Wednesday, June 23, 2010

All about the food we eat

My desk used to be consumed by chips, nabs, sweets, banna chips, yogurt covered pretzels (they are healthy..right? they have yogurt! 9 grams of fat a serving..maybe not!)...and Diet Coke and GALLONS of it!
It took me exactly 31 seconds to slice this Apple and to pour out these blueberries...a lot shorter than to walk to the machine to get the crackers...The apple is chiled adn wonderful!

Now, there are other ways for me to stay alert, healthy and on it at work and keep going through the days.
I am not going to deny our students of their pizza and doughnuts..but I can live so that I can be more of who I want to be...and I LOVE this food! Moreover, I love the way I feel on it!

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