Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Day 55 and 56 of the new Journey: See less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness!

yesterday was a race to see how much I could get into a tuesday! It got off fact, I woke up feeling amazing! I got to the gym at 6:20 and pounded out the 30 on the elliptical..thinking and praying about the day ahead and the meeting that I was not looking forward to..well, better said, I was apprehensive about. There are things that I know to be right and things I know to be wrong. Being willing to stand for what I believe, even though it may not be the popular thing is a challenge, particularlly when under so much scrutiny and public attention. But it is the only way. I only get this shot in life.
Before I even got to the meeting I found out that someone was talking about me on the local ralk radio (clearly I am a danger to society and apparently I am a socialist and had NO idea!!!), and while i am thicker skinned about the cowards who hide behind others in public and want speak about their issues there but who use the radio to speak about people i care about (and me) hit me the wrong way just added to it all.
But alas..all one can do, since they are cowards and it is about their own inablity to serve in the pray, just as I have been taught over the years. for all the love, all the blessings, and all the peace that I want for me and those I love for them. I sounds lofty and high minded..but doing it and then doing it over and over until one means it really works and it brings me to a place of peace. The other benefit is that i don't stuff my face, or do something that hurts me or puts power over my life where they take the good from me and those I love.
So, I got to the meeting and I was more at peace.
At the meeting, even in the face of some real ugly from someone that I have care for and worked hard to help for a long time, i was able to stay focused and we as a board did great work adn I was able to participate as a healthy member and not get wrapped up in other things. It was good.
After that meeting, I got back to work and then to home for a great evening.
One of the best parts of the evening was before Michael and I went into seperate rooms (he was going to watch Lost and I get lost during that time, cause, I am sorry folks, I do not get it! :) ) We did crunches and ab work TOGETHER! It was great! He did a great job and it was so awesome to do that with each other as our little family! I hope we keep that up!
All said and done, I exercised my body, my mind, and my soul yesterday, and it was a good, albeit exhausting day. I slept hard and well.

When i got up this morning it was cold and I did not want to get up. I slept in a little and did not get to the gym until 6:50, but I got a full 10 in on the elliptical and then Adam was ready for a full workout. When he got me on the horse (the squat thing that I so adore), he noticed my face was a little out of wack. I told him about how intense yesterday was and it was still with me. He reminded me that was yesterday and got me to not only focus on the moment, but got me to realize my blessings. It was good. Today he had me do push-ups. At first it felt humiliating because I could barely ndo three..he was so encouraging because he said how many people could not do them at all. He had me cross my legs, bend them and then do the push up from the waist. Still intense, but better. When we got to the second set, I put out NINE, thank you much! but I have a goal now that over the next 2 months I want to be up to 25 and build from there!  It was a great workout and today has been great so far!
Eating well and doing well!

Life is a blessing! Thanks be to God!

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