Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Day 29 of the new Journey: See less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness!

made it! :) got up bright eyed and bushy tailed and hauled off to the gym..Last night I got to bed early and fell asleep watching Matilda! be so engrossed in books..I want to be..but what a great story and I needed something just sweet and a reminder that good was nice. It is so nice to have dinner with Michael and be able to talk to other friends in the evening too. I cannot remember a time in recent years where I have actually talked to people on the phone in the evening..It is really nice. We had out new favorite dinner..Chicken with spinach and marinara and it too was perfect and filling! I coudl eat that every night!

I did 15 of cardio and had time to start even before Adam got there! I got the bozo ball, because I am obssessed with being able to balance on one foot and tried to do that for a few before he got there...I have a little more success on my left leg than my right..but I tried. I jumped on sitting squats machine and that is where Adam found me..smiling cause i was already there when he arrived! he was ready for sure to put me through my paces. I was to do 15 reps today on each squats. pushes. pulls and he put me through them 4 times, not three....and we moved at a non stop pace! It was great. The hardest being the pushes...I only could get 10 on the last round..but that was ok and I was proud as was he.

He got the circus ball and cirque de so bo was on...this time no weights..just rolling out and hands behind my head and then chin up to crunches..OWWWW! LOL! but I did it! Ladies...I will never know what giving birth is like..but I have more empathy now than I have ever had...lord have mercy!
I rolled back up and then he had me on the mat on all fours doing one leg out and one arm out and then reverse. then back on the ball and then back on the mat...I look up and its 7:29!! ARRRRGHH! LOL!
he got me on the Chubby Checker machine and I did the twist and that is where we figured out that maybe my back issues are coming from...a little twinge came we finished, but not as many...
We went over to the big boy/girl weight area and I did chicken wing lifts, then drop down thingys, curls, and step up on the leggos with weights this time....are you tired yet? LORD KNOWS it was a work out! LOL!

All in all it was amazing! I am still walking and talking and clear and so very grateful for it all still!
I just have to watch my back and keep on track.
02 has a food tracking system and I am going to start using it so that I can report back to my dietician to see if there is any changes that need to be made ot my diet...but all is good!
thanks be to GOD!

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