Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day 230: Becoming Greater Than Through Love and Support: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman

these days I blink and a week goes by! I cannot let that happen without blogging for two reasons: 1.) because sharing this story one day at a time or at least as many as possible is part of what I said I would do to hopefully share the amazing gift that I have been given to others and keep the gift giving..2.) because i want to have record of the blessings in my life! Things move at such a pace, sometimes it is hard to take it all in and really appreciate how amaznig this life can be, even in the hard times. sitting down and writing this way really helps me absorb what is going and truly see what permeates each day in such rich and meaningful ways!

This past week with Adam has been extraordinary..I am doing exercises that i never in my wildest dreams would have imagined, and I know that it is the start of even something more! I got to thinking though that if someone came to the blog just now they might get worried or try to attempt things that are far along. I needed to remind myself and to reflect on how much has happened because of doing things in a correct manner this time. By gradually building up my small muscles, and then beginning to work on larger muscles, while doing cardio in between the training, I have been taught how to get this far. I am so glad that Adam has started an Online training program and folks can access that from his site if they cannot do personal training in person. It really is the only way I could have this success and be this health today. Every attempt I made before failed because I tried to do exercises that were way too advanced. I would either hurt myself or give up because it was just too hard. I know I have said this before, but it bares repeating because I think many of us have that "all or nothing" attitude and we don't know what limits we have or what heights we can reach. Having a guide to move me through this has been essential for it to be successful and I am beyond grateful it has been someone that I can truly depend on and trust, but someone has become such a good friend.

This week I was allowed to volunteer and be a part of the Harlem Globtrotters All Star event and was around my hero, Meadowlark Lemon. Dr. Lemon is originally from Wilmington and while I had met him a couple of times volunteering for a tournament, I had never had the opportunity to sit and spend time with him. His story is one of the most inspiring around..16,000 basketball games, in the hall of fame three times, and is one of the most spiritual people I have ever encountered. Someone at one of the events this week asked him if he remembered the milk delievery company here in Wilmington. Meadowlark smiled and shook his head and said. "man, we didn't have no milk..only mile we had was in  a can and you added water to it". This was just one of the ways that he shared how he came up. Poor in material goods. But he talked about seeing the Harlem Globtrotters on a movie reel on weekend and it was at that show that he knew what he was going to do. He said that his first basket ball was a carnation milk can and the basket was an old flour sack on a wire. He developed his famous hook shot working on that. It took him eight years after he saw that film, but he had his try out in raleigh and he made the team...six decades later, he is still going strong at 77 years old.

He talked about having a "vision" board. Literally writing down what it is that you want and want to be and seeing it each day....and believing that it will become a reality. As i listened to him talk about this I thought about Andy, Woody, Connie, those who had changed their lives physically before me and how I made that a goal in a similar way...and it is coming true. But I am going to make a vision board in a more phyiscal way. I like that as a tool! It has been awesome listening to him and learning from him this week.

today was beach sweep with the Honors Students and while i was not able to do cardio, when I went out on the beach to take pics of the students, I jogged..yes jogged back to where we were providing lunch for them! I think I did a little over a mile..maybe two..but what was pretty cool was how I was able to keep at it!

this has been a great week! thanks be!

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