Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 244: Becoming Greater Than Through Love and Support: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman

today was amazing..but i have to admit that I had a momentary lapse in the "ungrateful"..I will get to that.
I got up at 5:15 am because I had an event at work and had to be on site a little after 7, so Adam agreed to train me at 6! It was such a great thing for him to do and I was greatly appreciative for him to give me that spot. Now, let's think about this for a minute. Less than a year ago, I barely rolled out of be to huff and puff up the stairs to get to work...this morning, I was making sure that I got to the gym so i did not miss training at 6am...and I was awake to do it! I did not even really think about it...but as I was getting ready to blog, it hit me what difference this is...which is why the reaction I had later in the day was a little, well, if not the least a little unpatient!

Anyway, I got to the gym and Adam wanted to do the last day of this round of "big boy" exercises and see how I had progressed. the routine goes: 20 squat-curl-overhead presses, then 30 mountain climbers then repeat a second set: then 20 push ups, then 20 squat jumps, then repeat a second set: then 20 crunches, 20 bicycle crunches, 20 side to side crunches, 20 leg lifts, then 20 "heismans"..this is pulling a 50 pound weight while on one leg and then letting it guide me forward in a one legged squat..doing 20 of those on each leg, then repeating the crunches and heismans again. WHEW! Well, I finished the routine. I barely stopped during the routine and I have definitely progressed! I felt so amazing..and it was 6 a freakin' clock in the morning! LOL!

So, it was a great training and then off to the event at work that was so wonderful where our students just shone so wonderfully and the rest of the day was great!

well, I went to see Heidi at the dietician's office. I was convinced in my mind that I was 250 or below in my weight...that would mean since the last time I saw here on 6/29, that I would have lost over 26 pounds....well, when I got on the scale, it was only at 20 lbs and I decided....instead of pout!....well, I am grateful for Heidi, becuase she was not having that! LOL! losing 8-10 pounds a month is the way we SHOULD lose weight..and I have been doing exactly what I body is reshaping..i am doing things I have only dreamed of..wearing clothes I have not been in in 15 years..and I am satisfied with the food I am eating! :) LORD..I am grateful! Well, Heidi has that "fat" model in her is 5 lbs of fat...when it hit me that in the last 2 months I have lost almost FOUR of these:
Let me tell you...hold this for just a minute and it only takes that moment to truly realize how very grateful I all that self doubt..impatience and petulance washed from me and I was overcome with victory....inspiration...and readiness to do more..continue! It was wonderful..(in a icky sort of way)

It truly is greater through love and support..cause I started my day with the friendship of Adam...the of a friend...and then there was the skill and knowledge of Heidi Kaufman and her amazing understanding of what I was going through as I am going through these changes as a dietician..and in between there were the calls from Michael...a lunch with a new friend..time talking to at work....those amazing students...wonderful connections with others....and of course prayer...and ending the night with dinner with Louise and Michael at Pita Delite and their generosity for the heart walk....damn....that is pretty amazing!

thanks be!

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