Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day 145: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey withy s Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness!

productive saturday! not a lot of rest yet, but will get there hopefully tomorrow and monday!  got going about 8:30 and made my breakfast. I was trying to talk myself into going out..but I had slices of canadian bacon, eggs, fat free cheese, whole wheat toast and yummy polaner, sugar free all no reason to go spending money.
Also, I have been drinking black cofee and I really have started to love it. I love ours at home becuase we have the fresh market morning blend and it is nice and mild. I like doing for myself. Michael is at his mother's this weekend and I miss him, but it is a chance for me to take care of me..and at least I started the day doing that! I have also added a muti-vitamin to my regime. I gotta say, i can tell the difference..i do feel better! I have not decided on which one to take yet. I have been using samples so far from Tidal Creek, Lovey's Health Food Market, and a regular grocery store one. I know I do not want any fillers and all that, but I will decide soon. I have been looking around on the internet and reading up on is about time I start reading about what is best for me! LOL!
Also, my dietician recomended that I add metamucil or something like it for fiber. I have for the last two weeks and it too has made a real difference. This is something none of us like to talk about, but I have found it is REALLY important. Heck, just taking time to take care of that function was not part of my routine before. It is absolutely essential..and frankly, I would rather take care of myself  than worry about not talking about uncomfortable things. we need to be healthy, inside and out! :) Although I just realized that this entire discussion reads like one of the Massengill commercials from the 70's where nothing is every said, but all is implied! LOL! oh well...i guess we all get it...and I do not need Activia Yogurt to get there!
Got our car serviced and then was invited to have lunch with my mom and step dad and my mom's friends from grad school. It was really nice and I have a great time. After, I got my butt in gear and went to the gym. I wanted to take the day off, but since yesterday I did cardio and not training, i needed to do training today since Adam was out of town. I think i did pretty well on my own..although I never feel like I do enough when I am by myself. I did three sets of 25 lbs barbell presses (one in each hand laying down), three sets of one armed lawn mower cranks (that is what I call bend over the bench...put your hand to steady yourself and with a 30 pound weight in one and you lift back so that your elbow goes by your side and upwaards with the weight) is like trying to crank a push mower....and I did three sets on each side (each hand). I did three sets of squats with 25 lb weights in my hands (yes I did Adam! :) ), I did two sets of the torture chair..oh yeah..have not talked about this fun item..this is a high chair..and no, you don't get strained prop yourself up on your elbows and then, they look at you as if it is no big deal and tell you to lift your legs...12 times! The first time I did it I want to scream...but today, I was able to do 12, twice! felt pretty proud of between sets I did 5 minutes on the bike...80rpms and then every 30 seconds up to 120rpm at level 10. then I did three sets of leg presses, three sets of rows, three sets of inny and outty small muscle machine for the legs.  and i biked over and I got my work out! :)

the rest of tonight will be spent packing most of the house up. We are having wood floors put in downstairs. It is a big step and we have a lot of stuff to move out to have this done, so I am methodically getting things put up, boxed up and ready for this new addition. After the floors comes the paint, so it will be an interesting summer! :)

thanks be!

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