Monday, February 08, 2010

Day 34 of the new Journey: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness

wonderful day. work out this morning (oh yeah, I made it this morning! LOL)...15 on the machine elliptical, then Adam grabbed me and was down to business. I am at the next level and it was so amazing to see what I am already able to do..I was able to do the chest presses with extra weight! These are the same exercises that made my arms shake and me tear up the first time I tried them! I was also able to do the extension thing where you push the bar down from your chest and extend your arms straight down..he even added weight! It was so great! He got me on the bozo ball and took me to another level of barbells and then had me on a cirque de so bo ball against a wall doing squats...and if I could learn how to stick my butt out, these will go better...But got, I got the exciting addition of running up and down the staircase 5 times between each set of exercises! Yeah! (NOT!) lol! But, here's the thing..according to my little watchy thing that will tell me if my heart is going to explode, not matter how much I did this, my heart rate never got over 147..which means that I AM CAPABLE of this exerise..guess Adam knows when I am ready for things...I would call him names, but that is not very Christian! HA! Not to mention how amazing it is that I was able to do this! Common, some of you was a struggle to go up one flight of stairs just 35 days ago much less being able to go up and down five times BETWEEN reps of weights and after 15 minutes on an elliptical and not be being hauled off in a wagon to the emergency room!  Thanks be to God!

The rest of the day was just one blessing after another. We gave out some of the money we raised from the New Hanover County Health Foundation today and I was present to see some great people file for election. It was awesome to be there, be alive, be healthier, be with people that I come home to one I love..thanks be!

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