Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 159: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness!

Yikes! Its Sunday already! wow..what a whirlwind and we are almost halfway through June! I swear it just goes so fast!
Thursday was a great day and I got my cardio in, but it was not the full 12 miles. I went to a committee meeting on wrightsville beach and on the way back from Lumina avenue, it began to rain. I chickened out and called home and had Michael come and get me. It was more the headwinds than the rain to tell the truth..but it was so funny that I was so frustrated cause I had not finished! this may end up being an addiction...yikes! :)

Friday was a great and tough work out with Adam and I had a retreat at the office after which was one of the nicest I can rememer. I can tell you that feeling healthier physically has made me a little healthier in other ways to. I enjoyed our time together as an office more than i can remember in these last ten years. It just felt so good and I am so blessed to work with these folks. Kate brought blueberries and yogurt as our snacks! It was so nice!  We had our floors delivered on Friday, so I took off after the retreat and it was so great to have the wood in the house. After, I biked over to Mayfaire to have my bike repaired at Bike Cycles (best bike shop in town!!!) and then biked back! What was so great about that was that I had no real problem with my back after having trained in the am and then a 45 minute run in the afternoon! Nice!

I have introduces Epsom Salt soaks a couple of times a week. Costco sells 4lbs at a time for 5bucks and it really helps and is very healing. I was using fancy, smelly, salts for a long time, but then Michael told me about them and I looked up the healing properties and was totally sold. I don't have to have the smell of rosemary..just the release of the tension! I am a little reluctant to run tubs..but I have to trade off the health benefits for it!

Saturday Adam and I went for an early morning run on the bikes downtown on the Sea to River trail and down Ann Street! It was awesome...and then had breakfast downtown! what a great way to spend a saturday morning with a friend! He and I have decided that we are going to get others together and make this a weekend thing for all of us! It was great! Michael and I went blueberry picking in the afternoon! It was a great Saturday!

People keep asking me about what I am eating. I have to tell you, I am eating great stuff! I thought I would write down what I am eating in a week to let you see:

food from home:
sliced apples
grilled chicken (marinated in lemon juice, Lemon pepper, dill, and garlic with only a teaspoon of EVOO)
rottiserie Chicken from HT or Lowes (and if you wait till 6:30 or a little after, they mark them down and they are still great!)
mixed greens (cooked, martha holmes)
mixed greens raw with balsamic vinegrette (homeade) (mostly balsam...garlic, onion powder, black pepper, lemon pepper, a little salt, and then put on high in blender, and then drizzle in EVOO until it thickens...a couple of tables will do to mix in with greens perfectly!)
light sprinkle of feta
egg (cooked in microwave with NO butter)
Canadian Bacon
fat free cheddar cheese
Whole wheat bread
Polaner sugar free all fruit
93/7 grilled hamburger steaks with Heinz 57 and salad
canned salmon salad (the kind with no skin and bones, season
dehydtraded potates, Idahoans (about once a week)
American Saladn (ice berg with carrotts, cabage)
Crushed crackers in the salad
Light ranch dressing
sugar free ice cream sandwiches
Sugar free ice cream
Sugar free Popsicle
Coffee (lack for the most part..use Fat free creamer some time with sweet and low)
Sugar free cool aid
sugar free, fresh brewed and then iced green tea
Iced tea
(and most weeks, yogurt! Love some yogurt!)

Eating out
once a week, pita delight, pam's salad, no house dressing, just fajita dressing
Tokyo 101 bento box with veggies, chicken, and salad
Hibachi Grill, hibachi Chicken and veggies
Dock street oyster bar, steamed shrimp, broiled cajun catfish
at rotary each week I have the chef salad, no cheese with lite ranch at mcCallister's
The low fat bacon sandwich from starbucks (380 calories and 8 grms of fat)
veggie omelet at barista's on Saturday

Cheats this week?
I had veggie chips at work-3 bags...and frankly, won't do this again. they are not that bad..but they are chips..and just not worth it.
I had a peanut butter sandwich this week
an extra snack of pretzels and lite ranch
had red potatoes with my omelet on Saturday

All this to say..clearly I am eating well..but I am eating things that i just did not go before.

The most glaring differences remain that there are no fast white bread...chips..doritos, cheto's, pasta, heavy cheese (and lots of it), cakes, candy, and cookies..oh and the doughnuts..the nabs....the whole fat dressings..the fried foods.

And the biggest change this week...NO DIET COKE! Yep, I am working on getting rid of Diet Coke. I have been told by dietician to try this and it was VERY hard to try...but I am trying and I am one week in. We'll see!

Hope this helps!
You all ceratinly have made this change for me possible!
Love and thanks be to God!

I have heard that eating well is expensive. Well, it can be..but canned veggies are not. shopping just like everything else, for deals, I have found good vegetable deals. We bought into tidal creek. We buy apples and chill them in the frig from Costco. We buy greens and salad, fresh from Costco..and they are pretty cheap! It can be done.

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