Friday, August 06, 2010

Day 210: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman!

well...typing is an adventure as I am in a wrist holder this morning! I have my first badge of honor from all this physical, don't worry..i am ok, but it was a lot of fun to go flying off my bike! I was coming down the street where I live and there was a mini van (and I have really bad mini van karma to begin with as I see those things as the 1st sign of the end of civilization) following behind me. I went to turn on the street in our development and I took the turn to wide and BAM..went to curb and flew straight off onto the sidewalk.

I think the worst part of it was when i hit the ground, i looked up and saw the two women in the mini van look right at me and they just stared and kept on going. So much for the good samaritan in Wilmington on a thursday!

Oh well..I was scrapped up and got what I have now been told is "road rash" (I feel so butch!)..and I am bruised..but after dinner last left wrist felt like it was gonna jump off the bone and is still sore. So, my friend Bill brought me a wrist compressor thingy and I am doing alleve and will hopefully figure out how to work out with this thing like this.

But, I got up..hobbled to the house with the my bike, cause the chain came off, and got showered and went to dinner. While I had band-aided my elbow, it was a little embarrassing that I was "leaking" onto the table..oh butch is that! LOL! But dinner was amazing. One person I care a great deal about has met someone that makes him very happy and it turns out he is a north carolina bred just like me and an absolute delight..with a heart to match. It was just nice to see them together and to see some happiness. For my friend who invited me, it is another living example that through what can appear to be the worst situations in life, there can be some really wonderful things that come out of it. We go through what we put oursleves through, mostly, becuase of our resistance to the truth, or our inability to accept who and what we are. In the end, if we are able to accept, to see our truth, to acknowledge our gifts, some really great things can and do occur. It is not unlike the working out and the vigor of this weightloss as it takes willingness, work, effort, faith, and a love of self. But willingness is the key.

I have marveled at these last 21 years that just by being "willing"..not much has happened. I have been "willing" to go back to school..and it happened. I have been "willing" to enter into marriage..and here I am 14 years later. I have been "willing" to get out there and be a part of things..and so much opened up. I have been "willing" to change..and change happens. What followed after the willingness was the footwork...the one foot in front of the other stuff. No rocket science. I pray that what I saw last night..there be a willingness to weather the good and the bad..willingness to be grateful...willingness to truly appreciate how very special it is to be loved and to be allowed to love someone.

Anyway..I am looking forward to the weekend and celebrating being 44! I love that for the first time in a long time, my waist size is less than my age!!!! now that is something to celebrate!

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