Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 16 of the new Journey: See less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness!

Last night after work we did something we have not done in almost a year and a half. We walked on the beach! I should be kicked in the tail, I know...we live 5 minutes from wrightsville. But I have not felt like getting out and walking on the beach in so very long. I have been so tired when I come home and when we have gone near the beach, it has been just to look out or to a function. But last night, I had the energy after work to walk spend time together like we used to! It was so wonderful! The sand was freezing under my toes (I had my penny loafers on...not good beach shoes)....but it did not matter....we were out there and it was amazing...cleansing..and well, you get the picture. Blessing #...well, too many to count..but still keeping track of how abundant!

I have been fighting with cooking at home and still wanting so badly to go out to eat like we were doing. But every time I get in my head where to go, I just cannot justify spending money on food I can make at home and if it is not going to be my "free meal" night..why bother. It is actually good to cook at home and I am coming up with more and more ways to eat to our tastes, but really low in fat and high in flavor. Sorry, the books and the health guides don't have a lot of recipes that meet my needs right now....I am a type II diabetic remember, and most have either too much sugar, or rice, and or potatoes.  I am still researching (and taking reccomendations)...but what i cook has to be quick and simple! I am really trying to avoid rice and potatoes as the sides for our dinner. I have  been relying so heavy on those for so long and it just feels right to try and make a break for a while.

But in the interim, trying ot come up with meals that are satisfying and filling without the starchy friends has been a challenging, but rewarding adventure. Understand that I have never steamed anything besides the occassional curtain when they are first hung...but I have now successfully steamed broccolli several times! (yes, I know..I am a genuis!....water boiling..colander..lid..whalla! a chemist discovering cold fusion!!!)..and while I am not its biggest fan in that form (add lemon pepper and spray butter..mmmm).
Last night I added the broccoli to some marina and chicken anduli (sp) sausage and it was really good (4.5 grams of fat per I had to be careful with those...but with the need for a lot)...and NO PASTA! :)! I have been reading up on the benefits of broccoli and the combination with makes me want to do that even more!

So, that is food. Today I made it again for Cardio..Thursdays do seem to be my tougher mornings..a little sleepy and had to push..but I did the 30 minutes and am ready for my day!

We have a busy one today with the MLK Speaker and a great lunch for our Sherrif....Life is good and I am grateful! One day at  a time! thanks be to God!

Cape Fear Heart Walk
It's all about Adam Freeman and his amazng training!
Please join and support the amazing folks at O2 fitness! Grateful, does not begin to describe!


Aimee Freeman said...

I loved reading this today. When I took my walk on the beach the other day, I thought about inviting you to go for a walk with me. However, after reading about all of your progress, I am not sure that I could keep up with you. 5.0 on the treadmill! I have never walked that fast, seriously.

So, if you ever want to take a daytime walk, call me.

Way to go! You are doing so great & you are an inspiration to so many!!


Blaire said...

My biggest challenge is lunch, so here's a good lunch:

Whole Grain Wrap (1)
Raw Spinach
Grilled Chicken (spiced however)
Pesto (1-2 tbs)

Fill the wrap with spinach and 4oz of grilled chicken. Spread 1 tbs of pesto on the chicken and spinach and wrap it up. Have a piece of fruit and water or tea and you have a really TASTY lunch.

You can also add a little skim mozzarella or black beans like me.

Note: Delallo makes a good pesto without a ton of sodium. You can make it yourself too - very easy. South Beach makes good wraps and they are lower calorie and high fiber. They have herb flavor, sun dried tomato and spinach I think.

I'm doing this along with you, so good luck to both of us!

Running in the Delta said...

Bo, I stumbled upon your blog today and I LOVE IT! You are an inspiration and I don't even know you but I'm so proud of you! Awesome.

I have a fitness blog, too, and every now and then include quick, healthful recipes if you are in search of some.

Love, Laura