Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 19 of the new Journey: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness

 Today has been a great day...we missed church but I doubt church missed up. Michael is actually worse with his cold and now had a being around folks is probably not a good idea right now. So, I got up and made us mr sicky juiced up with orange juice and and other liquids and then decided to have a day in. For months I have been wanting to work on the garage (MY ROOM! LOL!) and have not been able too due to lack of energy..time etc. So, today, I got it together and I am pleased to say that much progress was made...I did get some rest too. It was not all work today, but it felt so good to get that room straight! It is my creative space as well as storage. In the process of cleanig it up I discovered that we had purchased the 7th edition of the heart associaiton cookbook last year and some other great reading (that i am sure at the time I bought them, I as going to get right on that! LOL!). But as in everything in my life, when the time is happens!

This is going to be a short entry tonight. It is my "day of rest" after all. :) I pray you all are having a blessed Sunday..and I am looking forward to a new week if I am blessed to have it one day at a time! But for today, I am VERY grateful and if the rest of the week is like today, It is going to be great and I am on the right path!

Cape Fear Heart Walk

It's all about Adam Freeman and his amazng training!

Please join and support the amazing folks at O2 fitness! Grateful, does not begin to describe!

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