Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 161: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness!

I would have posted last night, but the last thing I remember after dinner was Michael saying he was going out for a few minutes. I was laying in the bed with the intention of getting up to do some things in the house. I do not even remember closing my eyes, but at 6am, they opened again. Yep....I was out like light! It may have had something to do with having my tail kicked Monday morning. I had gotten up after a great night's sleep and went to the gym I got in a full 15 minutes on the elliptical, even say my friend J there with her husband..which was a delight and a some inspriation...cause I love seeing friends motivated too...and then Adam had a glint in his eye. I should have been suspicious when the first thing that we did was go upstairs and he began with sprints on the treadmill..running sprints. After, we went to 60 jumping jacks, followed by 25 push ups, follwed by the horse with 25 reps, followed by 25 reps on the pull down...and on and on...at the end of the session, Adam looked at me as if he was non-plussed and said casually "I took it up a notch. could you tell?". I think I sputtered yes...but frankly I was a little stunned! LOL! But I did do it and it was ok. But by the time I got home,  I was DEAD!

I went to work today and had a great day and then afterwards, I came home and changed and got right to my bike to go over to the gym. I really did not think about the weather. It is over 100 and humid here right now...btw! On the way over, it was not so bad, but it was stiffling in terms of breathing. I kept my bike on 5 and 3 and maintained my reps, but I could feel the struggle. I decided that it was probably best to go the gym and do the elliptical and not stay out in this heat this time. When I got off my bike, I was stunned at how drenched I was. I had made a bottle of sugar free green tea with ice and swallowed it down and got on the elliptical. I was on level 13 and started my sprints. I got through the first 10 minutes and had to get off for a minute. I had really overdone in on the bike over. I got a swallow of the tea and then got back on and went back at it. I stayed at the same level and pace and was able to go another 7 minutes with sprints and then had to just finish the thirty minutes without any more sprints and just the elliptical itself. I was not discouraged though because I never dropped the level and the speed stayed at or around 7 miles and hour. It was a good work out.

I biked back home and did ok..but it was a lot and i downed a ton of unsweetened tea when I got home! Not to mention, as soon as we got back from the salad bar at Ruby Tuesdays, I took a nice Epsom Salt soak! :) I feel much better now! :)

I am over a week now with no diet coke...it is working and I hope to keep it up! It is a big..no HUGE step. I have been a diet coke addict for over 20 years. So, giving this one up is taking a lot more effort. But, I know that it is worth it! I am just craving it so badly! It is weird.

Oh well! Looking forward to tomorrow if I am granted another day. Blessed by this one!

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