for the area
1213.        Cape fear Soccer
1214.        Hammerheads
1215.        Hammerheads having a heart association night
1216.        Hammerheads group supporting the miracle league
1217.        Michael and I both having cars
1218.        Having a car that I can depend on
1219.        Having a dealershop like Parkway that takes such personal care of us
1220.        Knowing that no matter where I am I can get assistance
1221.        Not having to worry about where my next tank of gas is going to come from
1222.        To not have to rely on public transportation for food or neccesities
1223.        To not have to rely on public transportation for work
1224.        To not have to worry about getting to work because my car is not up to use or standard
1225.        To not have to worry about whether I can have a job or not because of my ability to have reliable transportation
1226.        To have a driver’s license
1227.        To have my taxes paid
1228.        To have my bills paid
1229.        To meet my commitments
1230.        To have enough to give
1231.        To have enough to be able to have things we and I want
1232.        To have a job that is not just about money
1233.        To have a job that is not just about securing insurance of benefits for a child or family
1234.        To truly have work that I love and that I find value in
1235.        To not have to worry about meeting my responsibilities because of violence or harm in my home
1236.        Not having to worry about not doing my work because I am not well due to lack of resources or care
1237.        Not having to worry about not being able to meet my responsibilities due to health care issues I cannot afford to have treated
1238.        Not having to worry about not meeting my responsibilities because of the stress of mine or someone in my families substance abuse
1239.        Not having to worry about not being able to meet my responsibilities or show up in life because of lack of resouces avaible due to me
1240.        Not being suspect when I walk in a store or a place of business
1241.        Being aware that there are those who are seen as suspect and being a part of the solution not only in raising that awareness but not being silent
1242.        For the privildges that I am afforded just because I am a white male and being cognicent of the need for challenging the equity and not letting that go
1243.        For the awareness of the disparity in pay for women  and knowing we are all responsible
1244.        For not shutting down behind a falseness of “political correctness” because being open to thinking about others, about ways of seeing, hearing and feeling that are different than mine might take more effort and time
1245.        For not becoming more discerning in what is and is not openmindedness and what is taking advantage, but never shutting down without inquiry because “I don’t have time for that”.
1246.        For know what a martyr is and doing a check to make sure I ain’t it! J
1247.        For places that allow for more involvement with people of differences
1248.        For the amazing people at all the dog and cat rescues in the region
1249.        For the Animal Services Unit through the NHC Sheriff’s department
1250.        For the adopt and angel group and all they do to make sure that dogs and cats find the right homes
1251.        For the dog and cat shelters during emergency situations
1252.        Printworks Printing
1253.        For the Printworks Partnership in recycling end cuts to make note pads for public service
1254.        For the artistry of Amanda Leimbach
1255.        for the business and professional growth and leadership of Jenna Curry and Little Wing Marketing
1256.        for Port City Young Professionals and the amazing growth of this burgeoning group!
1257.        The summers rest trail
1258.        The view from summers rest over the intracoastal
1259.        The launch over to masonboro from Trails end
1260.        Trails end park
1261.        Masonboro island
1262.        The peace and tranquility of masoboro island
1263.        The amazing sea turtle outreaches all up and down the coast
1264.        The Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Hospital in Surf City
1265.        The Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Hosptial being made the number one tourist attraction in the region
1266.        The turtle releases and rehabilitation of these amazing animals
1267.        The continued leadership and messaging of Jean Beasley
1268.        For the amazing 80th birthday of Jean Beasley and the spiritual mother she is to all
1269.        For the animal warriors being a sponsor for the miracle league teams
1270.        For the awareness of the sea turtles being endangered by overfishing
1271.        The care and concern of the real fishermen and women in the region who have such a deep and abiding respect for the natural resources
