Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 41 of the new Journey: See less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness!

made it today! Was way sleepy this morning cause I did not get to sleep till midnight! Saw Jessye Norman in concert with my mom and it was AMAZING!..worth staying up late let me tell you!..but Adam was not letting me off easy! :)  I was able to get 15 in on the elliptical and then we were off..and of course I got back on the horse that threw me on Friday...dag that machine SUCKS! but it is one that he says I need...and well..this time I thought after whinning a little he would back down some...oh noooooo...instead of 12 reps per set..I got to do 20! YEAH! how WONDERFUL! fact..i got to do 3 SETS of 20! LOL! I told michelle at the desk as I loaded up my shoulders with that thing to be ugly to him the rest of the day..of is not in her nature and he is helping me, so that won't happen..but LORD have mercy! :) I was so proud of my myself at the end of the third set though...I actually did it! (of course smart tail that Adam is..he know I could do story goes! :) ). we were on machines that I have not used. All of them look like something from my erector set days..but actually they were pretty cool...a struggle at times..but it all worked out...curls and extensions, push downs, chest presses...and in between each..I got to do five trips up and down those wonderful stairs! Oh those wonderful stairs! :)  It was a great workout..
I say great for one reason..there were times when in my mind I just thought.."this is too much" and I got through it anyway..and I remember thinking.."this is an hour out of your day that will help the rest of your life"...I am not sure if that was me thinking that or whether that was just a spirit...but it was very special..and at the end when I got in my car..I was so grateful and at peace.  I really have gotten it over the years that this...all things that lead me to things that make me a better person aren't about punishment, guilt, pain....none of that...they are about willingness..just being willing to do what is asked. that damn song form that claymation christmas movie where they sing "you just put one foot in front of the other...and soon you'll be walking out the door.." It is really like that.

 The pain has always come from the resistance to the change..the holding on to things that are unhealthy or that are not right for me...either out of fear of the unknown or just not understanding what needed to be done...

anyway..getting philisophical...but it is real. and for today..I am glad I am willing. I am glad that by being willing God has brought so much into my life to make these many to be supportive and show me so much goodness! "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear"...amazing!

btw: Adam Freeman (head of fitness at O2 and the trainer with heart and soul that has helped me so much) has changed the addresss of his blog: check it out at:

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