Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 248: Greater than through love and support: Journey with the Cape Fear Heart Walk and Adam Freeman

so last night I decided to go to the loop before the Interfaith Hospitality Board meeting and see what if the whole running this was just an anomaly! LOL! It wasn't! In fact...I ran the entire loop this time and did not stop! All 2.4 miles! It was an incredible feeling!
I did a little vid to celebrate!

Now mind you, all my adult life I have honestly been jealous of runners. I have said repeatedly that i thought running was stupid...but of course the reason i said that was because I felt like I could not do it! Well, today, I feel like I can just about do anything. I am still a little wary of my back...and I am very much monitoring it...but it is amazing. That said...well, read on to what I am doing tomorrow night.

Today, I wanted to show a little of what Adam has me doing. This is the Oxygen express room at O2. Like I said the other day, you get on one machine...the music plays and you pound out as many reps as you jump on the at over 100 rpm (he has me at level 14)..beep..and then on to the next machine...and so on. We did a vid to show how this is done. He has me at high intensity and this is the second round. We did not do the whole work out...but it gives a good overview of it! It is pretty amazing!..and I am very grateful!

I also truly love you all cause I look like hell in the morning! LOL! but I look better than the 348 pound man that started this and could not make it up the stairs! LOL!

I really am stunned every day and just amazed by this life. I am never stopped from finding something in a day that just makes me...well...grateful. I know, I go on..but it is true. Michael puts up with a lot from me everyday...but he knows like I know how very blessed we are...and I am so blessed because of him! I am also blessed with the support and love from all of my friends and Family..and my brother Adam...damn....what a guide in this part of the journey!

Tomorrow I am doing the Historic Wilmington Foundation 5k....yep..I am registered and gonna do it....
I will have all of you with me every step of the way!

thanks be!

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