Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 84 of the new Journey: See less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness!

Saturday was a slammed day! I got up and had to work at UNCW. We had our last recruitment weekend and with over 2500 students and families coming to visit the campus the day was packed with talking about Honors, UNCW and the students and programs I adore! It was nice, becasue with the weight loss and with me feeling bit more confident these days, I was able to really feel up and ready for each person that I spoke to 9and there were hundreds! LOL!). By the end I was DEAD drained, but I still need to work out...I grabbed somethign quick to eat and headed for the gym. I ahve a feeling that those tow factors contributed to what followed.

I got on the elliptical to do my 30...and about 8 minutes in at 8.0 miles an hour I swear not only was my side hurting and cramping, but I could not get my breath. It was awful. I pushed through..but at 15 minutes in, for the first time, I had to get off and rest and get some water. I was pooped. I got off and took some breaths. My heart rates was 160 and I could not get it down on the machine..but it came down fast when I took a break, so I was ok. I got back on and knocked out the other 10 or so minutes I had left..but it still never felt right. Of course..I realized later..not only was I way tired and stressed after working and all, but I had also just eaten and not given myself any down time after eating..not very smart! But...live and learn! :)

Sunday was splendid...and I mean splendid! Palm Sunday at Church of the Servant was Magnificent and then the Families Values Brunch at UNCW was amazing, emotional, and just plain wonderful! But, I was TIRED after all was said and done and got my bed to rest after!

Monday after having had a good night sleep was the first day in about a week i felt normal again..got up on time..got the gym for a full 15 on the elliptical before our work out and really felt good. It was a storm in the am when I got up and the gym was empty as all get out. I said to Adam and one of the other trainers Heather that it was funny that folks much have though that it was raining inside the gym cause they sure were staying away! We have a great work out and Adam had be do 3 sets of 15 push ups. which I did..thank you very much..and none of that...from the knee business...and i got down pretty far to the floor too! It felt so good to do something that I have not been able to do for...well let's be honest..ever! :) Course..in between each things he hand be doing the Music man "seventy six trombones" step ups on that daggone stool with 17.5 weights in each hand..but...it was a nice change I guess from the stairs! LOL!

Anyway..left the gym and had a very productive day and now it is Tuesday...Day 84! Wow..did my cardio this am and I plan to do the second set after work. This morning I did do the sprints for the first 18 minutes...Adam and I talked and there is no need for me to do 8 miles and hour as long as I am in my fat burning zone. But the sprints help to make me stronger..so I did those and it felt great! I was listening to "everything that happens to me that is good//God did" It is a great song and while I know the fallacy of the logic behind that sentiment...I also know the joy that comes from the blessings in my life..it, my life, is amazing..all of it...and I am so grateful...

If I am granted a tomorrow..

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