Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 44, 45, 46 of the new Journey: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness

waited forever for the figure skating last night and fell asleep waiting! I am so mad that that snow boarding crap came before the skating and we took the gold for the first time in 22 years! Oh well..thank God for youtube! LOL!

That said, that is why I did not post last I am combining yesterday and today...needless to say I am grateful to report two more days where I got my butt up and got to the gym...yesterday I got my full 30 on the elliptical and then did 30 minutes of the exercises that Adam gave me to add on. I am not able to do all of them, but by picking up the pace a little, I got more sets in, with three sets of high/low chops, low high chops, and across chops, 12 on each side of the chubby checker machine and then I balanced a little on each foot on the bozo ball. It was very good and I had a good day.

today is Friday and it was  great workout, but after, for some reason and for the first time, my blood sugar hit the dirt...I will have to find out why and check in with the doc next week sometime now that I am about to hit the two month mark and am making some progress. It was NOT a good feeling, but I ate, rested and got my mess together.

after work we went out to dinner and I ate Salmon! It was wonderful! not a fish eater...but here might be another change! had the waitress take the rolls away and when the sauteed spinach came swimming in swam on without me!..But I left full and satified adn happy...not deprived and certainly not feeling like I was missing out! What a great feeling!

The stress is building with this coming week and my "eating monster" is definitly on the alert and ready to pounce. A lot going on at work and I have an even on Friday that we have been working for some time. Just have to take it a day at a time, but lots of things to keep in order.

Saturday slept in. Guess it was needed after the sugar drop on friday. I really never did have the energy back after that...but the extra sleep felt good on Saturday. Tried to get some cleaning done in the house and then fix lunch and off to the gym. I got in the full 30 on the elliptical and I did the extra that Adam ave me on the other exercises. It felt great, but I have to be careful not to increase weight on the exercises until I check in with Adam. I tried to doing a higher weight on the rotator cuff and it wore me out. We went out to dinner in the evening with freinds and I had my first red meat in almost two months! I was TOLD to have it! LOL..but I still did not do was lean and I skipped the potates and instead of the dessert that came with the fixed menu, i had fruit It was great.

Today we got up around 11 and it was non-stop even thought it is technically supposed to be the "day off"....We went out for breakfast and went out to eat so much before all this that it is still amazing to cook here at home. With 6 loads of laundry and cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it is trying to get all this in as a routine that sometimes feels overwhelming....but it is working out! I had actual work to do today and between the two computers in front of me, did not move much until we went to cosco and before I knew it, it was 6:00 and dinner time!

Here's to the week to come!

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