Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day 70 of the new Journey: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness

got up and got there this morning...never gets boring making it! only had 10 minutes on the elliptial though..but it was quality and the workout to follow was clearly designed to work my tail out! Today, in stead of  walking up those stairs, I got to jog! Yippee! LOL! But i did and it was ok! I did not have to carry the stone around my neck (or the dumbells in my hand) for this, but the increase in speed up was much better and I was able to do more as well! It felt good. For some reason Adam was in the mood to see if my knees were going to crack from what weight I still have today..In between each exercise I was told to do 30 jumping jacks (my fav..right?)..well, I did them with a smile thank you very much! but my knees are a little weaker than I am happy with...he tried to get me to do a lung kind of thing with weights and I was not able to do it...but will work on it...I kind of psyched myself out over it cause I am so used to being able to do everything he put in front of me. It was actually kind of good not to be able to do something as i still have things to learn and lot to shoot for! (keeps it fresh and moving forward LOL!) was a packed day and good things happening..but I have to admit it is a little overwhelming. The best was going to rotary and hearing the stories of our speaker talking about the work she and her staff are doing with autistic kids in our area and hte huge issues they are overcoming..then going to the Public Health Foundaton after work and seeing two of my favorite doctors who were so happy about my progress and so supportive and we are all working on raising money for everyone to have acces to better health and quality healthcare!
Then finally home for a good dinner with michael of rottisserie chicken, Martha Holmes Turnips, fat free potatoes
What a blessed life!
Hope to have this day plus tomorrow!

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