Saturday, June 05, 2010

Day 151: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness!

got going on Friday without much problem...actually woke up kind a early. I am not sure I saw the pillow before i fell asleep after that bike ride! :) I was extra aware of my back on Friday morning and it was pretty good. Just a little tight. Adam wanted me to make sure I stretched and kept the focus on stretching if I am going to bike that distance and when I got in on friday morning, I did the full 15 on the elliptical and while I felt some tightness, i was pretty good to go. Adam had me train as usual, but he was a little more gentle on things that impacted my back. So, I did not get "the chair"!

I went to work and had a great day! I have to admit that my eating was a little out of wack on friday. My director had said when I bought these veggie chips for the students that I would have a tough time staying away from them. I said, "oh, don't want them"...well, I wanted them! and I have to figure out a way to NOT want them! :) Even though they are lower in fat, I just don't need that mess!
We went to Airlie gardens for a concert and while I did not dance this time, I just had a great time! Fresh Market has a salad bar now and I was able to take a salad out there and enjoy that for dinner. But after the concert we were still hungry and decided that we would go and have a salad again and so, I had a more than usual and felt very full! I don't feel guilty for that or anything...but it just is not my regular and by talking about it, somehow makes me feel better so it does not get away from me. See, I am feeling better and  a little more normal...but I have 50 or more pounds to go...and more than that in terms of toning and getting my body in order..I don't want to loose my focus. that does not mean that I can't have a treat (Like tonight....we had fish at Bonefish grill and I had talapia rockefeller that was to DIE for) just means that I have to watch for me doing stuff that leads me into bad behaviors..also, this week, we were doing orientation and I have a new responsibility at work and I am very concerned about end of the year budget stress eating...well, you can imagine having to watch for that! now that I say that...that is exactly where the veggie chips came was like filling up against anxiety. well, there are better ways! :)

today is saturday and I did the wrightsville beach run again! I stopped into Bike Cycles on the way. they are the best bike store I have ever been involved with. I went in for a holder for a water bottle. After they installed it, they noticed something being sluggish and wanted to check it out. After getting it on the rack, they found a spoke had broken. They fixed it and did a full range of fixes, oiled my gears and stuff and all they charged me was 15$! they totally rock! I love that place.
I got on my bike..went to the beach..did the loop and then on the way back toured the summer's rest trail. Now, if this changed had not happened, I would have never done this. It was stunningly beautiful through there and i loved every minute! what a great get away! You HAVE to do it! and often!
then I biked back home.
Michael and I went to dinner and I got some Epsom salts for bath soak to take extra care of my back...and I feel like I will be ok..but better safe than sorry! :)
love it!

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