Thursday, June 03, 2010

Day 149: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness!

was a little sluggish getting going this morning...but got going and got to work. I am always wound tight the first orientation session for students. I love my job and the first impression that they get after they have been accepted is our orientation session..and today was the begining for this year. It is very exciting...a new group..all that promise..and the hope they will succeed and flourish as much as so many of the ones that have come through so far. the older I get the more precious I see how this opportunity really is for these students...and, well, all we can do is give them the best is up to them from there...
that all said, I was wound back was hurting a little from all the bike riding...but it was a great day things went well. I was ready for my work out when work was over and when I got home I realized i had not charged my ipod...well, that is not a deal breaker, but the idea of having to be on the elliptical without music was not something I was looking forward, as I got on my bike and headed over to the gym, I decided to take some advice from Adam and change things up a little. I passed the entrance to Mayfaire for the gym and headed to the beach...I had it in mind that i was going to go to wrightsville and back and figured that would give me a full hour on the road..and I have figured out my pace from riding the bike at the gym that will keep my heart rate at burn I figured I could do this. I know I was at about 80 rpm or a little higher and kept the gears at 5 and 3...and moved on....It was wonderful! I headed over the bridge..and then instead of just going to the beach, I decided to go around the loop and then go back! The air was wonderful and despite some afternoon traffic folks who were less than was perfection.
I fatiqued and it burned in my thighs a little and I had to concentrate to make sure that kept my back straight so that I would not tighten up to much...but other than that, it was great!
I think I will do this again! :) (well, we will see tomorrow how sore or not sore I am! LOL!)
well....a new adventure down! and so awesome!
see you all, I pray, for a new one tomorrow!
thanks be!

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