Monday, August 09, 2010

Day 213: Greater than through love and support: Journey with the Cape Fear Heart Walk and Adam Freeman

An astoundingly wonderful weekend and so much gratitude I can hardly explain or say how much!

After the little crash on thursday, I was very nervous about what was going to happen this weekend with my work out. I did take Friday off, but on Saturday, my birthday, I got up and did some errands and just felt like it was not right not to celebrate without a ride and doing my cardio. I got on michael's bike and went to it! I had such an amazing ride...actually did the full 17 miles and felt amazing! My wrist was in the holder, and I was careful not to hold the handle bars to tightly and just went to town. What an amazing way to celebrate my 44th birthday!

I got ready and headed over to Julia and Chrystal's to set up the party! I had asked a ton of people to come over and just celebrate our lives..but that they contribute to the heart walk instead of giving to my birthday! I was blown away at the turn fact, I was just grateful that julia and chrystal were not freaked out at the turn out! LOL! about 72 friends! LOL! but it was amazing and everyone had such an amazing time! It was so awesome to feel so good..have a great time together an just be!

I decided I was going to have a heart health party too....gone are the days of sausage balls and heavy cream cheese and baked brie. Sorry, I jsut don't need and ain't servin it up. The the menu was exactly what I wanted! :veggie straws, fresh cherries, strawberries, grapes, tapenade, olives, marinated mozzarella, carrots, sugar snap peas, french green beans, mini turkey wraps, marinated shrimp and two kinds of hummus with toasted points and yes, for those that wanted them, black and white cookies and madelines with atlanta bread company brownie bites...but overall,it was good for you and good to eat! and of course..after eighth months...I got to have CAKE! and lord, yes..I had cake and am grateful for it! (can I get an amen! LOL!). and everyone seemed to love the food too! :)

and at the party, we reveled this:

the amazing Art that Donnie Wrights did for me that captures not only this journey to day...but hell, my whole life. It really got folks talking and sharing about how true this is for ALL of us! He is inspired! :)  In fact, this journey has been renamed through this: from "see less of Bo" to "becoming greater than through love and support". Because we become greater through the love and support of those around us...and my journey is living proof and witness that Donnie so perfectly captured here! 

We are seriously making t-shirts with this on them. Write me and let me know if you want one made. I will be putting the order in in the next few weeks. Having the light come through this was so awesome!

The generosity of folks for the heart walk was awesome and it was so great! I have enough crap and trust me, I am doing this one again! :) after the party, my mom and step dad took us to dinner and what was so cool, was even with having cake finally, I did not over do..I just don't need to anymore! We went to dinner and it was my birthday. I had to the excuse. I could have had anything..stuffed myself. Done some really awful eating..and the worst of it was having some pasta with my grilled chicken when we went to dinner! :) It really just is not "celebrating' anymore if I am hurting myself! 

On sunday, I went to visit my dad and he had gone and gotten NC BBQ for me. Again, it was very sweet for him to do this, but I had such a good lunch eating fresh green beans, fresh corn, fresh picked tomatoes and cucumbers in vinegar, and a taste of the BBQ and two hushpuppies. Daddy was so funny cause he just could not figure why I was not putting butter on my corn..but it did not need it! Hell, i bet it was pulled less than 12 hours before I was eating it! It was great...and here again, I had every opportunity to just do what I wanted and my choice was to enjoy within the life I am leading today! I was great!  In fact, I on the way home, I called michael and told him that if he wanted the left over cake, that was fine, but I did not want to be tempted by it, so put it somewhere I don't know about! LOL!

When I got home, I hopped on Michael's bike and did 20 miles! It was such a great ride and I felt so good!

Thankfully, Adam came back today (monday) was like a family reunion this morning! LOL! I had a great work-out with drop sets (remember start at the highest level with eight reps..drop to the next 10 reps..then drop to the next level and do 12 and try and do it without taking a break to keep heart rate up. We did leg press, chest press, and pull down..then back stretch and cruncher. Now the cool thing was I got up to 300 lbs on the sitting leg press...not bad! :) 

off to work and it has been a great day! like I said..thanks be! right? 

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