Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day 245: Greater than through love and support: Journey with the Cape Fear Heart Walk and Adam Freeman

Today has been awesome! I got up and had a quick breakfast with Michael and then I headed off to the beach for a new day for cardio that Adam has wanted for me....
but first...I took this vid the other day on the trail! I love it and wanted to share! I wish everyone would get out and find out what I have found in this amazing new experience! I did not start out this way..but it is greatest feeling now!

But now, today. Adam, on Friday said that he wants me to really think about adding running to my routine...not just the tread mill, but really running and as a goal, he wants me to do a 5k. So he sent me this great Couch to a 5 k program. Well, today, I biked to the Loop in Wrightsville beach and wanted to see what I could do:

I honestly did not know how far I could go and the few miles to the beach on the bike had helped to get me warmed up. But when I got started, it did not feel so bad, and at least I was passing those folks who were walking! LOL! :) but it was as I went, I kept setting new goals..from counting breaths to then saying I was going to make it to the first bridge..and I did! :) when I got to the first bridge, I walked across and wehn i got to the other side, I took off running and set a goal to get the next bridge without stopping..and daggone if I did not make it! So, I walked across it and enjoyed the amazing view and then when I got to the other side made a goal to get back to the place i left my bike..and well, here are the results:

Well, it was amazing and I do not think I have ever felt so accomplished! I got on my bike and boy was I feeling it, but I did a full loop...then I did my military cutoff and back!

what an amazing run! I am looking forward to so much more...of course..right now, I am looking forward to an epsom salt bath! LOL!

but thanks be!

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