Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Day 154: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness!

Today is tuesday and it is great day. Sunday was a day off and I did a pretty good job of taking time to rest. I really am trying not to overdo my back while I am enjoying the bike riding. I have an itch to go biking almost everyday now and kind of understand the "need' runners have, even when it hurts them physically...but if I have learned anything from Adam it is that i can only keep enjoying this new life if I take care of myself. So, I, for the most part stayed at home and relaxed on Sunday.

Monday was a great training session. Adam was trying to take care on my back, but then took it up a level towards the end by adding a new thing...RUNNING! For a lot of you reading this, that may not sound like a big deal, but I have never jogged or run, and since gaining weight, I can assure you that running was not in my repertoire! :) He spent a lot of time getting me used to the tread mill, making sure I do not knock myself out getting on and off the machine (clearly we have met!). then had me on for 30 seconds at a run and then off for thirty and kept that up....it was pretty amazing that I could not only do it, I was not hurting my knees or back while doing it either. I was RUNNING! Pretty cool stuff!

Monday evening, I wanted to bike when I got home and I was concerned about my back..so instead, I took a dip in our pool that we have in the neighborhood. I hardly ever go there and frankly when I was on the HOA board I used to say that we should fill it with cement because it cost us so much more in insurance for our dues. Frankly I just felt uncomfortable with all of our toned neighbors out there. Well, I still do, but now i just don't care. I dove into that water and swam laps for about 45 minutes and it felt great! Adam told me that if I swam under water as much as i could, using my whole body to swim, it would give me the most exercise and use of my body similar to my sprints. So, I did that and it worked. It was another thing I can now use! :) and I finally am using an amenity we have...so that was great too! :)

Today was good as well...work was busy, and then I had a board meeting right after till after 7..so I had to get my cardio in. I had not charged IPOD again, so the elliptical was not in the evening plans and I took the chance that I could do the trip to the beach, the loop at the beach and back before dark..sure enough, I got all 11 miles in and watched the must amazing sunset as my gift on the way back....it was amazing. I tried to keep my cadence right to get the right workout..but i really tried ot focus on keeping my head up and look around at the world while I was riding tonight. Adam spoke at my rotary today. It was awesome. He shared his and amy's story about the life and loss of their daughter Kayleigh, his own life, and his goals now...it was so powerful, as is his gifts in this world to so many. Tonight when I rode, I wanted to focus not only on the gift of being able to ride, but the gift of being alive, being able to see the world around me, and to experience it with the breath in my lungs, and the feeling of love, support and friendship that surrounds me each and every day. It was wonderful. I was riding tonight with Windell, Kayleigh, my Grandmother's, so many whose hearts would not last...it was...like I said...awesome....
thanks be.

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