Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 49, 50, 51, 52, 53 of the new Journey: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness

Lord what a week! I have been negligent in my posts, but I have not been in my negligent this week! However, I do not want to get this far of track ever again in terms of my blog because each day does in fact bring things and understandings that I want to track.

Wed, Adam let me know that he was not going to be in for training and might be out for the week. I went in and did my cardio instead and felt good about making it on my own. Wed was a huge day for me as we had our biggest speaker for my work coming in, I had a commissioners meeting which I felt might be stressful, and that night was an event for work I had been working on for some time. Somehow, it all cam off without a hitch! All along, I had a breakfast I was chairing looming for Friday as well! No, nothing can happen in my life without it happening all at once....but here is the difference this year as opposed to last...I made sure that my work out, my eating, my sleep and taking care of those things came absolutely first!!!! I did not over eat, I did not eat things that were not part of my new eating healthy and I I drank water and moved through the day! It was wonderful!

Thursday went well and I did my cardio and then Friday..oh Friday! we had a breakfast for Coastal Horizons Center, Inc that i have served with for several years.and it was the fulfillment of all our work and we raised over 40k! Coastal has the rape crisis center, youth shelter and treats thousands for substance abuse and mental health. It means a great deal to me! I was so happy and even with all that going on, I stayed true to my plan! It is so funny, eating can sneak up on me..when I am up, I want to eat thing that are not good for me, when I am down, and when I am bored. It is vigilance. After the breakfast, i wanted to go and eat eat eat and "celebrate"...I mean, that is what you do. right? Not anymore. Substances: Alcohol, drugs, FOOD don't bring about celebration...that comes from within and I was just as happy feeling the tears and feeling the good vibes from the emails and hearing the good feedback from so many...what a great day! The best part was after all was said and done...after the breakfast this morning...working all day..and then I even went to celbrate a friends b-day..I still went in in the evening and did my cardio on friday evening!

Saturday was busy as heck to...and I was almost pushed to far from the busy of hte week..but it turned out ok...we had the UNCW Women's Resource Center confernece on women in politics and I got to hear Senator Boseman, Julia, speak so beautifully and inspiringly with these young people...and Chrystal and Jacob came and I got to hold the baby for a while! I love that..then the Heart Ball sponsor party was at Parkway Volvo and Ashley, Kathy, Diane and I set it up and it was a great party to say thanks to the Heartball sponsors for all they did! Ashley did a wonderful job on that!  After we set up the function, I went to the gym and did my cardio and full additons that Adam gave me! It was so good.

Today is sunday and while I have a lot to do in the is a good day off and I am just feeling so very blessed to have had such a great week... Thanks be!

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