Sunday, February 14, 2010

Day 39 and 40 of the new Journey: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness

Saturday was a great day pretty amazing here in Wilmington. It SNOWED! what beauty! we got up and walked the neoghborhood and the campus and enjoyed the quiet with the muffled crunching of the fresh snow under our feet. It was really wonderful! Of course, given that this is Wilmington, the roads were good to go by about noon, and I went over to 02 and did my cardio plus. I was able to do a full thirty on the elliptical and then get three full sets of high/low chops, low high chops, across, robo cop on the bozo ball with 7.5 weights and chicken wings on the bozo ball with the chubby checker machine on both sides! It was great!

Now, Friday, I had mentioned that I had to leave at 7:30a because of the need to open up the office. But Adam was still able to put me through intensely. Well, he did add a machine on Friday that I call the horse. The reason I call it the horse is because on saturday, the inside of my thighs felt like I have ridden across a mountain trail bareback! LOL! this machine is the one where oyu stand in it with the weight on your shoulders and then do squats. is intense...but it is a builder for sure!

Saturday night was the Heart Ball and it was MAGICAL! My friend Ashley was hte organzier for it and it as one of the best events I have ever seen done here. Everyone looked so amazing and it felt so good to be a healthier and have my old black suit hangin off of me!

Today is the day of a great day...It is Valentines Day and we are very happy and so grateful! But I am also grateful for all the love around me as well!
Thanks be to God!

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