1272.        For the riverboat tours
1273.        For the hawk nests on the black river tours
1274.        For the osprey sightings during the year
1275.        For the encounter with the various birds and different times
1276.        For the Wild Bird Store in Hanover Center
1277.        For Perry’s Emporium
1278.        For Sonya Perry’s spiritual postings all the time.
1279.        For Perry’s turning some old stuff into cash for non profits
1280.        For Pawn USA
1281.        For the business leadership, ethics and values of Janet Monterose
1282.        For the business leadership, ethics, and values of Pete Jones
1283.        For the advocacy for our community as a WWII city of Wilbur Jones
1284.        For the moving of the WWI memorial to the riverfront
1285.        Brooklyn arts center
1286.        The amazing concerts and activities at the Brooklyn arts center
1287.        The FLEA at Brooklyn arts center
1288.        The Encore awards at Brooklyn
1289.        The revitilization and renewal of north fourth street
1290.        The new apartments breaking ground on the northern river front
1291.        The amazing Spanish galleon coming and getting to see it on the northern river marina
1292.        Walking the Riverwalk with Michael
1293.        The Riverwalk
1294.        The Riverwalk extension
1295.        The views of the battleship from the Riverwalk
1296.        The river itself
1297.        The flow of the river and the beauty of it on any given day
1298.        The fireworks downtown and view from the river
1299.        The concerts on the river
1300.        The Wilmington downtown farmers market
1301.        The plan to move forward with tearing down the parking deck and building!
1302.        For Union Station
1303.        For Daniels Hall in Union Station downtown
1304.        For all the good that goes on for the students at Union Station and CFCC Campus
1305.        For the culinary school at CFCC
1306.        The MDA Gala
1307.        The volunteer leadership in chairing the MDA gala of Alycia and Jeff James
1308.        For the brick streets downtown
1309.        The trees along market
1310.        The sanitary fountain at the foot of market
1311.        The 1898 memorial on the entrance to the city on the northside
1312.        The Kenan house
1313.        The wise house
1314.        The kayak access under the memorial bridge
1315.        The kayak launch onto smith creek
1316.        The riverboat
1317.        The horse and carriage downtown
1318.        For the Kenan fountain
1319.        For the stained glass windows in First pres
1320.        For the city club at de rossett
1321.        For climbing up in the widows keep of the city club and looking out over the city
1322.        For the Kentucky derby party for paws4people
1323.        For the non profit leadership of Kyria Henry
1324.        For the non profit leadership of Jock Brandis
1325.        For the Full Belly Project
1326.        For the full belly project always looking to find ways to help industry in sustainable ways for those who need it
1327.        For the Freaker enterprise
1328.        For Chops Deli’s
1329.        For the Basics
1330.        For the view over snows cut bridge
1331.        For coming back from a trip and the feeling of walking into the house
1332.        The feeling of loving being at home
1333.        The feeling of safety and security at home
1334.        The joy of loving Wilmington
1335.        For being at home here in this region
1336.        For living in one place longer than any place in my life
1337.        For building a life together here
1338.        For being able to see the hindsight and how perfectly everything has worked out
1339.        For seeing us move forward in many ways a community regardless of some of the political and self interested interests
1340.        For the businesses that have lasted and grown
1341.        For Mayfaire’s continued expansion
1342.        For Carolina Bay being built
1343.        For Carolina Bay housing folks we care about a great deal
1344.        For Carolina Bay being so close by
1345.        For Autumn Hall flourishing and continuing to grow as a whole
1346.        To be able to run in the neighborhood
1347.        For our new HOA board and good people coming on board
1348.        For the good people at our local planned parenthood
1349.        for all the resources given to so many in our region for maternal and child health care
1350.        for the leadership of those in the health community who are assisting with the best for our children
1351.        for the pediatric practice and example of Dr. David Hill
1352.        for the practice of Dr. Christie Hill
1353.        for the practice and my life long thanks to Dr. Ellis Tinsley
1354.        for the practice and my life long to thanks to Dr. Sandra Milesa
1355.        for the Practice of Dr. Coleman Burgess
1356.        for the practice and work of Dr. Tad Dunn
1357.        for the practice and work of Dr. Bart Wilson
1358.        for the practice and work and watching her grow into such an amazing professional of Allison Cavenaugh Eggleston
1359.        for the Dr. Egg Practice for youngin’s!
1360.        for being able to stay connected to so many of the “youth” throughout the years and see them grow and flourish
1361.        for still being needed by these “youngin’s” ever once in a while
1362.        for watching Pete become an amazing teacher
1363.        for watching Nate become an amazing administrator
1364.        for watching Kimberly happily married and a practicing PA
1365.        for watching Russell be a successful denist and amazing father
1366.        for watching Bart be a successful dentist and sure to be the next senator! J
1367.        for watching Caitlin blossom and thrive as a teacher and running races! J
1368.        for all of the lawyers, scientist, teachers, and all that so many have become…so awesome!
