Friday, September 03, 2010

Day 236: Becoming Greater Than Through Love and Support: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman

I hope everyone survived the storm of Earl!LOL! I hate to treat it lightly because I know we dodged a bullet, but it was truly a non-event that you would have thought was the second coming given the news nationally. I am so grateful for our local WECT cause they always keep it in perspective and always have and help to keep us calm...even when it is serious. We still have a ways to go. but for today, I am grateful.
I left work on thursday and headed for the gym because I had a dinner I was expected at around 6. Regardless, I had to get in my cardio. I got in and did 6 minutes on a new machine Adam had shown me..the rowing machine. Frankly, it is a tough one, keeping it at the level he wanted me to, but I actually like it. The way they have the machine positioned upstairs you look out over the gym,but more importantly, it looks out of the windows. It was great. I could well imagine that I was "rowing" outside! Adam had me do five minutes and that was tough when I first tried that was my goal..but I counted my breath like I did on the elliptical and was not through with 300 so I stayed on until I was over 6 minutes.

I got off and got on the ellipitcal and then went to my level 15 adn stayed above 7.5 miles an hour on that one for the rest of the 30 minutes. I was able to knock that out, get home, get dressed and get to the Hilton and it was only 6:30 when I arrived! not bad! :) and I burned over 400 calories on the elliptical alone! :)
I was happy though because I made sure it was a priortity and by doing so I was still able to to do the other things I had planned!

This am I got in and Adam knocked it out of me! We had a great work out and I got through the whole routine with abs included! I was really happy with that and I think he was too! I have to get my but down though more on my pushups with side rotations. I will work on that!

I am looking forward to a night in the gardens tonight!

thanks be!

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