Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 168: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness!

I was thinking of not blogging tonight as it is getting late, but I this is part of my routine, like eating better and exercise, and while not all of my blog posts may not make all that much sense, I do hope some of them help. It helps me to keep this record and to be able to see where I have been, where I am I am pointing anyway.
Today, I told the story of how this journey happened for the thousandth time. For me, it never gets old and I doubt that it will ever get old. much like another change in my life 20 years ago, keeping the story of the begining "green" or fresh helps me to remember what a blessing all this really is. I was at a merit scholarship reception for the Community College this evening. I was there as a member of the foundation board and talk about an honor! the young woman that I was asked to introduce wants to do occupational therapy. Her senior project was done on ovarian cancer and the room was half filled with family members who were there to support her. She was humble and kind and it was humbling just to be in her presence. Her cousin that was with her is one of our Honors students at UNCW and she did not recognize me at first because of my weight loss. Her mother asked me about how this occurred and was able to tell her of the great gift of the Heart Association, Kristi and Ashley meeting Adam, his and Aimee's little girl Kayleigh that inspired a gift of life for me and then this blog, which is hoped is gift of life and inspiration to others. I know that they may be reading this now. So, simply put, another day with amazing gifts..right?
I left there and shared time with a great group for our Airlie Garden's Fundraiser for this fall, and while there were lots of goodies that our host had so generously provided, I was able just to have a taste and stay focused and then after, get to my cardio.
Before I left my office today, I was dealing with the munchies. My stomach was not feeling right, but i wanted to snack. I am not sure what was up and Apples were not going to cut it. I had my regular breakfast and lunch was the salad I usually have at rotary..but I was hellbent on having veggie chips or something else. It was weird. But I brewed a pot of blueberry flavored green tea and drank some this afternoon and that seemed to help.
I am working with drinking green tea as a diuretic and as something for detoxification. I am not convinced it is the best for me yet, but I am trying it out.  I do know that it, along with the organic fiber supplements that i have been taking, that I am much more regular and I feel better that way, but I am not sure if the caffiene in the green tea is always the best. I will see after a few days with it.
Anyway..tonight's bike ride was amazing for cardio. I left the house at about 6:50 headed to Wrightsville, did the loop and came back. I stayed at 5 and 3 on my speeds and this time I really worked at my pace and rpm's. In fact, I overdid it alittle coming back over the bridge and have to watch that...but I am ok. It felt great though and at that time in the evening the heat is not bad. The nicest part is that one the way back I am riding into the sunset..which was gorgeous! I am at 12 miles on this ride and I could have gone more! who would have EVER thought it!

Well, nuff said! Thanks be to God!

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