Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 225: Greater than through love and support: Journey with the Cape Fear Heart Walk and Adam Freeman

It has been a roller coaster today of amazing highs and intense emotions..I guess that is just the nature of the beast these days...
I got up this morning around 5:30 am after having been in bed for about 16 hours..yep, you heard me..16 hours. I crawled into bed after making sure michael's fever was down and he was fed Sunday and literally went was one of the hardest sleeps with lots of dreaming that I have had in a while and I have to admit it felt VERY good!
I got up and went in to the gym early and got on the elliptical. Instead of the usual 10 minutes to warm up, I did 20 at level 15 at 7.5 plus miles and hour...I really got going. It was exactly 7am when I stepped off and Adam-the-bright-eyed-and-bushy-tailed one was there and ready to go. He had great things in store for me and started by telling me to grab the 25 pound weights and follow him. I did and he had me doing squats, curl, over head presses with them...20 of them! followed by a new joy....where you get down like you are doing a push up and then move one foot forward and then back like running in place with one's butt in the air! now, that felt good...and this one was at 30. then repeat. then I was to do 2 sets of push ups with alternating lifts into the air with each, I did a push up..then while on one arm, I pointed the other arm into the air while turning my body that way! I was astounded that i could do them...and i did! he then had me do squats, but this time, as I came back up, I was to jump in the air as high as I could! Now mind you, had I tried this when I began, I would have broken my knees! again, it was astounding. He then had me do more and get the picture. Somewhere along the way, he had the temerity to say "now, you are doing "big boy" exercises" to which i looked at him and said "well, what the ......have I been doing!" LOL! but he was right and was proud...cause this was a new level and a whole new work out for me....and all kidding aside it was stunning to be able to do this! If you had said to me back when we began that i would be able to do this, I just would not have believed it!

It was really humbling.

That was just the start of the day...the rest..well, work..which was productive and filled with all the energy you would expect of a new year with students and the end of summer...and good things coming, then off to our commissioners meeting where we were, for the first time in a while, really bonded together on several issues, and while I got emotional, I was so proud of our advocacy for one of our neighborhoods in particular. I get so...well, disgusted by the racism, the classism, the stigma that is enjoyed by many...but it was clear tonight that we...we stood in opposition that mess and it was so good to feel a part of something that values the dignity of every person and worth! It was...well, it was good.

I left there and we opened the new softball complex that i have been on the joint committee with. It is such a celebration for working together, but more importantly, it is a celebration for so many possibilities for health and wellness and good things for our community!

then I came home to a solid hug and love and support...Jesus, how much more could I want in life.
But i had a complete breakdown when i was trying on a new shirt we bought last week. It is a size 17 1/2. I have not worn that size shirt since 1998. I put on the shirt and when i buttoned the neck without a struggle and sat down and the shirt did not strain, I literally just lost it for...literally. The whole months of work just came rushing at me and I was just so overcome for a moment of how very very....well, you get it..right? It was a moment...and I am just so grateful! I pray for that moment for any and all who want it!
thanks be!

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