Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 174: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness!

what a great day...I was sooooo sleepy this morning. Not sure why, but it was a busy weekend I guess. But I got my butt up and headed to the gym! that was a great start! It is so good walking in these days cause not only are the great folks at the gym there, now my friends J and R are there and that makes me feel so good to feel people I love when I come in working with Adam and on a similar path that I am on.
Adam had me running at 7.5 miles an hour on tread mill with my sprints and kept me for 10 minutes this morning. To say he is racheting it up daily is an understatement! LOL!
But it was a good work out and he had me do something, yet again, that I never thought I could do...he had me get on a work out machine that I have looked at others doing, and quite frankly made a lot of jokes about...but in my mind, it looked like something that was impossible. Today, however, Adam thought I was ready. It is a machine where you lay on your stomach, and bend forward with your arms crossed in front and go down as far as you can and then lift up..fully....and then again....I did it and did two sets of 15! :) it was such a great feeling! and a real boost to my feeling of being able to do things! It was awesome!

Afterwards, we had the dedication of the cross city trail that will go through UNCW. It was such a great event!
But moreover, this is the final piece of the trail that will span 20 miles across the city to the sea! It was a true mark of cooperation, public private partnership and garnering resources and looking for ways to provide our community with the best of amenities that make our city a place for all, but also enhancing the ability of folks to have alternative routes of transportation and to give us a place for generations to come for health and well being! Now living a life of use for the vision and work that went into this trail, it is truly a blessing to be among this! truly a blessing!

I ended my day with a bike ride this evening. Even though this was a training day, I still wanted to go out and ride..and it was wonderful! 
I am grateful. Just so grateful! 
Thanks be to God!

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