Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 221: Becoming Greater Than Through Love and Support: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman

This week is off to a bang with school back in full gear! Adam was awesome to train me earlier that usual on Monday (at 6am) so that i would be able to start off on the right track for the week! It really helped me and I was able to face and enjoy the training and orientation for my new staff for the fall that morning and get ready for the semester and even make it to the final session for a retreat for the housing authority that evening..but i was POPPED by the end of the day for sure!

Adam had me doing drop sets again on Monday and I am doing better with them, but they are a complete work out to say the least! Tuesday morning I woke up and was from the get go feeling queasy and had a BAD stomach all day. I got dehydrated very quickly from the stomach issues (details not needed). The day was intense to say the least and towards the end, I I was nauseaus and just did not feel like i could do anymore. I had been to rotary, been to a training at work, been to something for heart walk..I was T I R E D..but i had to do cardio and since I still had a pulse, I decided that I would push through. It is amazing to me that, while I certainly felt the ill at ease in my drinking water, moderating my pace, and paying attention to my distnace, I was able to do my ride and actually do well on it..I actually thinkt that it helped me becuase while I felt worn did feel..well, different, when I got home and climbed into that epsom salt bath and soaked for a short while. I swear to you, if I ever thought I would "push through" anyting in my life, i would have told you all that you were big ol liars...but here I was..doing it!

Michael and I had a short time together and he got us a sandwich for dinner and then..well, I hit the sack..had great dreams..and while I am not 100% today..I am better and was able to get through training this morning and show up for the day! VERY cool if I may say and not something that I can readily take for granted. It is such a great feeling to not wallow or use the slightest feeling of being "off" to not take care of myself or treat myself to health.

They have posted the video of all of us on the Show on Sunday! It was so great to have this so that others might get insprired and get involved in this Heart Walk and changing their lives! It is amazing!
Heart Walk Interview with ByLine Wilmington 4
Heart Walk Interviews with By Line Wilmington
Hear Walk Interview with By Line Wilmington 2
Heart Walk Interview with ByLine Wilmington 3

A recent article in the Starnews makes us one of the fattest states in the country...well, we can do somethign about that! JOIN ME! :)

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