1369.        For the amazing service dogs that are helping to make such a significant difference in the lives of veterans and those with special needs
1370.        For the writing of Clyde Edgerton
1371.        For the art of Clyde Edgerton
1372.        For the books of Books on Old Front street
1373.        For watching Michael enjoy himself in the bookstore
1374.        The writing and humor and love of Celia Rivenbark
1375.        For the amazing performance of “rude bitches” based on Celia Rivenbarks writing
1376.        For theatre now
1377.        For the most amazing show with Orlando Jones at theatre Now
1378.        For Orlando Jones being in Wilmington
1379.        For the most amazing show for the Carousel center
1380.        For the wonderful group from St. Jude’s MCC being a part of our number of the carousel center
1381.        For the entire production for the Carousel Center
1382.        For the leadership and volunteer chairing of the event of Kandra Romeo and Justin Sorrells for Carousel Center Show and Gala
1383.        For the amazing artistry of Ash Crist and saving my tail for makeup
1384.        For the fun and joy of being on stage
1385.        For the freedom to bring joy to others and do something good in the process
1386.        For the non profit leadership of Amy Feath
1387.        For the advocacy for abused and neglected infants and children and families of the carousel center
1388.        For Thalian hall
1389.        For the thalian association
1390.        For the building of the new performing arts center
1391.        For the concert hall at UNCW
1392.        For the remolding of the black box theater at Thalian Hall
1393.        For the beauty of third street
1394.        For the non profit leadership of Hollis Briggs and the amazing efforts through the MLK Parade everyyear
1395.        For the holiday parade
1396.        For the ability to be a judge for life for the holiday parade
1397.        For the greyhound rescue in the holiday parade
1398.        For the amazing drum cores in the holiday parade
1399.        For the cub scout troups that do so much for the holiday parade (and I remembering doing that in chapel hill when I was a kid!)
1400.        For all the entries in the holiday parade each year and the great holiday spirit that abounds!
1401.        For the Christmas tree the city purchased on the river
1402.        For the giant menorah on the river that is lit through the festival of lights
1403.        For the street decorations
1404.        For the Rotary Clubs in Wilmington
1405.        For the Gravy Gallop on Thanksgiving day done by West Rotary
1406.        For the Rotary Cottage that is maintained at the boys and girls home of Lake Waccamaw
1407.        For the Rotaract club that is so vibrant at UNCW now
1408.        For the rotary international project through Wilmington Rotary to provide clean drinking water in areas that do not have water that is drinkable
1409.        For the 100th anniversary celebration the year for Wilmington Rotary
1410.        For the re-enactment of one of the first recorded meetings of Wilmington Rotary and having members present whose ancestors where in the club at the time.
1411.        For have Dr. Jonas Salks son come and be our keynote for the anniversary of Rotary’s 100th year.
1412.        For the amazing message of the bigger picture and our responsibility in it from Dr. Salk
1413.        For the privilege to taking Dr. Salk to the Marbionic Center and having lunch with he and professors and graduates students there at UNCW.
1414.        For the amazing honor of sharing a room everyweek with a World War II fighter pilot and the enormous history that he carries with him, Jake
1415.        For the amazing celebration for the 100th anniversary at the convention center this year and those who put it together to bring so many together
1416.        To Randall Library for putting together a retrospective of the Blizzard artifacts of the 100 years of rotary in special collections
1417.        For the money raised through the 100th anniversary and the multitude of grants that come from these resources
1418.        For the Rotary international Foundation
1419.        For the Wilmington Rotary Foundation
1420.        For the grants for books for school children locally
1421.        For the ability to take our boys from the boys cottage to UNCW baseball and basketball games
1422.        for Christmas cake sale and celebration with the Williston students and the ugly sweater contest
1423.        for the buckets on the table for Alzheimer research, always thinking of Bobby
1424.        for the amazing leadership of our Rotary and guidance for such a large group
1425.        for the coastline convention center
1426.        for being able to serve on the Boys and Girls home of Lake Waccamaw Committee
1427.        For being able to serve on the invocation committee and lead this amazing group in prayer on occasion
1428.        For the privilege of being involved in the school adoption program
1429.        For the privilege of going to Williston Middle School and awarding amazing young people recognition for good work and behavior for the “rotary student of the month” ceremony.
