Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Day 148: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey withy s Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness!

well, back to work today and it was a good day! the worst part of today was that I did not do laundry and so I had old clothes to wear and spent most of the day making sure my pants did not fall down! LOL!
Outside of that, it was a good and productive day...but I will get back to that.

I slept through Church on Sunday and really needed to just relax...i had been pretty wide open, even on this "holiday weekend". It felt good to sleep till 11:15. I have not done that in a long time. I got up, made breakfast and then, well, i have to admit I got busy. Packing up the house for the transformation is proving to be therapuetic as well as cleansing. The more I put away, the more it was like seeing what we might change/get rid of...it was nice. But it was intense. Just in the downstairs bookcases, there are ten cartons of books...and so, it was a lot of hauling. Taking everything upstairs, moving things around and making the changes was a work out in and of itself. Michael got home and we worked togheter a little and then settled in our new "den" upstairs for UP the movie. What a beautiful movie. One of the best I have seen..ever. It was so wonderful and a perfect ending to the day!
Monday, being memorial day, we had off and we got up and went downtown to have breakfast..and then decided to be a tourist in our own town..we went on the trolley ride around Historic downtown (which we have never done). it was awesome. We walked around before and took time to go into "Kid's Making it", a non-profit that helps kids learn wood working and other skills..what magnificent work and things come out of this place. Such a truly inspired place! We had a wonderful day walking and talking and sharing and then decided to go for a bike ride. We had gone a good distance when Michael said I could go by 02 and do my work-out while he went shopping. :) I smile, because I was thinking about skipping working out since it as a holiday. fate had another idea! :) But it was the right things to do and frankly...it was great because the gym was closing at 5 due to the holiday and it was 4:15. I got in a good work out...even three sets of squats! :) and then Michael and I biked back home together! It was a perfect day!

Today, I worked and then after, biked over and did my elliptical. I have been having problems at level 14 with the sprints...so I tried level 13..and sure enough, I got up to 22 minutes worth of sprints before I finished at level 11. It was great...now I am off to sleep for another day!

Thanks be!

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