Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Day 234: Greater than through love and support: Journey with the Cape Fear Heart Walk and Adam Freeman

I think I am always going to miss tuesday on this blog as it is the biggest day of the week for meetings after work and then rotary. But I have to share the most amazing feeling that happened at rotary yesterday. first, I love rotary becuase it's motto is "service above self" and the group that I am in, well, we have radically differing views, but we have great discussions and we are all focused on service. So regardless of our differences, we are bound by our committment to others and our community. It is almost as if the teabaggers don't exist in this world. There is a real appreciation of differing veiwpoints and care and concern for what we can do to make things better. It is very special.

Well, at the meeting the governor and assistant governor of the district were visiting. Don, the asst. gov. asked me to stand up. I was not sure why, but I did as I was asked. When I rose, he also asked Colonel Anderson..Andy to stand...and then from a sheet in front of him, he began to read that Andy and another donor had donated an amount in my honor to be a Paul Harris Fellow because he and they believed I lived up to the ideals of Rotary. Folks, you could not imagine how stunned I was. First, being surprised by such honor was mind blowing. I know I will hear about this, but I still don't always feel "worthy"...but to have that recognition was..well, stunning. the other part was that this came from someone I thought did not see me in this light.  But ever since I joined Rotary I have come to know this person and the work he has done. It is something I revere now and while we have very different views on some issues, I see someone who has dedicated his life to helping others and someone who has an enormous enthusiasm for Rotary. So, this honor coming from him reminded me, and frankly that is why I am sharing it, that I can NEVER shut down on someone because we may disagree. I was told years ago that if I shut down on someone..shut them out, it may be the very person that is holding out a hand I cannot see that could save my own life. We can learn from ALL and we can grow in knowing each other. It is a blessing that I am glad I was able to see and experience....and frankly, the new health I have been experiencing and this life of wellness has enabled me to really and truly be present.

I got going to the gym this morning. Adam had the big boy exercises for me today as well, but I got psyched out by the scale at the gym. On Friday that messed up scale said I was 253 and today it said I was 256. Now, nevermind that that means..even at the higher number that I have now lost 92 pounds....I was so stuck on the possibility that I had gained something I could hardly hear being reminded how messed up that scale is. I let it get me off so badly that it was hard to first. But I got going and decided to push through...I knocked out the 2 sets of 20 squat, curl, and over head presses with 20lb dumbells, 20 squat jumps, 2 sets of 20 push ups with reaches, 2 sets of mountain climbers...and then Adam said "let's have fun!". I was introduced to the rowing machine upstairs. Aside from falling off the seat like a dumbbunny....I made the 5 minutes that he wanted at the rate he wanted. Then i got to do stairs..running, not walking....5 times twice...and run and jump up and down the ladder (hell's hopscotch!). So, regardless of the scale, I put it out and did my work out! It was great.

I had to the go the dentist and got very bad news. However, my dentist, who is one of my friends and someone I love very much, made me feel much better. On tuesday, I will have three hours in the chair.

When I got home, with the storm in the air, concern about my teeth..I wanted to eat..and eat a lot. So, here I am writing instead. I have been able to take care of myself lately, but I have to make sure I am staying honest about wanting to feed my stress. This is one of the busiest times of the year and there is a lot of pizza and other things around me all the time...but its the rush...the stress that reallly makes me stay on top of my eating.

All in all, it is was two great days!
thanks be!

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