1430.        For the fellowhip of the table I sit at every week and the “company I keep” at rotary
1431.        For the challenge and belief of living the four way test
1432.        For the speakers that come every week to rotary
1433.        For the diversity of thought, backgrounds, opinions, and ideas from the membership of rotary
1434.        For the passion for service above self
1435.        For Service about self
1436.        For the health and happiness and the way it can “land” sometimes
1437.        For the feeling of being a part of history by being a part of Wilmington Rotary
1438.        For feeling like you are a part of a group that makes a difference by being in Wilmington Rotary
1439.        For the willingness on the part of the membership to do for the community and each other
1440.        For the pledge of service one takes in membership
1441.        For just being a member and being a part of something
1442.        For the pledge of allegiance we make every week
1443.        For the amazing food we eat each week J
1444.        For Sawmill Catering
1445.        For Pearls Catering
1446.        For MOI Catering
1447.        For that Squash Casserole…
1448.        For that spinach and feta salad…..
1449.        For that fried shrimp!
1450.        For the Greenfield lake “World’s Largest Rotary Wheel”
1451.        For the Christmas tree lighting at the World’s Largest rotary wheel
1452.        For playing Santa at the world’s largest rotary wheel
1453.        For the over 300 kids who sit in my lap and tell “santa” what they want for Christmas
1454.        For the parents who get their pictures with this kids with Santa
1455.        For the Wilmington Fire Department for taking me in on a ladder truck in a blaze of sound and lights!
1456.        For the leadership, dedication and love of Lori Harris for making the park possible and the tree lighting happen each year
1457.        For the marine who comes each year in dress blues to hand out a gift to each youngin’ so he or she has something to take with them as they leave
1458.        For each child who says “thank you for your service” or salutes the marine..(it is so awesome to see)
1459.        For every whisper in my ear of what is wanted
1460.        for the beauty of each set of eyes looking into mine with such wonder
1461.        for the privilege of standing in for the big guy and passing on the magic
1462.        for the amazing work of Wilmington Parks and Recreation
1463.        for the movie night with the tree lighting at the amphitheater
1464.        for the greenfield amphitheater
1465.        for the amazing concerts in the amphitheater
1466.        for seeing shemika coleman in the amphitheater this summer with Sheri
1467.        for the views of the cypress knees in greenfield lake from the amphitheater
1468.        for the cool breezes coming off the lake at the amphitheater
1469.        for the concert promotion and running of Beau Gunn
1470.        for the penguin radio
1471.        for Greenfield Lake Collaborative becoming its own entity to maintain this very special park
1472.        for elderhaus of Wilmington
1473.        for the programs for the elders at elderhaus of Wilmington and the resources that underpin such an amazing resource for the community
1474.        running on the beach
1475.        encountering the fishermen this summer who caught the shark
1476.        seeing the release and dignity of the release of the shark
1477.        the amazing beauty of the shark
1478.        the feel of the sand under my bare feet on the runs on the beach
1479.        the feeling of the wind on my back on the return from the beach
1480.        the extension of shell island
1481.        the waves merging together at the end of shell island
1482.        watching the pelicans diver for their dinner
1483.        watching the schools of fish as they move over the waves in the water
1484.        watching net casting being done and catching literally dozens of fish at at time
1485.        for the turtle nest this year on the island
1486.        for the turtle watch volunteers being out at the next everyday
1487.        for being on the beach at the full moon
1488.        for being on the beach of the blood moon
1489.        for the extraordinary changes in the sky and watching the clouds on the runs each time
1490.        for Wrightsville beach as a whole
1491.        for the running across the bridges on the loop
1492.        for the feeling of the air and the breeze on the bridges when moving across the loop
1493.        for the run in the neighborhood on the isleand
1494.        for the harbor island garden club
1495.        for the park at the top of the loop with the water fountain
1496.        for the open fields at Wrightsville beach park for events and gathering
1497.        for the exercise bars and equipment for everyone to use
1498.        for the softball fields at Wrightsville beach park
1499.        for the sounds of summer concerts at Wrigthsville beach
1500.        for hooks alarm company
1501.        for being able to start over in my day
1502.        for each new day that I am granted
1503.        for being able to start new in the new day
1504.        for the ability to breathe
1505.        for the ability to breathe when I run
1506.        for my heart rate to decrease and increase as I exercise
1507.        for my body to be able to allow me to exercise
1508.        for me to be able to digest food
1509.        for me to be able to see color
1510.        for me to be able to hear the sounds around me
1511.        for me to be able to differentiate noises and enjoy sounds
1512.        for me to be able to smell pleasant smells
1513.        for me to be able to sense pleasant sensations
1514.        for me to be able to converse with other
1515.        for me to be able to understand
1516.        for me to be able to be understood
1517.        for all the compassion that is extended to me
1518.        for all the good thoughts that are extended to me
