Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 7 of the new Journey: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness

HA! I just posted my facebook status and I cheated myself out of a day! LOL! It is day 7, not day 6! How cool is it to already be losing track....ha!
Got up this morning for Cardio (sounds like I was off to have a catheter put in..oh, wait, that is what I am trying to avoid!) Little sluggish. the boy cat was laying on top of me and the down comforter felt SOOOOOO good...and I worked soooooo hard yesterday....wait, no, I HAVE to get up..this is my commitment...Cat flying through the air...me on my two feet and into my shoes and out the door I went (I did put on clothes just in case you were wondering! I did not want to scare the villagers).

Got there...straight to my machine...hopped on like a pro and decided, "what the heck....I 'll set it for 30 minutes and see what happens". Well, 30 minutes later, at my target rate...after trying to convince myself I could stop about 8 times, I MADE IT....and I DID NOT DIE! I DID NOT DISSOVLVE...and it felt ok!

Adam came in as I was finishing and I felt like a 3 year old that had just used the potty for the first time adn I was like "look what I did" all wide eyed and proud...he gave me the approprate amount of praise! :)  It did feel good and as I went down the stairs I felt like I owned the place. I went outside into the cold in my shorts and shirt (I love the polar plunge of it all) and it was sooo nice!

I do have to tell on myself since this blog is hopefully about sharing the experience so that others might walk this journey too..when I got home, got showered and was heading out the door, I looked in the mirror and I looked at my stomach in the mirror and I called myself fat and said, "see, no change..why bother"...I was so glad that almost immediately, the voice in my head, said shut the F up!!!, its been 6 days!! how dare you, you have done a great job and are on your way..it took you time to get here, it is going to take time to make change..be blessed this is happening!" I swear to you..that I looked up from my stomach, at my face..directly into my face and for a moment I really and truly felt at peace...it was a good moment. The old tapes..the negative stuff will not succeed. it was a good moment...on to many more.

Today is a long one..I know I can do it...I have much to be thankful for, but there are two board meetings after work that take me almost to 9! It is just the time when i would have stopped at the fast food place and picked up whatever I could grab or eated the cookies and mess at the meetings. NOT TODAY! I am going home for lunch and will prepare some Tuna and some things for me to take this evening, so that if I get hungry...I will have what I need with me. NO FAST FOOD EVER! NEVER! I am just never going to do that to myself again! If you see me in a drive through..you have my permission to slam into me! I have full coerage! HAHA! ...no, i have to do this..but you get the point. I just have to prepare for these things...if I am going to be active and involved, I have to take care of myself...duh! Seems so simple, right?

speaking of so simple...Michael came home last night..he got a membership to o2 fitness while I was at my appointment...he wants to do this with me! talk about a blessing..support..love...I cannot even describe what that felt like!!!

Ok...break is over..gotta go!
Thanks be to God for All the blessings fo this life today and always!
I am blessed way more than I deserve!


bethblogs said...

I wish I could muster up the dedication to work out as much as you do!!!

Ed Farthing said...

Excellent!!! Congratulations!!!

Michelle said...

Came to your blog from the Freeman blog. Keep up the hard work Bo!! You can do this!!!

HoundDogMom said...

Came over from the Freeman blog to give you some encouragement. GO BO. If you need some additional exercise you can come to Illinois and help walk the hounddogs for me. Best wishes on your goal. Sherri