Sunday, August 01, 2010

Day 206: See less of Bo: Journey with Adam Freeman and the Cape Fear Heart Walk

Well, there is a name change to this journey coming...yep! A dear friend of mine has created something for me that is more special than I ever could dream of. In that creation, he also was very thoughtful about the whole "see less" thing and came up with an idea that envisioned being "greater than" is a beautiful sentiment from a beautiful person and on August the 7th, I will reveal it! It will be very cool and another thing to be very grateful for.

This week has flown by. Last weekend was very emotional and filled with some things that are out of my control dealing with a family member. What was in my control, however, was finding time to be together, taking care of myself, and doing the things I am learning in this journey...and it has made the difference. The years of having the most stressful periods in my life be coupled with the worst of my eating not to mention the worst of how I treat myself in terms of exercise and activity may be gone..well, at least for today. Even with having some time off work this week, I did my training, I showed up for my cardio, and I was good to me in my eating. As a result..I am feeling awesome, rested and ready! ARR!!! my new pirate mantra! :)

Now, if you are not sure who that is me!!! Yep, it is me without a shirt walking into the water. It is the first time in 10 years i have been without a shirt on at the beach! I know the pic is a little far away..I like it that way! I am not ready for the full on yet..but it feels so great to be a little more confident and frankly not repulsed by my own body. Michael snapped this and I am grateful for it...I actually have a little V action going on! LOL!
But what was really amazing about this beach excursion for us was while we were there I knew that i had to do my cardio yesterday. I have watched folks for years jog on the beach and did so with envy. I decided that since Adam has had me doing sprints on the Treadmill, why not do them here. I got up and started. Instead of counting seconds, I counted breaths..and did 60 breaths running (which is a lot more than a minute!!!)  on and 30 breaths walking..before i knew it, I had gone from the sunspree to shell island  and was ready for I did the same on the return..a mile at least! It was AWESOME! I felt so free and alive..out there under the sun..waves was so great and a new thing that I am looking forward to doing regularly!

This has been a week with a weekend of celebration as well. It was a year ago this week that we were legally married in Massachusetts. After waiting for 13 years, we were finally able to have that and it was amazing. So, to celebrate we went to Raleigh and Chapel hill for the day. It is amazing to share a life with someone who loves me regardless of what size I am, first and foremost. I have to tell you that no matter what has transpired over the years, I have never felt less loved. Believe you me, I know how much that means and I am grateful for it everyday. It is a gift that is so special and one that I pray I give back in equal measure. But on top of that, it is a relationship where celebrating is not about the lavish or the drunken..we had a wonderful trip to the North Carolina Museum of Art together. Sharing this remodeled wonder and all it had in store and then going to some of our favorite places..some of his, some of mine that we don't get to very often. We even had the chance to meet with one of my/our favorite people in the world in Chapel Hill elin and David, whom we had not seen since their wedding in Portand. It was if we had just finished a converstation with them at that wonderful place on Lake Sebago and picked up where we had left off. It was wonderful and soulful.

But what it was not was full of stuffing myself with food and things that made the day labored and heavy. But we ate things that added to the day and really enjoyed ourselves and celebrated how fortunate we are to have to each other. What a blessing. 

The rest of the weekend has been good, with cardio done and eating pretty in line. and while I am anxious about the week ahead, I am in the moment right now and very focused on how very fortunate I am. Thanks be!

You can register for the Heart Walk on October 16th by You can be on my team if you like! Look on the left hand navigation for “find a team” Then go to “UNCW- Bo Dean’s Team” and register! or you can go to my fundraising page and GIVE! don't mind that either! LOL! :) Go to then Donate..then look me up Bo Dean..then donate there! :) easy peasey..but never greasey! :)

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