1519.        for all the love that is extended to me
1520.        for all the desire to be with me
1521.        for being able to get through depression
1522.        for me to be able to ask for help when I need it
1523.        for me to be able to receive help when I need it
1524.        for me to be able to drive myself to get care if I am injured
1525.        for me to not live alone so in an emergency someone is here with me
1526.        for all the care I receive when I am sick
1527.        for the care I am allowed to give when others are sick
1528.        for learning that sometimes just being there is enough
1529.        for just being there sometimes
1530.        for being able to go back into NHRMC without dealing with past issues of loss
1531.        for feeling some forgiveness for somethings
1532.        for the gentle act of a smile
1533.        for laughter
1534.        for smarminess in love
1535.        for jinx, one two three four five (speaking the same word at the same time)
1536.        thumping the ceiling when an oncoming car has a headlight out
1537.        for scratching the ceiling when I go under a yellow light
1538.        for holding up the ceiling when going under a railroad bridge
1539.        for finishing each other sentences
1540.        for know what he is saying off one word
1541.        for knowing what he wants just with a look
1542.        for him knowing what I want with one look
1543.        for chilly weather in the fall
1544.        for the winter around here never getting that cold, but nice and cold
1545.        for snuggling under the blankets with the heat off
1546.        for the sound of the fan always running with the white noise
1547.        for the dog stretched between us and making sure to touch us both for security
1548.        me being “treat daddy” to jax
1549.        jax running and hugging me as I enter the house like fred and dino in the flinstones! J
1550.        me being “play daddy” with Jax
1551.        jax and I playing tug of war with the ropes
1552.        jax loving his bones and always retrieving one when we come home!
1553.        for the feeling of being told “good job”
1554.        for seeing something I have worked on come to life
1555.        for seeing something I have worked on or been a part of be received well
1556.        for seeing something someone else has worked hard on be received well
1557.        for seeing someone else be recognized for good work or doing something well
1558.        to be a part of what gives us a chance to be good and do good
1559.        to be a part of creating help and making avenues of better means to be of help
1560.        being able to officiate at weddings and seeing the love of the couple
1561.        officiating for heather hearn’s wedding on the beach this year and how very special that was
1562.        for being asked to officiate for Kyle and Sarah
1563.        for having an excuse to go to mexico
1564.        for watching Andrew be off in mexico making a difference in the world
1565.        for the amazing gift of seeing another culture through the travels of those who are out there doing this things.
1566.        For the gift of following Erin McNeil as she traverses the earth and learns and shares her journey along the way
1567.        For being the man God intended for me to b
1568.        For being moderate, a liberal, a conservative…all depending on what we are talking about and understanding that labels make no sense to a man who thinks and examines the world around him
1569.        For being guided by thinkers and persons who have heart and soul and live in the grey
1570.        For being a southerner and loving it
1571.        For being an American first and foremost, but a citizen of the world and someone who sees our connectivity
1572.        For seeing our shared responsibility for and with one another
1573.        For being a North Carolinian and the state I truly love with all my heart
1574.        For being Gay and knowing that it is about being a three fold person: Mind, Body, and Spirit and I am never defined by someone else’s views
1575.        For knowing I am loved, accepted and created as I was intended.
1576.        Grateful for my gut and instinct
1577.        For listening to that instinct and gut
1578.        For the ability to truly feel pain through love and care
1579.        For the ability to feel concern and fear when it is appropriate
1580.        For the ability to feel disgust and disapproval as there are things that are not acceptable
1581.        For the moral compass that is within me
1582.        For being able to better define what is and is not acceptable for me personally
1583.        For not feeling the need or desire to judge others who may or may not agree with me on certain issues.
1584.        For the ability to hold information and not share it and marinating integrity around being trustworthy
1585.        For knowing the past is not the present and it informs but does not predict the now.
1586.        For being a Dean, a Phelps, an Austin, a King, a Holt, and all that these forebearers gave to me and to us to be where we are at this place and time
1587.        For being
1588.        for living one day at the time
1589.        for the revelation of the miracles that come each and every day in the world
1590.        for living a life now where I am more likely to expect good and believe that things will be as they should be
1591.        for living a life where there is absolutely no doubt that I am NEVER alone
1592.        for living each and everyday in the certainty that there is grace when we accept and receive it in abundance
1593.        for having opportunities
1594.        for being present
1595.        for showing up
1596.        for knowing I have clay feet and working each day to become
1597.        for self awareness
1598.        for love
1599.        for acceptance

1600.        for having the ability to write this list and share with others.