Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 163: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness!

12 hours from wood floors in the house! I am psyched! I cannot wait! Of course the adventure getting here has been a workout in and of itself. But thanks to the best next door neighbors ever..I did not have to loose my back over moving the piano!

Wednesday I had another "ramped up" work out with Adam. The sprints on the tread mill were soooo much fun...but I got through. He is putting me through my paces now for sure and I get NO mercy. The thing I could not help but thing of was the youtube video he has of me going up and down the stairs....well, now he has me running those stairs...and I am doing it! It whips my butt, but I can do it. If you had ever told me when I began this that I would be able to run these, I would never have believed it.. and I am telling you, if I can do it..I know anyone can! It is awesome and it is about a day at a time..I just cannot wait to see what is next!! :) Although, I am enjoying today, no doubt! Even with 40 plus pounds to go...I am enjoying the way my close feel and more imporantly, the way I feel when I walk! There is such energy!

Today, I got off work and biked over again to the gym. It is sooo hot! It was not as bad as it was the other day, but it was hot! when i got to the gym, I went right for the treadmill and decided to do the sprints on my own. I did 6 minutes worth and it was pretty good. When my legs got sloppy, I decided it was enough for right then and got on the elliptical. I did the rest of the 30 at 13 at 7.0 miles an hour....and then biked back home. It whooped me..but I was able.

All in all it was a great day and looking forward to having another if I am granted!

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